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Imagine if the new TV show was like Bananaz in a way. Like a documentary focusing on how the band creates their albums (and how they get along).

* Murdoc trying to be super dramatic, but no one is buying it. He tries to create conflict but the rest of the band just ignores him.

* Russel laying low  at first because he doesn’t want to be in the spotlight. Then getting used to cameras and using them as a opportunity to voice his opinion on the music industry.

* 2D not understanding how the show is supposed to work. He thinks he has to play a character and keeps dressing up in ridiculous outfits.

* Noodle using the show to focus on her fashion designs. She dresses the boys up for every scene. They can’t say no.

* Murdoc constantly gives his band mates and the crew super offensive nicknames. 

* Noodle throwing aside glances like Jim does in the Office whenever one of her band mates acts out.

* 2D tries to tell jokes on camera but he can never get the punchline right because he’s so nervous.

Jackson Imagine - Precious

A/N - I’ve done a few jealous Jackson imagines in the past so if you want to read those too, feel free to check out the masterlist! I hope this one isn’t too repetitive in comparison to those others because I tried to give it a different feeling to them. Enjoy~

Can you do a scenario where you are Jackson’s girlfriend and you are kind of a fashionista like Bambam, so you two bond a lot through it, go shopping and to fashion shows together whenever he’s free, and everyone will always comment on how you two would be such a power couple and Jackson gets Jealous, but you reassure him that Bam is like your bff and nothing more than that and you only love him, please?! Thanks and keep up the amazing writing Xx

“Jagiya, where are you? I just went to your apartment but you’re not here,” Jackson asked you over the phone, his voice ringing with concern.
“Oh I must have forgotten to tell you that I’m out shopping with Bambam. We made plans since you said you were busy all day.”
“I was saying that so I could surprise you!”
“Sorry, Jackson~”
“When will you get back?”
“It depends how long it takes Bambam to decide if he wants a new jacket or not. Out of my control, babe. But feel free to get the spare key and let yourself in.”
“That boy better not take long. I want my girlfriend all to myself.”
“You know there’s no rushing a fashionista like Bambam.”
“True. But try not to be too long. I miss you.”
“It’s been like two days since we last saw each other you can’t miss me that much.”
“Well I do. I want to kiss your face.”
“Good to know. We should be home in about an hour’s time, okay?”
“Okay, I love you.”
“Love you too, Jackson.”

After a little while walking around some more shops with Bambam, you decided you should get home to see Jackson. From the phone call, you could tell he was feeling a bit jealous that you were with someone else and not him so thought it’d be best to keep him happy. Bambam was fine with leaving earlier than planned since you were the one giving him a free lift home. The shopping trip had been pretty successful and the both of you had bought some nice new additions to your wardrobes. Although Bambam had definitely bought far more than you, his excuse being “I’m an idol, I need to look good 24/7.” As you arrived home, Jackson practically had his nose pressed up against the window waiting for you. He answered the door within seconds and gave you a tight hug.
“I wasn’t gone that long, Jackson. You’re acting like we’ve not seen each other for months!” You teased, knowing how affectionate he got after only a few days apart.
“I know, but I still missed you. Besides, you’ve been with Bambam more than me recently.”
“Is someone jealous?”
“No! Not at all.”
“Then you’re fine with me hanging out with Bambam again tomorrow, right?”
“What? No, I mean, sure. Uh, whatever you want.”
“You are totally jealous, Jackson! Aw, bless you being jealous of your own band member.”
“It’s not my fault I get jealous, okay? The fans are always taking pictures of you two together saying how you’re such a power couple or that you would be great together and it gets to me because I really care about you and I don’t want to lose you to Bambam or anyone else.”
“Jackson, who cares what the fans say? They might think me and Bambam would be cute together but I don’t. Bam is just a friend and that’s it. You have absolutely nothing to worry about, okay? You’ll never lose me.”
“I promise. You’re too precious to me, Jackson so I could never leave you.”
“I love you a lot, (Y/N). I hope you know just how much.”
“I do know. And I love you too, Jackson.”


Suho- ISFJ

“But being someone who can be if some help even at the very least during their hard times is much better than being a leader that no one comes to for help.” (Fe)

Suho is a gentleman with a big heart and exemplary manners. He holds himself in a dignified manner and is very considerate towards those who are around him. He’s very gentle and thus is cited as one of the members who cries the most easily. I can imagine that coming into a leadership role must not have been that easy since he has said that he’s always been the type of person to prefer helping behind the scenes rather than out in the open.

He compliments his fellow members easily and isn’t the type of person to get angry easily. There’s a reason why he’s called the “mother” of EXO. He listens to what people say before making judgement because he has to be aware of whether his inference will resolve the conflict or make it worse. He would rather be someone who can help someone at the very least during their hard times than a leader that no one comes to for help.

Prefers practicality and reliability among other things. He’s remembered as being very studious and hardworking in school as he always found it easy to retain what he read. Doesn’t really like dwelling into abstract concepts the way Sehun and Chanyeol do (although he can comprehend it just fine). 

Chanyeol- ENFJ

“I cannot tolerate impoliteness and immorality. In the presence of these, I grow very angry. but I wouldn’t throw a tantrum; instead I would quietly approach the person involved and point out his mistake. From my memory I feel like I’ve really never thrown a tantrum at all.” (Fe)

Known as the happy virus who will never stop smiling. :) He describes himself as being lively and cheerful and has no problems when it cones to complimenting the other members. Says that he feels the importance of the other members when they aren’t there and he realizes that its best to tell people what they mean to you as often as you can.

Places a strong emphasis on trusting and understanding one another. Says that he usually takes the initiative to enthusiastically participate in anything and isn’t likely to get angry over small issues. Often mentions how he wants to help those who are in trouble or hurt. Regarding when people say that he forces reactions, he says that because he likes listening to people, its a habit that came out of him naturally. 

Says that appearance-wise he may seem playful but he holds more depth and thinks a lot. The lyrics he compose come from his imagination rather than his own experiences and he describes it as being very “abundant”. He often thinks about past events and finds meaning in the most trivial things.


“As an idol, you are a role model for many people, which means that the basic morals that everyone has and can achieve, we have to do it ten, or hundred times more.” (Fi)

He says that his idea of developing steadily is to also be developing in various other areas instead of just one in particular.  He tends to be pretty idealistic and puts a strong emphasis on reaching “perfection”.Enjoys making music because of the freedom that comes with it.  Gains inspiration through details in experiences (Si) and the emotions he feels at the time (Fi).

Describes himself as being very rich in emotions.  Always thinks about how much his loved ones will be disappointed in him if he were to fail. He is motivated by his own personal feelings and not by how other feel. He loves it when people are sincere with one another. He likes expressing his gratitude for people through his lyrics so that they understand how much they mean to him. Although he is usually very gentle, there are times when he gets irritated. According to him, he usually explodes when it accumulates over a period of time.

Stares in blankly in space often as if he’s in deep thought. He believes that people close to him should be able to understand what’s going through his head and thus they also get affected by him. He’s an independent soul and even his motto is that “the despise of other people will also motivate oneself to work hard.“ Being grateful is one of his best qualities.

Baekhyun- ESFP

"Whenever Baekhyun feels like he is lacking in something, he monitors other people who are better than him at it and continues to learn and improve in order to better himself. So on broadcast, instead of getting nervous and thinking ‘this is so scary, what do i do,’ he looks straight at the camera and thinks ‘i’m going to fight this!’– Manager

Baek is known as the mood maker of EXO. His jokes are pretty physical and he always seems to time them right. He loves being the center of attention and has no problem doing something out of the blue. He also describes himself as being quick to “sense” things so he always knows what’s going on. He has good observational skills and mischievous eyes. 

He’s spontaneous and active and gets bored just sitting around. His eyes are constantly searching for something more interesting and this is why he tends to move around from place to place: he goes wherever his attention wanders. He doesn’t spend much time explaining past events nor future ones; he’s just very present-oriented. 

He is easygoing and has no problem talking to people or making new friends. Desires to become a well-rounded person who is not lacking in any area of performance; this indicates his strong enthusiasm in doing what he wants. Likes to find outlets to express his individualism (such as how he used to wear eyeliner heavily). 


“The other members always make fun of me. I don’t know why. I have no way to show my dignity so I have to face the members just like always.”

He thinks back a lot. Whether it’s to the time he was little or just something that happened a few days back, his mind gets teleported to all the sights, sounds, feelings, he had during those times. Has superior orchestra trauma and thinks the best way of curing it is by gaining more experiences.  He doesn’t like dealing with complex emotions and has even said that the concept of love hurts his head and he doesn’t like thinking about it.

Has a very intimidating gaze that gets softened whenever he smiles. He is very blunt and his comments can slice through any conversation. For example, when Chanyeol introduced him in an interview as being very quiet, he replied by saying “It’s true that I don’t talk much but that was just me ignoring you.” Another one of his witty remarks was when he was chosen as the least fashionable member, he replied by saying “ “There are people who are naturally handsome and don’t need clothes to look better.”

Describes himself as being a very proactive person but he won’t do something if he doesn’t want to. He has no care of being seen as selfish but he does have a strong desire of keeping face. He doesn’t people who are irresponsible and who can’t commit to their promises. He is one of the most dedicated and hardworking idols in the industry (and he’s not even my bias so that means a lot). 

Sehun- INFP

“The things that belong in your heart, things that ought to be hidden, should be hidden. It’s still better to hide the things inside of you!” (Fi)

Unlike Lay, his extroverted functions are less developed which is why his Fi doesn’t have a proper outlet to express itself. He describes himself as not being the type of person to take the initiative (unless it’s in love). Says that the smallest gestures from people tend to touch him even more so if he knows their intentions. 

He knows perfectly well how outsiders seem to judge him as having an attitude and being cocky but he wants people to know that he is very kind. Like I mentioned before, his lack of initiative to voice his thoughts have made his already hidden emotions (Fi) bear misconceptions in the eyes of others. He often mentions his feelings back when he first met the members (Fi-Si). 

Has a habit of making random comments when the situation doesn’t ask for it like when the members were talking about the next album concept, Sehun interrupted to say that he would most definitely get married after 30 years of age (?????). Thinks many, many years ahead.  He’s mentioned before that the best way for him to relax is to occupy a silent place and have some time to himself so that he can clear his thoughts. He’s pretty accepting of other people’s views and said himself that he respects everybody’s way of living.


“After meeting all types of people, I realized that first impression doesn’t really matter; when you get close to someone, you’ll immediately know her/his personality. You’ll know whether you’ll be able get along with the person or not.” (Ni-Fe)   

Describes himself as always being a very quiet kid with “deep sensitivity”. He feels guilt a lot and over-analyzes stuff to the point that he can’t fall asleep. He doesn’t care much for material wealth but instead wants to understand and accept himself.  Has mentioned that when he likes someone, he doesn’t take the initiative to talk to them but rather he slowly tries to understand them better.

He doesn’t discriminate against people but he almost subconsciously gets influenced by them. When he gets influenced by something, he’ll be absorbed in his thoughts for a long time. He doesn’t like forcing his thoughts on people. He thinks a lot about philosophical concepts such as why he was born, how he has gradually accustomed his thoughts to other people’s points of views, what he would be doing if he weren’t in EXO, etc. (This demonstrates a very strong use of Ni-Ti). 

Focuses on the future instead of the past. He often forgets about what happened yesterday and instead focuses on anticipating new accomplishments. Loves reading because it requires the active use of his imagination. He likes the fact that books allow readers to see things from their own diverse perspectives. 

Xiumin- ISFJ

“What everyone asks for is different. I don’t think charisma can me “made” but it’s something natural.”

He’s described as being a very gentle person who is very considerate to others. He’s super down-to-earth and genuine and is always complimenting others while keeping himself grounded. He pays attention to his style in terms of what would be appropriate to wear during each occasion and not “what I want to wear”. 

He’s a wallflower that can be seen hanging back during interviews and observing the other members. He doesn’t have Ni but there isn’t as much evidence for me to validate that he has Si. He barely opens his mouth during interviews so it’s hard to know what he’s actually thinking. 

He seems to be really insecure compared to the other members. Being humble isn’t a bad thing, but in his case he really needs to build up his self-esteem more. There are times when it seems that he doesn’t think that he deserves to be in EXO. How he lost all that weight because the company  was concerned about how he didn’t fit the visual aspect of the group says a lot about why he thinks so little of himself. 


“I’m the type that knows a lot of things in my mind but I just don’t know how to express it like… when I say something… it’s not what I meant to say. I know what I want to say but people just can’t see what I really mean and that’s how the misunderstandings come. I think I need to improve my speaking skills.”

He is gentle and has a soft heart as can be seen in how he’s known to be the member who cries the most. Although he likes to be alone, he can still be clingy and seems like the type of person who really needs attention from other people to feel loved. The members have said that he can be 4-D sometimes but he still acquires his innocence.

The most strong indicator of Fi was when I read an interview about what charisma means to him: “Charisma comes from within a person themselves, it is also something that you need to look for, your heart, your actions, your habits, if everything comes out from within your heart it will all make people feel a different kind of charisma.“ Him leaving EXO is also his Fi because he decided that it was not in his best interest to stay. 

He’s very in-tune with his aux-Se such as how he loves to divulge himself in nature whether it be strolling on the beach or anticipating the next time it rains. He also has a very peculiar sense of style. Typical to Se-users, he loves expansive brands and opts for supreme quality in terms of material wealth. 

Chen- ENTP

"I think I am someone who is not very romantic. I am not very attentive and I can’t take care of others very well.”

I don’t think I have to go into detail with him. He is a classic ENTP. I mean, there’s a reason why he’s called the ultimate troll. He’s a born entertainer and loves making people laugh and knows just how to elicit the perfect response from them. He’s very sharp minded and witty. Xiumin described him as being very unique, innovative, and original especially in terms of fashion.  Describes himself as having a noisy, restless type of personality.

His Ne is really apparent from how he always comes up with the craziest ideas. For example, when he was asked what he would do if he had three wishes this is what he said: “I’m curious about the afterlife. I’ll just look around. If there are extraterrestrials, please bring them to me. I want an elixir that can cure any disease.” 

He has well developed Fe such as how he consoled Kai when he was crying and how he takes care of the other members. A staff at a shooting event had this to say about him:  “During filming, the phrase Chen used most was, ‘it’s okay.’ He was the boy who was mindful of the staff and covered the table corner with his ‘polite hand’, so that the staff wouldn’t run into it and get hurt. Chen’s conscious gaze and care was not forcefully made, rather it was like a natural habit from his body.”

Luhan- ENFJ

“It is unpredictable, because different environments, different lighting or different atmospheres, all will affect my perception. At any particular moment, maybe I will suddenly think she is the most beautiful.” (Talking about his ideal girl).

His Fe comes from how caring he is towards others. He takes care of others very well. He’s humble, thoughtful, considerate, and extremely thoughtful. He seems to intuitively know how the other members are feeling and has said that he can pick up nonverbal cues easily. He’s very expressive; laughing when someone laughs and reading the environment to determine what his reaction should be. 

He seems like a shy ENFJ instead of an outgoing INFJ and that’s because of how easily his Fe comes to him. He was known as being extremely popular and outgoing back in his trainee days. He had no trouble talking to people or making them feel comfortable. I honestly just think that he’s a little camera shy. This is an account of something that happened a while back:  

“On the day of the shoot, Luhan caught a cold and he was coughing throughout but he didn’t say anything about being tired and he wouldn’t stop to rest. He was so helpless that in the end, he coughed until his entire face turned red and his eyes were watery. It was Da Zui’s cameraman, who said with an expression that he couldn’t bear with it anymore. Luhan was really embarrassed, and kept saying, ‘Teacher, I’m so sorry for interrupting the shoot.’”

Kris- ISTJ

“Because in the past, I already knew that any job will come with its gains and losses, and behind that shining polished appearance, will always be silent sacrifice and hard work. Being a celebrity, you will lose your freedom, the sweat sacrificed behind it all, all these, I am prepared to accept. In all, just tell yourself, to treat it normally.”

Is cold on the outside but warm on the inside and will open up more when you become close friends but is firm where his principles are concerned. Is particularly proud of the fact that he’s responsible. He also has really good manners.  Describes himself as not being proactive but still being relatively introverted. He’s so private in fact that not much is known about his personal life.  

Appreciates every place with different cultures and enjoys learning about its history because it enriches his knowledge. Is very practical and has mentioned how much he loves to look up stuff like DIY home lifestyle. Can be pretty repetitive with his jokes and sense of humor. The worst thing that anyone’s ever said to him is that “you’re useless”. 

Believes that a person should be willing to be walk down a path that no one has ever gone before even in the face of opposition whilst remembering their original intentions (Te-Fi). Also says that “life is a game. So play it.” All in all he’s really simple and desires to live a simple life. 

Mad Love (Ex Bf AU)

pt. 2 | pt. 3 | pt. 4 | pt. 5 | 

Admin K: I couldn’t think of a title, sorry if this is crappy. honestly haven’t recently been liking my own writing..oh well

Summary:Ex boyfriend you haven’t seen in a year

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genre: ex-bf x reader 

word count: 1.2K 

Originally posted by 001liuqi

“This is a nice place! Let’s go in here! Have you been in here before Y/N? It’s so cute! Look at that!” My friend lead me around Seoul, taking me into places and stores I’ve already been in years ago. It was nice to revisit this beautiful city but one thing I couldn’t get off my mind was the one person I used to love.

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Types as people I’ve met in real life (INTJ POV)

I saw this idea on Tumblr from a fellow INTJ and decided to give it a shot (if anyone knows who am I talking about just message me, I cannot remember the blog’s name and it was a cool one).


-Cute. Terribly cute.

-Awkwardly popular.

-Why do you always end up dating the dumb one? Seriously, your brain needs more than that.

-Confusing social experiments. Asshole behind a smile. You say you are completely socially individualistic, but your own actions betray you.

-Actually hard-working, but in a different way.


-Aesthetic goals. Seriously. 


-Can be very serious and all of a sudden a walking rainbow.

-Appears to be on drugs, actually the fittest and healthiest people out there.

-Most loyal people ever.


-So expressive it’s cute.

-Effortlessly cool.

-Some are lowkey attention-seekers, others are painfully socially awkward and insecure. Then there are the bitchiest of them all, willing to manipulate everyone for their own needs.


-Loves to look at the sunset 24/7.


-Listen, if you are in the grip of Se, don’t listen to ESFP’s advice. You’ll end up fucking everything up.

-Sports, parties, friends. So active.

-Eyes like balloons. Look at me when I’m talking to you motherfucker.

-Very expressive, like an ISFP with more dramatic eyebrows.

-Socially intelligent. Can be introspective, for like 2 milliseconds.



-Somewhat obnoxious. 

-Actually intelligent and charming (until you get to know them well).

-Make up cool brothers. Have lots of love to give, cannot process well their emotions though.

-So. Fucking. Proud. ADMIT WHAT YOU DO WRONG!! Thanks.


-Why don’t you like animals? You make me feel weird. I’m always kissing my pets and cuddling with them. (And forget about them for a long while and whenever a dog that isn’t mine wants to play with me I ignore it. Yeah… I get it)

-Fashion style on point. (Usually)

-Those who are mature are really great to talk to.

-We dislike hugs! High-five my homie!

-Sarcasm. Lots of. Oh, and eye rolls.

-Stare that pierces. Huge presence.


-Calm the fuck down.

-Yo, great leading skills but you can’t surpass me intellectually. I’m sorry.

-Organization skills 10010000/10. I envy you.

-Makes me feel stupid when I can’t remember any date and they do x6565658.

-Their Ne is obvious. They are always dynamite.

-Awesome group work.


-Forgets you saved their life a hundred times and proceeds to treat you like shit over and over again because… Emotional issues.

-Actually very lovely (those who are healthy).

-Romantic. Dreamy.

-Energetic af. You will know about them. Always screaming and doing shit.

-Romanticize everything.


-How can you be so pure?

-Amazing memorization.

-A+ student but not very intellectual.

-Can be blunt with those they love, for their own good.

-Always smiling (if Fe is well-developed). How do you do that?


-Holy shit, man. Holy shit.

-Again, another type that HAS to calm down.

-Stop doing what others want you to do.

-Were assholes when kids, now they feel guilty about it.

-You can’t stare at them without laughing.

-Those with prominent Se are crazy.

The vacation cleanse

News flash: I am back on Hawaii for a week. (Queue a major happy dance session). And today while sitting in the lineup, I had a little epiphany I got excited about. I decided I was going to do a little cleanse this week. Don’t worry, it’s not some super strict diet or anything where you can’t have ice cream or a cold beer on vacation (no way José). This cleanse is more of a metaphor for a way to regroup, recharge, feel inspired and get back on track…while soaking up as much of this beautiful paradise as I can.

I like to call it…The Vacation Cleanse.

Here’s the plan. 

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anonymous asked:

I have friends, but none of them are real friends. I can't trust most of them. I know it's bad to complain about things like this, but still. I just want the type of friend who's ready to do whatever whenever. The type of friend that I can call up and make plans on the spot. Also, a friend who shares my interests... everyone I'm friends with thinks fashion is unnecessary. I just don't know what to do. What do you think? I'd really appreciate your opinion.

There’s no such thing as the perfect friends who are really to do whatever whenever, especially once you get older because everybody has their own life and their own path. Be friends with yourself, it’s the best relationship, no arguments, no drama, no problems, and the most true friendship you can have. Follow your passion and you will meet like-minded people, that’s more important than having a bfffffl, i think.