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Vernon/OFC: Blind Date

Genre: Fluff/Romance

Word Count: 1057

Characters: Hansol Vernon Chwe/Original Female, Hoshi, mentions of Boo

Summary: Hoshi and Seungkwan set their two favorite people on a blind date.

It’s all set up for you, just go show off your sexy self and slay this guy.

Hoshi, I don’t have sex appeal.

Then just go ahead and be the usual adorable lil’ pumpkin you are.

I hate you.

Don’t forget, curfew is at 10:10!

She sighed, throwing her phone in her bag, wishing she was home curled up with her blanket and her favorite movie. Waiting in the lobby of a fancy restaurant for a guy she didn’t know, it felt incredibly silly now that she was actually doing it. But she did owe Hoshi, and it wouldn’t be fair to her date, even if it was only partially unwilling. Folding and unfolding her hands, she took a deep breath as she tried to scan the restaurant as discretely as possible without looking too desperate.

“Um,” she heard a voice stammer from behind. “Is that a hibiscus?”

Oh, hello.

He looked incredibly uncomfortable in his tweed navy trousers and white button up (with the first two buttons tastefully undone), but he definitely looked good. His hair was graham cracker colored, looking fuzzy and fried over his caramel brown eyes. In both hands, he clutched a small bouquet of flowers.

“I don’t really know much about flowers.” he went on, rolling the bundle in his palms as if he were talking to himself. “But they’re pink and yours is pink and well I don’t know if you’re the girl I’m looking for… but if you are that’d be great.”

She couldn’t help but break into a smile because of how adorable this guy was being. Her hands consciously thumbed the orchid colored hibiscus in her hair, and she nodded. “I think I’m your girl.”

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The dream team right here: classiczilch as the adventurer, insufficientmage as the time traveler, and yours truly as the scientist. 

Everyone should go play doublefine’s new game The Cave because it’s never not a good time to continue turning your best friends into your best frenemies. 

Also my name is in the credits! I screamed when I saw my name, thank you so much for being amazing doublefine and especially Allison!! ♡♡♡