more like sweet baby jesus

Imagine Dean coming home and from a month long hunt to find you taking a hot shower in his room


You sighed as the hot water ran down your back, loosening the stiff muscles from all the moving you had done. You’d reorganized half of the bunker so it was nice and neat instead of looking like two teenage boys lived there. You were so relaxed you didn’t hear the bathroom door open or the shirt come flying off of his back. suddenly two strong arms engulfed your body and you yelped opening your eyes to see Dean, still in his black jeans grinning at you, still dirty from hunting and crappy motel bathrooms. “You’re home!” you squealed and kissed him, his hands slowly moved from your back to your waist, then your hair and face. 

Dean grinned down at you after pulling away for some air. “And I’m takin some time off just to spend with you two baby”