more like lame of thrones if you ask me

“Tired, my queen?” Emma asked with more than a hint of sarcasm.

Regina raised an eyebrow but refrained from a scathing reply.

“Maybe we should get a couple more candles in here,” Emma continued. “What on earth was that wicked witch thinking with this lame excuse for a throne room? Looks more like a dungeon to me.”

“No idea, dear,” Regina replied around a yawn. “You’re just lucky this is the most uncomfortable throne I’ve ever had the displeasure of sitting on.”

“Huh. Why’s that?”

“Because I won’t drag you on here to continue the activities that caused me to be so tired today in the first place."Regina’s voice was low and sensual, and did sound a lot like an invitation to Emma. So much so that she almost dropped her sword, which Regina noticed immediately.

"For God’s sake, will you put down that thing already,” she hissed with an exasperated sigh. “I know you take your job seriously, my lovely knight, but we’re more or less alone in here, and I do still have magic.”

“More or less alone,” Emma repeated flatly, but she did sheathe her sword. “Give or take 200 or so people.” She pointed to the people attending court, the closest of which were standing just outside hearing range.

Regina chuckled. “Okay, so not entirely alone,” she conceded. “Want to scandalize our subjects?” She raised a perfect eyebrow for emphasis.

“I thought the throne was uncomfortable?” Emma couldn’t deny that she was interested. Regina’s dress was sinful, and she was bored out of her mind with court proceedings anyway.

“You could always get down on your kne–”

“Don’t even say it,” Emma warned. “We’re not doing that here. My knees still hurt from the last time. This stone floor sucks.” She straightened her posture and looked at the assembled people, recognizing a lot of them from their time in Storybrooke.

“All right, so no scandalizing the peasants.” Regina sighed dramatically, sounding a little disappointed.

“Well, maybe just a little,” Emma said as she suddenly leaned over and kissed Regina with everything she had.

It took only a moment for Regina to get over her surprise and kiss Emma back with enthusiasm. Her coffee cup dropped to the floor, completely ignored by the royal couple, and her fingers gripped Emma’s hair and the edge of her armor. When they came up for air long moments later, they couldn’t help but grin at each other before facing their subjects.

The room had cleared, they realized, leaving behind only Archie, Granny, and the seven dwarves who clapped and whistled as loudly as they could.

Seeing Emma blush, Regina nodded once at their friends before pulling Emma into her lap and transporting them to their bedchamber.

The last thing she heard was Grumpy’s disappointed, “No, don’t go!”