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Hi! Can you explain to me the king and lionheart trope and how it relates to the machiavel/messiah trope? Thank you!

ahh okay this is a tricky one, because king/lionheart is not my trope in the sense that while I love it, it’s not my thing, ya know?

if you really want to hear about king/lionheart you need to talk to cat or maddi, probably. they are both kinda brilliance itself, and are the experts on king + lionheart dynamics.

messiah/machiavel on the other hand is so entirely my thing, tbh it probably shouldn’t even be considered in the same category as a trope? it’s more of a personal term/tag i made up with the inimicable mal (who gave me lots of clever + witty + horribly mean advice for this answer). but i shall endeavour to explain what i - personally - mean by messiah+machiavel and how/when it intersects with king+lionheart.

SO it can definitely be a subset of king/lionheart with a particular twist of context. you see for me, messiah/machiavel is always in a political context of some kind. it’s about that separation of skillsets in the political context: the charismatic shining-bright leader of people, and the vicious (often-but-not-necessarily-violent) cunning enforcer.

so to my understanding (which could be wrong!), king/lionheart has a couple of few components:

  • a) that status difference, where one of them really is a king, or of some other status defined by outside forces, and
  • b) a consuming, fiercely loyal mutual love that is
  • c) informed by their status difference so you end up having one being a swordarm/right hand type (lionheart) to the king, but behind the scenes that imbalance is kind of subverted/overcome by the love and respect they have for each other?

messiah + machiavel is something that can overlap with king/lionheart - where that emotional core of the dynamic exists - but not necessarily. it’s more about the political context + skillsets involved; leadership (messiah) + enforcement (machiavel). 

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Warmth exists even in those ruled by logic. It just takes a while to be heard.

Barring the disastrous results of her decisions, Lucrecia is actually a pretty amazing character. Some might say that’s it’s cruel of her sacrificing her own son for her work, and I agree, but I also can understand why she chose to do it.

Why I hate Legend of Korra: Book 4

Some of my followers and friends in this site have known be to be a staunch pro-Korra person who is emotionally attached to this character. I looked back at my two years of being in love with with fictional heroine and the finale devastated me.

I need to get this out of my system before it gets built up inside. I found it hard to believe it affected me not only emotionally but physically. I thought that this was the time I was celebrating the end of one of the most special shows in my life. But after what happened in the finale, I have nothing to do but expel out my resentments, stay out of the fandom and then move on.

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anonymous asked:

hi lauren, could you go more in depth about why white people cannot experience racism? i want to educate myself and once i bring this up to my white friends they always attack me with how they CAN experience racism and how racism still exists because people think that white people can't etc. thank you so much.

Hey, I’m so thankful you’re asking!! Please continue to educate yourself. If you’re in college, or once you are, I encourage you to take a class on critical race theory. It was one of the biggest blessings of my college education. 

Alright, so, while someone can be prejudice against white people, “reverse-racism,” or racism against white people is not a real thing. Anyone who believes otherwise is ignorant on the definition of racism. Racism is a social structure divided by power, and that power is in the hands of the white male. Racism is the discrimination of a race that is not afforded the power to resist the oppressive forms that were built to stifle them. White people are not oppressed. They may get offended, someone of a different race may hate them, but black people are not afforded the social power to impact a white person’s life… being white naturally affords you certain rights that are not shared by people of color. White people are not an oppressed minority, so claiming “reverse-racism” is nothing more than a made-up term to validate hurt feelings, to which I say, get over it.

I love this explanation by Sara Luckey, “Reverse racism isn’t real because we live in a culture that supports and enforces whiteness as the norm and PoC as other. If you experience discrimination, prejudice, or bigotry, it’s valid to be upset about it and want to talk about it. It is not valid to claim that it is reverse racism, and certainly not valid to claim that it is racism on par with anything like the institutionalized racism that PoC will come into contact with. When a white person starts talking about reverse racism, what they’re really doing is derailing a conversation to make it about them. Their white privilege leads them to believe that what they say both matters and needs to be heard and is important and the conversation should stop to focus on their perceived ills. You know what? When somebody is talking about racism they have experienced, that conversation is not all about you, nor should you expect it to be, so stop with the derailing and just listen and learn.”

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Not to be that person but I'm just going to say it: if coming out in the near future is a priority for them (and I think it is) then they will make it happen when possible. That's all there is to it. if that's their priority, Louis isn't going to be told they can come out in November and then say no because of a movie like that, and the same goes for Harry.

agreed. and i’m going to link this ask from a couple of days ago and then this one from a few months ago because they’re both relevant to the conversation because personally i think a coming out would be an excellent source of positive promo for their projects anyhow.

Black lives matter

WAS CREATED BY BLACK PEOPLE AS A CRY FOR HELP. They’re being killed on CAMERA and our government is SIDING with our police. 12 year old children arrested for PROTESTING their treatment, while white supremacists walk with RIFLES through FERGUSON, untouched or bothered by police.

THEY HAD TO SAY “black lives matter”

AND LIKE EVERYTHING ELSE, you have to fucking steal it, appropriate it.

Let me repeat something for you ONE more time.
Black people MADE UP THE TERM “black lives matter”

Because black lives were being murdered on camera with little consequence and people actually have the nerve to debate whether it’s a justified killing


and you’re still telling them “not as much as you think they do”.

You aren’t a hero for saying “all lives matter” you’re a villain for pretending that they do while black lives aren’t taken seriously because you’re diluting their fight.

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why is your profile written the way it is?

for those of you who don’t know, my profile looks like this:

writing like this actually serves a few purposes. the first, and more obvious one, is that it sorts out the type of men who message me. someone who’s seriously looking for a partner is not going to waste time messaging a girl like this: what could you possibly have in common with this girl? what could you even talk about with her? so i know the men who message me either didn’t read the profile or just don’t care that it doesn’t make any sense. i don’t like the idea of leading men on; this is a pretty foolproof way to make sure no man will accidentally fall in love with my profile. the most they can possible experience is lust.

i also just think the idea of an extremely hot girl who can’t communicate at all is really fucking funny.  i used to message people like that sometimes, but i don’t do it anymore because it’s actually more difficult than it looks. my friend sean initially came up with the concept (i don’t know where it came from or why), and i’ve been developing it with his help ever since–he’s much better at it than i am. the main point is that the whole thing isn’t just babbling gibberish, it makes enough sense that people can sort of follow it. you can understand what’s being said, and the ideas almost seem to connect to each other, but then the ideas come together to form a  message that doesn’t make any sense. and it doesn’t come across as if someone who doesn’t speak english very well wrote it: it’s not just that there’s grammatical and syntactical errors, the whole thing seriously looks like it was written by a person who’s not totally sure how communication works—possible a dog who very recently gained the power of speech. it’s almost like some bizarre form of written modern art. 

take the ‘what i’m doing with my life’ section, for example. she says she wants to be an animalologist, which is a made-up, but also  much more complicated term for a vet. it’s safe to assume she’s about to tell you she’s in a pre-med program or something, since she’s supposed be writing about what she’s doing with her life. but instead, she rambles on and on about these two experiences in her childhood that pushed her toward being a doctor. these anecdotes don’t have anything to do with the question she’s supposed to be answering, but they also didn’t just come from nowhere: it fits, however strangely, with what she’s saying. so she rambles on and on about how she should be a doctor, and then ends it by saying she wants to be a vet because she loves her dog. if she wants to be a vet, then why the FUCK did she just go on and on about being a doctor? why did she make us read all this information that has nothing to do with anything? maybe because she forgot the question partway through answering it, or maybe that’s just the way she thought it should be answered. the world may never know.

sorry for going on and on about this, but i very sincerely believe that my profile is the best part of this okcupid experience. and it’s by far the most underappreciated part