more llamas

my naem is yak
and thru the porte
i styck my nose
and giev a snoart,

but tunge is longe
and hyer i stand
you giev me bred
i lik yor hand

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If this hasn't been done already: Reaction to you waiting for them at the airport

Here you are! Sry that I haven’t posted in a while :p It got a little longer than I expected kkk

f(x) reacting to: you waiting for them at the airport!

Krystal: It was VERY early in the morning when she finally arrived from her short trip to LA. Well, short isn’t the right word, because it felt like eternity (and agony) but today she’d finally come back to you. You were tired, waking up this early in the morning wasn’t the best for you mood afteral. The plane arrived, and you already waited for her arrival exitedly, and when she eventually got out of the plane, you turned from tired and moody to fully awake and happy really quickly. So, did your girlfriend as soon as she saw you waiting in the crowd of paparazzis and fans. At first she didn’t notice you but when she did, she began to smile in the cutest way ever.

“You look so tired, (Y/N)” ,she says while caressing your jawline, “Let’s go home.”

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Victoria: Victoria was heading back to Korea from a shooting in China. She was abroad quite often in the last months so you two haven’t got to see each other that much. Vic always sent you pictures and messages like “I miss you, Jagiya” or “Please don’t forget me kkk”. She really feared that you two’d grow distant because of her busy schedule, and she really didn’t want that to happen. It was a long distance relationship, even though you shared an apartment and you hated it. You weren’t sure how to continue like this, but everytime Victoria came back to you, you were the happiest human on earth. So you waited for her at the airport, thinking about this while sitting at the local cafe, drinking coffee that tasted just like water. You saw the airplane arriving through the window, and got up to greet your girlfriend. The passengers got out and were reunited with their families and friends but Victoria just wouldn’t come. You sighed, and looked at your phone, expecting the typical “I’m sorry I was just told I’m heading off tomorrow”-message you’d receive every so often. But the message didn’t appear on your lockscreen. Many faces, but no Song Qian in sight. Just as you turn around to go away in disappointment, two arms are hugging you from behind. “Surprise!”, a familiar voice says as you jump in shock of the sudden touch. “I missed you so much, Jagiya! I have something for you, a little gift for my cutiepie!” but you turned around and just hugged her. “I’ve missed you too, I almost thought you forgot me…”– but you were interrupted by a loving kiss. 

“I’d never forget you, Jagiya.” *smiles* (i got carried away sry)

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Luna: Luna wasn’t away that often, but when she was she’d take you with her. This time however, you couldn’t come with her because you had to work. It was never like she was away, really. She’d call you whenever she had the time and facetimed with you in the evening, but still you missed her a little. At the day of her arrival, you naturally woke up early, early than ever because of your excitement. You made a cute little “Welcome Home, Sunyoung”-sign and held it high while eagerly waiting for your girlfriend to come. 

“(Y/N)-ah!”, Sunyoung jumps in your arms and leaves kisses all over your face. When she finally calmed herself down, she’d just hemmed and said: “Let’s go and eat something, I’m starving”

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Amber: It was a normal thing for Amber, going to the US to visit her family but when she started dating you, it was a little different. Saying goodbye was harder, the long and annoying flights even more. While flying she’d either sleep or have time to think. She wasn’t the type that was plagued by homesickness, but she just felt weird not having you by her side. Same goes for you, and when you waited for her at the airport, the time felt so slow, almost like slow motion. You bought boba for you and Amber, and of course, when Amber arrived, she noticed you waving with her precious boba. Hugging you, she let out a sigh of relief.

“You know Jagiya, the flight was just hours of-” you interrupt her: “Agony”. Amber laughs and buries her face in your neck “That about sums it up, let’s go”, she says and pecks your lips.

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Oh god this was long it took me about an hour and a half :D I hope you like it! I hope there aren’t to many typos and mistakes in grammar…

The messenger boy: Part 4 | Alfie Solomons

Your mouth felt like cotton wool and as the heels of your palms spread along the mattress, you realised it wasn’t your sheets you sprawled in. Face buried into the pillow you tried to recount the last few things you could remember.

There was that party you went to for starters but that was a couple of nights ago, wasn’t it? Alfie had, in fact, driven you home after he’d taken some time to let his hands wander. “Shot ya’self in the foot, din’t you? Told me, you did. Right off the bat. ‘Looking for a respectable gentleman tonight’, you said, yeah?” those had been his words.

The next few days had been strictly business but that hadn’t stopped a stolen glance or brush of a hand here and there. There was something going on with the Shelby’s and you’d known to keep out of it until otherwise asked or told.  

Oh, right. There it was. You remembered. Alfie had struck a deal and he’d called you into his office, a bottle of whisky and two glasses on his desk.  In the time you’d come to know Alfie he didn’t really drink; he sipped. He could nurse one glass the entire night but see to it that yours was always refilled.

“Y’know why I like you, pet?” he’d started later on and you could remember the conversation quite vividly now. “…you’re cheeky, in’t ya? Bold. Not to say ya’ disrespectful, right, ‘cause I wun’t ‘ave it but you’ve got a smart mouth, yeah?”

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But has anyone thought about all the kids learning to live with each other’s BAD HABITS like:

- “You leave your socks everywhere and I’m about to slam dunk you in a hamper” 

- “I keep avoiding the dishes because you always make me do them again for doing them wrong in the first place”

- “Stop being an ass by playing obnoxious music while other people are studying”

- “Why are there???? Books everywhere???”

 - “Who keeps tracking mud in without wiping their shoes because they’re gonna be the one scrubbing”

- “Whoever keeps snoring through five walls is going to be introduced to death by smothering”

- “Whoever sheds that much hair needs to see a doctor wtf”

- “Someone keeps eating all the instant ramen that is MY FLAVOR and they’re going to die a slow painful death”


- “You know way more about Llamas with Hats than any normal person does, should I be concerned”




- “…do I wanna know about the slippers.” 

- “…on second thought no, I really don’t want to hear about how much you passive aggressively hate your neighbor”

- “Nobody vacuums at FIVE IN THE MORNING”

- “Shut up about your crappy Sci-Fi movie, it’s my turn for the big TV and I’m watching my stories”

- “Everyone needs to put their cups in the sink right now or I’m hiding all the cups” 

- “Yes this meme is funny but it doesn’t have to have a WALL devoted to it”

- “You cheat at Mario Kart and are now forever banned” 

- “I love all those animals your rescue but 1) they can’t live with us and 2) THEY CAN NOT LIVE IN MY ROOM”

- “You always say the same damn phrase when you wake me up and now I have a Pavlovian response to HATE that phrase”

 Like just 

Bad habits

“french the llama” poster design!

when I became a nerdfighter in 2011, the “french the llama” saying was one of the strangest things from the fandom (to me). I didn’t find any of the other crazy and weird things in the fandom strange, but I did find this strange. I’ve grown to love and accept the phrase in all its weirdness, and it is one of my favorite small bits of nerdfighteria.

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And I thought Llama llama was great but hearing Camila singing Despacito was so damn sexy, I had to take a cold shower after hearing it.

I felt like she was more sincere singing Llama Llama Red Pajama though, more emotions there, she really felt the song ya know? Definitely a deeper meaning for her.

So learning about the fact that Fiddleford and Ford were dormmates, how’s about this for a first meeting:

Ford found his dorm and has now finally settled in with all his books. His roommate has already claimed his side of the room but he stepped out so Ford hasn’t had the chance to meet him yet. When Fiddleford walks in and opens the door it hits the edge of a precarious stack of books, toppling onto him, giving him a concussion. Ford freaks out, afraid he might’ve killed the man and he hasn’t even learned his name yet.

He rushes him to the nurse’s office and stays by his side until he wakes up. He apologizes profusely but Fiddleford laughs it off. He doesn’t blame him at all and actually finds the whole situation funny and, being the kind gentleman that he is, tells him it’s no problem and forgives him easily. Ford is relieved that this terrible first impression didn’t make his roommate ask to move to a different dorm or make him hate him and make living with him for the rest of the semester super awkward. Actually, he’s a really nice guy. This could work out.

And thus a beautiful friendship is formed.


Ryan: I wonder if he is going to stick around in the city a bit more. 

Zach: Oh llama, I hope not!

Jeb: It wouldn’t be that bad, it means he isn’t bugging us is the suburbs. 

Haha, very funny Jeb.