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Shawn Mendes x Reader

Word count: 841

A/N: This one is just a short one but I think it’s cute anyway!


The water begins to run cold, telling me I’ve been in the shower for too long. I’ve been standing here the whole time just in a daze, thinking about how amazing last night was. Shawn stayed over at my new apartment for the first time and it was more than I could have wished for. I am falling even further down the rabbit hole that leads to love. The taps squeak as I turn the water off, reaching for my towel. I check the time on my watch that’s sitting on the bench. I officially have one hour before I start my shift at work. Joyful. I wrap the towel around my body and head out of the bathroom and to my wardrobe. Shawn is still peacefully sleeping in my bed, looking illegally adorable. As I open the wardrobe door, I realise that I have a huge smile on my face. God, I’m a fool for him. After collecting my clothes for the day, I head back to the bathroom to get changed.

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Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets

That whole episode was a huge mirror for Cas and Dean, and I can’t even imagine how is it possible to read it as not Destiel-coded.

To recap:

  • Dean is canonically Castiel’s human wakness. Sam and Dean are his friends, but Dean himself is his weakness. CANONICALLY!
  • It is more common for the angels to fall in love with humans than we originally thought. I wonder what could that mean?  👀
  • Ishim is a mirror for Cas: he fell in love with a human as an angel in a high position, he broke the rules, he showed Lily the Enochian magic, BUT unlike Cas, Ishim doesn’t have a pure selfless loving heart like Cas does, so he turned out evil, not wanting his secret to screw him over. Also his love was an obsession that lead to other angel’s deaths. Ishim is how the Heaven views Castiel, but this image was completely destroyed in the end.
  • We are told two things: Angels do fall in love with humans, but having a child with a human is an abomination. We are also being told that Benjamin’s relationship with his vessel is something more than friendship (THEY SAY IT IS A ‘FRIENDSHIP’, SOUNDS FAMILIAR, DOESN’T IT?), which is obviously broadly accepted, or at least not hunted down, because they don’t have a child. Castiel was known to have a female vessel, and if he kept her, he would probably cause a problem on that matter between him and Dean. Now, Castiel is visibly proud of Jim’s vessel, meaning he is comfortable in a man’s body (in s11 he even said ‘MY BODY’), and has a deep friendship with Dean… What can we deduce about that?   🔍 👀 👀 👀
  • Not to mention the “Old Married Couple Bickering” because that doesn’t even need an explanation.

Yeah, sure Jenny. Destiel isn’t real. Whatever you say. 

Back Off

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I needed some inspiration for a new imagine and I came across @this-is-what-makes-us-fandoms ‘s gif imagine. I loved the idea so kudos to her! x 

Damon believed that he could never love someone more than he loved himself, that was of course until you came into his life. Damon loved you to pieces, he always came to you when he needed to be calmed down, or even if he needed a good laugh.

The thing he loved most about you was how positive you were, and how you never held Damon to his past. It’s  not a secret that he was an arrogant ass and he killed more than his fair share of people. But you never looked down on him for his mistakes, and he loved that about you.

Although there was one thing he couldn’t stand about you, and that was how you always hung out with Stephan. 

Damon had finally found someone he cared for, and Stephan had to steal all her attention. Just the thought of you hugging or caring about someone other than him, sent Damon into a frenzy.

So when Damon walked in on you and Stephan laughing together, huddled up on a love seat, he nearly blew a gasket. 

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I was just rereading HoT and

You know why this line is beautiful? No, not just because it’s a fierrochase-y moment, though that is definitely what I took it as at first.

No, this is not just Halfborn teasing Magnus. No, this is more than that.

Imagine, this is a children’s book/YA novel. A nine year old, possibly, that has never even heard of what genderfluid or trans meant, could be reading this.

An actual child could be reading this, and, not only become more accepting because of how great Alex is, but, could start discovering something new about themselves, too.

A reader, who already knows Halfborn as an awesome, badass character, is literally reading Halfborn telling, not only Magnus, but them, that this is okay. Halfborn is, in a way, telling the reader themselves, that it is okay to be attracted.

And I think that’s just the best thing ever

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This is Angsty Kitten anon, I just wanted to say that you're my soulmate and my kink daddy so please metaphorically marry me. And also how do you feel about an AU where Otabek has like 5 little sisters who are his biggest fans and argue with Yuri but secretly call Yuri hella pretty??

Hello cutiepie! omfg kink daddy is such a good title, thank you, i accept this proposal

……..that is so cute??? oh my gosh

  • Beka being able to easily handle Yura’s temper tantrums because he grew up with five little sisters, and they do not always get along.
  • Can you even imagine how good Beka’s hair braiding skills would be?? If he had more arms he could fishtail braid all of his sister’s hair at once.
  • Otabek LOVES his baby sisters more than anything in the world (until Yuri comes along but). He’s such a loving older brother who always helps them out with their homework, and Skype calls them when he’s away training or at competitions.
  • Yuri is a jealous baby who wants more of Otabek’s attention, but it’s hard for the poor guy to divide his time up between six people.
  • Staying in Almaty with the Altin family is always an ordeal, because Otabek is constantly surrounded by the siblings who have missed him so much as well as Yuri who wants to hog his best friend all for himself.
  • When Otabek goes to stay with Yuri in Russia, Yuri thinks he’s going to finally get some alone time - nope. Beka’s phone is blowing up most of the time with texts and calls from each sister individually. They do this partially because they miss their bro, but they also think it’s hilarious when Yuri snatches the phone and curses at them in Russian.
  • Yuri does stoop to their level of immaturity sometimes (a lot), taking their bait and arguing with them over who loves/supports Beka more. Poor Otabek usually has to take a painkiller, a huge headache arising from Yuri’s yelling and his sister’s laughing.
  • Though they torture Yuri (so he says), they actually really like him. They see the way Otabek smiles to his phone when he gets a message from the blonde, and they love to hear Otabek’s warm laughter whenever Yuri says or does something funny.
  • Plus they all think Yuri is really pretty. They’ve all wanted to play with his long blonde hair at least once.
Truly, Yours

Newt Scamander x Reader

Words: 1, 204

Warnings: Fluffy angst

A/N: I´m running out of ideas, so you can request anything you want *wink-wink*


His eyes and words are all you seem to contemplate for more than what you´re supposed to, but it’s all his fault. How could he not get that you were in love with him?

You had tried everything. Subtle touches, lingering fingers, dazed glances and even surprise hugs. He didn’t ask, not a single time, Newt seemed unable to understand human emotions. He could tell when Pickett was feeling a tad bad or if his niffler was keeping something from him…however, the moment things turned about you or other human things, he just trembled and confusedly tilted his head to the sides. You couldn’t deal with such a challenge anymore.

But even when you said that to yourself almost every single day, you stayed by his side for a year, and you were obviously going to stay for another and another, spending as much time you could with him before he had the opportunity to throw you away.

“You seem eager to help today.” Newt muttered with something you didn’t expect to hear in the tone of his voice. Never. Sarcasm. You wondered if it was your imagination.

“Sorry.” You simply said containing yourself, not wanting to get on his bad side, even if you still couldn’t believe that side existed. And your hand traveled to his back, in a caring gesture.

Newt smiled, but you came to notice it wasn’t more than a poor effort. He rubbed his eyes with the tip of his fingers, before tenderly looking at Pickett´s side, were his cup of tea was.

“Are you feeling-“The freckled man cut you off with a quick glance, that you adverted in less than a few seconds. “We should finish cleaning this mess.” You said, forcing some spirit into your voice, before running away to the other edge of the small work room. You began to feel suffocated.

Was he under some wicked spell? Did he finally noticed the way you would intentionally brush him when you walked past him and decided he would reject you by being awfully cruel?

No. No. Newt Scamander was everything but cruel. Your friend was a literal sweetheart every day, so it was probably just a bad day. A terrible one.

“Newt?” He answered with a hum. “I´m sorry.” Well, if he was angry at you it must mean you did a horrible thing -that you didn’t notice fast enough to avoid making him annoyed-.

“Sorry? Do you even…” He stammered cynically, as if you were referring to something that positioned the entire species of magical creatures in a dangerous situation. “Can we stop talking with each other just for today?” Newt pleaded, noticing his words were becoming too hard to swallow. He was the kind of person who wouldn’t want to hurt someone else´s emotions, so you nodded silently, containing the tremble of your lips.

If hell did exist, it was obviously freezing over. Why the hell was he mad at you?


“I waited a day, Newt.” His shoulder stiffened in displeasure, showing you no sign of approval to your desire of starting a conversation. “Stop avoiding me, Scamander. This is getting ridiculous.”

“Ri-Ridiculous?!” The man you fancied almost screamed. Shaking his head in disagreement. “You were the one who deceived me.” He continued with a muffled voice.

“Deceived you?” How in the world that happened? You didn´t remember doing anything to make him feel betrayed. “I don’t know what are you talking about. I had always being honest with you, we´re friend, we trust in each other.”

“That’s what I wanted to believe.” The soft hurt tone of his shy voice, leaves you with a heavy heart. But just for a bit, because later, a scowl takes over your features and your lips twitch in annoyance. You hadn’t done anything wrong. “I waited a month.” Newt confessed, moving his left toe restlessly. An anxious habit you noted since the first time you met him, he only used it when he felt uneasy.

“A month for what?”

“A month for you to st-top doing it.” You made him feel like a mad man, who misperceived the whole relationship he had with you. “Why would you be so open with another man if you were going to marry someone else?” Newt finally muttered, releasing the question he wanted to say with a choked tone. “I´m sorry if am not manly enough, but I still feel- I still fall in love with beautiful women and try to- to not feel rejected by them.”

For a prolonged moment of silence, you looked at him like a sane person would look at a crazy one, questioning yourself how could he know about it? How could he know about something you didn’t even told a single person? You wouldn’t be surprised if the person interrogating you were Queenie, but it was Newt and he couldn’t have…

“Newt. Marriage? Did you…read one of my letters?!”

“It was-, I was worried because you cried when you saw the emblem on it, but the next time I couldn’t contain myself-“ So he read two of your letters? That innocent man tricked you twice. And subtly confessed his feelings for you, with a pained confession. Wasn’t he something else?

You couldn’t describe him with words anymore. Invading your privacy wasn’t something good but it wasn’t bad either in the situation he was, because Newt did it wanting to know how to help you.

“I´m not going to marry anyone, Scamander. I didn’t want to tell you because it was no longer necessary, I talked about it with my parents and declined the proposal…For Merlin´s beard…”You rambled a little more, explaining him and adding details about it. You didn’t even knew the Markus guy, it was an arranged marriage that you needed to consider for the family´s sake.

“Oh. Ow. Ow!” Newt squealed, angry at himself for not seeing more than what his jealousy let him see. “Sorry, it´s just that I couldn’t think clearly- I should have- please don’t hate me”

“How can I force myself to hate you, Newt?” You answered with a question. Your features softened with his, releasing in both of you a gentle smile. “I love you.”

“I can´t give you a stable life. Maybe you would be in the other side of the world by tomorrow, just because someone saw a mottled Hippogriff, I´m not the life your parents want you to have…”

“I know.” Your hands touched his arms. You felt warm, alive and totally made for him. ”Then, what other excuse you have?”

His breath stopped, and his lips went to your forehead, pressing ghostly against your skin. Then they lowered to your nose, slightly pressing more, giving it a peck.

“I don’t have one that can surpass another I love you.”

“I love you.” His mouth finally brushed over your, in a gentle kiss, one full of adoration and kindness. Things that described perfectly the man that you loved.

You staggered backwards, dragging him along, leaning your back into his wooden desk. Breaking the contact just to pull him harder and kissing him deeper. He hummed happily, encircling your waist with his arms before laughing and breaking away the kiss.

“Pickett is still here.”

“Oh, god.”

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"I don't like the lightning" with Jungkook please? And thank you for making your blog and using it for writing rather than drama and other stuff. I hope you're having a lovely day, Iolite ♡

Thank you so much! I’ve been keeping this blog related to writing rather than personal life/tag/ask games as much as possible (part of the reason I just post the tag games all together rather than spamming you guys lol). Especially since you guys are here for writing and nothing more ^.^ I appreciate you all xx

ღ pick a BTS member and a fluffy quote!

To say you are tired is an understatement. Exhausted. Drained. Wearied. Or as your daughter likes to say, “pooped.”

You love her to bits and pieces, more than anyone could ever imagine. You love her when she’s running around the house with the fairy wings of her Halloween costume on, even if it’s April. You love her when she’s pouting like you do as her father, the charming man currently beside you, buttons up her rain jacket, for she would rather run around in the rain without it. You love her when she’s crying in the bathtub because she got soap in her eye during the split second you looked away to grab her favorite figurine to play with. And you love her when she falls asleep in bed without her bedtime story for the first time. 

And tonight you love her, even though you have no idea that she’s on her way to your bedroom where Jungkook just tired you out more than she ever has. With the thunderstorm barraging the windows, you both knew she wouldn’t hear you two, so Jungkook proposed the idea. He claimed you both needed to unwind in more ways than one, especially since it’s been so long. And, of course, you agreed with a quickly beating heart and needy hands that soon turned into your current position: both of you laying bare, tangled in the sheets and each other with the lightning illuminating the room occasionally through the rain. 

You’re both catching your breath, eyes only opening momentarily to take in your surroundings through the darkness. And as the lightning strikes again, you take in the slanted eyes peering through the open door, fear falling from them in the form of tears. Again, your heart rate kicks up as you wrap the thin sheet around your indecent appearance.

“Yeona?” you call, unsure if you really saw the 4-year old in the doorway.

“Mommy,” she whimpers through her self-made rain, “I don’t like the lightning.”

You swipe the silk robe from the chair beside the bed and swiftly clothe yourself, glancing over to Jungkook to make sure he’s doing the same. He’s already making his way to the trembling and crying toddler, shorts hugging his hips. He picks her up in his strong arms that she clings to instantly, whimpers filling the crook of his neck.

“It’s okay, princess,” he whispers, bouncing her softly. “Wanna have a sleepover in the living room? Just the three of us and Mimi.” 

Yeona nods, giving a small “mhmm” you barely hear through the rain pelting the window. You double check that your robe is secure before grabbing the spare pillows and blankets from your closet and head into Yeona’s room for her favorite stuffed elephant, Mimi. You can’t help but love her even more with each passing moment, wanting nothing more than to protect her from her fears as much as Jungkook is. 

You love them both as the three – no, four – of you curl up in the pillow-blanket fort in the living room, all huddled together until the songs of sleep and soft storms lull you all into a comforting slumber.

Meeting Derek's Parents Would Include...

•Derek, I’m nervous. Can we do it another time?
• It’s going to be okay baby girl. They’ll love you
• Do I look good on this?
• You look amazing
• Derek singing along on the radio in the car in a silly voice to make you feel better
• I promise you, you’ll be fine
• Derek holding your hand as you walk to his parents’ house
• Oh hello sweety! You are even more stunning than Derek could describe
• Please come in, make yourself at home
• I told you they’ll love you
• We’ve only come in, a lot can change
• Just be positive baby girl
• Derek showing you pictures of him and his sister as a baby around the house
• Engaging into small talks with Derek’s dad
• Derek’s mum always calling you sweety and telling you how pretty you are
• I’m glad Derek found someone like you
• Okay everyone, time for dinner
• Having random conversations with Derek and his parents
• Derek putting his hand on your knee
• Moving it up the inner part of your thigh
• You trying to ignore him and pay attention to the conversation
• *Cough* Derek stop *cough*
• Are you okay sweaty?
• Derek trying to hide his laugh
• Derek continuing to tease you
• I’m sorry, can I please use the bathroom
• Finally escaping Derek
• Nvm, the mf decided to follow you
• What’s wrong baby girl?
• We are having dinner with your parents, can you please stop?
• Derek reaching under your skirt again
• Let’s just skip dessert and go home
• No Derek
• I’m sorry I’m back
• Derek being an asshole and teasing you even more than before
• Finding it harder and harder to pay attention to the conversation
• Mum, dad, we have to go now
• Oh but honey, you haven’t even had dessert
• Sorry mum, I realised we promised Nate to pick him up from the airport
• It was lovely meeting you and you are welcome here at any time sweety
• Bye everyone
• You are such an asshole
• A hot one

You just gotta accept the fact that everything I write about Derek will end with sex 😂


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Cause I’m a pilot anywhere
Cause I’m a pilot anywhere
lighting star shooting star
I’ll give you my Galaxy

A/N: as you all know, or if you don’t know you’re about to find out, hob is my ult. the boy means more to me than he will ever know and i could write a million love stories and they still don’t even halfway express how i feel about him. anyway, y’all did not sign up for these corny confessions so! here’s my hob fic that no one (but my heart) asked for and happy early birthday to the loveliest boy in the whole world

wc: ~2.8K

this is a touch smutty but mostly super super fluffy

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Because of you

(Lucifer x Reader)

Request:  Hay! I love your last song fiction and I was thinking if you could please write one with Lucifer based on song Because of you by Lana Del Rey? Thank you 💕

based on this song (because of you by lana del rey)

Warnings: smut, oral


Hunting took it’s toll on everyone, even though you were still very young you had seen more death and violence to last for a lifetime. Your way of dealing with it? Drinking more than was good or healthy in any way and partying your nights away, at least the ones with no case to work on.  

Your hips kept swinging to the beat of the music, the volume drowning everything else out as get lost in the feeling. Dancing was relaxing, therapeutic even to some extant.  

Normally nothing would distract you so easily but this time it was different. As you look up you stare into two shinning blue orbs, watching you from afar with curiosity. Hooking up with random strangers wasn’t your thing but there was something about him that was hard to ignore. His gaze was almost hypnotizing and you caught yourself staring back at him for far too long, unable to break away.  

Deciding you definitely had enough for one night, you quickly leave, making your way back to the motel.  

“Leaving so soon?” The voice startles you, his sight even more. How could he have left so quickly?  

“Yeah, got to get up early tomorrow.” You reply with confidence, trying not to look too shook. Something about him was definitely off and seeing him so close made it even more obvious.  

“Hunting can wait for a day, I was hoping we’d have some fun.”  

“Who are you?” Your face changes, hunter instincts kicking in, yet you couldn’t pinpoint what he was, though you were usually really good at it.

“Why don’t you guess?”  

“I have no patience for your games.” You pull the knife out from behind your back, ramming it into his chest the moment he moves towards you.

“Tsk, play nice kitty.” You watch with growing eyes as he pulls out the knife without a care in the world and tosses it to the side.  

He grabs your wrist, holding it tightly until he pushes you backwards. To your surprise you don’t hit the cold, stone like you anticipated, instead your back hits soft cushions. A quick look around reveals your motel room before all of your attention is drawn back to him as he leans down, hovering above you with a smirk.  

His hands trail up and down your body, making you shiver when he pulls up your shirt and his cold fingers meet your skin. You were burning up with desire, you couldn’t help it even if he scared you or maybe because of it. Your heart was as black as a broken movie screen and it didn’t happen often that someone got you this nervous and excited with just one touch. The feeling was strange yet you liked it.  

His hands move upwards, cupping your breasts and teasing your nipples with his thumps. You gasp, soft moans leaving your mouth soon after and you start to wiggle around under his touch, growing impatient. You wanted to feel his hands all over, feeling him inside you making you scream.  

As if reading your thoughts he chuckles, “Get on your knees.” You prop yourself up on the bed and slide down in front of him, quickly unzipping his pants.  

You didn’t need him to say it to know what he wanted. Pulling out his already hard cock, you begin to stroke him slowly until he grabs your hair tighter. He groans as you take the tip of his head inside your mouth and lick it, soft lips moving up and down in sync with your tongue. You take him in deeper, going just a little further every time to avoid your gag reflex. He holds your head in place once you’ve taken him all in and starts to fuck your mouth roughly. His hips buck up, pushing his dick down your throat with every harsh thrust until you feel him spill himself inside your mouth. The hot liquid runs down your throat, only adding to your own arousal as you taste his cum in your mouth and on your lips.

“Still up for playtime?” He asks and pulls out.  

You nod up at him, licking your lips when you see him getting hard again.

“Didn’t anyone tell you not to make deals with the devil.” He smirks, watching your eyes grow wide in realization.  

“Lucifer…” You whisper, still shocked.  

“That’s right…” He says as his hand wraps around your arm to help you off the ground, “…remember it cause I’ll be expecting you to scream it very soon.” The last part is whispered into your ear as he pushes you down onto the mattress.


Happy New Year everyone ! 🎉🍾

I hope everyone had an amazing night just like i did, because there is nothing better than to spend new years eve with the two most important people in my life.

On the one side the love of my life, better half and future husband who always supports me in everything and anything i do, who makes me happy like nobody else ever could and who i love more than anything in the world.

And on the other side my bestie, and future flower “girl” at my wedding lmao. Who is always there for me no matter what and supports every decision i make.. Who i can count on without doubts and who knows what i think before i even say it.

You two, thank you so much for everything. I honestly couldnt imagine my life without you both and i wouldnt want to. I cant wait for the next amazing year and all the memories we will make together. <3

@levibryce  @pandamajestysims

[And to all of my follower here on tumblr, who support me and show love to the things i do… thank you so much 💜 I will try my best to make you happy with many new projects, collections and pictures. Happy New Year! ]


“Healing tune” by @lasimo74allmyworld 

I’m slightly obsessed for music and musical, classical instruments, maybe. And from harpist Thranduil, it was understood. It will be because I love music and classical instruments, it will be that I wanted to learn how to play one, but I love it.
And even more I love to imagine my favorite characters playing something. The harp is by far my favorite for which Thrandy was very suitable…and the harp itself is very elven, in my opinion.

But i also love violin. In my mind, (together with piano) violin is for the wounded souls. I’ve always had the impression that violin could be a medication for tormented souls, for sadness, for bad thoughts.

So, who better than Loki, broken but indomitable, can play this beautiful instrument? 

I’m sorry to be always so talkative about my drawing, i’ve tried many times to put a pic and let it go, but i just can’t..because every drawing has a meaning for me, and it’s a very urge for me tell about was in my mind and why i’ve drawn this and not that. My ”art” is bit worsened this year, perhaps, but this is my path, now…i hope to get better and my “art” with me =))

PS: and yes, consider my horrible night, yesterday, this healing tune is for me too…

EDIT: sorry but i’m in love with the final scroll and peg box…so added one.


Kol kissed the back of your hand.
“It’s a pleasure to finally meet you”, he said, “I see you’re even more beautiful than dear Klaus ever told me.”
You could downright feel Klaus’ gaze burn marks on your back so you took his hand in yours, squeezing it to silently remind him:
“I love you”.

You know, people say:
“You can’t love someone else, till you love yourself first.”

Well I disagree,
and I want to call out everyone,
on this goddamn phrase.

I had never once loved myself,
never understood how or why I could be great.
I liked myself from time to time,
I saw myself and glanced as what other people might just have found…


But loving myself was never in my sights.
A waste of space, a disgrace, a jack of few trades and a master of not even one.
Pretty hard to fall in love with,
harder when fighting with a flood.

And then I met you.

Oh God, God above you were so much more than I could imagine,
I fell fast and I fell hard,
and loving you, well.

Loving you was rain in the Sahara,
the peeking lights of safety on the fringe of the woods,
of Home.

Loving you was like hope,
but then, like a tidal wave pulling me down,
and I was eager to go.

Loving you was fresh, it was new.
Loving you opened a door, hidden away deep in the back of me.

I loved you so much.
So much, that the saying is certainly wrong.
The phrase should be, and be know by all, as:

“When you fall in love with someone else, then you’ll fall in love with yourself.”

More Than Capable

Request: If you’re taking requests, could you write some fluffy Hunk Garrett x chubby reader? Like reader is insecure kind of thing? Tysm!

A/N: Hey guys. This piece includes some talk of depression, so if that upsets you then I would suggest you pick something else to read. I struggle with multiple forms of mental illness, so I’m a big advocate for getting help. Even if that help only includes confiding in someone you love how you are feeling. xxoo

Hunk was in the kitchen trying to decipher the Altean writing on the ingredients when he noticed *y/n*’s figure shuffle past the open door, her head hung low. He quickly called out to her before she could pass too far from the room. “Hey! *Y/n*, what’s up.” He tried to engage her in a conversation as he could tell she wasn’t at her best.

*Y/n* backed up a few steps, stopping in front of the door. She craned her neck to meet eyes with Hunk raising an eyebrow as if to ask him what he wanted. “Are you ok?” Hunk inquired, putting down the bowl he was holding and taking a few steps toward *y/n*. His baking could wait.

“Yeah. I just wanna go to bed early.” She said, her voice quiet. Her demeanour was quite different tonight, which worried Hunk. He could tell something was wrong and she wasn’t telling him. The two were quite good friends, spending most of their time together. Normally, he would tell him is something had happened, but tonight she seemed to be isolating herself.

“If that’s all.” She murmured, walking off towards her room. Hunk watched her figure retreat and waited a moment, thinking over what he should do in this situation. His friend was clearly upset but he was unsure whether it would be better to leave her be and let her mull over it on her own, or to go and talk to her about whatever’s wrong.

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