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I’m gonna make it a series, it’ll be called People Who’ve Barely Said A Word In Canon And Yet I Love So Very Much Anyway


A 1 season Netflix series. The cold open shows us a group of friends who have normal lives and basically happy endings. Then the narrator (the main character) says “Life wasn’t always like this” and the show begins. The show begins with a time card that shows us that we are in the past, basically the show is progressing towards that cold open scene. We, as the audience, expect a shallow show about this group of people who go through an event together but everything works out OK. However, as the season progresses, it becomes darker and more twisted. We see main characters be killed off in freak accidents and begin to get confused, because wasn’t these characters supposed to be throwing barbaques and hosting book club in the future? Well, as it turns out, that cold open scene? It was in the mind of the main character, who is in a coma after an altercation with the main antagonist. Their mind has created this false world for them. We want a second season to explain what the hell happened, but we never get one. Boom

i dont understand why the fandom is suddenly divided between flinthamilton and silverflint and ppl are abandoning ship like… there might be TWO men in flint’s life now !!!! and here i am expecting either or and you know what im gonna get?!
nothing im gonna get nothing thats what


every westallen scene ever (124/?)

shallura analysis :: 1x10 “collection and extraction”

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Behold the most shallura heavy episode in the series, and the one that made most of us start shipping these cuties. Since there’s so much interaction and so much to go over, it kind of goes without saying that this analysis gonna be pretty long - so I’m putting most of it under a read more. Now, without further ado, let’s begin.

The team is currently trying to access Sendak’s memories, something that deeply disrupted Shiro’s emotional state in the previous episode - similarly to Allura having to let go of her father - yet was the most dedicated to using Sendak’s memories. Allura mirrors this dedication, while simultaneously continuing the break against her father and what he would have approved of, shown in this exchange with Coran.

Allura: Somewhere inside Sendak’s memories we should be able to find the inside information that gives us the key to take down Zarkon.
Coran: I don’t think your father would approve of searching through an enemy’s memories.
Allura: I know, but we have to do everything we can to defeat Zarkon.

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someone asked for trans keith icons so here ya go :3c

I tried to get a bunch of different expressions but keith is p much grumpy 90% of the time

if you want me to put a different flag behind one of these hmu

please reblog or like if you use/save


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I know valentine’s day was like last week, but I never get a chance to tell my mutuals that I love yall ♡

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