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asdfghjkl it’s midnight, and I finally finished this. I rushed hella on the background and this will probably go unrecognized, but oh well lol yeah this is my Lovehacks MC i you could not tell

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Question: Do you like Jeanne with short hair or long hair? I love her long hair far more than her short hair.

Her model in bayo2 is definitely my favorite!! Probably that’s why I used Jeanne more in b2.

But I sure miss her feather guns, It’s probably the best part of her design in bayo1 along with voice.

I don’t feel you any more
You darken my door
Whatever you’re looking for
Hey! don’t come around here no more

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers (Don’t Come Around Here No More)


Ph. Tim Halberg

Annadel State Park, CA

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Omg can you please please write one where bellamy tries to draw her for once and of course its as good as that of a stickman so clarke laughs and changes some details and makes it better but bellamy protests cause "well now its clearly ruined" ?? I would worship you until eternity pretty please?

(part onepart two. part three.)

As far as first dates go, this one is doing well.

Like, yeah, okay, maybe Clarke has seen more of him that is appropriate for a first date and maybe he doesn’t mind all that much but – she’s easy to talk to, clever and funny if a little uptight. He wonders why they didn’t do it before, why it took him three private sessions with her before finding the nerve to ask her out.

Sometimes, he’s a dumbass that way.

And yeah, the coffee shop around the corner isn’t the best of places for the dean’s daughter, but he stands naked in front of people to make ends meet so it’s not like he could afford some fancy restaurant. Not that Clarke seems to mind, and he’s kind of grateful for that.

(She eats her muffin with a fork and drinks her tea with her pinkie up, like some damn fucking princess, and he’s so smitten it’s pathetic at that point.)

Basically he spends his time listening to her and admiring her, and he doesn’t mind one bit because Clarke just has that way about her and Bellamy is drawn to her like a moth to a flame and – yeah.

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