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Jackson Imagine - Precious

A/N - I’ve done a few jealous Jackson imagines in the past so if you want to read those too, feel free to check out the masterlist! I hope this one isn’t too repetitive in comparison to those others because I tried to give it a different feeling to them. Enjoy~

Can you do a scenario where you are Jackson’s girlfriend and you are kind of a fashionista like Bambam, so you two bond a lot through it, go shopping and to fashion shows together whenever he’s free, and everyone will always comment on how you two would be such a power couple and Jackson gets Jealous, but you reassure him that Bam is like your bff and nothing more than that and you only love him, please?! Thanks and keep up the amazing writing Xx

“Jagiya, where are you? I just went to your apartment but you’re not here,” Jackson asked you over the phone, his voice ringing with concern.
“Oh I must have forgotten to tell you that I’m out shopping with Bambam. We made plans since you said you were busy all day.”
“I was saying that so I could surprise you!”
“Sorry, Jackson~”
“When will you get back?”
“It depends how long it takes Bambam to decide if he wants a new jacket or not. Out of my control, babe. But feel free to get the spare key and let yourself in.”
“That boy better not take long. I want my girlfriend all to myself.”
“You know there’s no rushing a fashionista like Bambam.”
“True. But try not to be too long. I miss you.”
“It’s been like two days since we last saw each other you can’t miss me that much.”
“Well I do. I want to kiss your face.”
“Good to know. We should be home in about an hour’s time, okay?”
“Okay, I love you.”
“Love you too, Jackson.”

After a little while walking around some more shops with Bambam, you decided you should get home to see Jackson. From the phone call, you could tell he was feeling a bit jealous that you were with someone else and not him so thought it’d be best to keep him happy. Bambam was fine with leaving earlier than planned since you were the one giving him a free lift home. The shopping trip had been pretty successful and the both of you had bought some nice new additions to your wardrobes. Although Bambam had definitely bought far more than you, his excuse being “I’m an idol, I need to look good 24/7.” As you arrived home, Jackson practically had his nose pressed up against the window waiting for you. He answered the door within seconds and gave you a tight hug.
“I wasn’t gone that long, Jackson. You’re acting like we’ve not seen each other for months!” You teased, knowing how affectionate he got after only a few days apart.
“I know, but I still missed you. Besides, you’ve been with Bambam more than me recently.”
“Is someone jealous?”
“No! Not at all.”
“Then you’re fine with me hanging out with Bambam again tomorrow, right?”
“What? No, I mean, sure. Uh, whatever you want.”
“You are totally jealous, Jackson! Aw, bless you being jealous of your own band member.”
“It’s not my fault I get jealous, okay? The fans are always taking pictures of you two together saying how you’re such a power couple or that you would be great together and it gets to me because I really care about you and I don’t want to lose you to Bambam or anyone else.”
“Jackson, who cares what the fans say? They might think me and Bambam would be cute together but I don’t. Bam is just a friend and that’s it. You have absolutely nothing to worry about, okay? You’ll never lose me.”
“I promise. You’re too precious to me, Jackson so I could never leave you.”
“I love you a lot, (Y/N). I hope you know just how much.”
“I do know. And I love you too, Jackson.”

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