more like pink and blue though

Erwin had given him a rose once. There was nothing romantic, he may as well been handing over the monthly budget report. No words, no touch of hands, only a soft glance, its meaning clear only to the two of them, and a brilliant shock of crimson red all too sudden atop his desk.

Levi had no doubt another shade, though more of a pink, had painted itself across the tips of his cheeks.

Times were much simpler before the wall fell.

The only red between them now is the river of blood beneath their feet.
Like a putrid adhesive it sticks to their feet and despite their struggles they fall victim to the current twisting and churning in opposite directions.  

The colour of their guilt, anger and shame stains their clothes and skin. It is all that they have lost and all that they have failed to gain, lost amidst endless blue waves they may never reach.

Hey all! It’s been awhile, but I’ve been working on a personal project (an art book)! Hopefully it’ll be finished by the spring or, at least, the summer time but I’ll definitely share things once it’s close to completion! 

On that note though, with the new episodes coming out I’m getting back to working on more SU prints! Now that Blue Diamond has been introduced, I can finally start making ones of the Diamonds (mainly because I don’t think we’re going to see Pink anytime soon and no one even mentions White, what’s up with that?)! Holly Blue Agate will also be added too, so please look forward to her and Yellow coming soon!

Hope you like! <3

Does no one else have this headcanon?

Like, Kara gradually introduces herself into Lena’s life.

But being a Luthor, Lena never even once considered any visitors because, you know, everyone hates her guts, so her house/flat/apartment/whatever is small and lavish, but everything from the appliances to the furniture in her house is literally made for a single, lonely occupant. Like, her place is modern and minimalist and it has the colors black, white, gray, maybe even umber, but there are no brighter colors and it’s just dull. And there’s the music room with instruments Lena is proficient at that are collecting dust because she doesn’t have time to play, but she mostly doesn’t have anyone to play them for and it’s more satisfying to do something for someone and not alone. Then there’s the fact that Lena doesn’t have any personal belongings that have sentimental value to her; obviously no photos of family or friends, no posters, no nerdy knick knacks, no antique souvenirs from her business trips even, so the walls only have a few canvases of art to fill in that empty void, and it just makes Kara so fucking sad.

But because Kara comes over so often, Lena has had to make changes to her abode to accommodate her only friend. And slowly, but surely, there’s a dining table large enough for two, more food in the refrigerator, a guest bedroom, a bigger coffee table, a larger couch/sofa, a bigger television screen, more drawers and cabinets, and Lena doesn’t notice anything because she’s so focused on buying new furniture every time Kara comes over and is worried that they’ll have yet another impasse because something is made for one person only. But like, Kara does notice, and it makes her so giddy to even think about it because now Lena’s place has shades (though still dark shades because pastel nor pink is her thing) of red, green, blue, etc. Then Lena plays music more often and the instruments aren’t so horridly out of tune anymore and then there’s a single framed photo of her and Kara sitting in her bedroom’s nightstand.

And yes, I’m implementing this to my fics.

10 responses to the Phrase “Man up”

1: F*ck you
2: If you want to question my masculinity like a schoolyard circle of curses, like a swordfight with lightsabers save your breath. Because contrary to what you may believe, not every problem can be fixed by “growing a pair”. You cannot arm-wrestle you way out of chemical depression. The CEO off the company that just laid you off does not care how much you bench.
And I promise, there is no Lite Beer in the universe full-bodied enough to make you love yourself.
3: Man up? Oh, that’s that new superhero right? Mild-mannered supplement salesman Mark Manstrong says the words “MAN UP” and then transforms into THE FIVE O'CLOCK SHADOW; the massively-muscled, deep-voiced, leather-duster-wearing super-man who defends the world from… I don’t know, feelings.
4: Of course, why fight to remove our chains when we can simply compare their lengths? Why step outside the box when the box has badass flames decals on it?
We men are cigarettes: dangerous, and …poisonous, and stupid
5: You ever notice how nobody ever says “woman up”? They just imply it.
Because woman, and the women’s movement, figured out a long time ago that being explicitly ordered around by commercials, magazines and music is dehumanizing. When will men figure that out?
6: The phrase “man up” suggests that competence and perseverance are uniquely masculine traits. That woman - Not to mention any man that doesn’t eat steak, drive a big pick-up truck and have lots of sex with women - are nothing more than background characters, comic relief, props. More than anything, though, it suggests that to be yourself, whether you wear skinny jeans, rock a bit of eyeliner, drink another brand of beer, or write poetry - will cost you
7: How many boys have to kill themselves before this country acknowledges the problem? How many women have to be assaulted? How many trans people have to be murdered? We teach boys how to wear the skin of a man, but we also teach them how to raise that skin like a flag and draw blood for it.
8: Boy babies get blue socks. Girl babies get pink socks. What about purple? What about green? What about orange, yellow, chartreuse, cerulean, black, tie-dyed, buffalo plaid, rainbow?
9: I want to be free to express myself. Man up. I want to have a meaningful, emotional relationship with my brother. Man up.
I want to be weak sometimes. Man up.
I want to be strong in a way that isn’t about physical power or dominance. Man up.
I want to talk to my dad about something else than sports or economics. Man up
I want to be who I am. Man up
10: no

—  poetic-pianist, Guante

I once read a theory about Garnet’s visor being a tell of who is more “in control” of her at that particular moment and I got curious. So I went looking and it seems like a very plausible theory (though I would phrase it more as who’s personality is more prominent at that particular moment and not who’s “in control”) and I wanted your opinion on it. These are only 8 out of like 30 screenshots I took, but it appears to me that the visor is most often blue when tact is required and also when talk of the future is brought up (or when Garnet appears to be using future vision), and that the visor is most often red/pink when Garnet is angry or is dealing with a subject that’s emotionally-based. What are your opinions on this theory? (And can you phrase it better than I can bc I feel like I’m doing a terrible job of explaining this.)

I get where this theory comes from and in the context of the screenshots it does make sense. My only hesitation calling this “confirmed” is that it dispels the idea that fusions are individuals. It sort of makes it seem as though Garnet is just a big mecha with two little people in the control room. They work together to get it moving but sometimes one coordinates a more complicated move than the other.

Garnet as an individual has a personality, has beliefs, experiences and makes decisions. And I also find it flattening to reduce Sapphire to the “tactful one,” and Ruby to the “emotional one.” So to support this theory supports those implications, and I’m not too fond of said implications.

What I’d be willing to say is that there are times we’re really supposed to see the dichotomy, such as in Keeping It Together when Garnet is really falling apart and her component parts are “showing.” Because when Bismuth tells her, “You’re Ruby is showing,” it’s a joke between friends, but in the context of the other jokes being said (like about Pearl having an owner), the content alone is supposed to be very derogatory and insulting. It’s telling Garnet she’s not a relationship but only two individuals in a beautiful trench coat.

“pink used to be for boys and blue used to be for girls!”

well, kind of.

some people held to that rule. some people already had the modern convention (eg in the mid-1800s book Little Women, where an aunt puts a pink ribbon on her infant niece and a blue one on her nephew to tell the twins apart, “French fashion”).

some people went by hair color: pink for brown hair, blue for blond, yellow or green for red

none of these rules were particularly hard-and-fast, though, like the “pink = girl and blue = boy” rule today. the color rule was probably the most widely kept. and that’s the important thing: literal Victorians gendered colors less than we do now

when you have more unnecessary gendering than the Victorians did, you know you fucked up somewhere

Something I noticed about the recent bomb

Okay so most people believe the theory that all CGs wear stars and all homeworld gems wear diamonds. Okay so why didn’t anyone notice that the CGs didn’t have diamond on their uniforms? Why didn’t they think that the star was suspicious or odd? Seriously Rose Quartz had a star shaped cut out on her dress.

And Pearl was seen with her! No one recognized Pearl? Doesn’t she stand out? Pearl was a servant that learned how to fight and she was a great fighter. She looks just like she did thousands of years ago. Would they just forget her like that? Or are there just a bunch of pearls that look just like ours? This bomb raises a lot of questions.

Like most people also believed that the Pearl would have the same gem location as their owner. But Pearl and sapphire have different gem locations. Holly Blue never pointed this out. So is the theory debunked or what? With Holly Blue being so uptight and strict I’m surprised she didn’t notice anything I talked about above. Like I could see her asking the CGs “where are your diamonds on your uniforms?” or something like that.

This bomb just raised so many questions. Like how come Blue Diamond doesn’t recognize Sapphire? The Answer said that Sapphires are rare gems. Are there more a lot more blue Sapphires out there? She seemed kind of close to Sapphire in The Answer. Her behavior towards her was odd in That Will Be All. She’s very cold all of a sudden even though she wasn’t like that at all in The Answer.

I could go on and on about all of the questions that were raised. Like what happened to Pink Diamond’s Pearl? Where is White Diamond? Who is Pearl’s original owner? Was it White Diamond? Will we see the famethyst again? Will Blue Diamond and Yellow Diamond ever have a consistent design or color scheme? Who knows?

anonymous asked:

Emma, I LOVE Harry's pink. I'm also old and have watched the tightenings around gender-stereotypical colours over the last 10-15 years particularly in the US. Pink didn't equate gay when I was in my teens/20s. It's fascinating to watch a lot of blogs go 'pink = gay signifier'. (I think there's lots of other signifiers other than clothes for Harry!) For straight guys, it's a shame that flamboyance now automatically = gay. Expression seems to be tied down more than when I was young?

Well, I’ll admit that I think this side of the fandom sometimes genders pink more than I’ve even seen it in my everyday life, at least among adults (obviously pink and blue are quite gendered for children). I see straight dudes wearing pink quite frequently and I’ve seen plenty of het Harries who love Harry in pink, though of course there are always some uglies who refuse to accept that he likes the color because they only associate it with women and gay men, which scares them. Harry definitely wears shades and patterns that are flamboyant and stereotypically gay, but I think some Larries tend to say “he’s defying gender norms” while putting him in a box themselves. He’s someone with multiple facets and he has layers of femininity and masculinity, he wears pink paisley one day and a hoodie the next, he dances like a dork and then goes to beef up at the gym, and so on. I guess I just wish this fandom didn’t go so far in one direction or the other and just accepted Harry for who is, ALL aspects of who he is, without acting like he’s just one thing.

Honestly i find yellow diamond coping with the lost of PD far more compelling than how blue diamond handled it.

Like this blue bitch just goes out in the open and exposes herself to everyone just so she could mourn over someone’s death with is one of the most extra things I’ve seen a character do, especially when she’s supposed to be a powerful and imposing leader.

Yellow diamond on the other hand, repeatedly reprimands blue diamond for not letting go of her grief and holding on to things that once belonged to pink diamond. And sings to her about how she should be doing her duties as a diamond rather than acting “soft” and crying over the death of a loved one.

At the same time though, you get to understand that Yellow Diamond’s uncaring attitude to PD’s death is more of a facade she puts on to cope with everything. Like the minute to she confesses she misses PD she starts spiraling and getting upset and just repeats “what’s the use of feeling” over and over again before behaving like her normal self again.

I honestly thought it was a much better way to humanize a character and still acknowledge that’s she’s evil (like she wanted to shatter thousands of Rose quartzes just because ONE rose quartz killed PD) but all the focus instead is put on the woobified Blue Diamond from both the show and fandom.

LET'S ANALYSE : Yellow Diamond's song

The new Steven Bomb is crazy story-wise. So much is revealed, especially on the Diamonds, and we get an inside look at some of the aspects of Homeworld’s society. The last episode is particularly rich in terms of background and character development.

Let’s focus on the core scene from That Will Be All : Yellow Diamond’s long-awaited song.

Rebecca Sugar said she wanted to explore how different individuals deal with grief. Blue grieves by constantly remembering Pink through the Zoo which she keeps active as a reminder of her presence.

Yellow tries to use her song as a way to bring Blue back to her duties and make her leave the old memories behind. But the entire song defeats that purpose. Yellow is equally affected by Pink’s absence even though she expresses it very differently.
Their difference of personality is actually first conveyed through their outer appearances. Blue is tear-shaped, even her eyes look like they are falling, making her personality lean towards melancholy and lingering feelings.
Yellow is much more guided by actions hence her neatly squared shape. Their ships’ form capture this difference quite well.

The first part of the song is devoted to Yellow’s refusal of feeling because it is an obstacle to action : her song is mainly constituted of questions leading to the most important one : What’s the use of feeling, Blue ?

Remember : in Homeworld’s vision, what you are and what you are to do in society are the same thing.
The « use » is at the core of the Diamonds’ society. The idea of having a purpose in the gems’ society has been addressed several times, especially by Rose : “When a gem is made, it’s for a reason, they burst out of the ground already knowing what they’re supposed to be and… that’s what they are forever” (Greg the babysitter).

This is also the issue Amethyst deals with back in Steven VS Amethyst  “Hah…I know what’s wrong with me. I’m not supposed to be small”.

Hence everything needs to do something, if there is no result then there is no use. The equivalence between the use and the being is quite explicited in the song :

A army as a use, they can go and fight a war
A Sapphire has a use, she can tell you what it’s for
A Agate terrifies, a Lapis terraforms
: here the link is even stronger because of the direct association of the type of gem and the verb of action which qualifies them.

It shows just how enclosed the society is in its very foundations. But it also means that the Diamonds are not free. They could have been tyrants doing whatever they please. But no, the Diamonds are bound by the exact same rule :

Where’s their Diamond when they need her, Blue ? : this is a clear reproach.
You’ve got to be a leader Blue !

We clearly see the similarity between an Agate terrifies and you’ve got to BE a leader, Blue. This casts a slightly different light on the Diamonds.
Of course they are still tyranical villains and Ruby is there to remind us for that (”I can’t believe all that stuff about Blue Diamond being merciful! She’s a shatterer!”, Gem Heist.)
Nonetheless we can’t ignore the fact that the burden of their own society system still weights on their shoulders. This allows a possibility for the future. Now the Diamonds do not know they are being seen by Steven and Greg, and through them, by the viewer. This is the perfect configuration to expose their flaws and weaknesses. This is where Yellow’s purpose is defeated. By pondering on feeling, she herself remembers Pink and grieves even though she hides better than Blue. The central rupture is here :

Yes of course we still love her and we’re always thinking of her…

The we means she identifies with Blue, she shares her grief. This first recognition is immediatly followed by a return of action and how feeling blocks action :

But now there’s nothing we can do so tell me what’s the use of feeling Blue ?

Yellow finally admits her feelings at the end of the song :

Oh yes of course we still her and we’re always thinking of her
Don’t you know
I miss her too ?

We clearly see the shift from the we to the I, allowing Yellow to sing in her own name. This progressive acceptance of feeling is very well emphasized by the music : the sudden speeding up at the end reflects how Yellow is trapped in her own song and overwhelming grief. Yellow is not only expressing her pain through her words, she also feels it physically, through her voice and posture.

She then repeats what’s the use of feeling for herself, trying to convince herself.

The disposition of the lyrics shows that Yellow is not quite ready to leave the past behind despite what she says :

Start looking forward and stop looking back !

If Yellow really didn’t understand feeling, the two segments would have been reversed. The fact that she ends on looking back precisely triggers her pain.
While she tells Blue that feeling is basically useless for their role, she herself expresses feelings. This is already quite apparent from the chorus and title : what’s the use of feeling, Blue ? If you understand it with the comma, it’s about the refusal of feeling but since it is sung, you hear at the same time what’s the use of feeling blue ? which accepts the very concept of feeling in the first place.

What is actually quite paradoxical is that Diamonds are actually capable of feeling when the humans from the Zoo don’t even know “what hurt is” (The Zoo). Diamonds seem more human than the humans. This « flaw », when a Diamond is supposed to be perfect, may allow assomptions on a possible way to treat with the Diamonds other than fighting, since shattering them is out of the question in the Steven era.

Another thing this song stages is the role of the Pearls. It has been mentioned a few times now that Pearls act as servants in Homeworld and our Pearl’s poor treatment by Holly Blue during the episodes reflects it. Now the Diamonds’ Pearls seem quite different. They act like some kind of confidantes as you may find them in old plays. This type of character usually is the servant of the noble or royal person and allows them to relieve their inner thoughts. It is quite apparent in this scene because of Yellow taking them in her hand and them actually singing together : they support the song and accompagny it with their dancing.

So, nice try Yellow but don’t we all know that singing is always about feeling in SU ?

PS : The lack of any mention of White Diamond is unsettling…

Dangerous Woman Tour Full Review (Including Full Song-By-Song Breakdown and Videos) of

Helloooooo here with my Dangerous Woman Tour Review. It’s ridiculously long so I made it a “Read More” post. Please reblog if you read, because I put a TON of effort into this and therefore would like to spread it to as many people as possible to make this worth it lol. This review includes my opinions on basically every aspect of the show, as well as a song-by-song breakdown and lots and lots of videos. Let me know if you have any questions, I can answer anything!

DISCLAIMER: my opinions literally don’t matter and you may hold different ones and that’s all good you do you

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anonymous asked:

I miss the famethyst already; I wish we'd gotten to know some of them as individuals (and that Amethyst got to spend more time with them!). They seemed really friendly and apparently cool with the fact that our Amethyst was friends with humans and lived on Earth- wouldn't that have been weird to them?

I feel like it’s not the last time we’re going to see them. Holly Blue and the Famethyst were such memorable characters and people are already dying to know their stories. 

Just like how we’re going to see the Rubies again soon (because the gems said they were going to pick them up on the way home), we’re likely going to see the Fam again. And I wouldn’t say it was weird to them that Ame had human friends at all. I’ll talk about it a little more in the near future, but I will say they were socialised with each other and that socialisation never let them forget they were from Earth. That’s partly why they were so interested in Amethyst. 

Holly Blue never lets them forget where they came from. It’s likely other gems don’t either, that’s why they’re stuck working at the Zoo even though a group of strong Prime Kindergarten Amethysts could be so much more helpful elsewhere.

It’s again, partly because the Diamonds are hiding away things that reminded them of PD out of personal trauma. That cultivates a strong we-feeling among them, and as a group, they have nothing else to call themselves, only “Earth Gems.”

roamingreader  asked:

Nonbinary women seems like an oxymoron to me, because aren't nonbinary people neither men nor women? I could be very wrong about this. Could you clarify please? Do you mean nonbinary afabs, or are there people who are women and nonbinary?

No I don’t mean nonbinary afab people because not all nonbinary afab people identify as women.

There are people who identify as women and nonbinary. At first when I heard about this I thought it was an oxymoron too, but actually, if you learn more about how nonbinary genders work, it makes sense. And once someone explained it to me, I realized that sometimes I’m a nonbinary guy or nonbinary girl (I’m genderfluid).

How someone explained it me was thusly: don’t think of gender as a spectrum from male to female. But like this post says, like a gender sphere. It’s sort of like the pallet on your Paint program, except in 3D. If someone isn’t a binary woman, that doesn’t make them less feminine necessary or more masculine. It doesn’t make them slide closer to male on the spectrum. Just like if I make my color slightly different than pink, it’s not necessarily more blue or more green- it could be a lot of different things: it might be darker, lighter, grayer, etc etc.

In fact, if someone is nonbinary, they might be a gender gradation that is very close to binary woman, but not quite there, so the designator, role, gender identity and lots of things about it doesn’t feel quite right to them, hence they identify as a nonbinary woman. This also is true for nonbinary men.

For me, even though I’m sometimes a guy or dude, I’ve noticed I don’t like the word “man” to describe me, and I still don’t think a lot of things about myself fit the designator “man.” I feel this way when I am a nonbinary girl too except about the class “woman” and feel really badly about being called a woman—so I wouldn’t call myself a nonbinary woman exactly, but when I am a nonbinary girl I almost feel like a cis girl (I’m afab), but my genitals and body still never quite feel right, but I feel much better about having breasts and other things at that time (not that all nonbinary people experience dysphoria, but I was thinking this might help you understand to talk from my experience). No matter how close the designator woman I feel I’m not quite there, kind of like you might get super close to a particular shade of mauve on that color wheel but never be quite mauve. You might call it “dark mauve” or “purple mauve” or something—it’s still sort of mauve, but not quite…

Edit: So I wouldn’t define nonbinary as: people who are not a men or women, but rather, people who don’t fit the gender binary.

Hopefully that helps explain!

Ylem is btw, a blackbody, it absorbs light and is indescriptibly dark, darker than vantablack though often reflects light/shadows in hues of blue/pink. In fact usually active ylem can make a room go fairly cold in a matter of seconds, or hyper hot depending on whether the ylem is being used to project or retract energy (the user wills this) 

Crystallization takes many forms especially since it emulates the consciousness/mood of the user, but generally speaking–Chalkurite patterns look like this:

or an array of arteries branching out into antlers. It’s much more organic compared to like, Jauria crystallizing that looks more like tourmaline

edit.  I kind of meant to say that ylem emits bursts of light it absorbs, since it’s more like…a sentient mass than a regular blackbody, it tends to behave oddly

Title: Don’t Mean a Thing if He Ain’t Got That Swing

Pairing: SidLink

Tags: Fluff, plain straight fluff

A/N: This prompt is legit so adorable and I was so happy while writing it. Like Sidon’s head tail fin thing wagging is legit one of my favorite things and I’ve wanted to write a fic about it for a while now so thank you to @starburstz21 for requesting this! Also, the title is stupid but I can’t think of anything else XD

It’s also over on AO3 if you’d like to read it over there! I’m still taking prompts so send them my way if you got them! Comments, reblogs and kudos are much appreciated, thank you!!


The smell wafting up from the gently simmering pot was enough to make his mouth water. Humming softly to himself, he placed his hands on his hips, a content expression on his face, his gaze on the mess of brilliantly colored, delicious vegetables, fish and herbs cooking away, and distractedly bounced from one foot to another.

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A Problem

Or: Dorian Pavus and his struggles with the dreaded L Word. 7k-ish, spans pretty much all of Shield Raised. I… think I’m remixing my own fic. This is odd. (Also, marvellous as the “Mark as reading light” idea is, I’ve seen it in a couple of places and it is in no way original. It just seemed really enjoyably silly.)

“Didn’t know you had tattoos,” says a quiet voice, as Dorian’s unbuckling his sleeves and scrubbing, trying to get blood from the fight off his skin. Normally he’s matter-of-fact about the whole thing - he’s never been squeamish - but it’s somehow got through the leather. Blood and arm hair: never a good combination.

He looks to his side and sees the Herald - Gal - watching him with interest. He glances down, at the marks and glyphs on his arms. “Ah, no. Sigils, for focusing spells. Not like yours.” He brings the counterglyphs and a healing spell to mind, and wipes them away with a press of his hand. “They’re closer to… magical warpaint.”

Gal nods, and sits a few feet away, but close enough to be called next to him. “Interesting. Makes sense.”

Dorian senses the curious looks he’s getting, his skin prickling, but when he looks, Gal’s polishing his breastplate. The silence stretches, and he wonders why it’s quite so easy, and so comfortable, considering he’s only known the man a matter of days.

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Art Hoe Style Tip #3

Makeup Tips!!!

I think the three most common “art hoe” makeup looks (based on the tag) are:

1. All-Natural: the no-makeup look (or wearing just foundation or BB cream) is really popular, this is definitely the most low-maintenance look which makes it great for going out, working, school, or even just laying around ~

2. Winged Eyeliner: I love this look a lot, and once you get the hang of flicking out the wing it’s pretty easy! You can go with a classic black, or I actually really love using different colors like gold or royal blue for a more graphic touch <3

3. Bold Lip: whether it’s a few shades deeper than your natural color, or a vivid blue or purple, bold lip colors are fantastic! My favorites are the deep berry shades (:

I personally am NOT brave enough to rock a blue or black lip, but I love love love eye makeup; my go-to look is a pink and gold smoky eye with black eyeliner <3 Honestly though my #1 tip with this is to experiment and figure out what you like! There really aren’t any rules when it comes to makeup so, if it works for you, go for it!!

So I know people are excited for the Sibling Ryder bond and joke and play fight and tease and just doing typical sibling things.

But allow me to open your eyes to the joy of the Ryder sibs being the space manifestation of Jessie & James of team Rocket, since if you pre-order you get the space monkey who’s basically Meowth.

Just. The Ryder Sibs dramatically entering rooms before causing a scene and promptly being thrown out.

The Twins being literally blasted off in a fight.

Bro Ryder has pink hair and Sis blue even though Sis is more rough and tumble because Bro asked if he could have the pink dye instead.

Sis roundhousing anyone that talks smack about Bro while Bro verbally bashes them for picking on his sister.

Advising each other on clothes and romance.
Referring to Dad Ryder as ‘the Boss’.

Giving Meowth his own snarky voice.

Wearing like 3 costumes so they can do a wardrobe change at any moment.

Just, the Ryder Twins as this sassy and glamorous pair of space explorers is all I need.

The Twins coming up with an altered version of the Rocket Motto:

To protect the Tempest from devistation! To Unite all colonies within our quadrant! To denounce the evils of truth and love! To extend our reach to the systems beyond! Sara! Scott! Andromeda Initiative, blast off at the speed of light! Surrender now, or prepare to fight!
How I personally would change Steven Universe (LONG POST)

First off I would keep all of Season 2. The first two seasons are almost perfect minus some filler but over all it’s fine. After Same Old World would be Steven Floats and then the Lapis arc would begin.

Peridot would stay in the barn but turn it into a sort of lab. She learns about Earth there and repeatedly tries to make herself new limb enhancers (Maybe using the crystal gem star emblem). Lapis would refuse to stay with her so she ends up temporarily staying with Steven in the temple on the couch. The next episodes would be Drop Beat Dad and Mr. Greg just so Greg can become a millionaire for later and so Pearl’s Rose arc can finally end. Barn Mates would never happen and I would replace it with a Lapis arc similar to what Peridot got.

It would start with Alone at Sea. This sets up Lapis’s arc. The goal is to get Lapis comfortable around the gems and with herself so she can get to a position to confront Jasper confidently. Lapis sees her in AoS to assure her that Jasper is still out there.

After that would begin episodes where she spends time with each gem.

* An episode with Amethyst would come first. Since they share a similar sense of humor and Amethyst was not in the war, they get along fast. Lapis is then warmed up to the other gems but not as fast as with Amethyst.

*Then an episode with Pearl. Since Pearl is now an independent gem and has gotten over the loss of Rose, Pearl helps Lapis forgive herself for putting Steven in dangerous situations multiple times. Lapis and Pearl’s reckless mistakes are addressed.

*An episode with Garnet where she helps Lapis become more comfortable with fusion again. Maybe Ruby and Sapphire interact unfused to help Lapis see what a healthy relationship is supposed to be like?

After this is a bit of breather from Lapis before the pay off.

Too Short To Ride

Beach City Drift

Greg The Babysitter

Afterwards, the Jasper story would come in. 

Gem Hunt

Crack The Whip

Steven vs. Amethyst



Some changes though. Lapis would accompany Steven, Amethyst and Peridot. The beginning of Beta where they are at the barn shows Lapis begrudgingly warming up to Peridot (and some Amedot set up). They go to the Beta Kindergarten and Lapis finally confronts Jasper. They fight (Maybe Lapis has a little water pouch like Katara from Avatar or something) and Steven and Amethyst fuse to form Smokey Quartz. This is important for Lapis because she sees two gems fuse to better eachother and overcome their own insecurities. 

Know Your Fusion takes place showing that there can basically be infinite rooms in the temple so Lapis gets one. Maybe they also explain the temple’s heart and that plays a part in making rooms for gems that aren’t fusions of Ame, Garnet, Pearl or Rose. At this point, Lapis is developed and can be squared away for other episodes.

The New Lars

Monster Reunion

(A Peridot episode where she finally builds new limb enhancers)

Hit The Diamond

All the gems would be at Peridot’s barn lab anyways.

Next would come Bismuth. Now I actually think this episode is great and can stay largely the same. Maybe with some more dialogue from the gems at the end. Plus it would get Steven doubting Rose but Bismuth assuring him that he is his own person. 

Back To the Moon


So to recap Season 3. Lapis was freed and developed. She confronted Jasper and had her misdeeds addressed along with Pearl. Pearl is over Rose. Rubies are introduced. Peridot studies Earth in her lab and keeps her personality from Season 2. She develops new Limb Enhancers that also help maximize her metal bending powers. Steven is now doubting if Rose was as perfect as the people around him say she was.

Onto Season 4.

Buddy’s Book

Mindful Education

Last One Out of Beach City

Three Gems and a Baby

(Put the filler the Crewniverse loves so much here)

(Pearl and Mystery Girl date episode with Steven, Peridot and Amethyst spying. Amedot side story. Mystery Girl changes her hair style and color and either it works out anyways and they get along or Pearl leaves because she realizes that she only liked her because she looked like Rose)

Garnet Episode not focused on fusion

Steven’s Dream. 

In Steven’s Dream, Peridot flies them to Korea in the Ruby ship just to establish that she IS the pilot.  Peridot stays behind though as Greg and Steven explore Korea and see Blue Diamond. Blue Diamond is also much more cold and scary looking until she is actually seen mourning by Greg. Just to explain BD, she has an admiration of humans that comes from Pink Diamond and she has a sensitive side (hence her mourning PD) but is still a cold calculated tyrant when her guard isn’t down. 

Adventures in Light Distortion

Gem Heist

The Zoo. The Zoo isn’t portrayed as a utopia though but more as a scary… well… human zoo. The humans have basically no free will as they have just been following this voice their whole life like they’re brain dead. It isn’t pleasant. 

That Will Be All. The Gems need to know that the Diamonds could begin abducting Earthlings for info on the gems by the end of the episode.

Storm in the Room. Here’s the main thing here. Make Steven see how bs it is when Rose mentions the tape. He needs to accept that his mother had secrets and was no better than Bismuth. 

Steven unbubbles Bismuth and demands answers from her and the Crystal Gems. The episode is mostly flashbacks. Very plot heavy and Steven is determined to be better than Rose but still do what he has to do when the Diamonds come and treat them like a real threat. It is made clear that the Diamonds aren’t like other gems they’ve faced and won’t just become good. Bismuth begins to become less radical as she realizes that she hurt Steven because of it.  

So Steven, Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl, Peridot, Bismuth and Lapis are preparing for the Diamonds. 

I think this order gives character plenty of development and resolves plot threads like Mystery Girl and Bismuth. 

EDIT: Fixed some words. i was kinda sleepy >.>


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