more like rusty nails

[Changmin’s Solos] All Songs /OST/ Covers :

★When I First Kissed You : [x]

★Just Once : [x]

★I Love you : [x]

★I’ll get over you : [x]

★Ban Dal (Halfmoon) : [x]

★Upon This Rock : [x]

★Wild Soul : [x]

★Big Time : [x]

★Confession : [x]

★Rusty Nail : [x]

★More Than Words : [x]

★A Person Like Tears : [x]

★Just Like That : [x]

★Listen to the Sea : [x]

★Wherever Wherever :[x]

★Rock with You : [x]

★Gold Dust (eng ver): [x]

★Gold Dust (jap ver): [x]

★Wild Horse: [x]

★Because I Love You : [x]

★Heaven’s Day : [x]

★Over : [x]

★ Because I Couldn’t Say I Love You : [x]

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