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EXO’s reaction to being drunk

Anonymous said: Exo reaction: how they act around you when they are drunk?

OMG I was literally wishing to get a “drunk” request so thank you so much! Also, sorry it took so damn long! Every time I decide to make a request I get distracted by the beautiful men on my dash xD Woops!

Baekhyun: He would be the drunk that always calls random people and rants about everything and nothing. *mumbles sloppily*: “Do whales like to be under water or are they more into the surface, but are just too fat to get up there?” he would ask his friend from high school that he hasn’t talked to in 2 years. When around you, he would also just talk about random stuff, and keep clinging on to you while whining. “My head hurts!”

Chanyeol: He would both be the “don’t know what he’s doing” drunk and also the “seductive drunk”. He would be the type to bite peoples hands and do whatever he usually does, just all the time, on everyone. When people get annoyed at him, he wouldn’t even notice, and just keep doing it.

He would also be the drunk to become extremely flirty and horny. Just…. do that all the time *gif* and do naughty things under the table… If you know what I mean…. sorry not sorry

Chen: Jongdae would be the type to just get even more random and fun than usual. Instead of just laughing normally he would throw himself to the ground, and instead of dancing normally, he would get up on a table and dance. Then he would shout random words to everyone and pull you up on the table with him. “DANCE WITH ME Y/N! I LOVE THIS SONG!” …. Later on the night, he would get more quiet and also very clingy and cuddly, telling you how much fun he had and how much he loves you.

D.O: He would be that guy that doesn’t care about anyone or anything else in the room. He would be totally in his own little bubble, getting fascinated by every little thing. You would be able to hear small cute sounds coming over from him, like: “Ahh cool!…. Wooow!” and when you go over to him and ask him what he’s doing he would happily show you what makes him fascinated.

It would most likely be a toaster.

Kai: He would be the cute and sweet drunk, who also eats everything he sees. He would often look at you lovingly and smile, and then keep eating his food. “You’re so beautiful Y/N!” he would suddenly say and kiss your cheek. Then he might feed you his half eaten food, not knowing that it’s half eaten.

Kris: He would actually not get drunk very often, but when he does he would go crazy. He would dance around crazily and shout to everyone that he’s the best. When he gets tired from dancing he would go to some random table and start talking to the strangers. He would be looked at weirdly, but after some time the people would accept him being there, and maybe even start to like him. He would start telling dumb jokes, and everyone would laugh because they’re drunk. “And then!!! He smacked me in the face!!” he would yell enthusiastically.

Lay: He would be the dorky and cute drunk that just does silly and adorable things all the time, but also the touchy drunk. He will kiss your neck, kiss your cheek and hug you all the time. He might also start groping your ass, not knowing what he’s doing exactly.

Luhan: He would be the aggressive drunk that would get into fights just because he thought a guy was hitting on you. “You know what? I will fuck you up!” he would say, threatening him. If you try to pull him back he would just push you away (without hurting you) and keep threatening the dude.

Sehun: He would be the moody one that could go from laughing his ass off for some odd reason, to suddenly getting very salty and sassy. Not for any specific reason… Just.. Didn’t feel like laughing anymore.

Suho: He would be very respectful with you, but quite idiotic with the guys. He would make sure you were feeling okay and drink your drink for you to show you that he cares, and to make sure you don’t get too drunk. (It’s a thing the guys do to show they care in South Korea… I think xD - don’t hang me up on that!) But when he’s with the guys he would get more crazy and dance around, making a fool of himself.

Tao: He would be the emotional drunk who would starts crying constantly. Both from sadness and happiness. I imagine him dropping his drink and then start crying and screaming out: “Oh no not again! I can’t do this anymore!” and then start crying of laughter because someone else dropped their drink.

Xiumin: You would not notice a very big difference from his normal “party mood” self to him being drunk. He would be on the dance floor, partying hard. He would maybe make some friends on the way and talk normally with them outside, to take a break. He would act pretty normal when he needs to, and be really crazy when he feels like it.