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i just noticed this. in 12x11 SPN, the fact that Dean doesn't talk but can read and understand. Was that supposed to imply that Dean forgot how to talk? what do you think?

I’ve seen a little Meta about this. 

I think it’s accepted in fandom that, following the death of Mary, Dean didn’t speak for a long time (this might be canon, but I’ve never closely looked at the screen caps from John’s Journals. If anyone knows, I’d love to hear it). This is a common occurrence following trauma, especially in children.  

I think Dean’s lack of speech, but still having comprehension, plays into this.His memory loss felt, at least to me, more like a regression, similar to what happens to Alzheimer patients or dementia patients. Often they will forget the most recent things first and at the end be asking for family members who passed away or their parents (I’ve seen this first hand with my grandmother, who completely forgot who I was and believed I was either my mom or her niece)

As a child, Dean could probably still communicate by writing even if he wasn’t speaking, short words like “yes”, “No”, “Sam”.

Now, I’m not saying that some other details don’t throw this theory  out the window. “Witch Killing Bullets” seems a little lengthy 

Also, there are other possible anachronisms or errors: Wouldn’t driving the Impala be muscle memory, since shooting a gun clearly was? Would Dean have forgotten how to drive before forgetting the members of Bon Jovi. 

I’d need to rewatch the episode to really needle down on this, but I digress.

Nathan: [finally walks out through the hospital’s entrance, a bag over his shoulders containing his personal effects and just stays still for a moment, overwhelmed by the scenery]

Margot: [was outside all along, waiting for the right moment to snap a few pictures of him fresh out the hospital]

4 minutes into The Prodigal Father, and my brain hurts already.

“That’s our captain you’re slandering.”

I know it’s hard, Aramis, what with the lack of brain and everything, but work with me here, ‘kay? Have you completely forgotten last season? Has the Great Baby Brain Melt driven away the memories of everything else? Has it completely erased any memory of the Savoy Massacre and the Twenty. Dead. Musketeers? It was kinda big deal, remember? And as you found out yourself: your captain had betrayed you. You found out, you understood, you forgave. Fair enough. It was your best episode and you were at your smartest in it. But FFS don’t pretend that your captain is a being of the higher order and completely incapable of making mistakes and committing treachery. He demonstrably isn’t. Try to remember, use the information you have and make balanced decisions based on them, 'kay? Please.