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And that’s how some students from UA accidentally rickrolled a whole nation

7/7 Happy Birthday, Yamada Hizashi aka Present Mic! 

He’s just my absolute fave so of course I had to draw something.

You can’t tell me he wouldn’t be proud of them for that high quality rickroll, even if their plans didn’t involve a nation-wide broadcast 
He’s probably also the kinda person to genuinely enjoy a mixtape with like 15 times just never gonna give you up


He is the watchful pair of eyes in the dark.

A half whispered whisper, which leaves not a mark

Of memory upon the mind,

But that heals lonesome hurts that we’ve yet to find.

I want to help. The words uttered soft.

He hides up above, the eyes in the loft.

He hides and he helps, but stays far away,

And fears for his actions, should he fall astray.

If I start to hurt people, kill me he pleads.

He shies from the memory of darker past deeds.

Of acts carried out in the depths of the Spire,

For once for his life, a death was required.


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