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Soulmates? // Newt Scamander x Reader

Hey guys! Sorry I’ve been gone for so long, haven’t really had much motivation these days, but I hope you enjoy this one! 💛🖤💛🖤


Request: Hello! Could I please request a Newt x reader? I had this idea of a soulmate AU where you and your soulmate share a kind of birth mark on your arms? Could the reader also be Tina and Queenie’s sister? Thank you <3 <3
*Warnings: None


You opened your eyes slowly, glaring slightly at the sun shining through an open window. The reason you did this is because you weren’t the one who had opened the window, for this exact reason, so you gave a small sigh when the light airy voice of your sister could be heard.
“You need to wake up Y/N, I made a lovely breakfast for you before you leave for work, although Tina already left.. luckily I managed to get her to eat something before leaving.” Queenie said with a small giggle which only made you grin and sit up.
“Alright I’ll come eat, just let me wake up a bit more.” You answered, your voice a bit scratchy from waking up. Your hair felt like it was a mess and a yawn left you mouth. While sitting, you leaned back one more time to stretch, your body trying to convince you to lay back down. However your mind told you otherwise so you slowly got to your feet. You brushed off the silk slip you slept in and threw on a robe before heading out to eat.
“There you are, I figured that I’d have to go wake you up one more time.” Queenie laughed while fixing you a plate, as you sat down, she leaned to give you it, your eye going to the birthmark on her arm. Then your thoughts when to your own birthmark. Yours looked slightly like a strange animal, or at least the silhouette of a creature, which you didn’t mind, made for an interesting thought of who you were to be matched with. It made you think of how lovely it would be to finally meet who you’re meant to be with. Your older sister looked up after noticing your thoughts and smiled at you.
“Be patient silly, you’ll meet them some day, after all I think I should be the worried one, I’ve been waiting even longer than you.” She grinned while giving a soft chuckle, which only made you smile as well.
“You’re right.. but either way whoever is matched with you is very lucky, I don’t know what I’ll do without you here one day!” You took a bite of food after speaking, closing your eyes to savor the flavor. Your mind however started to think of what you would do if she weren’t here before shaking your head slightly and smiling at her once more.
“Well Queenie, I have to say this was a very delicious breakfast, and a wonderful start to my day, but I have to get ready if I’m going to make it to work on time. You worked in the magical creatures section at MACUSA. The main reason you choose that section was because you always had an interest in the animals, and the fact that your birthmark looked similar to one just sealed the deal. So after hurrying to get ready and kissing your sister’s cheek goodbye, you set off to work.
“Good morning Y/N” a deeper voice called and you waved when you saw that it was your boss.
“Good morning, how have you been sir?” You asked politely, smiling as you awaited his answer.
“Ah I have been alright, and you?” You replied in a similar way before you both parted ways. Finally reaching your desk, you started getting settled when all of the sudden your sister dragged came running over dragging a man behind her.
“Tina? Who’s this?” You questioned, raising a brow towards her as you studied the man. He was wearing a blue trench coat and rather nice clothes. His face was a home to hundreds of freckles and his eyes which were opened wide in surprise were a type of ocean blue, which contrasted with the light auburn bangs resting on his forehead.
“This Y/N is Newt Scamander, who is in violation to a law about revealing magic to no-majs, he let some of his magical creatures out.” She hissed in a quiet voice.
“I see.. are they alright? I’d hate for a creature to be lost in such a big city.” You questioned, thinking of what you should do.
“Well uh.. I was planning to go looking for them.. until she brought me here..” the man who was supposedly Newt replied.
“I’m sorry if my sister startled you by dragging you here Mr. Scamander, I’m sure we can sort this out easily..” you reached over to grab a few papers, your sleeve rolling up enough to see your birthmark, and all of the sudden Newt froze in place, his eyes locked on the birthmark. You noticed and only glanced at him with a confused look in your eyes.
“Is there something wrong Mr. Scamander?” You questioned, worried he may be going through some type of spasm or something.
“A-ah.. your.. your birthmark.. I-it.. it’s like mine..” he whispered out, his face a bright red. At his words Tina glared, almost mad at him saying he was supposedly your soulmate and she yanked up his sleeve and gave a small gasp at the mark that was found. It was identical to yours, and your face slowly became more and more flushed as your heart started beating and your stomach twisted.
“I see.. well I suppose that means we will be seeing each other a lot more than originally expected.. how about dinner tonight at my place? After this whole mess is sorted out of course.” You replied, your face still a bright red. Tina was standing there still glaring at Newt, most likely assuring him that if he did anything wrong that she’d be the one to act.
“I’d uh.. I’d really enjoy that..” he answered, his voice rather high now that he was flustered.
The answer made you smile and you nodded before looking back down and trying to find the correct paperwork. This day really did turn out so much better than you first expected.

Butterfly and the Beanie (Part Two)

Jughead x Reader

Part One Here 

A relationship comes to an end because of a mistake, but does the flame ever really die?

Warnings: Fighting

Word Count: 3,131 (sorry not sorry)

A/N: I wasn’t going to continue this, but I got a couple requests to, and if anything else it was an interesting ride to see where this took me and I really like how it turned out. I hope it satisfies! P.s. i made Brock up oops soz 

The waiting room is cold, sterile.

A few hours since the accident.

One week since our fight.

I twist the ring on my finger, the butterfly moving back and forth, his beanie sitting in my lap.

I need hope now more than ever.  

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Urban Legend

Submitted by:

Length: Short

It was an older cousin who told me the story.

A woman is driving home at night and realizes she’s being tailed by a red truck. The trucker keeps sticking really close to her car, flashing his high beams and ramming into the back. She manages to get away from him and pulls over, only to be killed by the axe murderer in her backseat. It turns out the trucker was trying to warn her and scare him.

It’s stuck in my head since I was a young child, especially when I drive home alone. Not that I really believe it’s a true story, but I make sure to put my things–my briefcase, umbrella, whatever–in the backseat so any hypothetical intruder would have less room and I’d hear him. My purse, though, stays on the passenger seat so I can defend myself more easily.

My boss made everyone in our department work late tonight, but I didn’t feel like going out and getting drunk with the rest of them afterwards. So I’m just driving along the highway, wanting to get home as fast as possible, when I see the truck in my rear view mirror.

It’s white. It’s not exactly like the story. But it’s close enough to it and it’s close enough to my car that my heart starts thumping. He starts driving faster. I start to twist my head around –

The road the road SHIT shit the car’s drifting – I have to face forward. This part of the highway is above the river and the guardrails are old. I have to focus on the road but I can’t focus because I’m sweating so hard and either the guy in the backseat’s going to get me or the guy in the truck’s going to hit me or I’m going to crash the car and they’re going to find me and –

I see the highway exit and screech down it all the way onto a side street. I see the truck speed forward in the mirror, and its driver drink from a beer bottle on the dashboard.

Now I’m so enraged that I let myself be terrified by some drunk idiot, I want to get back on the highway and ram his truck and make him crash through the fucking rails. But just because he wasn’t trying to warn me doesn’t necessarily mean there’s nothing that I need to be warned about. It just means if there is something, he’s good at hiding. Which is worse.

It wasn’t my usual exit, and this area is mostly empty lots and a few gated-up stores. I can only see one working streetlight. Nobody is around. If someone was going to kill me, this would be a great place to do it.

Out of the corner of my eye, I see something move in the backseat–or was that just the flickering streetlight?

This paranoia is unbearable. I thought I could suspend it until I got home and was safe, but I have to stop and check. I park the car and grab my purse to defend myself, moving aside the useless Taser and pepper spray in favor of the carefully wrapped butcher knife.

Swallowing hard, I unlock the door and glance inside.

I sigh in relief. Everything here is just as I expected: my briefcase, my umbrella, my boss’s bloodstained corpse.

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This is something I have been trying to write for months and months. Forgive me if it goes astray from being coherent or making sense… but the last however long it’s been amount of months that I have been absent from your life has been a time of paradoxical strangeness, indifference and outright mental solitude and exhibition at the same time. I write in a way in which I am comfortable.. so if it seems outlandish, false or full of hyperbole then I apologize. At this moment in life, the catharsis of just putting these words finally out is already doing much towards my recovery.

This is for you… but more so for me.  

“…this war-ship is sinking, and I still believe in anchors pulling fist fulls of rotten wood from my heart, I still believe in saviors but I know that we are all made out of shipwrecks, every single board washed and bound like crooked teeth…”

I suppose I should begin by apologizing, mostly to those who cared for me most.. those whom which I was deeply engaged with in one way or another, those who most likely felt abandoned upon my swift exit. I am truly sorry… and while apologies are words fleeting off into eternity, and while I could sit and try to explain myself, I don’t know how much it would matter. You can however take the absolutely barren feeling deep within my guts as an indication of how I feel about the impact I know i potentially caused.  

Sometimes what is most necessary in our lives is not what is comfortable or even right to others. Sometimes our greatest triumphs come from our worst tragedies. Sometimes you just cannot explain yourself, your actions, or your feelings in a way that makes sense to others. And that’s ok.

I didn’t know at the time how much and in what ways that grief would affect me. Unfortunately for others, it affected me in a way that ripped me out of everything from my comfort zone to my existence in your life. In all my endless diatribes and moments of influence and advice, I always advocated that it was okay to show weakness… to lean on those who love you, and in that moment when the reality of my own situation came into fruition… I failed.  

I failed to realize that it would be alright for me to show myself as vulnerable, and I failed to lean on you for the comfort and support I so desperately needed at the time. I failed you and everyone else who needed me most, and when I needed you all most I walked away and rejected what was openly available to me. For that… I am truly sorry.

To ask where I have been… is to look into the ocean.  

“….always running out of fight so I’ve carved a wooden heart, put it in this sinking ship hoping it would help me float for just a few more weeks because I am made out of shipwrecks, every twisted beam lost and found like you and me scattered out on the sea…”

My life has been a raging crashing tempest, mixed with medication.. ups, downs, failures, progress and revelations. I never realized a person and their death from this earth could crush me the way it did.. especially given the circumstances. I spend so much time keeping myself shrouded in mystery and carefully constructed walls.. so I will be as transparent as possible.

Prior to his death, I had not spoken to him in a major amount of years. I had no resolve for the events of my childhood… for his absence in my life… for the things he did and did not do, and everything else in between. Like many and perhaps most reading this, my parents ended their marriage when I was rather young. What followed was years of ignorance, years of not knowing my worth to anyone… years of solitude and quest for significance. Along the way there were flimsy glimmers of hope… a random card here, a 20 dollar bill there, a passing wave while walking down the street… but otherwise he was content to his own, and I soon became to mine.  

As I grew older I developed this sense that I would never really know him, and in his final years I so desperately wanted to. Letter after letter.. call after call… all unanswered… all ignored.. and these fleeting blurry memories in my mind. The last time I saw him, he hugged me and told me he was proud of me. He smiled that big smile… and told me he would call.  

6 years of silence later, I saw him again for the first time… laying in a bed half covered and struggling for life. No one told me he had been sick, no one informed me that he had but moments to live. There are many would haves… could haves.. should haves…  

there are many never dids, never weres and now.. never will be.  

I never got to speak with him because he was never awake. I simply sat there that day clutching his large hands, softly stroking his falling out white hair… and wishing he would wake up and give me that huge smile… that his blue eyes like oceans would gaze at me. Every time I tried to leave that room, I couldn’t… I kept turning back. “He’s going to wake up 5 seconds after I’m gone.”… I had to be physically restrained and removed.

And he didn’t wake up.  

The funeral was overwhelming. Public. And that’s when everything was learned…  

How this person who was a ghost to me most of my life was so much to so many other people. How he was a superhero among his community and the communities of others. How he had helped so many other children, families and friends… how valued he was to everyone except me. Even the governor showed up.. the news… the papers.. … amongst the literal close to a thousand others who did to be washed in the media circus and the aftermath of a life that I was now finding out was actually well lived. Each with a story about him. Each with a laugh. Each with a smile.

But not me. All I had was a hastily put together book of pictures and clippings and remembrances. And even that would be taken from me.  

In the end I was left with nothing… and now all these months later…  

I still have nothing. And all I want is closure. And it is something that I will never have.  

“….we only have what we remember…”

I returned home and immediately went into grief counseling the same day. I fired my therapist for a new one.. I became medicated,… I took advice… changed the things in my life.. my eating.. my feelings.. got a therapy dog.. I did what I was told, advised and ordered.. fired my therapist again… and so forth and so on…. and I needed some time away.

But the more time I spent away, the further I slipped into myself… the further I slipped away from you, and this, and everything important to my life. The more guilty I felt for leaving… the more overwhelmed I became by the thoughts that everyone would be angry at me.. and the longer I was gone, the more I pushed myself farther.

Sometimes a person can live with such regret for their actions that it causes them to perform them more.

I never expected any of this.  

I never expected to feel the way I did. to end up how I did. to be gone so long. to be so isolated and gone. I didn’t feel worthy of having others depend on me for anything when I felt like I was nowhere near able to be dependable. My strength had been robbed.. my ability to be this strong pillar of value had gone away.

This one person in my life, who was never really in my life… affected it in such a way as to completely separate me from everything I knew and loved and my entire existence and made me question beyond reason…  and I will never have the answers I need. I crave. I deserve…  Yes, therapy has been going great… yes I have made many strides.. yes, I have changed in many ways… but…  

Its taken a really long time to find myself here again. To even consider myself able to be here.

Things still aren’t even anywhere close to how I want them to be mentally and emotionally… and they probably never will be. Because he cannot wake up to explain this life I have endured to me… he wont wake up to give me closure.  

They say that everyone grieves in their own way. I chose to make mine destructive to others by cutting the snake off at its head… I just didn’t realize how it would affect anyone in my life it until it was too late.  

And then I woke up yesterday… and felt I was able to sit down… and do what I had been wanting to do for a very long time.  

And then, I logged into my tumblr for the first time in 9 months…  

“…Your hand in mine, my fingers in your veins connected our bones grown together inside our hands entwined, your fingers in my veins braided our spines grown stronger in time because our church is made out of shipwrecks from every hull these rocks have claimed but we pick ourselves up, and try and grow better through the change so come on y'all and let’s wash each other with tears of joy and tears of grief and fold our lives like crashing waves and run up on this beach…”

I spent the better part of my day yesterday going through 2000+ messages I have received since March. The well wishes, the love, the thoughts and expressions of gratitude. the pictures, the stuffies, the hundreds of PM’s… the puppies and kitties..the boobs, the butts, the smiles, the drawings..  the socks and knee highs.. the physical exhibitionist expressions of gratitude… the hamsters and snakes and gerbils..the anons and the faithful.. . the continuing follows and questions and request for bedtime stories.. the small paragraphs from those whose lives had been utterly changed just by spending 15 minutes reading my material… those who discovered me while i was gone and had their lives changed instantly.… the fact that on a daily basis I am still getting all of these, even though I have been an apparition for the better part of almost a year…. and for the first time since March, I felt sparks of Daddy space flickering inside of me. Since March I have been totally empty and desolate.

I discovered in my submissions, asks and pm section… in the 2000+ followers gained while I was away.. People still continue to care about me.. to wonder… to keep me in their thoughts. a truly humbling feeling considering that I expected to log in for the first time since March and see nothing but disappointment from everyone. I expected people to feel like I didn’t care about them. and that is absolutely not true at all. I laughed and cried.. I felt regret… I felt guilt and shame… I felt happiness and love… my jaw hit my desk a few times.. and ultimately I figured out that I do still matter. But then I don’t really know if I do…  

It all just leaves me asking for forgiveness… mainly for falling off for so long. mainly because I know the effects it had.. mainly because I feel absolutely wrecked and sick about it all.  

But what comes from pain and suffering is what you create from that pain and suffering. What is left over is what you decide. Its not easy, its not simple. Believe me.. my life is anything but simple in these last 9 months… but I discovered that this lifestyle will never leave me, even if I leave it. It will always be there, because it is who I am. It is what I am. It is everything I have ever been… so should I come back? Should I… even be worthy of returning?  

I guess I will wait and see… because this blog was always for you. the littles.. the daddies.. the struggling.. the hurt… the lost.. the broken and distraught. The ones just like yourself.. and just like me. And despite sometimes being a total jerk.. despite sometimes disappearing… despite all of my own problems… I always did everything I did to better the lives of others in so that they may succeed. I didn’t always achieve that goal.. and sometimes I probably even prevented it.  

And I am sorry.  Please… please please…. forgive me.

If I could go back to 9 months ago, tell myself then what I know now.. tell myself then how it would all turn out… and give myself that wisdom to be able to handle it all properly, then this would never have been written.  

But what’s done is how it was all meant to go down really, and our mistakes are not our failures. They are our lessons. some harder learned than others. cant change the ones I have made.. I can only hope that I will be able to make them right. I edited this writing 7 times over the course of 24 hours… and something in it probably still isn’t right, or doesn’t say what it should… or… is just…. rambling. Some of you may never understand… or, maybe you do all too well. I have no room to judge or say…  

“…come on and sew us together, were just tattered rags stained forever… we only have what we remember…”

… what do I do?

Do I come back?


The Everthere - a post-reunion Korrasami roommate modern AU (ao3)

“Stay with me.”

It was the last thing Korra expected to hear. She was expecting to hear nothing, truth be told; because even Asami had her limits, and she wasn’t like Korra was; she withdrew when she was upset. It took more than a moment for the words to penetrate, and when they did Korra struggled to calibrate them - it was painfully easy to feel the strange weight under them, and equally rather difficult, in the moment, to draw out the reason, what with her heart twisting -

It sounded like something Asami could have said six months ago.

“What?” Korra said somewhat breathlessly.

“My house,” Asami said, as if that explained everything, kind enough to overlook Korra’s obvious confusion. “You need somewhere to stay, right? Well, I’ve got lots of room to spare. Rooms, actually.”


Okay but BIRD PERSON!!!

Bird Person, Pheonix Person, whatever his name is, he’s back and better than ever! (Jokes obviously)

But seriously though, he’s back. And boy did he get an upgrade! He’s pretty metallic now. So he’s back and working for the government which somehow still exists, even after Rick destroyed it? I’m sure it’ll work out. I’m glad to be getting more from Bird Person. I really liked him!

Poor Rick though. Once he seems what his best friend has become, it’s going to break him more than he ever thought he could be broken. Seeing his best friend twisted into a monster and turned against him is going to kill him. It breaks my heart.

Let’s talk Tammy for a second. She’s a total badass! Yeah, she’s also a complete bitch, but she’s an amazing villan! It’s been a while since I’ve seen an actual believable and well thought out villan. I’m so glad she’s still in the picture and I can’t wait to see what they’ve got next!

Honestly, I’m so happy with how this episode turned out! It had so much action and character development packed into such a small amount of time and I loved it!!! Even the little commercials in-between each episode were great! I can’t wait for summer to get here for more episodes!

“Him,” he repeats distastefully, his lip curling. “You like him.”

“Yeah, I do,” She shot back, her eyes flashing.

He sneered. “Why?”

She stared for a long moment at the boy standing in front of her, the boy who had shattered her heart.

“Why?” She asked coldly. “Why? Maybe because he’s nice enough to pick up the mess you left behind. Maybe because he doesn’t ignore me when he’s had a shitty day. Maybe he actually cares and-”

For just a second, his expressionless face revealed more than he had intended to show. “Don’t you dare think for a goddamn second that I didn’t care.”

And without warning, he grabbed her and kissed her. He kissed her until she couldn’t breathe and she was intoxicated on his scent. And just like that, she knew she didn’t like that other boy. He never left her breathless from a single kiss. Her heart never felt like it was going to pop out of her chest from a single glance.

What a twisted life it is, she thought, whilst her forehead was pressed against his. The boy who broke my heart is the only one who can make me feel whole again.

—  n.g. // excerpt from a book i’ll never write #8
The Sun Will Set || Part 1 || BTS Gang AU ||

Originally posted by linheys

A/N: GUYS IT’S FINALLY HERE. Please enjoy part one of TSWS, and don’t forget to give me feedback! Let me know if you want more. Tell me if you love it. Tell me if you hate it. I love all of you and I’m so grateful for your support! 


Summary: After a series of unfortunate events, you’ve found yourself under the care and protection of your city’s most notorious gang: BTS.

Word Count: 5,207 (this is the first part, let me live)

Genre: Angst, Drama, and some Fluff here and there. But mostly Angst.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 |

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You Owe Me - Part 2

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 2,231

Summary: The reader has an interview with Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki. Having never seen Supernatural, the interview definitely does not go as planned.

Part 1

“Hi! Welcome to Smashbox Studios. My name is Lauren. How can I help you?” An annoyingly perky redhead asks.

“Hi. My name is Y/N Y/L/N. I’m here for an interview with Jensen Ackles and Jared Padelecki. They’re here for a photo shoot.”

“Oh, yes! Ok, so there’s been a change of plans.” She says smiling. 

Of course.

“The shoot is running a little behind schedule right now. The photographer only has a certain amount of time he’s available today. He needs to make sure they fit everything in. So your interview has been moved.”

 Oh, come on.

“Jared and Jensen both apologize. They will meet you at the Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar in about two hours. The reservation will be under Ackles.” 

She must have sensed you were annoyed because she kept talking. 

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anonymous asked:

you showed up at my place in the middle of the night with bruises and blood and you won’t say what happened so I just lead you into the bathroom and clean you up with Alex Summers? Thank you so much, love your fics!

Thank you so much!

Alex Summers + this prompt list

It’s almost two in the morning and you’re right on the edge of sleep when a frantic knock at your door rouses you. When you answer it, it’s Alex, which in its self isn’t a surprise. He turned up at your door at absurd hours of the night with startling regularity. What is a surprise, is that the knuckles on both hands are bloodied, he has a black eye starting to come up, a split lip and a nasty looking gash on his forehead.

“Jesus-fuck, Alex. What the hell happened?”

“It-I was-” He reaches up to wipe at the blood trickling from his forehead “It’s not important. I just need your help, okay?”

You desperately want to know what happened, but he looks like he’s only conscious through virtue of willpower alone, and his pleading tone makes your heart clench, so instead of pressing any further, you gently grab his wrist, tugging him through to the bathroom.

You push him lightly down by his shoulders till he’s seated on the toilet, before turning to rummage through the cupboards for your first aid kit. Putting it by the sink, you then pull out a clean face cloth and run it under the water before lightly pressing it to his cuts, first cleaning the blood off his knuckles, then his temple, then his lip. The gash on his temple is still bleeding, turning the edges of his blonde hair a muddy red.

“Can you hold that there?” You instruct him, holding the cloth at the cut on his forehead. He nods, a little dazed, and complies, his gaze never leaving you. “I’ll be right back.” You say as you leave the bathroom. You return a few seconds later with a small ice pack. You take the bloodied cloth from him, exchanging it for the ice pack and guiding his hand to hold it against the still swelling black eye. Grabbing some anti-bacterial cream from the first aid kit, you kneel down, taking one of his hands gently in yours as you carefully clean his battered knuckles.

“I hope the other guy is worse off than you.” You remark, quietly.

“He is.” Alex’s voice is rough and low, and you look up at him, still holding one of his hands.

“If you don’t want to tell me what happened, that’s fine, but this-” You motion slightly at his injuries “this scares me. I worry about you, Alex.” He drops your gaze after a few seconds and you take the ice pack from him to clean and bandage his other hand, before grabbing a roll of gauze to bandage them with. When you finish, you rise and turn to the sink counter to grab some band aids for his forehead. Taking his face gingerly in your hands, you lean in a little as you gauge the depth of the cut, absentmindedly stroking your thumb over his cheek.

“Why?” He asks suddenly, and you look down from the gash at his temple to his startlingly blue eyes which are so, so close. “Why do you worry about me?” The realization that he doesn’t feel like he’s worth worrying about is as sudden as it is heartbreaking.

“Alex, I worry because I care about you. You’re so important to me. Of course I worry.”

You finish patching him up before handing him some old sweatpants he had left at your place a while ago.

“You take my bed. You definitely need the sleep more than I do. I’ll take the couch.” You head to the kitchen to get him a glass of water and when you return to the bedroom, he’s propped up on his elbow and the sight of him in your bed makes your heart twist, just a little. You put the glass down on the bedside table and turn to leave the room when his hand darts out, grabbing your wrist.

“Stay?” His voice is impossibly small. “I don’t-I don’t want to be by myself.”

You study his face for a second.


Trick or Treat

Part 2

Modern Au where Mor drags Feyre to a Halloween party and she just so happens to run into Rhys who is the other half of her couples costume. (It follows my other fic which you can read here.)

Word Count: 3,058

((I will most likely be continuing this. And as always I would love your feedback.))


Part 1, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9.


“Come on, Feyre, you have to go, it’s Halloween,” Mor pleads with me from where she is perched on my bed.

I swivels in my chair. I was sitting at my desk, my latest project –which was giving me hell— was sitting atop it.

The assignment was to create a life like version of an iconic character, villain, or Halloween monster.

“Mor, you know I would love to go with you, but I need to finish my project. Plus, I don’t have a costume,” I admit, to her, I tap the end of my graphite pencil on the sketchpad next to my blank canvas. I hadn’t even begun to paint, and dozens of pieces of paper littered the floor around my desk. The assignment was due on Tuesday. Three days, that’s all I had now, and there was nothing on my canvas.

I look over to where Mor was sitting on my bed. Her makeup was already done. This year she was going as Tinkerbell and Peter pan with Azriel. Her golden hair was thrown up into an expertly slicked back bun. Sparkles adorned her cheeks and her eyes were done up in golds and soft shades of green.

We had both gotten grumbles from Azriel about wearing tights.  Tights, and the fact that he actually had to wear a color other than black for once in his life. The only reason he had shut up about it was because of the fact that Mor had told him that she would take it all off for him after the party.

“Come on Feyre, Rhys will be there, and you can wear my costume from last year, you’ll look so good in it. Please?” She dragged out the word as she clasped her hands together just below her chin.

Her lips were pulled into a pout, and I swear she was giving me puppy dog eyes.

My teeth clench together. I had tried not to think about Rhys or our fateful meeting of me beating him with a shoe. He was still in town, and ended up taking up the spare room in Cassian and Azriel’s house as a more permanent residence for the time being.

I had narrowly avoided him while he was staying here, but since he moved out I hadn’t see him. I would never admit this out loud, but some nights I would wake up with those damned eyes and his tattoos lingering behind me eyelids.

Damn his sexy tattoos.

And then of course there was the time I had walked in on him in the bathroom. In my defense, I thought he was Mor. We shared a bathroom so we were always walking in on each other.

But one day, I was dying with a headache and needed to get into medicine cabinet for Advil before it turned into a migraine. I walked right in on Rhys.

The water had just been shut off when I was trying to find it—I had heard curtain being pulled back as I grabbed the bottle and poured a few into my hand.

“Sorry Mor, I was just–” my sentence was cut short then, because Rhys was the one in the shower, not Mor.

He had had a towel slung low on his hips, water still glistening on his sculpted chest and abdominals.

His chest.

Good god, it was in that moment that I had decided I found tattoos incredibly attractive. Swirls of dark color covered his chest and shoulders, then faded out in tendrils of ink down his arms.

He had smiled at me with a wicked grin.

“You could have told me you were going to join me in the shower, Feyre darling,” he had purred at me.

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Torment Anew Part II

Title: Torment Anew Part II

Athlete: Tyler Seguin

Word Count: 2,123

Author Note:  Please Read Part I before continuing on with this story

Your name: submit What is this?

Sighing lightly you tapped your credit card on the bar once again.  The bartender had blatantly ignored you for ten minutes now, choosing to attend to those around you instead.  It was your round to buy and the task was taking much longer than necessary.

Looking around the crowded bar you nodded to your girlfriends showing you were still attempting to acquire the drinks.  They all waved back to you before continuing their conversation.  Suddenly a drink was placed in front of you.  Turning to decline the drink you lost all train of thought from the site.  “Never thought I’d see you out in that dress again.” Tyler stated pointing to the short black dress you had on.

The reply was on the tip of your tongue but that was glued to the roof of your mouth to keep your jaw from dropping.  What was he doing here?  It was so far out of range from his normal hangouts you were stunned.  “It’s been a while hasn’t it.” He continued, acting as though you were friends, how dare he.

“What do you want Tyler?” That was strong; you would give yourself a pat on the back when this was over.

“I saw you and wanted to say hello.  Back to my original statement, I thought you hated that dress, why are you wearing it?” You could feel the burn in his gaze as he looked you up and down.  Once upon a time it was the best feeling, knowing you were the center of his attention.  Now, you just wanted to get away from him.

“I never said I hated it, it’s just a little short for my taste.” You answered, looking to see where the bartender was currently located.

You could feel Tyler step closer to your side, so you pushed closer to the bar.  He didn’t need to be in your personal space.  “One of the best nights of our relationship wasn’t it Y/N?” He said as he placed his back against the bar making sure he remained in your line of vision.

The black dress laid out across your bed was beautiful, completely different style from your normal purchases, but beautiful none the less.

“Do you like it?  I thought of you when I walked past it a few weeks ago, couldn’t resist picking it up.  Perfect for tonight isn’t it?” Tyler said pressing himself against your back while wrapping his arms around you.

“You don’t think it’s a little much?” You asked sliding your finger across the soft fabric.

“Nope, it’s exactly what I want you to wear.  Go get ready; we need to leave in an hour to make our reservations.” Tyler directed you, pressing a kiss to your temple before pushing you in the direction of the bathroom.

Looking in the mirror your main thought was the dress was a little short for you.  If you kept aware of it and pulled it down throughout the night you should be fine you thought.  “Amazing.” Tyler said from behind you.

“Shut up.” You turned to look at him.  His dark suit and tie made him look even more handsome.  You leaned onto your toes to press a kiss to his cheek.  He took the opportunity to place his hands on the back of your neck to deepen the kiss.

The two of you stood outside the restaurant staring at the patrons inside.  This was without a doubt not a place for you.  “Is there anyone under 65 in there?” Tyler asked, smirk doing little to hide his amusement.

“You made the reservations, you tell me.” You answered him watching a couple wander inside.

“I just googled for a fancy restaurant, didn’t realize I was in the senior section.” Tyler laughed out grabbing your hand and pulling you back towards the car.

“Best first anniversary celebration ever.” You smiled and leaned into Tyler’s shoulder.  The blanket in the backyard, bottle of wine and tacos were absolutely improvised, but you couldn’t think of anything better.

“Happy Anniversary Y/N” Tyler said wrapping you up in his arms.

You stepped away from the bar and Tyler’s overpowering ability to make you flustered whenever he felt like it.  You just needed to step out of his realm of power.  “Four months of no contact after you ended our relationship with little emotion and now you can come up and speak with me like we are buds?” You questioned him, making sure he knew where he stood in your life.

“I believe you were the one to enter my life again first, showing up at one of my games, with another man no less, what about that Y/N.” Tyler said, stepping back up to you.  This was not going to become an argument, you refused.

“I didn’t know he was going to take me to a Stars game until he showed up.  I wouldn’t have come otherwise.” It was the truth that night had been one of the most stressful situations you had ever experienced.

“What kind of guy takes a girl to see her ex-boyfriend at his job?” Tyler asked, the look on his face making your insides twist a little.

“He doesn’t know you’re my ex.  We’ve only been dating a little while; I haven’t gone into depth about my last relationship.” You answered, might as well tell him the truth.

“Well, that’s going to be a shock to his system.” His laughter felt like a smack in the face.

“Probably not, I’ve told him about how my last relationship ended by the guy ripping my heart out and stomping on it with no warning whatsoever.” You responded.  There was no more playing nice; he wasn’t going to belittle you.

“That’s not fair Y/N!  I was looking out for you.” Tyler stated, his voice showing his agitation.

“I’m just doing what you told me to do Tyler, moving on with someone else who cares!” You yelled taking a step closer to him.

“He looked like he was the one for you Y/N; does he even know how to have fun?  He was wearing a polo shirt to a hockey game.” Tyler said mockingly.

“Leave Marcus out of this Tyler!” You responded, you couldn’t remember the last time you were this worked up.

“His name is Marcus, befitting for an old man.  He looks like he’s quite a bit older than you.” Tyler was now mere inches from you.  You weren’t sure if you wanted to punch his dumb face or kiss it and that only made you angrier.

“My relationship is none of your business Tyler.” Tonight was supposed to be fun, now you were regretting even going out.

The two of you must have been making a commotion because the next thing you knew Jamie was pulling you away from Tyler while Val stood in front of him to keep him in place.  “Leave me alone Jamie.” You yelled wrenching your arm from his grasp.  It took you a moment to realize he had led you outside.

“Cool down for a few minutes Y/N.” Jamie said taking a seat on the curb.  You mimicked him as best you could in the short dress.  “Fancy meeting you here this evening.” Jamie’s dumb sense of humor was able to make you smile.

“Long time no see Captain.” You laughed out pushing into his side.

“Whose fault it that?” He turned to look at you.

“Don’t start on me too, please.” You didn’t think you could handle another person ripping into this evening.  “I’m going to find the girls and head out.” Jamie’s hand on your arm stopped you.

“I’m not; you did just drop off the face of the earth though.  Tyler wasn’t the only one in your relationship we cared about.” Jamie was using his captain voice on you, it made you squirm under his scrutiny.

“It was just easier to erase that part of my life than try to avoid Tyler.” You looked up at Jamie trying to gage how he’d react to your next question.  “Did you know he was going to break up with me?”

“No, truth be told I don’t think he thought it through very thoroughly before he did either.  You know him, always jumps into things without thinking of the consequences.” Jamie’s statement confused you.

“Why do you say that?” Digging a little further wouldn’t hurt, would it?

“He told you to find someone else, but when he saw you with someone else he flipped.”  Jamie recalled the aftermath of you attending the game the previous week.

The win celebration was cut short once everyone was off the ice.  As soon as Tyler had come in range of his locker his helmet was chucked full force at it.  “Ty!” Jason yelled as he jumped from the ricochet.

“She’s dating someone else!” Tyler slammed himself into his locker, waiting for someone to respond.

“You told her to, yes?” Val asked nodding at the rest of the team for agreement.

“It’s only been a couple months man, she’s already moved on.  Did our relationship mean that little?” Tyler’s anger was subsiding and turning into dejection.

“You’re the one who called things off.  I think she has a right to do whatever she wants at this point.” Jordie wasn’t one to shy off from the truth.

“Whose side are you on?” Tyler couldn’t believe his own team didn’t have his back.

“No one’s side Tyler, we care about you both.” Jamie had to add on, he was the team leader.

Tyler didn’t say anything else, just grabbed his stuff and stalked off to shower.  The guys decided to give him space.  He was the one who wanted this when he called off their relationship.

The look of disbelief had to be radiating off your face as Jamie relayed to you what had happened.  It made you feel a little better to know he was affected too, even if he hadn’t shown it.

“He’s been pretty quiet and withdrawn the past couple of months.  You aren’t the only one who had a hard time handling the breakup.” Jamie’s eyes were sincere, but you didn’t know how to handle the statement.

“It came out of left field for me though.  He made the decision on his own.” You looked back at the door.  “I should head back in, the girls are probably wondering where I disappeared to.” Standing you looked down at Jamie.

“Thanks Jamie, for telling me and being there.” The soft smile you received back made you feel better.

“How about not disappearing again as repayment, I do miss our hangouts.” Nodding in agreement you stepped onto the sidewalk.

“Call me soon; we’ll grab lunch, okay?” You asked, willing to get back the friendship you missed.

“Plan on it.”  Jamie’s response was firm.

Walking back into the bar you headed for the table you had left the girls at when originally going to get the next round.  You found them all there still, looking a little apprehensive.  “I’m fine, Jamie talked me down.” You laughed making the tension ease at the table.

“We were headed to you when we saw you talking with him.  Jamie and Val stepped in saying they would handle the situation.”  They all looked up at you.

“I’m going to call it a night.  Can we try this again soon?  I promise no drama.” You made your rounds of hugs and promises to text when you made it home and turned to make your exit.

The short ride home didn’t give you much time to think.  The opposite could be said as you lay in bed though.  Seeing Tyler at the game was one thing, having a conversation was so different.  If you were honest it hurt so much more than you expected.

The doorbell ringing brought you out of the shallow slumber you had eventually drifted off to in the early hours of morning.  Stretching and running your fingers through your hair a couple times to make it seem you had been conscious you headed into the hall.  Looking out the side window you saw a delivery van in your driveway and made your way to the door.  A gorgeous bouquet of tulips greeted you upon opening it.  “Delivery for Y/N?” the driver said looking at you.

“Yes.  Thank You.” You answered taking the arrangement from him.  Closing the door you headed to the living wondering how Marcus had learned your favorite flower.  After setting the flowers on the table you pulled the card out.

I was out of line.  I’m sorry about everything which occurred last night.  Can we talk sometime soon? Tyler

The card fluttered to the ground as you stood in complete shock.  What was even going on in your life anymore?

procrastinlater  asked:

I could feel my heart breaking. Watching Leta kiss Newt made me a mess of emotion. He was my friend and i should be happy but, I'm not. I tried keeping a happy face but it came out more like a twisted frown. Its my fault for pushing him away. I slip away before anyone notices so i can have some alone time.

Newt stared at Leta surprised, not having expected her to kiss him like that. His cheeks flushed red, and if it wasn’t for you walking away he would’ve been stuck in that entranced state. But, Newt knew you well enough, he noticed you quietly slip away, and even if he was in need of a change of clothes he didn’t care.

“Excuse me, Leta….”

anonymous asked:

Have you read Twist and Shout / should I read it?

Hello anon!! First, YES I have read it and I’m still recovering/ not over it..

I think you should read it in the sense that one, the story it’s self , or the plot more like it. Is just so well written. It’s definitely an AU for sure, there is no angels,demons,etc. it’s to do with a gay love life during a time of war and when the LGBT+ community was not fully or not accepted at all. I suggest reading some reviews or such before you read it just to double check you want to go through this pain..
I say pain because OH MY GOD.

Then just leave you to bleed.

I easily cry but oh my god I balled my eyes out for a good few hours after finishing it.

Also PSA.. you will not be able to hear the following without going into a break down or losing it.

“ I can dig Elvis ”
“ crash..”
“ I can’t stop falling in love with you…”
And so much more.

If you wish to venture forth,good luck my friend! I will be here with tissues and such if you wish to talk about all the feels!
You brave soul.

Now excuse me while I go cry and hysterically laugh over my pain and suffering. This and “ alone on the water” ( johnlock fix) are the only two bigger docs that mad me break down.

Mel reacts to Ghost Trick - part 5/???

More screaming about Ghost Trick!!

Btw I love how active this fandom seems to be? Like I posted my reactions in the tag and ppl liked it like omg you actually read that (and am probably super amused bc you know all the Things™ that will happen and I’m just freaking out bc I know nothing, just that it will break my heart bc there has to be a super bad plot twist in there bc Shu Takumi).

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I’m sorry this relationship may feel like a garden you’ve been the only one really tending to. I didn’t think it would end up this way. When I agreed to embark on this journey with you, I was prepared to give you my all. I was filled with excitement and a curiosity that sometimes felt dangerous, only adding to the thrill you gave me with just a smile in my direction. So you could imagine my disappointment when as time went on, these feelings dulled. Believe me, darling. It wasn’t only you hurting, it isn’t only you hurting. I’ve been pressing myself for answers as to how I have nothing to give back to you in return for everything you’ve poured out. You’ve given me your heart but my hands don’t feel like the right ones to hold it, and no matter how much you profess, that feeling doesn’t change. We just don’t match in the way I thought we would. Dreamed we would. Hoped we would. Maybe I got too drunk on the idea of you. Maybe I should’ve taken more precaution and avoided losing myself in your eyes for a little while longer. Maybe we could’ve avoided this, but we didn’t. In some twisted way, I think that’s okay. I hope someday you’ll agree.
—  Maxwell Diawuoh, Request: Someone initiating a relationship with a crush but soon seeing that they aren’t as good for each other as they thought but now their crush has poured their heart out and they have nothing to give back.
Five Smiles

Summary: A story about Dan’s favorite Phil smiles throughout his life.

Genre: AU, Life Story, Angst, Fluff

Warning: cute and angsty. Just saying.

A/N: Hey guys! So this is somewhat different. It’s cute and sappy, but also made me cry a little. It’s also written in a somewhat strange style, but I rather liked it. Hope you enjoy!

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