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You need a question? I've got one. So when Rick flips Michonne to the floor of the van, who's leading the thrusting hip alignment. In the gifs, it looks like Rick is pulling her into him from the lower back. However, before that, it's Michonne who plants her foot and starts to buck into him. So, I feel like she the more thirsty one in that sequence. What do you think?

Oh my gosh, I noticed how she planted her foot too, @wontlasttwodays! She was definitely as thirsty as Rick was, even more so because she didn’t even get her shirt all the way off. But then again, he couldn’t wait and started kissing her tummy! Why are they like this? LOL

Let me study the scene a few more times and get back to you with the scientific findings!

Thanks! :)


“listen..our commander on the Kerberos mission was the smartest man i’ve ever met. And he always said:

If you get too worried about what could go wrong, you might miss a chance to do something right.

Cassandra Cain for Batman 2k15

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why does no one ever talk about how creative and awesome the credit animations for Homecoming are? like, for most Marvel movies I was sorta bored watching until the credit scene. I think with this they really realized that people are much more likely to stay through a long credit sequence for that one scene if they actually enjoy watching. I mean, my sister and I were singing and dancing along to Blitzkrieg Bop the whole time! those animations were so fun and sugar-popish and really fit the film

yes!! i love the credit animations they were so cool