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The Wonder of You (Sebastian Stan x Reader)

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Prompt: Ooo how about Sebastian finds out the reader is pregnant & he’s just so excited & it’s all fluff but then he ends up having to travel for filming when the reader is in their third trimester but he manages to get to the reader when she’s giving birth & it’s magical and fluff & full of love & tears & just, ya know?

Pretty please do a daddy Sebastian fan fic. Just like you I live for that shit as well. Just warms my ice heart.

A/N: P.S this is the face Seb makes when the twist happens. You have to read it to find out. Otherwise, I hope you enjoy this adorable slice of parent Sebastian. Send me more prompts like this- and be specific! Thank you to @eileensalgado and @agentsofcap for their prompts! 

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Hi oh my god I've just read every single piece on Dean and Pala, and Sam and Becky and I absolutely loved every freaking word. I love how the two stories slot in together and I've never cried so much in two days in my whole life. The pregnant demon Pala twist is addictive and I love it so much. Is there going to be more? I saw your comment on the post after chapter 3 and I just want you to know that i love it all and cannot wait for more, even if it's years from now.

I don’t think you know just how badly I needed a message like this. Thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart, for taking the time out of the day to write this and send it to me. I love you so very much & always. 

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^accurate representation of me when i first saw this; i’m so sorry for the late response^

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I've been so busy lately that i only just now read the new chapter of Inking indigo and I have to say how much I loved it! While the story has a nice modern twist to it with the tattoo parlor and flower shop, the mechanics of the tattoos and your writing style do such a good job keeping it a light hearted fairy tale! Your writing style is one of my all times favorite tbh because I able to feel the raw emotions of the characters and it feels so much like something straight out of a storybook (1)

I’m so excited to learn more about this universe and I kinda wanna just wrap myself up in the current chapters like a blanket to snuggle while I wait for the next one to come out! Alya’s tattoo is so cool and honestly?? I’m just so excited about the idea of it!! And it suits her so well!! But anyways! Thank you so much for writing such a cool story!! I hope you have a lot of fun writing the next chapter and please don’t stress about updating! We can always wait for you! (2)

I’ve kept your comment to myself in my inbox for a little bit since it just made me so unbelievably happy!!! I’d read your wonderfully kind words over again and smile so wide my cheeks would hurt :’) Writing the fic has mostly been an exercise in painstakingly laying out puzzle pieces a bit at a time, so hearing that the actual writing remains a lighthearted and easy read for you is a goal met and achieved :’) And I’m so glad that you can connect with the characters so well!!! I had the most fun with Alya’s tattoos tbh, and I hope you enjoy the expansion of her tattoos in chapter 4 ;) 

You are always such a dear, and I love and appreciate your messages so much!! Thanks for taking the time to read and to come by to leave such amazing words :’) 

seeking a mergana bud

Mergana is that ship that I just absolutely adore in every way. Other ships will come and go, excited me and deflate me. But I swear, Mergana will be in my heart until I die. Every time I see anything related to either character or the ship, my heart flips and aches and twists with agony over them. 💔

Katie and Colin… I mean, do these two realize what they created? Has someone told them, “yeah, the way you guys looked at each other really fucked me up and why did you guys look at each other that way, like, did the script state you should, cause if it didn’t, then how dare you?!” 😡🖕🏻

Also, all those beautiful videos out there, with these perfect songs. It like, stop playing with my heart!! 😖

But at the same time I’m like, gimme more 😛 cause they’re so great….

And anyway, I really want a mergana bud. Can someone out there please be my mergana bud and we can spend hours talking about them and pointing crap out to each other we hadn’t noticed before even though we’ve watched the show like 10 times ….yeah…..

Send me an ask! Let’s talk!!