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GOD i am fucking living right now!!!! literally nothing is gonna bring me down!!!

John boyega kicked ants’ asses, kylo looking redeemable af in that poster and that trailer, rey looks so badass, more pics of rose, finns gonna be so well-rounded as a character, 

i got accepted into my top college choice, turns out one of my childhood games is coming back like club penguin rewritten did, its my best friend’s and my anniversary today, opening night for my school play is tonight, and EVERYTHING IS FUCKING AMAZING


One Hell of a Lucky Guy

Steroline (sort of?) AU future fic - prompt what if Caroline meet one of Stefan’s doppelgangers in the future. Chapters: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

Chapter 7

Paul opens the door and Caroline didn’t need her heightened hearing to notice his heart beating faster or the audible gasp he tries to hide the second he lays eyes on her. She decides to stand there at first just enjoying the affect she was having on him before interrupting his daze “you know it’s a good thing I’ve already been invited in” she says with a little tile of her head as she maneuvers around him through the door.

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Cinema Cisco

Chapter Four

Get ready, this is a big one. A real dream come true. Everyone said it was a bad idea. Caitlin, Barry, all of them. Oh well. You ready?

Cinema Cisco. BOOM. It finally happened. The first moderately successful movie night in the Pipeline. And it was the Weather Wizard’s first night too! Damn, I’m good. So, I’ve tried to rig up monitors in the cells like a million times but The Mist kept trying to kill me and Prism kept trying to whammy me. I mean, cut a guy some slack. I’m trying to give ya some entertainment, people. This time, though, I recruited a really cool, teleporting lady. Maybe you know her? Peek-a-boo (Shawna!) - I promised she could have peanut M&Ms in her popcorn if she would be my lookout while I set the scarier ones screens up. Btw, ew. M&Ms? I’m all about that sour patch and popcorn mix.

The screens were up, the metas all in their respective cells, it was almost perfect until Mr. Handsome Weather Wizard started boohooing my movie choice. Who doesn’t dig The Goonies? Chunk, Data, Mama Fratelli, Sloth!!! Murderous meta-humans. WW riled em up, screaming for a vote. I think he’s just bummed Barry caught him in what, like, three minutes? Not impressed.

But I still asked what Shawna would vote for. “Not the Goonies,” she said. My heart is broken. She went on that the movie doesn’t stand the test of time. I almost snagged back her popcorn. I’m out of love and… I’m back in. Yeah, I’m easy. All she had to do was offer me a seat and a bite of her popcorn concoction. Honestly, it wasn’t that bad.

I paused the movie with a plan. I didn’t want the movie night to be another disaster and the Weather Wizard wouldn’t shut his pie hole so I’d let them think they were choosing the film. All I had to do was stack the odds in The Goonies favor. They could choose between Goonies, Mean Girls, the Godfather part III, and Pearl Harbor. Easy, right? Nope. They chose Mean Girls. Literally, every single one of them. Prism drew an explanation point as well as a very detailed rendering of me holding a piece of the tiara from the ending. I left him for like two seconds, tops! Oh, and I’m definitely hanging this in my living room. I look powerful.

I popped the movie in, prepared for more mayhem and hijinks from the metas, but instead a magical thing happened – everyone was silent, engaged, and dare I say happy. The best part was after Mean Girls, when I did my usual rounds, no one tried to murder me. Now I just gotta figure out the next movie choice. Was Tina Fey the key to their viewing pleasure or was it Lindsay Lohan? Should I try to stream that Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt show or whack them with a double dose of Lohan in the Parent Trap? Either way, Cinema Cisco will return.

Till next time, remember - 

finasol  asked:

Did you like Fates or Awakening more?

As far as story goes, I believe Fates has more to offer.  But as for characters, I’m much more attached to Awakening.  I guess its because I really like Robin’s understanding of the situation (tacticians for life) and being really level headed compared to Corrin.  Corrin is more naive and too innocent. XD;;  Although, I think people can relate more to Corrin because s/he is flawed compared to Robin.

And in Awakening the choices given to you to pick are much more heart wrenching.  We have Lucina’s judgement, our choice of death, your faith in Naga’s power to help kill Grima, etc.  In Fates, the only choices I remember from the top of my head was to either let Shura live or die and choosing sides.  I dunno, but that’s just me. ;w;

But don’t get me wrong~!  I love Fates too!  But if I had to choose, I’d pick Awakening over Fates.  I’m sure it’s different for others though.  What about you guys?  Did you guys enjoy Fates more than Awakening or vice versa?  I’d love to hear your opinions~! <3

PS. Although, I enjoy drawing Corrin over Robin because of the armor. XDDDD;;;;;

anonymous asked:

what are your top 5 LoK episodes, besides Korra Alone and Beginnings (the obvious top 2)?

You know, I’m not convinced Beginnings is in my Top 5, which is funny because it ranked #1 in my Book 2 Rankings. This might be weird; I think it was objectively the best of the season and what was needed to focus everything, but when I think about “top” episodes, it’s more of like, what are evocative to me, and what do I just enjoy the most, full-stop. “Korra Alone” is #1 though, not even a question.

I’m thinking, and this isn’t in any order:

  • Long Live the Earth Queen
  • The Aftermath
  • Operation Beifong
  • The Last Stand (a little hard to separate this from Day of Colossus in my mind)
  • Rebirth

This was a HARD choice though, because there’s so many things I love about Book 3, and then just so many wonderful moments (like the end of Book 2). But I can at least somewhat justify these choices.

Aww thanks for asking my dude ! :D

65: Give me your top 5 favourite blogs on Tumblr.

It ain’t that hard :

1. @kazliin

2. @captain-erwinmerica

3. @rikichie

4. @n3rdlif343va

5. @tillsunbeamsfindyou

68: What do you think is Satan’s last name?

I don’t know… Satan is not really an entity but more like, our bad side ? The ones that put ourselves down, make us take bad choices ect… and since it’s not a living bieng, it can’t have a last name ?

I mean, it all depends, because in our lives, we can know someone who is Satan for us ?

Overboard - Stiles Imagine

Rating: G

Warning: FLUFFINESS!!!!

Summary: You are sick. Your boyfriend, Stiles, decides skip school and take care of you.

Word Count: 638

“(Y/n)! You are not answering your phone, and I know the answering machine is in your room, so I called the landline. Anyway! You’re kinda worrying me right now. Please, please, please, call me back.”

You sighed. You were absolutely, horribly, terribly sick. Your boyfriend, Stiles, has called you thirty-two times.

All of me loves all of you.

Make that thirty-three. That was your ringtone for Stiles. You groaned. You did not feel like getting out of bed. Your phone was so far away on the other side of the room. You reached out your arm, wishing you had the Force or something.

Sorry, whoever called me. That was the landline. I am currently away or just don’t wanna leave my bed. Leave a message if you want.

“(Y/n)! Seriously, you are starting to worry me!”


You groaned and dragged yourself out of bed. You took your landline phone and answered, “Stiles.”

“Are you ok?!”

“I’m fine, Stiles.”

“You don’t sound ok. Are you sick?”


“I’m coming over!”

Before you could remind him that he needed to go to school today, he hung up. You groaned. You crawled back into bed and closed your eyes. You loved Stiles; you really do. However, when you get sick, he tends to go a little overboard.

You swear it has only been two, three tops, minutes when Stiles comes into your house, shouting, “(Y/n)!”

“Up here!” You coughed right after. It hurt to shout.

Stiles bounded up the stairs. “No talking. You sound really bad.” Your boy friend sat on your bed. “But don’t worry! I have some good frozen yogurt and I brought movies! I have Stars Wars, all six, we also have some cartoon Batman, live action Batman, Spiderman, Avengers. All the good stuff.” Each item he listed, he pulled out of his backpack. “I hope you like my choices. I could get, more of course. You know, if you want. You want popcorn?”

You opened your mouth to say something.

“Never mind that. No talking with that sore throat of yours. Anyway, is it a cold? What are the symptoms? Do you have a headache? Do you need medicine?” He paused and stared at you. “It must have been because we were in the rain yesterday with that blue-clawed, talon thing.” He groaned. “I should’ve given you my plaid shirt or something or-”

You placed you hand on his. “Stiles,” you croaked, “I’ll be ok.”

He looked at your hand on his and grinned a little. “Don’t you worry one bit, (Y/n). I’ll take care of you the entire time you’re sick. Oh, unless your parents come home and see-”

You shook your head. “School, Stiles.”

“Ok, (Y/n). The way I look at it is that both of us have no school, time with each other, and movies. Now what could beat that? Plus, you are more important than school.” He beamed. “Everyone wins! Teachers don’t have to deal with me. We have Stiles and (Y/n) time, and we have no work to do.” Stiles paused. “I should cook you soup!” Your boyfriend stood up and waved his hands around extravagantly. “I’ll make your favorite! It’ll be piping hot chicken soup with some chopped up vegetables and chicken and everything!”

As he walked out your bedroom door, you asked, “Do you know how to make soup, Stiles?”

There was a pause of silence. Your boyfriend stuck his head into your room. “What about some Ramen?”

You gave him a thumbs-up.

Stiles smiled. “I love you, (Y/n).”

“I love you, too, Stiles.”

He beamed. He loved hearing that. He stayed there for a while just smiling at you. Stiles gasped. “Ramen!” He rushed downstairs.

You shook your head. You know, Stiles going overboard wasn’t really as bad as you thought.

Nick Jonas: ‘I Love My Gay Fans!’

In September, partiers on New York’s gay club circuit were treated to an unexpected sight: Nick Jonas, performing “Jealous,” the sexy hit single from his self-titled solo debut (due Nov. 10 on Island) and flashing his abs in a mini-strip tease.

“I love my gay fans!” exclaims the 22-year-old former Jonas Brothers star, weeks after he pulled the stunt at Manhattan clubs Up & Down and BPM. “All my gay friends were thanking me for having gone out there as a heterosexual male. I don’t see it that much – more people should do it.”

Oh, how the littlest JoBro has grown. Jonas and his brothers Joe, 25, and Kevin, 27, came up with a golden generation of Disney Channel babies that includes ex-girlfriend Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez, not to mention the whole High School Musical gang. But that age of curly-haired innocence is long gone now.

“It feels like a different life,” says Jonas. “I fell on the Disney Channel two months ago, and it was like a whole new world. It was just like, 'Wow. The journey ahead for all of you…’ ”

Jonas’ journey has taken some turns recently, ones that were impossible to predict back in his tween-heartthrob days. In 2013 the Jonas Brothers split; now, with his self-titled solo debut and “Jealous,” which is at No. 28 on the Billboard Hot 100 dated Nov. 15, Jonas has left his teenybopper days behind, transforming into an sultry soul-pop man, part Miguel, part Justin Timberlake. Of course, it helps that Jonas isn’t bad to look at: The singer, who’s diabetic, has been showing off the buff bod he honed to play a mixed-martial-arts fighter in his gritty new series Kingdom (currently airing on DirecTV). But over lunch at a bistro in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood, Jonas – dressed in a black-and-white flannel shirt and black skinny jeans – looks more unassuming than the crotch-grabbing, butt-crack-flashing hunk who channeled Mark Wahlberg’s iconic Calvin Klein underwear ads in a buzzed-about Flaunt magazine shoot in October.

“I sent the pictures to my parents the day I did the shoot,” says the singer, who still looks somewhat boyish in person. “My dad was like, 'You know you got that from me, right?’ He was proud more than anything.”

Befitting his new studly status, Jonas now has a beauty-queen girlfriend in Olivia Culpo, 22 – the 2012 Miss USA and Miss Universe – who appears in the “Jealous” video and inspired the song. “We were at a bar, and this guy kept staring at her, [for] uncomfortably long,” explains Jonas. “The next day I went in the studio and started [thinking] about the night before. It was like, 'That’s the song we need to write today!’ The song wrote itself. It was done within an hour.”

But breaking up the Jonas Brothers – who sold 4.5 million albums, according to Nielsen SoundScan, and landed 17 Hot 100 hits before splitting with their longtime label, Disney’s Hollywood Records, in 2012 – was much more complicated. The trio planned a comeback album and tour, but canceled both – the latter just two days before it was supposed to start in November 2013. “There is a deep rift within the band,” their spokesman told People at the time. “There was a big disagreement over their musical direction.”

It turns out that Nick prompted the disagreement. “The moment for me came last summer,” says Jonas, who had previously ventured from the JoBros in a side project with The Administration on 2010’s Who I Am, which hinted at the R&B flavor of his new album. “I had to have a conversation to tell them where my head was at. I felt limited. I just wasn’t feeling like we were vibing together anymore, and thought that our relationship as brothers might get complicated if we continued on that path. It was a tough conversation, of course, and it was a couple days of picking up the pieces. But once communication opened up and we started talking, we realized everyone felt the same way.”

Now, while Nick is taking off with “Jealous,” Kevin will star in the upcoming season of Celebrity Apprentice; Joe has been DJ'ing and hitting the fashion circuit, co-hosting Fashion Rocks Live’s 2014 backstage show. Is there any brotherly jealousy of Nick’s musical success? “Honestly, I don’t know,” says Jonas, speaking in measured tones. “I feel like they’re excited for me. I’ve played them the music, and they seem to like it. Any time you transition out of one thing to another, there are moments of complication, but I have respect for them and the way they’ve supported me, because I know that it’s tough.”

This isn’t the first time he has walked alone. Before the New Jersey-raised family band formed, an 11-year-old Jonas was signed as a solo artist to Sony Music Group by David Massey, who is now president of Jonas’ label, Island Records. “The first call that I got after my brothers and I closed that chapter was Massey,” recalls Jonas. “It’s pretty wild that we’re back together again after so much time.”

From the very beginning, Massey saw something special in the precocious Jonas, who began singing in Broadway musicals including Les Miserables and Beauty and the Beast at age 6: “He was like a little grown man when he was 11. He was already such an old soul.” And Massey has big plans for his artist’s future: “I see him being a staple male global superstar like Justin Timberlake or George Michaelwas in the '80s. There haven’t been enough of those complete-package superstars on the male side. Nick is a triple threat: He’s a real singer, he’s a real songwriter and musician, and he’s a great actor.”

Despite growing up in the spotlight, Jonas has so far not gotten into any real trouble, making his metamorphosis even more startling. No Justin Bieber bad behavior from him – well, at least not in public. “I’ve had my drunk nights with people I love who protect me, so there’s that,” he admits. “Earlier in life I carried this pressure – a lot of people were affected by my decisions. But I realized that was a really unhealthy way to live because you have to make some bad choices and do some dumb shit to know who you are. So I just said, 'I’m going to live my life and have fun.’ ”

Which is presumably why Jonas is now more likely to be seen dancing on top of a bar between two male dancers in their underwear than singing sweetly on the Disney Channel. “There has been an effort in all of this next phase to do things I wouldn’t have done in the past,” he says. “It’s the right moment in my life for all this. I feel free.”


Home Sick: part two

I called in this morning and then turned on my out of office, and set my phone on do not disturb. I don’t even care if anyone calls, I was dying when I woke up this morning. I took two powerful cold pills, some advil, and then lay down on the couch. After a day of constant tea, water, and sipping some chicken broth for lunch, I am starting to feel a little more human and a little less like a walking infection. This is the first day this week my head has been clear and it’s disgusting outside, so I don’t even want to test it out by venturing outside of the apartment. But I definitely needed the rest day. 

Tomorrow, we’re going to look at not one, not two, but three INCREDIBLE converted mill/warehouse lofts closer to Nate’s work. The commute is over an hour each way for him each day right now, and after realizing that neither of us has lived in our top choice towns for house buying, we decided to move and test the towns out a bit while we house hunt. 

I just want this fevery feeling to break so I don’t hate everything tomorrow. 

What the signs will never say
  • Aries: lets go fishing!
  • Taurus: this takes so much more effort than the other choice but yeah lets do this
  • Gemini: i hate social media
  • Cancer: i dont own any stuffed animals
  • Leo: i like cheap stuff
  • Virgo: i like the colors orange and green together
  • Libra: i want to have a fight just for fun
  • Scorpio: small talk is the best thing ever
  • Sagittarius: i want to live in the same city my whole live
  • Capricorn: i love valentines day SO MUCH
  • Aquarius: my favorite music? the current top 10 of course!
  • Pisces: love is for weak people
Punk!Michael HOCO-oh no (part 13)



written by: Sam 
Edited on May 5, 2016

Part 13 in our mini punk!michael series. A slight misunderstanding causes Sonia and Michael’s first fight.

word count: 3.1k

She’ll always be too innocent for her own good.

I’m sat on her bed, my black clothing a dark contrast to her white bedspread, as she finishes getting ready in the bathroom connected to her bedroom. The 1975’s cover of What Makes You Beautiful was flowing through the speakers on her dock on the other side of her room. We’re going to a school dance tonight, and this is the first time I’ve seen Sonia relaxed as she gets ready. There wasn’t supposed to be a ton of people going, so she was probably just excited that she wouldn’t be in a crowded room as normal. I can hear her zip up her makeup bag before she swings the door open, revealing herself to me after leaving me alone for 45 minutes. 2 months of dating this girl and I’m still so surprised she would pick someone like me. My eyes scan down her body, taking in her attire. She’s wearing a long-sleeved black dress that ends just above mid thigh, and it’s hugging her in all the right places. I panic as I feel my pants get a bit tighter. She sways over to me, unintentionally moving her hips to the beat of the song and I visibly gulp. “You ready to go, babe?” She asks me. She has no clue what she’s doing. “Mike?” She calls out to me when I don’t answer and I smile at the name. “Why are you looking at me like that?” She asks. She’s been calling me Mike lately, and she doesn’t even understand how much it means to me that I get to hear it again. She doesn’t even notice herself saying it anymore, and I’m so in love with her.

“Nothing, love.” I smile as she stands in the middle of my legs as I’m still sat on her bed, my hands coming to the back of her legs, my head level with her neck as I leave small kisses on her collarbones, pecking her lips before pulling aside the sleeve on her dress and marking her just above her boob, fixing the dress once I’m done.

“And what was that for?” She asks, an amused smile on her face.

“Just in case you forget who you belong to tonight.” I respond, smirking. She smiles and I run my hands lightly over her ass and hold onto her hips, pulling her into me and kissing her. The song switches to If You Wanted A Song Written About You, All You Had To Do Was Ask by Mayday Parade, pulling us out of our sensual mood.

“We should probably get going now, babe.” She says, walking over to shut off the music.

“Yeah… Can I just ask you something, though?” I say, taking in how amazing her backside looks as she faced away from me.

“What is it?” she asks me, smiling, walking back to our previous position, her standing between my legs.

“Just… try not to leave my side tonight, alright?” I say, her face going from amused to confused.

“Why?” She asks.

“I just… I don’t want you out of my sight, can you do that for me?” I ask, my face scrunched in worry. Her… attire… is completely opposite of her normal skinny jeans and top, and granted she looks fucking amazing in that as well, but this is more likely to… turn heads. And I’m more likely to snap some necks.

We leave her room, walking down her large staircase to get down to the living room, holding her hip as she walks down in her red-bottomed black heels. I’m used to her father’s whole curfew speech at this point, but I’m exceptionally worried once he sees his little girl tonight. He stands up from his spot on the spotless couch, looking in distaste, as usual, at my choice of hair color for this month, a bright green that stained Sonia’s fingers. Upon asking her why she was complaining about it, because I mean, she helps me every other time when I dye it, she said this color made her hands look like an ogre. Trying to keep my face serious but utterly failing, I pulled her into me and said “We make the cutest Shrek and Fiona, then.” To which she pushed me away, giggling about how I was so cheesy it was disgusting.

I’m brought back from my thoughts when I see her dad’s eyes practically pop out of their sockets. As she wasn’t really paying attention, because we get this speech every time we go out, he looked from her dress to me and back again. I couldn’t really say anything, only just shrug and give him an incredulous look like what am I supposed to do, I can’t say she looks bad and he pops his eyebrows up as if he’s asking me for help. God help us both.

Before he can actually say anything however, her mom bustles into the living room holding a digital camera in hand. Sonia groans at the sight. “Mom, no.” she practically whines.

“Now, none of that.” Mrs. Melo gives her daughter a pointed look. “This is the first time you’ve gone to one of these dances and I am not missing an photo opportunity.” She puts on a smile and turns to look at me. “Michael do you mind taking the picture?”

I shake my head. “No ma’am, not at all.” I answer politely, wrapping my arm around my girl. Sonia pinches my side in annoyance for agreeing to take the picture, but looks at her mom and smiles for the camera. 

Once the flash goes off Sonia’s mom smiles even wider, and puts the camera down. “Alright, perfect!” She looks at the picture through the tiny screen on the camera, and looks back up at her daughter. “But Sonia honey, pull your dress down some more you don’t want to be too revealing.” Sonia groans, but does as her mother requested; as always. She gives her mother a hug goodbye, and Mrs. Melo gives me a friendly smile and wave goodbye, and we turn to her father.

“Take care of her tonight, kid.” He says simply, Sonia’s face confused as to why we didn’t get “the speech,” and I just nod and say “Yes sir,” and I have to practically lift her into my truck because she’s wearing a dress.

Upon reaching the dance, we find Calum, Ashton and Luke, and Calum’s girlfriend Samantha, who’s become awfully close to Sonia in the past couple of months. We all take up one round table in the decorated high school gym, Sonia perched sideways on my lap as I hold her waist with one hand and the inside of her thigh with another, as if she’ll fly away if I let her go. The looks guys are giving her are absolutely disgusting.

A jock whistles at her as he walks by the group, interrupting our conversation. If looks could kill, that boy would have his head cut off right now. But she doesn’t even look fazed and kisses my neck where the vein is protruding and whispers in my ear, “It doesn’t matter who looks at me, Michael. I came here with you and I’m leaving with you.” My tensed muscles relax at this, and I can feel my pants tighten. When was the last time I had sex? Four months ago? I feel like a 12 year old. I release the breath I didn’t even know I was holding. I need to smoke. I’m so pathetic.

“Hey, beautiful, can you go over there with Cal’s girl, I’m gonna have a smoke,” I say, gesturing to the other side of the room where Samantha was standing, talking with some of her other friends. She nods and gets up, but I catch her wrist and remind her not to leave the table, and she simply smiles and kisses me quickly, and I watch her ass sway as she walks away. I’m going to hell.

I light my cigarette, taking a deep inhale and blowing out the smoke. I can feel it cloud up around my lungs and I love it. I close my eyes and rub my temples. Why am I so fucking stressed? I lean my elbows on my knees and trace her doodles on my lighter with my finger. It’s a new one, and having used up the last one, Sonia ended up doodling on the new one while she waited for me to pump gas in the truck. These doodles consist of the same flower pattern and lines as before, but on the other side her neat handwriting printed the words I love you. My lips curve up into a small smile as I bring the cancer stick back to my lips, finishing it and stepping on it with my black vans. I enter the gym, expecting to see my girlfriend across the room, but her, and Calum’s girlfriend, are gone. I stride over to the group of girls they were talking to. One blonde sitting on a chair uncrosses her legs and sits up as I approach them. She’s obviously thinking the wrong thing, and her smile fades and she stops trying to push her boobs together when I ask her if she knows where Sonia, my girlfriend, went. One of her friends point to the dance floor, where about 100 people were dancing to Ride by SoMo. I try to keep calm as I walk over, my height allowing me to look around, and see her dancing with Samantha. It’s not the fact that she’s dancing like that, that’s making me mad. In fact it’s really fucking hot, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen her this comfortable dancing before. It’s the face that a group of jocks are in the corner, drinking out of a flask they they’re inconspicuously passing around to each other, with all of their eyes trained on my girl. It pisses me the fuck off that they’re watching her like that, but I stay where I am. I plan on letting her finish the song and then I’ll walk up to her and tell her we’re leaving. I shouldn’t have brought her to a place like this looking like that. There are too many animals. I feel my stomach lurch when I think to myself and I’m one of them. I won’t be able to save her from myself.

My thoughts are cut off when I see a guy from the group walk over to her, gripping onto her hips from behind and pulling them into her. She’s facing Sam, and both of them stop swaying their hips to the music. Her shocked eyes look like they’re pleading with Sam and her smile drops, as she can tell by Sam’s face, looking at the boy, that it’s not me behind her, grinding my crotch into her behind. She quickly swivels around and gently pushes the guy away, speaking to him. He whispers in her ear and pushes her legs apart with one of his, continuing to dance even though she’s obviously not into it. I can feel my breathing get heavier and I try to contain myself as Luke, Calum and Ashton walk up next to me in the doorway. I have my hands shoved in the front pockets of my tight pants, and before any of them can pull me back, I walk slowly up to the guy putting his hands on Sonia. I keep my face calm as I tap on his shoulder, my tall frame towering over him, and he looks at me with a smirk as he lets go of her. He goes to say something but is cut off by my fist hitting his jaw. He staggers, holding his face, and the whole dance floor goes quiet, only the bass thumping in the background. I almost went back in for another hit before my history teacher pushes me down from behind and holds my arms together painfully. The boy I’ve just hit is helped up by his friends and my teacher tells me to leave before he’s forced to suspend me. I’m taking deep breaths but keep my face looking neutral. I turn to Sonia. “I’m gonna meet you in the car,” I deadpan. Her eyes are wide and filled with worry as I turn away from her and walk away from the crowd of people now watching us. Once I get outside I stand next to the driver-side door and smack my pack of cigarettes in my hand, taking out one and lighting it, not looking at my lighter as I shove it back in my pocket. I smoke half of the damn thing before I see her come towards the car, and I motion for her to get in before I walk around to the back, finishing the cigarette without saying a word. I don’t even help her in the truck.

Once I slam the truck door closed I start it and put it in drive, pulling away from the house. She’s an hour and a half early for curfew but I head for her house anyway. I lean my forearm on the center console and she reaches for my hand, but before she can interlock our fingers I slide my hand away, placing it on the steering wheel. I never drive with two hands. She sits with her legs crossed, looking either out the window or at her lap for half the drive. Finally, I speak up. “Do you want to tell me what the fuck that was?” I ask, my voice harsh.

She looks at me with wide eyes, “Mikey, we were just dancing, and-”

Her voice is cracking but I cut her off, “I fucking saw what happened, Sonia. I asked you what you were doing. I told you not to leave your spot, I said it for a reason.” I’m not yelling but my words are laced with malice. This is the first time I’ve ever spoken to her this way.

“I don’t know why you’re being so possessive!” She says, exasperated.

“You don’t know why I’m being possessive? You don’t know why I’m being possessive?”I ask her twice, incredulous. I hit the steering wheel with the heel of my hand and she jumps. “Did you not see every guys face in there trained on your body? They looked like they were ready to jack off right there! And it’s not like I’m wrong, look at what fucking happened! I’m a man, alright? I’m supposed to get jealous; I’m your man! That’s the way I am.” I say, arriving at her house and shutting off the truck. I get out of the truck and slam my door shut, walking over to her and opening her door, but still not helping her down. I walk back over to the drivers side. I can feel my heartbeat in my temples.

“Michael, you don’t have to hide me, you don’t need to be so jealous, you know I’m your girlfriend,” She says timidly, trying to get me to look at her.

I look right in her eyes and say quickly, “Yeah? And what if I told you I fucked about a quarter of the girls in that gym before, and liked it? And if they had a chance they’d fuck me again. You’re not a tiny bit hurt?” And that’s when she slapped me. My innocent little angel that’s never hurt anything before, smacked me right across the face and left my body facing her and my face facing the street. I was shocked. I looked back to her face, ignoring the stinging in my cheek, and I could see the hurt in her eyes, and I knew I went too far. I turned around and gripped my hair, angry at myself more than I was angry at her. I turned to my truck and punched the metal right above the rear-view mirror, leaving a large dent in the framework between the windshield and the window. Sonia screamed and clamped her hand over her mouth, and that’s when I realized she was crying. “Baby, I-” I tried to dig myself out of this hole, but she held up her hand, signaling for me not to come any closer. “Sonia?” I tried.

“Can you just… please leave?” She asks quietly through her tears.

“Sonia,” I try again, pleading for her to not do this.

“Michael, please just go.” She says, walking up her front stairs and fumbling with her keys before disappearing behind her large front doors.

I let out a frustrated scream and lean my forehead on the hood of the truck, my forearms covering my head. I stand up straight, and sit my pathetic ass down on the ground, leaning on my passenger side door. My back stings as I do so due to cuts all the way down my back from my dad throwing a glass plate at me, but if I hunch my shoulders it doesn’t hurt that bad. I close my eyes and even out my breathing, falling asleep on the hard, cold pavement.

I’m awoken by a small shove to my shoulder and I open my eyes to find my princess’ worried eyes peering into mine. “Mike?” She asks softly. The sun is just rising now, the ground below me fairly wet from morning dew. I sit up straight, flinching slightly. She’s on her knees, sitting on her feet, wearing black leggings and one of my sweatshirts, and she’s not wearing any makeup. She looks so beautiful. “Mikey, did you sleep out here all night?” I stretched my hands above my head and flinched at the pain in my back. I simply nodded. Tears pricked at her eyes as she sobbed out, “Michael, I’m sorry I hit you.” I just pulled her into my lap, her head going into the crook of my neck. “I know you get it e-enough with your dad, and I-I’m so sor-ry,” she cries. She looks up and gently turns my head and checks for any bruising, placing kisses all along my cheek, her tears wetting my face. I kiss her hair and trace my hand up and down her arm.

“I’m sorry I’m a possessive prick.” I whispered.

“It’s okay,” she spoke into my neck, “do you want pancakes?” I nodded and chuckled.

And that was the first time I hurt my angel. And I hated myself even more for it.

i was wondering if you could one with lilo parents, and harry is the oldest, 16 or something, niall is the middle one at 13, and zayn is the youngest at 5? niall is being super rude to his brothers and dads, and then one day one of his family members stumble across his journal and find out he’s getting bullied and beat up at school, and they comfort him? fluff please, and love your writing


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Shit, my alarm went off :(

Anyway, I wanted to share this photo from a sims4 letsplay video i watched lastnight! The video was in another language so I didn’t know what she was saying and it’s not the best screenshot but it’s something. It was the answer to one of my questions a week or two ago. “Will the basegame have adoption?”  YES WE DO!

 This time we get to choose who we want to adopt, even though it was cool that they just sent us a baby or child in sims3 so people weren’t picky. but I’m a person who likes to see what I’m getting sometimes and I like that there’s choices. They also made it more realistic where you see that adoptions cost like they do in the world we live in. I like it in a way for the game cause it will make it challenging if I were to make my sim start off from the bottom and succeed to the top, it wouldn’t be easy for me to be like “Ok I want to adopt” if I only have 800 simoleons. I’d have to make a plan and save for one.

BUT SORRY FOR RAMBLING I AM JUST SO EXCITED screenshot is by a video from pixia games.

Donations For Lily

I hate to ask for donations. I would so much rather work for money. But at this point I don’t have much of a choice. So there’s now a donation button at the top of my tumblr page, and if anyone can possibly help out, I would really, really appreciate it. Every penny counts.

I’m currently working on a gofundme page for this as well as getting my storenvy up and running so I can hopefully make some more commissions and sales of various things, but for now the donation button is there until I get everything else going. (I’m hoping by Wednesday night the other two will be live.)

But please, if you’re thinking of donating more than like $5 contact me and at least let me write something for you, okay? :<

This is Lily. I took this pic about ten minutes after we got back from the vet yesterday; you can’t really tell how sick she is in this, but her kidneys are shot and she’s having trouble walking or even just standing properly at this point. She’s not in any pain yet, but it’s only a matter of time.

I need to raise almost $600 for the ultrasound to even tell exactly what’s causing the kidney problems (and hopefully the mobility issues at the same time), and then however much it’s going to cost for treatment, which could range anything from just medication to major surgery. There’s also a possibility that I’m looking at just keeping her comfortable as long as possible until she needs to be put to sleep, but I don’t want to think about that.

Lily is my baby girl. She was SO tiny when I got her, she literally fit in the palm of my hand. And she’s QUIRKY and FUNNY. She legit YELLS AT ME if I sneeze while she’s sleeping. Even if I’m two rooms away, if I sneeze and she’s trying to sleep she gives me a “GOD BLESS YOU DAMMIT.” She jumps and hugs door frames when she gets excited for some reason, and she knows the sound of me opening a package of cheddar cheese over EVERY OTHER SOUND IN THE UNIVERSE. And so many other things that I don’t even have videos of because she’s only FOUR and I thought I had plenty of time to snap pics and capture that kind of stuff…



Like I said, I’m pretty much desperate here.

So even a dollar or two… or if you could just signal boost. I need to do everything I can for Lily. She deserves that. And when I get the gofundme and my storenvy going, the same thing. Take a look and signal boost if you can…

I'm A Virgin And Yes, I Write Erotica.

This is in response to tomcuddlesfic who has gotten very mean messages (one of which attacked her by saying that her fics were extremely unrealistic because she’s a virgin without a boyfriend). I was so angry when I read that because a) that was a personal attack on a very dear and sweet friend b) is there supposed to be some sort of generalization or stereotype that virgins don’t have sexual fantasies or thoughts of their own? TO THAT ANON: HOW DARE YOU BELITTLE AND BULLY SOMEONE FOR THEIR LIFESTYLE CHOICES OR HOWEVER THEIR LIVES MIGHT BE? tomcuddlesfic has written more than an appropriate reply (you go, girl!) but I just wanted to share what it is like from my POV and I know I can’t speak for all virgin writers.

Yes, I am a virgin. Yes, I’ve never had a boyfriend (I don’t count Tom in because all he ever wanted was fun and left me with a broken heart 3 weeks in). But I started writing erotica even before I had my first kiss. Am I saying that my erotica is all that and tops? Definitely not! I know that I’ve got so much more to go and learn and of course, there’s always room for improvement. But I write them because I want to get ideas out of my head and I think it’s always great to share some steamy scenes with like-minded readers (whether realistic or not).

Because come on, anon, how many people have actually been fucked by Loki? How many people have actually been seduced by their English Lit professor? How many people have had the chance of marrying Tom Hiddleston and having his babies? Because going by your logic, literally every single piece of fanfiction written would be unrealistic because the writer has never actually had that experience. But that’s why it’s called fanfiction not a biography???

I worry when I write erotica because I know that my imagination can only take me so far and I’m afraid that someone will one day tell me look, that’s shit. That’s not what happens or that’s not how it feels. I try to do my research. I try to imagine what it feels like and it takes an immense amount of courage to publish these pieces.

The reason why I’m writing this is to remind people to be kind and understanding (not that you, specifically aren’t, but do bear with where I’m going with this). I’ve been very lucky in having such wonderful people throughout my tumblr experience who have cheered me on and encouraged me. Heck, I would NEVER have even written or published my first ever piece of erotica if it weren’t for you loveys. The bottom line that I’m trying to get at is that it is NOT easy to write (whatever genre it may be in) and it takes a whole lot more of courage to post it online, subject to criticism and judgements. So, please, please, send constructive feedback not destructive criticism. And let us do away with the notion that virgins cannot write good erotica, okay? I’ve read amazing works done by virgin writers!

Oh my god. I have to stop thinking about W so I can like do my job. But one more thing: In this bonkers, sci-fi explosion of a story, I keep seeing parallels to the experience of coming of age. The things it talks about—living in a world that’s not of our own creation; fundamental choices between good and evil and self-definition and predestination; the experience of pain and suffering in a world that’s supposed to be curated by a benevolent creator—are all the things we deal with every day in real life. By using this over-the-top sci-fi language, W is just heightening very real, emotional issues inherent in modern adulthood.

anonymous asked:

How do you think the backlash of the LL death be handled? I have a feeling it's going to get nasty. How will the actors handle it at cons. I know they're professionals but there are some nasty people out there. Thoughts?

I can’t imagine people forking over $$$$ just to bitch at actors, who have no control over these decisions, about their fav being killed off…. but stranger things have happened.

I believe the writers are 100% prepared for the backlash. I do not believe they made any decisions lightly. This was a calculated choice. The cast & writers of Arrow will handle the hate & harassment the same way they handled it when LL was on the show. With grace and dignity. In short? They will ignore 99% of it. 

There comes a point in every show when the audience must accept that the writer is telling the story. The writer makes the decisions. If you can accept the writer’s vision, you should continue watching the show. If you cannot… there’s the remote. Flipping the channel takes all of 2 seconds.

There have been several instances, countless in fact, where TV show writers made decisions I didn’t agree with. Certainly I understand the heartbreak and anger. It’s important to process those feelings, but at the end of the day you have one decision to make - watch or don’t watch. It’s just that simple.

I don’t think there’s any shipper war the level of Stelena vs. Delena. I mean, truly, this was the world war of a shipper battles. I saw more mud slinging and hate between these two camps than I ever care to see again. The Olicity/Lauriver battle looks like puppies and kittens compared to Stelena vs. Delena. You cannot imagine it unless you lived it.

The show is not over yet, but when Nina Dobrev left the series… Elena was with Damon. So that’s the footnote the “shipper” battle ended on. Through the course of the Delena romance there were choices the writers made that made me want to pull my hair out. I screamed at the top of my lungs the pure madness of it all. Poor Nick. I commiserated with my fellow Stelena comrades. We mourned Stelena and our dear Stefan’s poor broken heart. I published a few metas and posts on fellow Stelena bloggers’ sites and when I started my own blog I posted my thoughts on where I thought TVD went wrong.

But you know what I didn’t do? I didn’t attack the other side. I didn’t tweet hate to the writers. I processed my sadness and then I made a damn decision. Was I going to keep watching or turn the channel? And if I was going to keep watching then I better learn how to suck it up and accept the story the writers are telling because nobody is putting a gun to my head to watch. So that’s what I did. Sure, I have my complaints about TVD, but in all honesty… I still enjoy the damn show. Insanity perhaps? Yes, but weirdly there are still aspects I truly love. So that’s what I focus on. 

I am very sympathetic to the Laurel/Lauriver fan base if her death comes to pass. It’s painful to lose your favorite character and watch a ship you adore burn to the ground. Been there. Done that. But there is a way to conduct yourself. If they cannot handle it… there’s the door. It’s a basic choice. So make it peacefully and go about your life.

Because at the end of the day, after all the screaming, mud slinging and vitriol is done, the story is the story. Arrow will be what it will be. NOBODY can change the vision the writers have planned. We are simply here to receive it if we so choose.

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Lou Diamond Phillips looks too nice to play that asshole.

Hey, now.

We know next to nothing about Papa Anderson, ‘asshole’ or not, but here’s what we do know:

We know that, to whatever degree, he had difficulty accepting Blaine’s sexuality, and he made an ill-advised attempt at working on a project with his son that Blaine interpreted as his father thinking would make him straight.  Blaine says to Burt that he doesn’t have the relationship with his father that Kurt has with Burt, but that’s not to say that his father must be an asshole.

We know that Blaine’s parents sent him to a different school with a zero-tolerance policy on bullying after he got beaten up at a school dance for being gay.

We know that Blaine’s parents sat up with him all night after the shooting at McKinley, staying close together and crying and, I would imagine, utterly relieved that their only son left living at home was alive and unharmed.

Through Blaine’s lack of turmoil over being able to move to New York and attend his top choice of school, we know that his parents are supporting his talent, his dreams, and his choices.

All of the above–and this is all just off the top of my head; if anyone else has more to contribute, feel free to reply to this post–says to me that though we haven’t met them and therefore we cannot know what they’re like, they must actually be pretty great.  His mother and his father.  And let me also just say that if you’d asked me about my relationship with my mum when I was around Blaine’s age, I would have told you it was pretty crappy.  We were constantly at each other’s throats.  As soon as I moved out, though?  It changed almost overnight.  Every time I see her now, it makes me happy.  She’s one of my best friends.  People change, and relationships evolve, and I’m really looking forward to getting to meet Blaine’s parents.