more mature and hot

I love the character development of MI!Velma. At first, she was a VERY immature and insecure person who treats others in ways she wouldn’t want to be treated herself in order to make herself secure. But then in the second half of Season 1 she realizes how horrible she was and starts to grow out of it. She reforms her relationships and starts a new relationship with Hot Dog Water and becomes more mature and secure as a result. It’s amazing comparing MI!Velma at the start and her at the end.

  • ARMY: Jin needs more lines! Taehyung needs more lines! Jimin should do a song cover solo! J-hope deserves an Intro! Where is CYPHER 4? We want a sexy, more mature concept!
  • Bighit: *Drops WINGS* 7 smokin hot bangtan members, Jhope intro, 7 solos and a Cypher... Do you want fries with that?
  • -------------
  • When will your bias group and bias company ever?