more like leslie knope and tom haverford

Walking into the Bookstore like

I don’t need this book-

i have so many others at home-

i haven’t finished the books i’m reading yet-

I already have this book, but this one has a prettier cover-

I just bought some books a little while ago, i don’t need more already-

I don’t know, comics are so expensive-

You know what?

GOT7: Parks and Rec Edition

i made this (i don’t really know why), but feel free to request more things like this here !! it was also kind of difficult because i saw infinite matchings but this was the best fitting one in my opinion.

Jinyoung: April Ludgate 

Yugyeom: Andy Dwyer this reminded me of GOT7ing Ep 8

Jaebum: Ron Swanson 

BamBam: Tom Haverford 

Jackson: Leslie Knope 

Mark: Ben Wyatt 

Youngjae: Chris Traeger 

anonymous asked:

I would love to hear why you like Havekins! They were fun in some ways, but Ann thought she was way too good to be dating him while still dating him anyway, which made for an annoying dynamic. (Same w/Andy!)I hate in S6 when she's like "How do YOU get girls like ME?", like she's just so arrogant and above all these men but god forbid she not always be dating someone, so she condescends to be with them anyway. At least with Chris she felt like he was "in her league" and didn't feel so above him.

Okay there’s a lot to unpack and quite frankly I don’t even want to dwell into the details but you’re being hugely sexist towards Ann here, buddy.

Haverkins was not short of problems at all, and I’ll be the first to admit it: it’s my guilty ship. HOWEVER, almost all of these problems lay with Tom!

Tom is coded sexist. Now, he’s not hateful, he’s not an asshole about it all the time, he’s not constantly rubbing it in, but he’s the guy who:

  • Thinks sending every woman in City Hall a picture of your penis is a baller move
  • Constantly objectifies attractive women
  • Reads magazines listing ways to trick women into sex
  • Thinks Ann is “his” girl when they’re dating
  • Thinks “You wore me down” is a positive, satisfying, beautiful romantic response

There’s other stuff but this is the first things that came to mind. So yeah, when she says women like her, she means women who don’t put up with shit. How does Tom, a guy with frequent sexist behavior, manage to get a girl like her to still date him despite being full of superficial swagger and sexist prejudices? That’s a great question to ask, actually. 

The answer is that he gets them to date him when he’s not being that way. Tom has very sweet, genuine, caring sides to him. And it’s these sides that drew Ann in. As for Ann being above it, the only thing she was above is Tom’s objectification and his swagger attitude that made him superficial in her eyes, and therefore not compatible with her because she likes a bit more than that.

And you say it was the same with Andy: are you really telling me that the problem with Ann and Andy is that Ann was too pretentious?! Ann, who spent the whole time catering to his wants and needs, who was supportive and kind and generous? Seriously? You think she was the problem? That she thought herself above him? Andy was a lazy douchebag, that’s what the problem was.

If you’re talking about her attitude towards him after they dated, she does say things like “I can’t believe we used to date”. And yeah, I can’t believe it either. They are so incompatible. Andy wants a creative outlet in a relationship, he wants fun, he wants carefree, he wants immature. Ann wants someone who has their life in place, who can take her places, who make her feel good, who are supportive. They were hugely incompatible. 

I don’t know what you mean by “so above all these men”. Who are you talking about? Just Tom and Andy? Men she broke up with because she didn’t put up with their shit and she wasn’t compatible with them? You’re mixing up knowing what you want and deserve and being pretentious and above others.

Finally, what’s with that slutshaming? Can’t Ann date as much as she wants? Is there a quota, a bar, and once you go above the acceptable number of romantic/sexual partners, that’s too much and you’re shamed for it? 

In seasons 3 and 4, Ann likes dating around, having casual fun. So what? I don’t know where you’re getting that she thinks herself above all the men she’s dating. In fact, the narrative doesn’t suggest it at all: on the contrary, she tends to get swamped up in their personalities and kind of lose herself. She realizes that early S5 and takes a break from dating men to focus on finding herself and what she really wants. 

And from that break comes her decision to become a mom, later followed by her getting back together with Chris. Guess what, it’s not because she thinks Chris is “in her league” (the concept of leagues even existing in dating is weird and outdated), but because they’re far more compatible! They complete each other in a way that her and Andy, her and Tom, or her and anyone for that matter, never did. How dare she, end up with a guy who makes her happy…

So yeah. I liked some parts of Haverkins, some aspect of their relationship, and that’s true before and after they date, but you don’t get to tell me Ann was the problem there. You don’t get to come to MY BLOG and spread hate against Ann.