more like if you didnt know who they were before a&a we are shunning you

Kingdom Hearts| Jin

Your sister is getting an arranged marriage to bring two kingdoms together as one. This has been tradition since the beginning of time and stretched out into modern day. What happens when you fall for your sisters future husband’s brother and stray away from the tradition?

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warning: Cussing, smut, alcoholic themes, Prince Jin!, Virgin Jin!

Genre: Smut and fluff

Word count: 9.6K

A/N: Yes i know the title of this is a video game. Also i wanted to get this up before i go on vacation, so sorry if it may seem a little rushed i wanted to get it out. Once i get back on vacation ill post my master list and being working on Hypnotic part 2

Marriage, a way of combining two souls conjoining as one. This had become a foremost event for the kingdom. They never identified it as i did, only seeing it as a way to combine our two kingdoms instead of our souls and hearts. I never agreed with the terms and beliefs but learned to keep my mouth shut along the way as they wouldn’t acknowledge the true meaning. Sure it felt strange keeping everything bottled up but its what I learned to do best as it was tradition and saying my simple opinion i would be shunned. So hear i stand eyeing my sister trying on dress after dress doing keeping my mouth closed about the event.

“I feel like it does have enough diamonds. I want the people to be blinded by my costly dress.”

They sure would be blinded by the high prices. For that amount of money we could just by another kingdom and have everything be settled instead of marriage. I rolled my eyes at the fortune my sister was indulging in. She always saw money as a small child to her. Something she carried around freely but wasn’t afraid to spend stupid things on it. Endearing parent she was. Anyone else who held money as if they were a child she would automatically find herself drowning over their simple sentences that dripped with riches. Hints way she was marring one of the most said to be richest kings in our kingdom. As soon as his father died he took his place along with a small amount of his riches making him a certified person for my sister to capture.

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im just going to make this post right now and try to not say any more about this whole subject (we’ll see how that goes though yikes,,,)

just to clEAR THINGS UP: im not hating on riley. she apologised, cleared up the misunderstanding within her post, and explained herself. but i want to use this situation right now to highlight what i think our fandoms fault is, and this rEALLY REMINDS M E OF IT

we want everyone to think the same way, and some people (hi not gonna name names but im sure u could guess a couple) are practically force-feeding ideas to (especially new) aroha. if i were to put it into my own words: its brainwashing. we’re telling people that what they think is wrong. we’re telling people that “if you dont think this way (aka dont sexualise astro) then get out”. i completely understand that we want to keep this image of a fandom as being pure, unproblematic, but we’re having the opposite effect. anyone who has these thoughts is practically being forced to keep them to themselves because if they do say anything that they genuinely think and doesnt align with what some of the “”bigger blogs”” say, then they’ll be practically, in a sense, kicked out of the fandom. abandoned by people.

from my actual personal experience: i was spoon-fed this idea that NOTHING sexual abt astro AT ALL was to ever be said, and if u did say anything u werent a real aroha and u didnt love them :( it wasnt until this year that i realised this mentality is !!!! stupid !!!!! before becoming an aroha, i had absolutely no opinion on the matter. i didnt care about sexualising, i didnt care about shipping, i didnt care abt smut or anything of the like. if people wanted to enjoy that, that was their decision and not mine. when i did join aroha, i was practically told that “our fandom is so good because we dont sexualise members !! sexualising members is bad bad and shouldnt ever be done so we dont do it!”, but what i failed to recognise at the time is that there are people out there who dont believe in this at all. there were people out there who couldnt share their own thoughts and ideas, because they feared receiving hate.

rather than becoming a fandom who accepts anyone and everyone and what they believe in, we’ve become a fandom that supports a one-track mind, everyone believe in the same cause and having no different opinions from eachother. we’ve shunned people for having some kind of humanly trait, we’ve shunned people for being attracted (sexually !!) to someone, despite it being human !!!!!! we’re failing to realise the flaws in our thought process, we’re failing to recognise the aroha who can’t speak out, we’re failing to accept what comes with being on the internet.

this isnt something that has come to mind solely because of riley’s original post. this has been a long-standing issue within our community that many people have noticed (wow guys its not just me), and to be honest, i think its about time we opened up our minds.

im not saying this means u gotta go read up on some smut aaND GET  DO WN N DIR TY. in fact this change doesnt have to affect you at all, and it never had to affect anyone in the first place. you had the choice to block whatever made you uncomfortable (um note: you isnt directed at anyone in particular im just trying to be impactful on you, the reader), you had the choice to ignore what made you uncomfortable. in some circumstances, it almost seems as though this “quest to protect astro because theyre all babies and need protecting from lots of girls most of whom are younger than them !!!!” has been some kind of gross competition to be the best aroha, to be the morally correct and protector™ aroha. its become less and less about genuinely caring about astro, and more “what can i do today to prove that im an ok person”.

i think that as a community, we are smart and respectful enough towards astro to know where to draw the line. personally, anything on tumblr (unless its about a minor) is fine for me. the artists dont see it, and therefore dont know and dont care about it. where i personally draw the line though is places where they may often check - twitter (specifically in the astro tag and replies to their own tweets), youtube comments, fancafe, etc. tumblr just isnt a place where idols are going to see it. i’ll hold this view until any member of astro specifically states that such comments, jokes, and statements make them uncomfortable. just as we can’t assume what aroha are comfortable with, we cannot assume what astro are comfortable with, AND THIS IS IMPORTANT. it is not your duty as a fan to “protect” them. your duty is to support them and love them. gentle reminder that theyre NOT FIVE. if something bothers them, they are in fact old enough to speak out for themselves

please, aroha, i know we can be respectful for one another, even if our opinions and views differ. i would absolutely hate for such a trivial matter to split aroha into 2 groups, because in the end we’re all here to support and love astro.

thank u and good night

(ps yes i expect to get some backlash for this lol and im here to take other opinions and views into account though. i understand that different things will  make different things uncomfortable. thats fine. ur human. how u react to it is important tho)

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I told daddy I was raped a few months ago and that I wasn't sure if I was gonna press charges, and he got mad and he left. And now I honestly don't even want to live. Not only was I violated but that violation cost me the love of my life. I really don't want to live.. I don't feel as if it has purpose anymore..

if you place your purpose in someone who didnt deserve your purpose in the first place… then what are you really doing?

because your daddy didnt have compassion or common sense doesnt mean you cannot go on.. it means you are fortunate enough to realize before its too late that he wasnt good enough for you. 

pressing charges and seeing the scumbag who did that to you go through the legal grind and be punished is going to do great things for your “purpose”… which at the current moment is seeing to it that this person is unable to do it again. because he will do it again. and you have the power to make sure that doesnt happen. 

these people are not treated well in jail. they spend their entire time hiding in a corner… because if one person finds out about it, they are going to end up making friends with a dude named tiny real quick.

statistically speaking… a man who takes advantage sexually of another person is way more likely to commit the same act again to someone else if he feels hes not going to be punished. enabling him through taking no action, will see to it that mentally he will decide his actions with you were justified and even okay to do… and then he will seek another person to do it to again. is that what you would like? not only to live with your pain and anguish, but to see that it happens to someone else.. or might have even possibly happened before you?

take this hollywood scandal for instance… we know now that its outright rampant and way over the top… but if one single voice had not spoken out about it, these creeps and predators would still be doing today what they have been for YEARS TO MULTIPLE PEOPLE.


I see your purpose rather clearly… stand up and get this scumbag off the streets and away from potential targets. speak out about what happened to you… empower others to come forward… show that you arent the weak little conquest that this person believed you to be.. but rather a strong and empowered woman who had the guts to fight the system and be an example for others. show him that hes the weak one.. the pathetic one… drag him through the gutters of shame and pain… and make his and everyone else who thinks about or has done this heinous acts life a complete hell.

take the power.. and use it for the greater good of yourself and those around you. shun the weak things in your life, pull your strength out from the bottom… and throw it in the face of every sick jerkbag who believes they have an entitlement to do whatever they want.


thats…. your purpose. 

lmfao @ the people shitting on orihime or saying that she’s a “fullbringer” (dont you think that wouldve been touched on in the fullbringer arc??? we didnt get one peep of that it was all about chad and ichigo being fullbringers) or “useless” bc of 615

b/c okay, you know

  • hachigen comparing her abilities/rikka to his kidou/a zanpakuto, thus likening her to a shinigami because her powers are similar to his own and guess what!!! he was a shinigami (a member of a very specialized force– the kidou corps– no doubt)
  • hachigen saying “however possessing those abilities while still human is a little hard to believe”
  • unohana watching orihime heal ichigo in the soul society arc and being visibly surprised at her powers before saying “it looks like the ryouka dont need any help” implying that orihime already had it covered; implying that orihime, healing ichigo who was being barely held together by his spine, had it covered and that unohana, the captain of the healing squad and far more practiced in medicine and healing arts than orihime could ever hope to be, didn’t need to intervene
  • mila rose says “i don’t know who you are, but you seem to have a powerful reiatsu, it would be bad if he absorbed you too.” after meeting up with chad and orihime while hiding from opie, she then says “wait! you are the princesa that aizen took”, addressing orihime only
  • aizen’s fucking “tresspass into god’s territory speech” (probably the man with the biggest hopes for orihimes powers yet lol)
  • and just because he couldn’t shut the fuck up about how great her powers are, here’s another long-ass speech about them courtesy of aizen: “her ability is awe-inspiring. the rejection of events is a power that far exceeds the realm of what is permitted to humans. the highest levels of soul society understood the significance of this ability, and thats why her abduction served as a means of eliciting such a sense of crisis within soul society that they would rather strengthen their own defenses than that of the human world”
  • iemura watching her heal ichigo in the ss arc and saying the speed of her healing is greater than what he (the third seat of squad 4) and isane (the lieutenant, obv) are capable of. he says it seems “exotic, even for a ryouka” and notes how focused she remains on healing ichigo despite “witnessing an injury as horrific as that”. he then mentions “if someone like that were to join our squad…” implying that she would be a great asset as a shinigami and acknowledging her power & strength
  • the fact that yoruichi??? who trained orihime, who is familiar with her powers and the way they manifest, without a doubt made an opening for her to strike because she believes that orihime possesses the power necessary to heal the soul king
  • ichigo thinking about orihime’s powers confusedly after being repelled by her healing shield: “what the–?! just now… i was repelled? that ability… is it from inoue’s shun shun rikka?”
  • luppi in disbelief after watching orihime reject the fate of grimmjow’s lost arm: “how… how did… she restore… –i’ve never heard of anything at that level… –how did you do it, woman?!”
  • the fact that yhwach gathered information about her powers and used that to taunt yamamoto?? “why didn’t you heal your left arm? if you had ordered that woman, she could have done it” like the fact that yhwach is aware of orihime prior to actually confronting her is incredible in the first place
  • mayuri kurotsuchi being so desperate to observe her powers up close that he toned down how much experimenting he would do on her (i mean it was still a lot but the fact that mayuri backed down at all just to observe her powers is a fucking miracle)
  • shinji holding hiyori’s barely-breathing torso in his arms and panicked, he demands that ichigo hurry up and return so orihime can heal her

thats a lot of build

and this is a huge red herring: 

(especially since yhwach himself familiarized himself with her powers??? you could say that he did it with all of ichigo’s friends but lmfao where’s his mention of chad or rukia or renji b/c i have yet to see it anywhere)

like idk why people are so fucking sour over orihime fans piecing this all together and cheering her on and holding out hope for her to have this huge reveal about the nature of her powers because all the build and hinting is right there, right in front of our noses!!

(jk i know why it’s because if orihime actually manages to pull this off, then they’re really fucked b/c what will they complain about in regards to her now?? not that they have any basis for it to begin with, but one of the biggest broken record complaints is that she’s “weak” and “useless” so i mean. shove a bucket in your ass)

anyways im hoping this is the final piece of the puzzle in regards to orihimes powers

im hoping this line, which came at the end of the chapter and thus it ended on a cliff hanger, will be something orihime gets to contradict in a big way

what i would love the most is for her to be still human, because i think thats what the story needs; a human character who wears her heart on her sleeve, struggles to like herself, has relatable flaws that make her interesting, and somehow managed to get this power that helps her to resist the fate thats been written out –if not for her, then for her friends– like i would love for her to change things while still being human

but shes had so much god imagery thrown around and her powers are themed around “heaven” like come the fuck on she’s going to do something big stop denying it


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Hey do you have any advice for someone who isn't sure if they are bisexual or gay?

Yes. maybe. idk. when I was like 13, I started to question if I was bisexual. It had never occured to me before that liking women was in the picture. I knew that there were other girls who liked girls, I didn’t have an issue with it, i just never considered it was for me. But I would be in the mall with my best friends and an attractive couple would walk by, and I would be caught up staring at the girl, I didn’t even know it was a gay thing, just a platonic lady seeing another lady and thinking, damn, youre gorgeous. Then one of my friends would say, “wow, he’s so cute!” and immediately I would snap out of it. because Yes He Is Attractive, which means I Must Be Attracted To Him. My thoughts about this girl were nothing more than ordinary complements on the way she did her hair. 

I’m not a very attractive person. I really don’t think I’m ugly, my face is pretty average, but my body and personality never really made me popular with the boys in middle school. (not that im complaining in hindsight) However, There was this one kid, when I was in 6th grade, named Talha. He was one of the sweetest people I’d ever met. and he adored me. We were in seperate classes and we didn’t really know eachother, but he’d wait beside my locker at the end of every day. He wasn’t very good at hiding his affections. A bunch of people, some of whom I really didn’t know that well, would come up to me and tell me how “oh my god, he’s in love with you, always talking about how beautiful and smart you are.” i knew he liked me, I’m not dumb. but i would always just kind of smile and laugh awkwardly when people reminded me. When he finally talked to me about it, I told him I’d rather we stay friends. He didn’t get angry or anything, he just looked sad. and I’d never felt so guilty in my life. (at that point lol) this happened again with a friend Jimmy (not as nice, but not a bad kid) and this time i said yes. I didn’t like Jimmy, but I just felt bad about saying no. (this was when that whole “nice guys finish last give us a chance ladies” narrative was the only one I knew.) I “broke up” with him literally the next day, too guilty about pretending to like him, telling him I wasn’t ready for a relationship.

The thing is, I have never been attracted to boys in my life. and I didn’t always realize that. I can remember assigning myself crushes as early as six, whichever boy was the tallest, second grade was the one who was best at piano, third i dont remember, fourth was one of my friends bc he was funny, fifth grade was this kid i tutored in math, sixth grade was this kid who was moderately attractive that I sat next to in class. I can remember myself as a kid thinking.. “okay, who should I pick for my crush this year?” my “attraction” to boys existed only because that was all i ever saw on tv, bc it was what i was supposed to feel. this went on until i was fourteen goddamn years old.

fast foreward to 13/14 year old me. I’ve started questioning myself. Girls are just so beautiful. I didnt understand how Im supposed to have crushes on boys but I think girls are just so much prettier. I didn’t know what to think. I knew bisexual girls existed, but I’m not gay. Not me. I dont have a problem with it and i support them, but i like boys and only boys. But maybe…. maybe this was just a phase. either way, I hoped it went away fast. I loved my best friends. The last thing I wanted was to be bi, bc then they wouldnt want to have sleepovers with me. being gay isnt wrong, but it cant happen to me. I’ll lose all my friends.

Then, during a sleepover with my two best friends, one of them casually mentioned, “guys, I think I might be bisexual.” Before I could stop myself, I blurted out “me too.” that was the first time i ever acknowledged the fact that I might not be straight out loud. I felt so scared and relieved at the same time. I’m so glad she said that. She’s still my best friend and it turns out shes straight (and im gay lol so we were both wrong) but i didnt feel like I’d be shunned anymore.

When I was 15, I went through a really really rough time. I don’t mind talking about it bc it happened over a year ago now, but thats for another post. basically, my entire family structure completely imploded. one family member’s abuse of both people and substances was out in the open for the first time. shit was tough. I got depressed. suicidal thoughts every ten minutes depressed. the point is, all through this I threw myself head first into the only way I knew to cope: “fandoms.” I’m so embarrassed about who I was at this time (I was a superwholock, kill me) but you know what, its what i did to deal. and through these (superwholock) fandoms, m/m slash was HUGE. so i didn’t really question my “bisexuality” bc I felt like I had to be screaming about how hot Bodlaijapoibhp Cummiedajkhwog 24/7 to be accepted. Eventually I pulled myself out of my depression and out of those shows that I don’t like anymore. (except dr who its my guilty pleasure.) During this recovery time, I dated a girl for the first time. (first time i dated anyone actually) I wish I could tell you it was butterflies and rainbows, but I didnt even like her in that way. I was so used to compulsory heterosexuality that I didn’t really understand that you don’t just date someone because theyre nice or whatever, but because of the way they make you feel. Sophmore year starts up, I’m 16 now. I didn’t need to like boys anymore to feel accepted, and the label “bisexual” just begins to chafe. For the first time, I try calling myself a “lesbian.”

and it fits.

God it felt so good. The euphoria wore of eventually, but I just felt like I knew myself so much more. Lesbian still sounds like a dirty word to me. It was the word that kids in my grade would whisper about this butch girl, Frankie, telling everyone not to be friends with her because she’ll hit on you or whatever. Lesbian was the word that conjured up by the media the picture of some unattractive quirky woman who nobody in her group really likes who wears a lot of vests or whatever. Lesbian was the word of girls who were weird, who weren’t really girls, who you shouldn’t be friends with. But lesbian was the word that fit me. 

Im so sorry for how long this got, I really didn’t mean for all this. I’ve been writing for like half an hour. but idk I figured my own personal story was the best way to explain this. anyway, here’s the important part. 

I still question myself all the time, if I might be bisexual. even though I see and understand compulsory heterosexuality for what it is, sometimes, I still feel, deep down, like its wrong or impossible for me to not like boys in some degree. maybe I’ll read a story about a m/m relationship. I like the characters and the story, maybe it means I like boys? No, it doesn’t. I am a lesbian and I don’t think I’ll ever be anything but that. It took me a while to realize that the societal implications for what a lesbian is dont have to affect me. I cant label myself “butch” or “fem,” because I’m neither. I’m just a girl. I like to do my eyeliner, I can’t paint nails to save my life but I try. everytime my best friend and I hear uptown funk we blast it to unhealthy levels. I like to draw and read, and sometimes i can come off as rude. I’m your every day typical girl, I just happen to like women instead. So if you’re not sure if youre bisexual or gay, that’s fine. It’s a process. Youre probably gonna question yourself your whole damn life. 

My advice is, separate your sexuality from your femininity. Unless youre nonbinary or something, youre a girl, and you are under no pressure to act differently from any straight girl your age. You are under no pressure to like anyone. I assigned myself crushes on boys for years and I didn’t really like my first girlfriend. You don’t have to do anything. You don’t have to like any individual person to prove your sexuality. Don’t worry about it, if you can. This goes back to the previous point. Don’t label yourself. Just spend some time with “I like girls” and slowly work out if boys are in the picture, too, by who you gravitate to. I love you, sweetie, and i hoped this helped. Im sorry its so long.

TL;DR Life’s a fuckin journey love yourself