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151010 MONSTA X tripping and falling in the slippery stage outdoors

Please watch this! Monsta X were performing at an outdoor stage after it rained at the MBC Music Prime Concert. The floor was so slippery that they fell to the floor many times :(  Amidst all this, they managed to stay so professional and were still smiling after they got up and continued performing for the audience!


1:04 ; 1:25 (Fell to the floor), 1:31, 1:55, 2:11, 2:20, 2:44 (Jooheon picked him up after falling, and you can hear him say ‘Ahhh!’), 3:16 (Hyungwon nearly fell, but wonho held him)


0:23, 1:03, 1:07, 3:13


Hopefully they were given proper treatment and rest after injuries that may have been caused due to this.