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All of the angry anti-radfem stuff that I see about periods has lately been bothering me. I’ve been in my bed today, with heating pads and ibuprofen, trying to distract myself from my uterus twisting around, and I’ve been giving it some thought.

A few days ago I saw someone say that older radfems “teach younger women to drink period blood”. I see complains about uterus artwork, about women who use period blood in their wiccan/witchcraft rituals, women being asked not to speak about their periods as women, and of course women describing vulvas as a “nightmare of flesh”. We’re accusing of reducing ourselves to genitalia, of being obsessed with our periods, told that nobody is oppressed because of their menstrual cycle (sometimes, of course, they add “in America”, as if female oppression is something else we’ve outsourced).

My mom told me that, when she was a kid, she didn’t wrap up a tampon enough when she threw it in the trash. Her dad called her in and hit her because “her brothers could have seen”. She tells me that one of the first times she fell in love with my dad was when she found out he kept tampons in his bathroom “just in case”. 

I remember being told that I couldn’t use the bathroom once in middle school, as I had already gone that class. My friend gave me a sweatshirt to tie around my waist after I bled through my pants. 

I remember in gym class, when we went out to run, trying to explain to my male teacher that I couldn’t run because I was on my period. He told me that I didn’t have a sick note and that telling him was inappropriate. I threw up on the track.

When I talk to doctors about my irregular periods, they tell me I must use hormonal birth control. We don’t have any medications that weren’t made to make women sexually available. The “period” you get on birth control is withdrawal from hormones. Nobody tells me for years that hormonal birth control doesn’t mix with mood disorders. Five doctors put me on this routine. Each time I go crazy. When I refuse with the last doctor, tell her I can’t do it again, she tells me to “grow up”.

My period hurts, hurts more than it should, with PCOS. My grandmother had it, had surgery after surgery like many women in her family, to remove ovaries bit by bit. They wouldn’t take them all out at first because, the doctors said, they might want to give birth. My grandmother calls it “her cancer”, because that’s how the doctor described it to her.

I know a woman who passed out in class. The teacher called an ambulance, and when they got there and she woke up she was mortified. She had endometriosis and she was angry that others had seen her in pain. I read later that cramps can be more painful than a heart attack. 

I ask if I can postpone a meeting at a job until the next day. My co-worker asks if I am PMSing because I’ve been so grumpy all day. I go to the restroom and vomit, because the nausea from my period is so awful. I miss days sometimes because I can’t make it out of bed.

So when I see positivity about periods, when I see people trying to make art about this thing we have in common, when I see women talking about ways to make their period more comfortable, when I see the stitched pads they make, when I see people who can view the period as somehow divine, I truly do appreciate it. It isn’t gross, or awful. What’s gross and awful is telling us to be silent, not letting us learn, not making accommodations, the idea that this is a thing that we have to actively hide.

I don’t think those things are “glorifying” periods, but so what if they are? I think that taking something that hurts and making it into something positive and beautiful is incredible. I think that accepting ourselves as we are and finding ways to love that are some of the best things we can do in life.

So, as I lay here, in a lot of pain, I just want to say thanks for all the talk about menstruation. I love your uterus art. I love the things that I’ve learned from women about menstruation–why we have periods and how that relates to our bodies avoiding pregnancy, what normal periods should look like, signs and symptoms of gynecological disorders, and how to use menstrual products that are less toxic to our bodies.

Our periods shouldn’t have a stigma, and we should remember that we aren’t alone. Cheers, and I hope all of you have a great day today :)

Good enough - G-EAZY IMAGINE

I’m like hey what’s up hello people! Here I am again, with another imagine based on this vine and a situation that happened to me not a long time ago. So, enjoy, fellas and remember, the requests are always open! Dedicated to one of my best buddy Domenica, love you!  M xxx


Summary: You are with your boyfriend Gerald and you are watching vines and you watch one in particular that catches your eye.

Warnings: Cursing (duh), fluff and pure sexiness


It was a late Friday night and you were bored. Gerald, your boyfriend of a few months, was in your shared room, playing Black Ops 3 when you were in the kitchen, cooking dinner for you two. Mac and cheese was simmering in a pot and you were on a chair near the counter, watching vines on your computer. You couldn’t help it; you looked up G-Eazy edit, because yes, you were a proud fangirl. As a matter of fact, you met G at a concert, you were in the VIP section and you had a meet and greet after. He told you that you were the prettiest girl he ever saw and he fell in love with you. 

Scrolling vine after vine, you didn’t pay attention, till you heard something that interested you. You lifted your head and saw an edit of Gerald, showing his jawline. The song was smooth and sexy and you liked it immediately. You watched  the edit multiple times until you could recite the lyrics by heart. Yes, G had a very sharp jawline, but it was a part of him and you didn’t specifically pay attention to it. Till now.

You needed advice. If you were good enough for your very handsome boyfriend. You called your best friend, Domenica, because she was wise (or not) and she would know the truth. 

“Hey Y/N! What’s up?”

“okay Domen, I have a problem. I just saw a vine that was like really good and I need your advice.”

“damn it looks important”

“do you think I’m good enough for G? Like, you know, he’s so handsome, talented and popular and I just don’t know what he thinks about me. I’m just a normal fangirl, you know, nothing special. I don’t have a talent or an ability. Thousands of girls are better than me, why did he choose me? He could have Beyonce, for all I know.”

“Are you kidding me? Cheer the fuck up! You’re super pretty, intelligent and you are very clever. Why the heck do you think you’re in one of the best university of the world with HONORS, for Christ’s sake. Also, why did he choose you if you think he can have any other girl? Because you’re the best. That’s why, bae.”

“If I wasn’t straight, I would date you. Like let’s be lesbians for a day and I can kiss you,” you said laughing.

“yeah yeah, one day. Hey I gotta go, I have an ice skating competition, I’ll text you, okay?”

“Sure, good luck and I love you!” you happily said.

“M’kay bye!” she hung up.

Honestly, she helped you get over so many bad stuff that happened and you were so grateful for her. She was like a sister to you. One more time, she convinced you that really, you were good enough fo anybody and you were a boss ass bitch. No, you had to check something with G.

“Baby! Can you come here for two seconds?” you screamed at your boyfriend.

You heard shuffling and muffled “yeah, I’ll come back later Marty”, then you spotted him going down the stairs, wearing a black tee-shirt and grey sweatpants. You were so lucky to have him. 

“What’s going on babe? Did you burn something? Did you *laughs* burn the mac and cheese?” he asked laughing and looking around the kitchen.

“no, you little fucker, I’m a pro.” you answered, punching his arm.

“hey, I’m just askin’ ”

Cutting him off, you turned around the counter, sitting on it and guiding him to you, to stand between your legs. You took his chin in your hand, turning his head to the side and examining his jawline. You let your fingers glide on the smooth skin, going up in his jet-black hair.

“What’s going on? Who were you talking to?” he softly asked, humming at your actions.

“Domenica. I had a very important question to ask her. She is awesome, you know. I fucking love her.”

He looked fake hurt, putting a hand on his chest like you attacked him.

“I’m hurt, baby. You love her more than me, don’t you?”

“no, I don’t. Now, I saw a vine and woo, my ovaries took a hit,” you mumbled, lightly kissing his lips and brushing his hair with your fingers. 

You tugged lightly, knowing it drove him crazy. 

“Don’t start something you can’t finish, Y/N” he growled.

“Shut up and kiss me.”

“I fucking love you, you know that? I heard what you said on the phone. I wouldn’t be with anyone else baby. Just you.” he said murmured, making your heart swell with love.

You kissed him hard. You fucking loved him too.


Now little A/N: girl or boy, if you are reading this, you are worth it and you deserve the world, the moon and all the stars in the sky. You may not feel it, but there is a crown on your head, cause you are a fucking queen/king. YOU GOOOO. 

I love it when...

Artists like their fans content ;-; it honestly inspires me when artist that influence me put a like on something I’ve made 💜💜💜 it honestly uplifts me and I never forget it 🖤

For example

I’ve met my fave band Crystal Castles before and gave them fanart in person and they were so kind to me and I’ve also uploaded fanart that they’ve liked and it honestly inspired me to want to keep going.

During my Samurai Jack phase Phil Lamarr liked one of my pieces on twitter and that made my entire month!

When Stevegabry, the creator of Sally Face liked my rough sally face sketches My heart warmed up!

And mostly recently when Bethdavid, co-creator of In a Heartbeat gave one of my sherwin x Jonathan pieces a like I almost cried.

I genuinely look up to and appreciate artists who are kind enough to look and leave a like at content their fans produce because maybe they don’t know it, but in a way their simple gesture has more influence then they realize.

Thank you for inspiring me and for being so kind ;-; 💜

anonymous asked:

I 99.9% sure no ones asked this but why do you also talk in the tags/hashtags?

Because it’s fun (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

I actually think it’s a little strange when people don’t talk in the tags, like don’t you want to add commentary? Are you human or a robot? Who are you???? Tags are great insight into thoughts and opinions or funny comments. So sure you can tag “Derek Hale” but isn’t it more fun to also put “my favorite broody marshmallow” or “derek what are you even wearing in this gif” “stop this” “my ovaries can’t handle your thumbhole sweater this early in the morning” “hhnghhh” “julie needs to get off tumblr and draw”