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things that make people feel loved:

  • making them a playlist
  • baking them cookies
  • giving them flowers
  • creating art for them
  • random reminders that they are loved
  • writing them a poem
  • complimenting them on their talents
  • asking how their day was
  • sending them links to things you think they will like
  • random hugs
  • “This made me think of you”

Une balle, un mort.

For @smittenwithsugden, who wanted a fic where Robert is happy.

Robert could remember the last time he did this, cooking for Aaron. 

It was the middle of May and since then they had spent so long apart and Robert had spent his time just fighting to stay sane, but now he had Aaron back, he was living in the Mill and he woke up every morning thanking whatever gods existed that he had his life back, his husband back. 

He wants to make every day count. 

The stove has one pan and one pot cooking, and Robert is stirring furiously in the chanterelle and cream sauce while the steak is resting in aluminium foil on the table. Aaron said he would be home two minutes ago and if he is much later the steak will be too done. Robert curses himself for bad timing, for not messaging to hear if he was on his way. The sauce smells just as it should, the chips in the oven are turning brilliantly golden and the beans he is frying in butter are close to perfect. 

Robert looks at the clock on the wall and sighs. 

The steaks are definitely going to be too done. Aaron likes his steak medium-rare and Robert likes his rare but he knows exactly how to cook them to perfection to their preferences. Not if Aaron is late though. 

Footsteps sound outside and next the sound of someone fumbling with a key. Robert pulls off the apron he is wearing (Aaron wouldn’t let him hear the end of it but he isn’t going to let his favourite shirt get stains) and turns around just as Aaron walks in with two pizzas in hand. 

Robert tries to keep his face from falling but Aaron notices immediately.

“What’s all this?” he asks, hanging his jacket on its peg.

“Well,” Robert begins, “seeing as it is a month since we agreed to move in together, I thought I would treat you to a meal…” He looks down at the boxes in Aaron’s hand and sighs. “I guess I should’ve asked first.” 

“No, I -” Aaron sighs and walks to the kitchen, places the pizzas on the counter. “I figured you’ve been cooking so much lately, you’d want a night off… I should’ve asked.”

Robert smiles. It’s such a small thing, such a small gesture but it is so Aaron, always thinking of him. It makes his chest expand and his heart flutter. 

“I wanted to treat you, I know you complained that the mushroom sauce at that restaurant was poncy but I saw you taking seconds so I decided to make it for you… I’ve got steaks all ready and cooked, but they might be closer to well-done now…” 

Aaron wraps his arms around Robert’s waist, pulls him in and cuts him off with a kiss, slow and gentle and full of love. 

“Thank you,” Aaron says, “I missed your cooking, you know.” 

Robert grins at his words. Aaron has made a habit of telling him exactly which parts of Robert he has missed and every new one fills Robert with pride. Pride at being himself, pride at being wanted and missed and loved by someone as wonderful as Aaron Dingle.

“What d’you reckon we put the pizzas in the fridge and have them for lunch tomorrow instead?” Aaron asks, and Robert absentmindedly rubs his arm.

“Thought you had lunch with that contact in Leeds tomorrow?” 

Aaron shrugs. 

“I’ll move it. Want to have lunch with you.” 

Robert leans in, steak be damned, and kisses Aaron for as long as he wants, stubble grazing skin and lips soft against his own. It’s everything he has missed for so long wrapped into one; a sense of belonging in a single gesture.

“I love you,” he says when he pulls away, rests his nose against Aaron’s. 

“I love you more,” Aaron replies. He presses in and gives Robert a quick kiss. “Right, this smells amazing! Where’s Liv?”

“She suggested going to Gabby’s for the night to give the two of us some time to ourselves…” Robert speaks while putting the food on the table, and Aaron helps. “She knew it had been a month and wanted us to celebrate without being scarred.” 

Aaron chuckles and smiles as Robert sets the wine down on the table. 

“I know you’re not much for wine, but with this steak a beer would be a tragedy.” 

“I’m alright with wine you know… as long as I can have a beer after.” 

They eat while talking about everything, nothing, their day, their happiness. Aaron places his hand on the table when he has finished and Robert places his hand on top of it. 

It took a long time to get here; Aaron’s better, Robert’s better, mistakes forgiven and a relationship built anew. It’s tender in a way it never was before and Robert has never felt more loved. It’s enough, he thinks, as Aaron clears the table and offers to do the dishes. Aaron’s all he ever needed in life. 

i just feel like a dark ethan ego could be so terrifying

ethan isn’t a huge guy. he’s slight, he’s short, he’s young. he’s got an innocent face and his voice isn’t deep. he’s fairly small. his dark ego has all that but with malice behind it, and he’s not afraid to use it.

he’ll beg for help. he’ll shiver and bite his lips and bat his eyelashes at you until you just have to help him. he’s so young, after all. just a kid, and he seems so scared.

you turn your back. mistake.

see, ethan used to be a gymnast. he’s small, sure, but there’s muscle and power in those limbs. he can do flips and backflips no problem. he’s strong. he’s fast. he’s powerful. his dark ego has all that but with malice behind it, and he’s not afraid to use it.

paperbeanbag  asked:

Have any other good fics for us???

sorry this took a while to reply back to. i’ve been compiling this for a while.

since you didn’t specify what kind of fics, i’m gonna give like a smorgasbord of different ut fics i love w/ a blurb of stupid commentary from me :’D

(be warned, snas is my fav so a bunch feature him/are centered around him.)

(also be warned that not everything i like may be ur cup of tea, so make sure to read the tags/warnings.)

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