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The only way dc movies make theyre money back is through product placement and merchandise, their scores on rotten tomatoes are fringing into adam sandler percentages

Oh joy, it’s you again. Mr. I hate the DCEU but apparently cant shut up about it. Seriously, don’t you have anything better to do? Why dont you go back to your little corner with your crayons and draw more of those shitty doodles you like to do.

Why do you keep coming into my inbox sprouting your nonsense? I literally could not care less that you have shitty taste, so you dont like the DCEU movies, fine. I still dont care. Leave us who enjoy this stuff in peace, we dont want to see, or hear you. Just sit there quietly being wrong like a good little boy. Do the math my dude:

  •  Man of Steel, Production Budget: $225 million , Worldwide Gross: $668,045,518
  • Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,  Production Budget: $250 million,  Worldwide Gross: $873,260,194
  • Suicide Squad, Production Budget: $175 million, Worldwide Gross: $745,600,054
  • Wonder Woman, Production Budget: $149 million, Worldwide Gross: $571,801,730 (So Far)

Last Adam Sandler movie:

Most recent DCEU movie:

2 Billion dollars with only 3 entries into the franchise, 4 consecutive hundred million dollar opening weekends straight (Make that 5 when Justice League drops later this year), An Academy Award already under their belt, 1st female driven, female directed superhero movie, 1st Hero vs Hero blockbuster showdown, 1st All Villain team up super hero movie (Which BTW features a cast that consists of more POC and women in prominent roles than all of the MCUs 1st two “phases”), and an undeniable impact on pop culture as we know it. (Who did everyone dress up as in 2016? Hint Harley Quinn, in 2017? Well it hasent arrived yet but you know its gonna be my girl, Diana Prince. 2018? I forsee with my clairvoyent sight: Mera, Batgirl, Catwoman, Poison Ivy, and Black Canary. Because the future is female, bitch.) and this is only the begining. Did i mention just how many sequels and spin-offs are coming? Yeah, “bombs” they are are, thats why uptight business suits are investing billions on making these films every year. Theres a million sequals and spin offs on its way buddy. If you dont know, now you know.

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You are right on one thing though, they ARE killing it with Blu ray sales and merchandise, Ontop of all the records they broke with their box office numbers, once a film leaves the big screen and onto the Home entertainment scene it becomes the gift that keeps on giving. :D

Frank + Puppies sketch for the anon that requested it way back, and also dedicated to @frankaliciousunicorn for all your positive vibes <3

im rlly unhappy w my art rn


Eren becomes a model for Levi’s Jeans. And ends up the butt of way too many jokes in the agency. (SNK Model AU has taken over my life, halp)

“So, what do you think of the new recruits, Levi?”
“Erwin, can I break my contract. I can’t handle all these brats and their raging homones.”
“Don’t you mean hormones?”
“No. This shithole is filled with all the homo + hormones, so homo-nes."