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Wrapped this up over dinner this evening. Played around with the composition and storytelling aspects of her design a little bit. I always liked the idea that many of the various denizens of Wonderland were twisted forms of Alice herself, especially the Queen of Hearts.

 I Also wanted to test out some digital hand lettering… which, as you can see, had mixed results. 

I will be putting together a process gif animation this evening!

Also, I would love to be able to post personal paint work a much more frequently than I do. If seeing more work like this, as well as process videos, live stream sketch sessions and early looks at my sketch work is something that sounds interesting to you (and you want to help me buy some time for my own projects), please check out my Patreon page here:

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hold the weight of the world on my backKurt finds out that Blaine likes to be praised in bed, and he’s more than okay helping with that.


Kurt discovers it, surprisingly, nearly six months into them having sex. It’s by accident, after they’ve both already come and are breathing heavily, Kurt’s heart racing and his blood rushing in his ears. Underneath him Blaine’s eyes are closed, lips parted and shining in the late-afternoon sunlight. The sheets are twisted around his body, evidence of where he’d grabbed and squirmed and writhed. Kurt’s cooling skin flushes again at the thought.

They have the house to themselves for the night, Blaine’s parents gone to a wedding a city over. It’s the first time in weeks that they’d got to have proper sex, but also the first time ever that they’d really slowed things down, took the time to memorize, to learn what might have been overlooked before.

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“Do it.”

The knife burns in his hand, hums against his skin like a hymn to something ancient and deep and terrifying. Sam’s fingers around his wrist burn more.

 “Sam, no.”

 The tip of the knife against his brother’s heart, his ragged breath against his brother’s lips. He aches – he hurts and the pain twists inside him and he wants to scream, to vomit, to run.

 “Dean, do it. It’s the only way.”

 Voices swirl in his head:

 My story began when I killed my brother, and that’s where your story inevitably will end.

 The river shall end at its source.

 Dean wishes they had never figured it out.

The Mark begs for it. Dean doesn’t. He hangs on any last sanity he’s got left, digs for it through the pain and the guilt and the hunger and, when he finds it, he clings to it, wraps his whole existence around it, because that’s Sam, that’s his brother and Dean will never.

 “Don’t ask this of me, Sammy, don’t, please, just – ”

He doesn’t hate how his voice breaks. He’s grateful for it, that last sob in the end, that small sign that some part of him is still human, no matter how small and buried it is. The monster inside him bangs against his lungs. He feels its dark murmur fill the spaces between his ribs, wrap around his bones.

And then Sam’s hand pulls at Dean’s wrist and it’s over. There’s a sickening sound of skin and muscle being ripped apart, of blood squishing out of wound, of shattered breath and Dean looks up to his brother’s eyes – teary and violent and forgiving – feels that last hiss of breath all over his face, that last squeeze of Sam’s finger’s around his now-bloody ones.

A flutter of lips against his own, a last goodbye, drops of Sam’s last strength, his last part of living, all there – against Dean’s mouth. Pain has never tasted sweeter.

And then a whisper drowned between two pairs of lips: “Dean, I’m glad it was you.”

We Are Not How We’re Made

[A/N: Kaz/Inej, Kanej almost immediately after Crooked Kingdom because I need more closure in my life.]

He was not made for moments like this - the gentle, tender, and intimate moments. These were the luxuries that the Barrel could not afford, had no room for. It raised boys from the womb of it’s twisted alleyways, like little demons that crawled out from between sewage grates and dubious back doors, with hardened hearts and a thirst for vengeance, their real mother all but forgotten. It did not raise boys with warm eyes and kind smiles.

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(Requested)I need more psycho luke omg pls write more xxxx
-More psycho luke pleaseeeee
-I need more psycho Luke in my life 😫 it is perfection
-Literally check your blog everyday to see if you updated psycho luke I’m obsessed

Pairing: Luke Hemmings☠

Rated: [R] Not recommended for those under 14+ (graphic scenes!! and/or language)

A/N: Aw, Psycho Luke has feelings a twisted, sorda way..and tbh this is a briefly dirty chap, I don’t like using the word cock in my writings but Warning again, it’s used x and oh shit things about to get serious:o

•Crying harder, you were too scared to answer Luke. He just stared you down with more confidence than you ever witnessed before. Your heart feeling like it’d beat out of your chest if you didn’t breath carefully. After cockily throwing questions at you, he tried to explain.
Apparently he did commit all the crimes he said he did, maybe even didn’t have the strength to be curios any longer. After going on a total rampage in this hell hole, he was in fact killed. Which explained some things to an extent..

“So, um…when we have sex? Is that all in my h-head…or-”

“God no.” Luke laughed, calmly walking to sit down beside you. You kept your distance, still biting back tears.
“I’m real, or at least long as you want me too.”

“Luke, if I would’ve known who you were from the start. I would’ve wanted you as far away from me as possible..” You trailed off. Raking a shaky hand through your hair. He tried to meet your hand, hold it. But you shied away again. Still wanting more answers.

“Do you like-..remember dying?”

Huffing loudly, he dropped his head to stare at the ground. You didn’t mind because if he looked at you with those dark eyes, one more time…you’d probably piss yourself. Luke’s confession was in no way helping your crazy-asylum state of mind. Only making it worse.

He shrugged, playing with the ring around his pinky finger.
“No..not really. Just that I’m dead and trapped here. That’s why most patients don’t leave here. In fact, you never leave..we’re all destined to die within these walls one way or another.”

“Well, why didn’t you tell me you were…-”

“-What, a ghost?”

You nodded solemnly receiving a mere scoff from him.
“Oh I don’t know, what would I say? Hi I’m Luke. I’m dead, wanna fuck?”

A smile whisper across your lips and you couldn’t help but laugh bitterly. Nodding and timidly letting your legs unfold from your feeble position.
“Yeah, that sounds about right.” Your laughter echoed within Luke as you two fell silent once more.

“Can anyone else see you?”

“Well duh, Y/N. You’re just…special is all.”


“Because I actually like, you. Which is saying A LOT because I hate people. I just wanna be with you so badly and it’s weird..”

Rolling your eyes, you licked your dry lips and looked around the room. It was messed up and now junky to say the least. Luckily, Sister Jude hadn’t found you in her office yet or else you’d have your brain fried again! You endured enough pain within the past few days to last a life time. Sitting beside Luke, you were more than conflicted. Not quite sure if you were terrified for life or willing to try and wrap your head around the reality of it all. You may be falling in love for once, and the guy turns out to be dead. What a lovely story that’ll make someday..
Gathering enough strength to get up you quietly began putting papers back, Luke eventually followed suit. When you tucked away the last folder and closed the drawer, a pair of hands met your waist. -Making you jump naturally, he scared you.

“Why so jumpy?” Luke’s white teeth exposed with humor dripping from every word. You turned around in his hold, cautiously letting your hands run up then down his arms. As if his touch were now unfamiliar to you all over again. A sickening feeling to be that close to a mass murder whom was sly and charming, even when he was dead.

“Y/N. I know you’re not Ok, so there’s no need for me to ask. But please don’t be scared of me. I wouldn’t be able to handle it if you were.”

Closing your eyes slightly as you allowed him to rest his forehead against yours, you pecked his lips. The after taste of venom and sweet honey suckle left upon your lips in return. A taste that lured you in with a wanting affection.
Hugging him while remaining to tremble, a stray tear trickled down your face. Seeping into his shirt.

“I-it’s just the darkness..I think it has me.” Your inner voices were subcontinuosly referring to Luke. But you brushed them aside to generalize your statement.

“I’m sorry. I promise you I’ve changed from my past, since you’ve gotten here. This asylum isn’t as dark as it was. You’re the only one that’s actually given me a chance..”

“I didn’t give you a chance really, you kinda hunted me down and violated me in the shower. But besides that, yeah-I was all for it!”

“Don’t play the innocent card Y/N, Ms. ‘Fuck me while you still have the chance..” He mocked you, making your cheeks flush over at the thought.

“This explains so much on why you never sleep. Just thought it was your crazy actions as usual..” You giggled. He looked a little hurt by your comment, trailing his fingers up your thigh.

“I’m not crazy..” He whispered, his accent registering strong and heavy. You simply nodded, not wanting to revisit angry Luke at the moment. You chewed on your bottom lip when he fished a hand up to squeeze your boob. Making you playfully swat his hand away.

“No. I wanna try something new.” You winked, making him lean against Sister Jude’s desk. When you sunk to your knees without a word, Luke raised an eyebrow. His normal eyes for the time being-peering into yours curiously. Admiring your persistence on getting what you wanted. You still hadn’t forgotten what he was capable of on a murderous level, keeping track of his hands being in your view. When you lowered his pants and stripped his lower half naked, an erection wasn’t short behind. Springing up come in contact with your hand.
He hissed at you, mumbling a curse word before moving your hair out the way. Trying to prevent himself from exposing an even vulnerable side that he preferred to leave for your worries. Never his. Until your lips finally wrapped around his tip, your mouth opening wider to sink down lower. Slowly bobbing upward, tasting his already wet and sensitive skin.

“Fuck, s-sure you haven’t done this before?” He breathed out, letting his head fall back. Withdrawing back for a second, you used your hand to pump his cock. You batted your eyelashes innocently, prepared to torture him for as long as you could- a bit of payback for him stabbing you. You certainly forgave him, but you wouldn’t forget.

“Mm, never said I hadn’t.” You winked commencing to deep throating him. By the way he began to stir about and grip the edge of the desk, you knew he was close. You got faster, causing him to try and suppress his moans. Within seconds releasing into your mouth. You groaned against him making him twitch again as you swallowed cooperatively.

“Shit, babe that mouth of yours.” Luke brushed a strand of his damp hair aside. Bringing you up to sneak a hand under your thigh and straddle his waist. Both of your knees uncomfortably yet pleasantly digging into the wooden-surface. Smirking mischievously, you kindly assisted him in removing his shirt. Letting your hands catch hold of his sweaty back muscles. His breathing still falling into steady rhythm from his previous climax.

You grabbed a hold of his jaw, staring down into his darkening pupils. Finding them enticing and daring just this once..

“I want you to kiss..lick…bite…scratch.. suck..fuck me Luke, please.” You growled. His attention focused on you and your body as he nodded slightly in a daze.

“Yeah..yeah. Whatever you say. Fuck she looks appetizing, I want her blood again. So bad.” His last sentences being directed towards thin air. You shook your head in a pretending state of disappointment. Dancing your fingers across his skin to fist the back of his hair. Pulling his head down to expose his neck completely to you.

“Luke, stay with me a little longer..tune out the voices.” You cooed kissing farther down his chest. Giggling a little. Humming a slight response to your joking manor, You felt his fingers sneak their way inbetween you two. Stroking your damped area before gliding them into the thin material of your panties. His fingers slowly collecting your wetness before pressing into you. You gasped quietly, slightly taken back by his unfamiliar gesture of…affection? He usually pumped into you without mercy but he was actually…taking his time? It threw you off guard, the pads of his finger reaching a place you didn’t know he was capable of reaching!

“Ahh…” You sighed as your breath hitched, your face resting in the crook of his neck. Taking note of your flustered reaction, Luke took pride in it. Smirking before using his other hand to quickly pull your hair back slightly. Making you look up at him. His eyes glossed over with darkness again, concealing a bit of lust. You were way past the point of being scared and timid anymore, back to being lost in a sea of ecstasy once more. Your mind clouded. You bucked you hips into his hold which eventually faded into, you riding his fingers. Him pumping them faster yet carefully to match your pace as you began to pant out loud, for more. But as if remembering your purpose of how to get him back, you refrained yourself from releasing amongst him. Lowering your lips to suck on his skin, biting down his shoulder. He swore out loud, moving his hand faster. Whimpering, you kissed him. Your lips hovering just above his lipring.

“L-Luke…shit I love your fucking fingers…” You caused him to smile wider. Staring his demon-like irises down with conviction.
“But that’s the difference between us, you can’t stop once you start something. But I can..” You winked, abruptly sitting up and swinging your hips off of him. He spat out confused. Trying to lower his level of flustered-frustration.

“Wa-Y/N that’s bullshit a-and you know it. Fuck.” He hissed at himself, settling on keeping his hands over himself to hide his boner whilst you talked.

“It’s not bullshit Luke. You deserved that for what you’ve been doing lately. Maybe if you be a good boy, I’ll let you finish next time.” You laughed fixing your hair and wiping the corners of your lips. He groaned before parting his lips to say something, but was cut short when the door flew open…

Shit. You mentally screamed, wishing you were the dead one…


“A few minutes! Not that long, and yet you dumbfucks take your eyes off of two of our most profound sinners, and they end up in my office!! One of them with his wet Gentiles and bare ass of my polished desk!!!” Sister Jude screamed at the guards. Making you snicker uncontrollably, the only one in the room to find it highly amusing.

After walking in on you and Luke..for the second time….
She separated you-no surprise- in which you ended up in the Hydrotherapy room again. Her deciding that a long rant and some water would make you finally break down and 'repent….’ That word grew of distaste to you by now. She couldn’t possibly do anything more to you than she’s done already.

She scolded you with rage, the back of her hand connecting with your already tender facial structures. Your cheek bone stinging with a numbing pulse. You spit on her shoes, blowing the hair from your face.

“Electrocute me sister! Read me the bible and I’ll pretend to give a damn while you speak absolute nonsense.”

“I don’t have to Y/N. It seems Hemmings has already filled your head with intolerable and idiotic crap! What’s he told you, huh? That he’s changed…that he cares about you and will make an exception? That he’s sorry? Sweetheart, if you believe that you really are out of your mind..”

You thrashed at her aside from your binded hands and feet.
“Fuck you!! You wouldn’t know the first thing about half of the people here. I may be out of my mind Sister, but you’re a fucked up bitch that needs way more help than any of us do!!” You yelled back with impatience. She could torture you as much as she wanted. Keep you isolated as much as she wanted. But you’d see Luke again, and she couldn’t do anything about that.

Using a rag to wipe the stressful perspiration from her face, she came closer. Grabbing a tight grip on your jaw aside from your hissing and groaning.
“Luke thought otherwise when he fucked me.”

Her words made a knot spring into your throat, she we lying. She wanted to get inside your head. It’s what she thrived to do..

“You’re lying-”

“Oh really? When I was moaning out his name, I’d surely think otherwise…” She laughed. Your chest rose and fell quickly, screaming outloud when she let go of you. Not even sure if you were mad at her for telling a lie…or the truth? You asked Luke after he confirmed himself as a ghost, if there was anything else you should’ve known. He would’ve told you.
Or would he?

“F-fuck you…” Your bottom lip quivered. Not from sad tears but bitter and furious ones of rage. The feeling of being incapable of controlling your own limbs, more than aggravating.

Taking a deep out loud, she dismissed the rest of the guards and ordered the doctors to prepare the machines. Stepping forward again, she smiled slyly before running a finger down your bruised cheek to your stomach.

“Go a little easier on her this time, this ones’ with child…”

I love you - three words made out of glass falling out like my teeth used to in my darkest dreams. The moon is hanging in the sky like a pale eggshell which absorbs the light of the stars through the black night. I’m nothing more than shaking whispers; an open chest, offering you my heart and your face is a mask of shadows which I can’t read. My last sentence is lying between us, kissing my tears with bittersweetness while I’m waiting for my salvation which you aren’t willing to give me but then your lips open up to carry my heart.
—  the night when I finally understood why people fear silence || j.n. || based on a prompt by inkstay
I tried looking up coding to figure out what goes on in your mind, but it’s all nonsense to me, and that’s not comforting. You’re eyes are constantly moving, scanning, and behind them I see your brain working like a well oiled machine. But you’re not a machine.. Machines don’t feel as deeply as you and I do. And I know you feel, sometimes more than me, but I just can’t grasp it. All my emotions are splayed out on these pages. When I feel, I twist metaphors and strangle similes, tirelessly drain my pen until my words have replicated the ache in my heart. You don’t write, though. I wish I knew what you did. Would you trace it into my ribs, every shuddered breath we exchange a silent plea of understanding? Would you mark your desires into my skin with your lips as a reminder for when your eyes go to still? My love, would you press your love into me, to my core, and let it reverberate through my veins? Would I feel you with every passing movement, so as to never forget how you feel too? I don’t know. Go back to being a mystery behind your computer, while I search for more words that would encompass you.
—  one of many love letters for William Pointdexter written in Nursey’s diary (via @cinnamoncap )

“Do you any regrets?” Bokuto asks and Kuroo grips the glass between his palms tighter.

Of course he did, of course. He doesn’t have many, just one and it’s enough to make him feel like his heart is being twisted within his chest, breath knocked out of his lungs all at once, and for second he wonders if this is what suffocation feels like.

“I have only one regret. I should’ve been kinder. Should’ve told him that he was my sun and my stars, that he was worth more than the world could’ve offered. I should’ve told him I love him, every day and every night. That nothing else would have ever completed me as much as he did, even if he thought otherwise.”

paired with this x

you have the most beautiful shoulders,
strong and brave and,
your own.

you have the most perfect lips,
soft and expressional and,
your own.

you are so very much,

you are poetry,
the purest form of rapture,
an addictive substance made of stars.

i am completely,
addicted to you.

i love your mind,
the twists and turns of it,
the sharp corners.

you have the most beautiful fingers,
useful and talented and,
your own.

you are a flawed thing,
and i love you more,
for your lack of perfection.

even though,
you are perfect to me.

there is nothing more in this world that I want,
than to see you spread out and happy,
absorbing room like oxygen.

you’ve absorbed more than your fair share of room,
in my life,
my love.

you have the biggest heart,
why is there no room for me there?

—  my love; l.m.

u know wht im already dead inside bc of the vader/ahsoka shit so im just gonna twist the knife in my heart a little more and consider something 

ahsokas reaction to finding out padme was murdered. and that it was anakin who did it

padme, ahsokas mother figure, murdered by her former master whom she KNEW had something goin on w padme romantically like she aint stupid. could u imagine the utter devastation she would feel? the confusion? the anger

i hate myself 

Preference #23 - Give Me Love - Based On Ed Sheeran Song - Requested



Ashton - Your POV

Give me love like her,

‘Cause lately I’ve been waking up alone

Paint splattered tear drops on my shirt,

Told you I’d let them go

I turned over in my bed and looked at the ceiling. The bed was cold but it had been for more nights than I could count. It was empty, just like my heart waiting to fill my heart. I sat up resting my chin on my knees. I slowly pushed myself up going into my bathroom and getting ready. I pulled on a loose grey t-shirt and black skinny jeans twisting my limp hair into a bun and padding into the kitchen. I poured myself coffee listening as his girl padded out of the house.
It sucks to be roommates with the guy you love when he doesn’t love you ‘cause he loves someone else.

Couldn’t he just give me love like her? I’m better anyway, at least better for him. She’s got him strung out.
Not like I could say any of it. I definitely couldn’t. Nope, I just let myself keep crying, over him every time, except for the times I’ve cried at sad songs or movies. I don’t really count those too much.

“She never wants to have breakfast.” Ashton said lightly coming into the kitchen.

“She’s not going to commit.” I responded turning away from him to get cereal.

“She could someday.” He replied getting his own coffee.

“A I could also get magical powers tomorrow and go to Hogwarts.” I said icily.

“Oh my. Someone’s not a morning person today.” He said with a laugh. Talking to me was easy for him but it wasn’t for me. It never would be.

“Guess not.” I said eating my cereal. He smiled his stupid love-happy smile at me.

“How was your night?” He asked and I shrugged.

“Nothing happened. Can I ask you something?”

“Why do you love her? What’s so great about her? Honestly. I had a conversation with her, she’s not brilliant, smart but not too interesting to talk to. She’s not that nice to me.”
“She’s good in bed? She’s pretty? I don’t know.” He said smiling.

I don’t know what I expected. I was gorgeous like her. I was virtually a virgin. I wasn’t anything he liked about her.

“Oh well… I hope you get all the love you give her back.” I said putting my bowl in the sink.

“What’s got you so bitter this morning?” He asked.

“Why the hell should I tell you?” I snapped.

“’Cause I’m your roommate and your best friend?” He said.

“You don’t really care. I should move out. Better than putting up with this torture.” I said and he groaned.

“Come on, what is this really about?” He asked in a softer voice. The voice he used that made it seem and feel like he really cared. I never knew if he did or not.

“Look Ashton, it doesn’t matter.” I said.

“No, I want to know.” He said with those sincere eyes. At that moment there was nothing I wanted to do more than scream.

“Why have you never thought about me?” I blurted.

“Wha…” He said. His surprised response hung in the air. I held my hands out in pure frustration.

“You never thought to try me but I always thought about you. You never considered giving me any of your love. Then again I never asked but still! You fall in love with anyone, anyone except me.” I cried.

“I just never…” He stuttered.

“I know!” I snapped.

“I mean, I do love you…”
“Not the way I want you to but that’s fine.” I said.

“I never thought that you did…”
“Not like you did too…”
“No I did actually… For a couple years… I just figured it’d never be what I wanted it to be. So I found other things to do.” He said and I sighed.

“Of course you did.” I said and he smiled kindly.

“I mean we can try…”
“No I just feel like it’s out of pity.” I said and he reached for my hand.

“Part of me does still feel that way, honestly.” He said and I sighed.

I’d said the thing I’d never wanted to but eventually he’d come to give me the love I wanted.

Calum - His POV

And that I’ll fight my corner

Maybe tonight I’ll call ya,

After my blood turns into alcohol

No, I just wanna hold ya

I glanced at my phone screen, still the picture of us together, so happy. The lock screen was her kissing my cheek. We weren’t really together anymore, since I’d left for tour. We hadn’t been able to start again when I got home but she always picked up when I called, drunk. This wasn’t the Script’s ‘Nothing.’ I just wanted to feel her. I just wanted to hold her.

But these nights weren’t like our ones from before, the ones I really back, the one’s I’d do anything to relive every night of my life. These nights I couldn’t pull her against me the way that had her fitting into me like a perfect puzzle piece. These times I couldn’t feel our bodies come together. These nights I couldn’t kiss her. She’d just let me come over, when times got hard and days were bad, and I crawl into the bed I knew well and go to sleep with her.

I can tell waking up was my least favorite part.

I glanced up for the tortuous stroll down memory lane I’d set myself on to look at my empty glass. I needed more alcohol, if only to numb to pain and desire when I saw her later.

“Another one please.” I said to the bartender. He nodded giving me another beer. I felt Ashton slide up next to me in my corner seat at the bar.

“You know this isn’t good for you.” He said gesturing to my phone next to the beer.

“I don’t care.” I muttered gulping the beer.

“I know you still care.” He said and I shook my head.

“I don’t care about anything.” I said drowning more of it.

“You have to.” He said and I shook my head.

“I choose what I care about and right now she’s the only thing on the list.”
“You can’t just get her back showing up drunk just to get some of her love.”
“Some of her love is the best thing in the world.” I said finishing the drink. He sighed and stepped back. There wasn’t anything anyone could say that could me to stop seeing her except her saying that she didn’t love me at all anymore but she hasn’t said that yet. When I drowned a couple more beers, I stepped out and dialed.

“Hey Calum,” She said picking up. I was already relaxed hearing her voice.

“Hey, can I come over?” I asked.
“Yeah, door’s unlocked.” She said.

“See you soon.” I said and we hung up. I walked the familiar streets hardly stumbling since I hadn’t gotten that drunk. I started thinking of Ed Sheeran songs.

“God I want to be drunk when I wake up on the wrong side of the right bed.” I said purposefully messing up the lyrics. When I got to her place, I opened the door, dropped my jacket in the entryway kicking off my shoes and headed to her room. She was laying in her bed with her lamp on. I kicked out of my jeans and tossed aside my shirt sliding in next to her. I thought she’d just keep laying letting me slide up next to her as the big spoon but she unexpectedly turned over to face me.

“Calum, why do you keep coming here?” She had this look in her eyes, the saddened look. It’d been burned in my memory – it was the same look she had when I told her I was going on tour, how long it would be, and when I left.

“I don’t want to not see you. I still love you.” I said and she sighed closing her eyes.

“Why…?” She asked her eyelids shaking and lip quivering. She was getting teary.

“I don’t how to not love you. You’re part of me.” I said and she sighed.

“And I can’t not love you either.” She said curling against me. I wrapped my arms around her, hoping to protect her from the world, knowing I couldn’t.

“I love you.” I whispered and she shook with tears.

“Why does this have to hurt?” She said.

“I’m happy you still love me but I don’t know.”

“If you’d be willing to start again, I’d be willing to, provided you stop drinking like this.” She said and I nodded.

“No more getting drunk.”
“You won’t need that excuse to see me.” She whispered.

I smiled holding her to me feeling more complete than I had in a long time.

Michael - Your POV

Give a little time to me or burn this out

We’ll play hide and seek to turn this around

All I want is the taste that your lips allow

My, my, my, my, oh give me love

I stood in front of him, knowing what I was doing and truly not caring. All I was asking for was a chance, the smallest people that give each other that can lead to something bigger than anyone can imagine.

I didn’t break the silence. I had said my piece; it was his turn now. I listened to the only sound in the silence – the radio playing. Then the perfect song came on in the same manner you never expect to at just the right moment.

Give Me Love by Ed Sheeran was playing.

As Michael recognized the song, his green eyes locked on mine.

In another second his lips were crashing against mine and in another I was completely reciprocating the kiss. It was like he was drinking the most delicious nectar from my lips. His hands locked on my hips keeping us pressed together. My fingers slid through his hair before getting a grip on his shirt.

“All I want is the taste that your lips allow.” He said pulling away to say the words with the song, his thumb tracing over them. I’d gotten light headed and my mouth was parted with my daze.

“Michael…” I said in the voice that closest to sultry out of all of the ones I’d ever used.

“You have all of my love that you want.” He said glancing from my lips to my eyes.

“I’ll take all you’ll give – you’ve always had all my love anyway.” I said and he bit his lip.

“All your love huh?” He said.

“Anyway you want it.” I said and he let out a laugh.

“In that case… I take my love in kisses.” He kissed more for a moment, long enough that he had to drag his lips away.

“And touches…” He said tracing his finger over my cheek. I sucked in a breath.

“Smiles.” He said and I couldn’t help but show him one.

“Locked hands.” He said interlocking our fingers.

“Stolen t-shirts.” He said picking up the corner of his shirt. I giggled.

“Late night phone calls.” He continued.

“Movie marathons. Getting tangled together.” He pushed on.

“Stolen moments. Shared glances. Endless conversation. Inside jokes. Comfort. Dreams. Hugs. Nights spent together. Silly cliché words of love. Songs. Lyrics. Poetry. Time. Hopes. Desire. Dances. That’s all I got for now.” He said with a laugh.

“That’s how I take my love too…” I said entwining my arms around his neck.

“Hmmm…. I’ll take love anyway, provided it comes from you.”

“And love only hurts in the good way, like the never thought I’d be this happy way.” I clarified and he nodded.

“It’s the light at the end of the tunnel.”

“Not the Neon Light.”
“You had to make a country music reference?”
“Yeah, I did.” I laughed.

“You’re lucky you’re cute.” He said kissing my nose.
“I know.” I replied with a big smile.

Let me just say, all the love he gave me came just how I wanted it. He gave me love like that.

Luke - His POV

Give me like never before

‘Cause lately I’ve been craving more

And it’s been a while but I still feel the same

Maybe I should let you go

I found myself in the same I had been more times than I could count since I’d been home. It was her place, climbing onto the bed with her underneath me our with our lips hardly parting. While I would say I loved her our relationship wasn’t like that. We were basically friends with benefits. Actually we were friends with benefits. We didn’t have an exclusivity thing, we just went to each other when we were lonely. We were physically compatible but if you asked her that’s where it ended.

She’d say I’m a math guy and she’s a humanities girl.

I’m punk (don’t fight me on this) and she’s ‘girly pop’ in her words.

I’m a rockstar and she’s happily invisible.

I’m not sarcastic and she is.

But when I feel her heart beat under my touch, everything seemed right and everything seemed possible and I couldn’t help but wonder how that couldn’t be real, how that couldn’t mean something.

Then I realized I’d stopped kissing her. The only job I had really when it came to her.

“Hey Luke, aren’t you gonna continue?” She said wiggling underneath me, desperate and turned on.

“And we’re just friends with benefits?” I blurted. She sighed. Even if she was a humanities student, she was more rational but that more had to do with her stronger sense of self-preservation.

“It just makes the most sense. I mean, this is easier for you without a commitment and I get what I want. You still get sex. We even get breakfast. It just works like this and I could never date you.” She said simply. She said that not infrequently, the whole we’re not compatible and we can’t possibly date thing.

“Why can’t we date?” I asked and I saw a look I’d never seen pass over her face. She looked like she was in pain, like I’d hurt her.

“….We just can’t…” She said looking away from me.

“But I want more…” I said putting my hand on her chest over her heart moving my forefinger over it.

“Luke….” She breathed. I felt her chest rise underneath my hand.

“Why can’t you give me everything I’m craving when I’m craving you?” I asked and her eyes got a fire in them.

“You already have me all you want, you have my body!” She snapped.

“This isn’t about sex!” I said angrily.

“Why can’t it be? That’s a lot easier.” She said that look moving over her face again.

“Because I want your love.” I said and this time the look stayed. “Why can’t we be together?”

“Because if we break up, I’ll never see you anymore.” She muttered.

“So we’re friends with benefits and nothing more because you care about me too much to risk losing me?” I said reading between the lines. She didn’t nod or shake or her head but rather just lifted her hands up to cover her face.

“Please….” She said in a voice akin to a whisper.
“But if we both care about each other, we should be together.” I said and she just began to curl up underneath me.

“Luke…” She said in the same voice.

“I don’t want this to be meaningless.”
“Can you promise one thing?” She said peeking out from behind her hand.

I shrugged trying to be honest, not like I can promise the world.

“Say you’ll try not to hurt me. Only that you’ll try not to.” She said and I nodded. I lifted her hand up to link our pinkies together.

“I promise I will try not to hurt you.” I said and she nodded finally pulling her hands away from her face.

“And hey, we’re starting a relationship already knowing what we like in bed.” She said in an effort to make it a lighter situation.

“You’re ridiculous. Plus it’s not just sex anymore, it’s making love.”
“You’re seriously calling me ridiculous just to say that?” She said with a laugh.

“Hmm, yeah, I’m going with yeah.” I said smiling.

I’m just going to say that my craving for more of her did not continue on unsatisfied

Meeting Him: (S.coups) FanFic

A/N: So here is a little project I have been working on, its an experiment to see how well i can do with plot twists lol. and yes i used my name as the girl’s name… dont judge meh… IT WOULD MEAN A LOT TO ME IF YOU COULD GIVE ME FEEDBACK!

Summary: Fan’s and idols aren’t supposed to be together right? But what if a certain pair was just simply meant to be? And what if a certain fan gets way more that she bargained for? 

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Runaway Chapter Eight

this is a short chapter but trust me, this is about to get real twisted. catch up on the story with chapters one, two, three, four, five, six & seven (: much love -m 


My heart jerked forward in my chest.

I turned around and there before was a girl with black hair in waves past her shoulders. A red flannel and blue skinnies covered her. Her pale skin almost glowed in the street light.

“Delilah?” I breathed.

She nodded slowly, biting her lip.

“You’re really alive?” it came out more like a statement.

She nodded before taking a step forward. We rushed to each other. I crushed her into a hug, as she cried into my shirt.

“I’ve missed you so much.” she sobbed.

“I’ve missed you too.” I whispered into her hair.

I was holding my sister. My sister that I thought was dead for three years. She was really here, alive, and in my arms.

“I thought I’d never see you again.” she pulled away, sniffling and wiping the tears from her face.

“I thought you were dead.” I admitted, wiping my tears away too.

She nodded.

“It was the only way.” her voice rose a few octaves, threatening to break.

“I know.” I nodded back.I examined her face. She looked like the same little girl, just grown up.“Your so grown up.” I laughed lightly.

She smiled. “It’s been three years but it feels like ages.” she sighed.

“We stay together now, okay?” I looked her in her chocolate brown eyes.

“Okay.” She nodded before hugging me again. 

“Tony is looking for us, he knows we’re alive.” i said solemnly. Her eyes widened in fear and shock. “You didn’t know?" 

She shook her head. “How long…?” she was panic stricken now.

"I’m not sure, but they’ve been following me. They sent me a picture of you, so they must be following you too. They just haven’t confronted you yet.” I explained.

Delilah sat down on the porch step, taking in deep breaths. “So what do we do?” 

“We need to stay hidden. No police." 

She nodded again, sniffling a bit. 

"Lets go inside now, it isn’t safe out here.They know you’ve been here before.” I said looking around. I didn’t see signs of anyone but that didn’t mean they weren’t there. 

Delilah stood up and jogged up the steps, knocking on the door. Within a few minutes we were taken to a back room with bunks. We were the only two in here. 

“Tony has a goon following us. He followed me and then chased us down. Then he broke into the house and attacked me.” I said as i dropped my backpack at my feet. 

“Us? House?” Delilah asked confused. 

“Um my friends house. He chased my friend Luke and I through an alley." 

"Oh.” She sat down on my bunk next to me. “Is he your boyfriend?" 

"No. Just a friend.” I told her, trying to convince myself that it wasn’t safe for me to have feelings for him.

“Have you been staying with him this whole time?" 

"No. Just recently.”

“How did you meet?" 

"Oh my god Delilah you’re so nosey!” I exclaimed.

“Just tell me!” She begged.

I chuckled at her impatience before explaining to her. “He saved me from getting raped by some prick. He took me home with him and helped me out. He asked me to stay. We became really close but when i found out you might be alive i ran away.” 

She stared at me. “You kissed him didn’t you?” 

“Jesus Delilah!” i said exasperated.

“You did.” She laughed. 

“I forgot what a nosey little twit you were.” I laughed.

“And i forgot how secretive you were.” She laughed back.

“I’m not secretive!” i said in a mocking yet defensive tone.

“Yes you are! You always have been. You always kept things to yourself. Seems like you still do.” She shrugged. 

“Shut up…” I mumbled, still smirking a little.

“But why didn’t you tell him you were leaving?”

“Because I know he wouldn’t have let me leave.” I sighed.

“So how did you know where I was exactly?” she moved on to the next topic.

“In the picture they sent me the building number was in the back. So I looked at all the buildings in London with that number.” I said nonchalantly.

“You did that for me?” she said in disbelief.

“Delilah, you’re my sister. I thought you were dead for years. Of course I would come looking for you.”

She smiled, tears flowed over her eyes. Her arms reached out and I pulled her to me. We lay on the bed hugging each other, like old times.

“I’m scared Oc.” she whispered.

“We’re going to be okay. We’re together yea? I’ll come up with something. We are going to get away from that monster.” I assured her.

“I love you sis.” she spoke and my heart fluttered.

“I love you too Delilah.” I smiled through my tears.

I shot up in the bed. Something was covering my face, I opened my eyes but all I could see was darkness. Someone yanked me backwards. I opened my mouth to scream for help and gasped for air; a sickly sweet scent filled my mouth and nose. Everything went black.

I blinked and i was outside again of the building in the photograph where Delilah was leaving. 


That voice. 

I turned around and Ashton was standing by the curb on the street about twenty feet away from me.

"Ashton, what are you doing here?” i called to him.

“We were at a show.” He called back. 


I blinked and Michael was standing next to him. 

"Michael?” I called. He smiled back at me.

“Don’t forget me!” i heard another voice shout from behind me. I turned the other way and twenty feet down the sidewalk was Calum. He stood there with a smile on his face. 

“I’m here too October.” I heard a voice whisper in my ear. 

I turned around and behind me was Luke. Smiling his beautiful smile that made his cheeks a rosy. 

“Luke? How did you…?” i trailed off. I was so confused. He didn’t answer but instead pressed his lips firmly to mine. 

He normally didn’t show public displays of affection and i was embarrassed for the boys to see. I turned around back to face the street but they weren’t there. 

“Where did they go?” I turned back to ask Luke but he had disappeared. 

“Luke!” i called. 

Was i hallucinating? Was i dreaming?

“Wake up October!” I said to myself. I pinched my arm. Nothing happened. 

I sunk to my knees on the concrete. What was happening. Panic began to sink in and my body trembled with anxiety. Suddenly everything was hot.

Control your breathing.

I placed my head between my knees when the world started to feel like it was spinning. 

Tears began to overwhelm me and i let out broken sobs. 

“LUKE!” I screamed. I was so dizzy. It felt like the world was falling out from underneath me until i slammed into something hard.My breath was knocked out of me.