more like i couldnt help myself not to do it

So….. I saw an ask submitted by @fullmetaldonut to @thatsthat24 (aka Thomas Sanders one of my favorite YouTubers~~) about each of his sides having Keyblades….. I couldn’t help myself. I’m sorta sorry. In order it goes Logan (Logic), Anxiety, Patton (Morality), and Roman (Prince). I thought about flat coloring but… I like the lines. Continue reading for some of my thoughts on the blades

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high schooler!jeno

not updating at 2am for once whoa

lee jeno everybody e n j o y :))))

gonna do jaemin next and icant wait i think thats gonna be my longest one

ive just been really missing my boi smarent updating us i just wanna know if hes doing ok :(((((

alsoooo,,, im thinking of doing bts texts??? idk if i wanna make it a series but like my bts side is looking empty lmao riiiiip, so idk yall can send in smth if you want




i just wanted that to rhyme and it did lmao yay me

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anonymous asked:

Im on mobile so im sorry if this is in your faq ;; but do you have any tips in drawing bts? And make them look alike?

the short answer is that i dont know a thing my dude

the long answer is to study references!! they will probably look really off in the beginning, especially if youre used to drawing very anime styled art like i am, but the more you draw from reference the better you will get at distilling their features down to simpler parts, and eventually you’ll get the hang of it enough to draw them in poses you come up with yourself

i put together some refs i used for recent sope pics, hope this is helpful!! im sorry i couldnt give better tips, im still in the process of figuring things out myself so maybe one day i’ll have more concrete advice to talk about u__u

if this is too much effort for you, you could always just….. look at how other fanartists stylise them lol……. i personally dont feel right doing that because it feels like im piggy backing off of someones hard work and effort, and also my art doesnt actually improve if i was doing that, so i tried to avoid looking at fanart when im in a drawing mood!! i dont like tracing photos either, but some artists do it really well so YMMV!!! up to your personal standards and principles i guess!

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Not gonna lie, Dany's speech to Jon about the Targaryen rule being one of peace and prosperity and expectating him to pledge the North to her based on vows his ancestors made to a House which later did a great grievance to them was ridiculous. But no more ridiculous than some of the shit D&D have had Sa//a say tbh. It's just hilarious that her stans act like Dany's the only one who's said dumb stuff.

tbh i couldnt help but snort when she was like (paraphrasing) “do you know how i survived allllll that shit? FAITH in MYSELF” i mean its a nice sentiment and mostly true but nobody talks like this lmao. its so forced. no character is spared from it either. d&d (and cogman) can’t write dialogue (or much else) to save their lives. its sooo bad. the speeches are always the worst. i cant think of one d&d original that didnt suck. and it gets worse every season. as they ran out of books to at least somewhat base this off. forget dany and sandra i cant stand the lines they give arya. i still dont fucking know what “”nothing is nothing”” means

but my personal pet peeve is how they make characters repeat everything. oh god i cant stand it. see above example but also such classics as “i dont wanna be a queen i wanna be the queen” “power is power” “you’re in the great game now and the great game is terrifying” i got annoyed just typing these omg it drives me nuts. you have no idea. it sucks because grrm is good at dialogue imo. his background in tv writing helps a lot with that (theres some kind of irony here) it sounds natural. he also writes a lot of dialogue that is very clever. theres double meanings and hidden meanings. hell, its just meaningful /full stop. theres no “~all men must die but we are not men~” as if that isnt the most pointless statement ever and literally the opposite of what she says in the books. because thats a huge part of asoiaf. women are no different than men. we live and die just like them. i cant with this fake ass feminism. i hate when they twist the book dialogue and i hate when they quote swap. this shit just contributes to asoiaf’s story being butchered. everyone has such a unique voice in the books too. arya could show up in another pov and i’d know her, instantly. on the show its all just…..generic garbage. so yeah tl;dr they all get crappy dialogue this is nothing new. 

and everyone says cunt too much. we get d&d you love that word. enough. 

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Okay so I saw your headcanon post for Dad Might and Baby Izuku and I just? Really?? Really??? Love it???? Like omyghad that is so cute do you have more? (And maybe with the others too esp Todoroki and Kaminari coz why not)





Midoriya Izuku was injured once again after he dove into the fray to protect his classmate from an incoming attack and that was the third time this week that it had happened. 

It was then that All Might decided that he was going to reprimand Izuku. 

The boy would always take such reckless actions getting injured on almost a daily basis! Don’t get him wrong All Might appreciated the boy’s concern for other people’s safety rather he was really proud of him! After all a hero always puts their life on the line, but after having to visit his son- disciple! he meant disciple on a hospital bed for the third time this week All Might decided that that’s too much putting your life on the line for a one week. 

He wonders if even his recklessness was passed on to the boy along with One for All then heaves a sigh. 

All Might was on his way to the room where Izuku was currently residing in making sure that no one was around before sliding the door open. He found the boy all wrapped up in bandages particularly his left arm. 

‘So this time it was his left arm…’ All Might says to himself with a grimace.


The boy’s voice resounded in the room with his eyes literally twinkling like the stars in the sky while wearing a smile that beamed like a thousand suns. 

Cue All Might’s earlier determination faltering.

‘YOU ARE GOING TO REPRIMAND THE BOY. YOU HAVE TO.’ All Might internally reminded himself.

All Might walked closer to the beaming boy while trying to find his earlier conviction. He took a deep breath before he began.


All Might still had something to say but one look at the boy’s crestfallen expression brought him to a screeching halt.

“S-Sorry All Might! I guess I’m really just no good, always causing others to worry for me…” Midoriya said accompanied with an empty laugh.

The boy looked like he was about to cry and All Might felt like he kicked a puppy and he felt absolutely horrible.


Alarm bells were going off inside of All Might’s head. Seeing that expression on the boy had hurt more than that devastating injury that he gained a few years back and he knew he had to find a remedy to the situation that he put himself in.



“YOU WILL CERTAINLY MAKE A FINE HERO!” All Might said with all the confidence of the world.

The boy looked at him in awe before smiling a smile that could light up the whole world in a heartbeat and All Might decided that anyone who even tried to take this ball of sunshine’s smile away would have to answer to HIM…even though he was the culprit this time.

All Might deflated into his true form and placed his hand on top of the boy’s head ruffling his hair.

“Just take care of yourself more my son.”


It took approximately 1 millisecond for both parties to realize what they had just said before blowing up into different shades of red and the room filling up with Midoriya’s wails of embarrassment and apologies.



- Izuku likes to bake so one day he made cupcakes for everyone to show his thanks for being friends with him and each cupcake had their faces carefully crafted as the toppers but for Kaminari there was an extra topper on the side which was pikachu and Izuku bashfully explained that it was because he had reminded him of pikachu and he hoped that he wasn’t offended. Needless to say that Kaminari short-circuited even without having to use his quirk because of the cute. Everyone wondered what they did to deserve such an angel. Izuku made a huge cake for All Might’s birthday that he spent hours working on. All Might ate the whole cake while crying bECAUSE WTH PRECIOUS SON I CANT EVEN HE PRESERVED THE CAKE TOPPER THOUGH. 

- It has come to the attention of the villains that All Might has a particular student that he is particularly taken to and they thought they could use him as a hostage to gain the upper hand against All Might. KEY WORD THOUGHT too bad they didn’t know about the DEKU PROTECTION SQUAD HAHAHA and when All Might found out about that plot let’s just say that the symbol of peace could be really scary at times. 


- Dad Might knows that baby Izuku likes bunnies so when baby Izuku is scared or crying Dad Might deflates to his true form and holds his bangs up together to make it look like bunny ears and Izuku immediately brightens up and hugs Dad Might. (Dad Might internally swears that he’ll DETROIT SMASH whoever makes his son cry)

- Dad Might sees baby Izuku going into his bathroom and follows him in curious only to find that baby Izuku used his gel to try to gel up his bangs and was trying to copy his laugh in the mirror. NEEDLESS TO SAY THAT DAD MIGHT TAKES A LOT OF PHOTOS

- The moment Dad Might comes home from work Izuku zooms to the doorstep excitedly jumping up and down while happily exclaiming “PAPA!” Dad Might picks him up and smothers the small child in a hug.

- Baby Izuku sees that Dad Might always makes this drink in the morning (coffee) so he tries to make it for Dad Might and gives it to him proudly when he does. Dad Might thought it was so cute and downs the whole cup with a smile and praises his son even though the mix was terribly bitter. Izuku exclaims a loud “YAY PAPA LIKED IT” in accomplishment jumping up and down. Dad Might doesn’t mind downing another cup just to see his son happy.


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i want there to be a hc about possibly anonymous designer! adrien who designs to escape but doesn't want it to seem his father is helping and anonymous fashion blogger! marinette starting to talk and they send letters to one another and their pen names are chat noir and ladybug and on her blog you know it's something by her because of a little ladybug symbol next to what she wrote and you know he's designed something because of the little paw always on it. or possibly those roles are reversed?

i know you said headcanons but i couldnt help myself im so sorry

man no one should encourage me to do aaaanything. although this did bump me a bit out of my writing funk so thank you for that this is kind of like…..a how this situation would happen fic? sorta?

honestly i wrote most of this after 1am so no promises on quality of literally anything. i haven’t sewn in y e a r s. enjoy?

[on ao3 in case of problems opening]

Adrien knows that there’s a bit more than just a hint of irony in this situation. The son of a world famous designer, one of the top designers in the industry, hiding his designs. Adrien could easily announce that he’s going into fashion and be given not only all the supplies he could ever need but also all the publicity in the world in a matter of seconds.

But he won’t do that. He never will.

Being the son of Gabriel Agreste means two things:

  1. He’s expected to be perfect in every way.
  2. If he went into fashion, no one would believe he got there with his talent and hard work alone.

If people didn’t think his father got him a job directly, they’d think it was the name. The name Agreste is synonymous with high end fashion. The name and the designer are impossible to separate, even with Gabriel’s line being called Gabriel.

It doesn’t help that Adrien’s been modeling since he was born.

It’s kind of…cliche? that Adrien wants to go into fashion. You’d think that after so many years of being surrounded by it and smothered in it he’d stay far far away. But it’s the opposite. Adrien is expected to inherit the Gabriel fashion empire. He’s expected to possibly handle the business side but mostly just be the face. He doesn’t want that. He wants to be hands on, he wants to be creating. He wants to be like his father. There are very few times he is able to say that.

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Imagine 51

Character: Thomas
Word Count: 922

“Tommy,” You whispered, looking up at him.

“Hey, look at me,” Thomas replied. “Look up at me. Look in my eyes.” You did what Thomas said, looking up into his eyes. “It will be okay.”

“I’m just afraid.” You answered, burying your head into Thomas’s chest.

“We are going to tell Alby. You will be a great mother.” Thomas replied, kissing your head.

“I just don’t want our child growing up here, I want what’s best for him or her.” You answered.

“I know, I do too. But we will have to make do. I love you and I love this baby and that’s all that matters.” Thomas told you, gently placing a hand on your stomach, where a slight baby bump began to show.

“Can we wait a bit before we tell?” I questioned. After you saw Thomas’s confused face you continued. “I love running, and Minho will make me stop.” You explained.

“You need to stop running out in that bugging maze.” Thomas answered. “You don’t want to hurt the baby. I can go on evening runs with you around the glade if you want but that shucking maze isn’t going to take two lives away from me now if something happens.”

“Fine.” You whispered, looking down. You didn’t want to stop running, but you knew it was for the best and for the health of your baby.

“Hey, look at me.” Thomas said, voice quieter than usual. You looked up, and Thomas placed his lips on yours, relaxing you. You loved how kissing Thomas could just stop time, like the only thing in the whole world was you two and when his lips were on yours you were safe, and happy.

“Let’s go find Alby and Newt.” Thomas whispered into your ear, taking your hand and pulling you up from where you were sitting.

“Tommy.” You whispered, biting your lip. “Alby won’t be happy.”

“I know, but he will have to accept it. It’s our baby and none of these shanks are going to do anything bad with them knowing.” Thomas answered, wrapping his arm around your waist as you walked towards the middle of the glade to look for Newt and Alby.

“I love you.” You whispered as you found Alby and Newt.

“Hey, we need to talk.” Thomas said, grabbing the attention of the two boys.

“What’s up?” Alby asked, rubbing his hands together.

“There’s no easy way to say this,” You said gently,“But I’m pregnant.”

“You’re joking, right?” Newt asked, looking at you intently. I shook my head, a tear falling.

“You slintheads!” Alby exclaimed, a furious look in his eyes. “You knew the rules perfectly clear!” Alby yells.

“I couldnt help myself,” Thomas admit to Alby and Newt.

“It’s called using your hand like every other shuckface in this Glade.”

You didn’t know what to say at this point. You turned around, burying your head into Thomas’s chest, not sure what to do either. This conversation just took a turn. A part of you wanted to laugh at what Alby just said, but another part of you wanted to cry more.

“Okay well I didn’t, did I? It’s over and I’m going to have a beautiful baby with the girl I love.” Thomas spoke up, wrapping his arms around you, rubbing your back as he talked to the pair of upset boys.

“You needed to be more careful!” Alby said, anger in his tone.

“Alby we are sorry, how do you think Y/N feels? She is the one that is going to have to go through this!” Thomas defended, his arms tightening slightly around your shaking body.

“I don’t know how Y/N feels because she hasnt said anything. Y/N, enlighten us.” Newt replied, his voice lighter. You removed your face from Thomas’s shirt, wiping your bloodshot eyes.

“I just want this baby to be safe,” You whispered, your voice shaking. Newt let out a distraught laugh. Thomas wrapped his arm around your waist, keeping you close.

“You should have thought about that before you decided to get knocked up. We are in a shuck maze filled with grievers for God’s sake!” Newt spoke, the anger now back. Your body shook, more tears coming out.

“Newt,” Thomas growled.

“I’m sorry, look we can’t do that much. We can try to make the baby as safe as possible but Newt is right, you’ve got yourselves into this mess.” Alby spoke calmly. “I’ll make an announcement later, but for now, no running, and stay close to Thomas, we don’t want that baby getting hurt.” You nodded your head, letting Thomas lead you away from the boys, and into a patch of flowers. He pulled you down next to him.

“Y/N, it’s going to be okay, our baby will be safe I promise.” Tomas tried to reassure you. You shook your head.

“No it’s not, you heard them Tommy! It’s not going to be okay.” Your lip quivered, body trembling as the words Newt and Alby had said replayed over and over again in your mind.

“Yes it will be okay, we will fight through this together, and I love you and this baby so much, I won’t let anything happen to my two baby’s.” Thomas spoke, lifting your head up and placing a soft kiss onto your lips.

“I love you so much.” You whispered, a smile slightly showing up on your face.

“I love you too so much. It’s us against the world Y/N, and we are going to do everything to make sure this baby is safe.”

Anonymous asked you:

one with mike fuentes (from his point of view if you can) he has a really intense sex dream about you and then he feels kinda uncomfortable around you and cant get it out of his head. then you hear him masturbating and moaning your name and then somehow it turns into smut smut.

“Fuck y/n” I moaned out. I thrusted harder into her.  “Mike!” she moaned.  I flipped her over so she was on her stomach and thrusted into her from behind. I felt her clench around me, i was so close “Y/n I’m so clos-”

“Mike! We have practice in a hour!” Vic yelled from outside my door. I woke to see my bulging member in my boxers. “Shit” i sighed.

(Later at practice) “Hey y/n!” Jaime yelled to y/n as she walked. She smiled and waved at us. She was a friend of Jaime’s who was helping make shirt designs for our next tour.

“Hey guys, sorry to interrupt but I have some designs I wanted to show you guys.” She said. She must have saw me staring at her cause she smiled right at me. I blushed.

She showed us the designs, they were great, but all i could think about was how hot she was. Her ass looked amazing in her tights and her shirt was cut low exposing a little bit of her cleavage. I imagined her soft voice moaning my name.

“Okay well I’ll see you guys later” she said and waved at us. I swear i saw her wink at me but it was probably my mind messing with me.

“Looks like Mike’s in love” Tony laughed. I punched him in the arm. “whatever man” i replied. “She’s coming over later by the way” Vic said. “Great” i thought.

I sitting on the couch watching tv and Vic was talking to y/n. I wanted to talk to her but i felt to awkward. I got up from the couch and went into my room. I laid on the bed and pulled off my pants and started touching myself. I tried to stay quiet. I couldnt stop thinking about y/n. I started to go faster. “Y/n” i moaned. Suddenly i heard the door open.  “oh shit”

It was y/n, she smiled at me. “Did i do this?” I didnt say anything. “Vic went to get more guitar strings, he won’t be back for like a hour, we should have a little fun” she smiled and winked. She walked over to me and grabbed my member.“Let me help”,she started giving me a handjob.

She started going faster and moved her thumb over my tip collecting my precum.She put my cock in your mouth, swirling around the tip and sucking in your cheeks, jacking off the untouched half.

y/n moaned onto me. I sharply took a breath. “Fuck…”

Y/n bobbed her head up and down, now deep throating my cock into her mouth. Y/n felt me thrusting into her mouth, fucking her orally and tugging at her hair.

I let out a long sigh. “God, this is nice…”

She bobbed faster and faster, grabbing my balls.

“Mmm, fuck, I’m close…” I whispered, closing his eyes in pleasure.

Y/n moaned onto me once more. “Fuck…” I growled lowly. You felt his warm liquid twitching into the back of your throat. You swallowed his cum, licking his member to get the rest.

She quickly climbed on top of me kissing me again, grinding against my hard erection. She left my lips for a second and pulled my top off.throwing it off somewhere. I flipped her over and  went down to her neck, to my breast. I sucked on her breast, leaving wet kisses all over her nipple, while my  hand played with the other. My mouth trailed down to her stomach leaving a wet trail. I finally reached her wet slit that was waiting for me. My fingers found the edge of my panties, as I slowly and painfully pulled them down, throwing them off somewhere and attacked her dripping core.

“Fuck Mike! Yes baby right there!” I sucked and licked on her clit pushing her  over the edge. I felt slipped fingers into her, making her grip onto the sheets.  I thrusted my fingers quickly, making my hips buck up, to get them deeper. As my tongue and fingers worked on her dripping cunt, I could feel the familiar feeling in my stomach.

“Mike! Don’t stop!” she screamed out, her  toes curling, her hands gripping onto the sheets , as I kept going, driving her closer and closer to her climax, but before she  could release, I pulled away.

  I grabbed her waist and pull her closer. Her back still on the bed and me in between her legs. I put  the tip of my cock on her clit to tease her. She let out a small whimper. I thrusted into her and began to thrust in slowly. Rocking my hips. Then I slammed into her with so much force, causing her to gasp and moan a loud.

“God, Mike, yes!” she screamed, as she wrapped her legs around my  waist tightly, her hands tangling into my hair.

“Faster Mike!” she screamed and moaned. My grip tightening on her hips as he growled in my ear.

“Cum for me (Y/N)!” I groaned as I kept penetrating her.

“Fuck Mike yes!” she screamed as I reached her orgasm, gripping and scratching onto my back. My jaw clenched, as I gave my  final thrust of satisfaction, spilling his hot seed into me.

I continued thrusting slowly, riding out the waves of my own pleasure. My head getting closer to hers.Our foreheads touching, my breathing trying to get back to its normal pace, as well as hers.

I slowly pulled out, making her gasp slightly, and I finally collapsed next her. Holding her tightly against my chest, feeling it rise and fall with every breath he took.

“ That was..”

“Amazing” she finished my sentence.

We heard the front door open and y/n jumped up and grabbed her clothes quickly putting them on she threw me my underwear and jeans.

“Hey guys i’m back!” Vic called to us.

“oh hey Vic, I better get going but it was great to see you guys!” y/n smiled as she went out door.

As she got in her car, i got a text from her.

“That was  really fun and we should do again sometime, call me;)”

.  I smiled at my phone and looked out the window, she was just pulling out and when she saw me she winked and waved goodbye.

I was really starting to like her. ~Jade

Sorry it took so long i just haven’t been inspired to write much and writing smut is kinda getting boring but keep sending requests and i’ll try to do as much as i can. Thanks guys!!!!!!

Zarry || Bath

The week sucked, I needed it to finally end and I needed time to go faster. I wanted to sleep for years but I was lucky if I got sleep for more than five hours a night, Marina seemed to not like to sleep during the night, she wanted to be up all night. Luca slept, but he woke up to eat like normal babies. Cookie had a cold so she was a mess in herself. She was refusing to bathe now and I couldnt do it by myself anymore. Zayn said he would come and help so I was happy about that. Louis and Niall were asleep so I bug them. 


THE BEST BDAY PRESENT! (Andy Biersack imagine)
{Requested by anon :3}

Your cell phone was vibrating like crazy as you were getting ready to head over to a certain someone’s birthday party. You sighed of frustration and checked your caller ID to see that once again it was the birthday boy, your best friend Andy. “Dammit man..” you muttered and answered your phone, placing it against your ear, “Yes?…Andy…” you said through grinded teeth, seeing as it was like millionth time he called you today.
“Where are you woman?!” He yelled over the loud rock music that was playing in the background.
You couldnt help but giggle a little, the way yelled was pretty sexy to you.
“For the millionth time Andy Im still getting ready and like I said many times before I will be there! I wont flake out on you.” You assured him once again.

“Yeah thats right you better not! I’ll be waiting for you then, hurry!” He tells you.
You smiled and rolled your eyes, “Alright later.” were your last words and hung up the phone.
Your smile couldnt go away at all, you found it kind of cute that he wanted you to be there so badly.
You hurried up as fast as you could and finally finished getting ready, you looked absolutely amazing, everything you had on was on point.
You grabbed your sweater and Andy’s present before heading out the door.
Moments later, since your bestie didnt live that far from you, you arrived at the party just in time.
You saw all of your other friends there and there wasnt one person that didnt compliment you on how beautiful you looked, it caused you to blush a lot.

You spotted Andy and approached him, he was looking especially handsome today.
You tapped his shoulder and he turned around, immediately a huge smile formed on his face.
“Youre here!!” he shouted hugging you super tightly and even lifting you off the ground.
You laughed as he placed you down, you handed him his present, “Happy Birthday Dork!” you yelled.
“Im so happy youre here!” he tells you.
“You fucking should be! you kept bugging me on the phone! you know how many text messages I have from you?!”
“My bad! I just wanted to make sure you were gonna make it.” he says pouting. You could never resist when he did that, he looked so adorable, especially because to you it looked like his blue eyes popped out more.
You hugged him once more, “Youre forgiven.”
“You look beautiful (Y/N).” he complimented gazing at you a little.
You smiled and blushed, you were told that by many people when you walked in, but for some reason when he said it, it meant so much more to you.
As the night went on, despite the fact that Andy had many guests at his party, he sticked by your side the entire time.
Almost as if it was just the two of you in the house.

You were starting to get the impression that he was feeling a little something more than friendship towards you. But you didnt want to get you hopes high, the two of you have been very good friends since middle school, so you feel like thats all he was ever going to feel towards you, friendship and nothing more.
Althought it would be so great if he wanted to get together with you, but again, it was best not to get your hopes up.
“Hey Andy! come here we wanna give you something!” One of the guys called out to him.
Andy just shook his head as a response, basically telling them “No thank you.” with his expression.
“You should go.” you insisted.
“Fine then I’ll be right back.” he says standing up from where he was sitting. You felt pretty special right now but you shook your head and snapped out of it.
More time went by, you had a lot of fun, the cake was cut the party went on for hours. The guest were starting to leave, you didnt even feel the time fly by so quickly, you checked your cell phone real quick and you gasped when you saw that it was way passed midnight.
“Oh shit I have to go.” you told yourself, you looked around and saw Andy saying goodbye to all of his guests, you approached him and tapped his shoulder once more like before.
“Whats up?” he asked.
“Andy its really late and I have to go I’ll see you tomorrow okay?”
You told him real quick and headed out the door, you felt his hand grab your arm stopping you.
“Dude I really have to leave.”
“Youre not walking home by yourself this late, its too dangerous.”
“Well what do you want me to do? you cant drop me off you have to stay here and clean up your place.”
“Exactly!” he said. You raised your eyebrow a little confused. “What do you mean by that?”
“You help me clean and sleep over.”

“Are you crazy?”
“Just a little.”
“Andy!” you yelled, he shook his head at you,
“No (Y/N) Im not letting you walk home alone.”
You sighed and figured what was the use of arguing, you were not going to win at all.
“Fiiiine, I’ll stay.”
“Good!” he says grinning, “You wipe the dam smirk off your face, lets get to cleaning!” you tell him, making him chuckle.
After exactly two hours of cleaning, it was now about three in the morning.
You yawned and Andy noticed, “Here I’ll finish up organizing everything you can go ahead and sleep in the guest room upstairs.”
“You sure?”
“Yeah dont worry about it, you helped enough, go on.” He assures you.
“Alrighty night night.” You yawned once more and headed upstairs. You plopped yourself on the bed, taking off your shoes and jacket.
You grabbed the pillow and held it close to you, the bed was super comfortable and your eyelids instantly became super heavy.
Minutes later, you turned over to the other side, your eyes opened a little when you saw the shadow of a tall man comming inside, you kind of didnt know what was going on since you were in fact half asleep.
Your eye lids shut once more and you went back to sleep.
But it only took seconds for your eyes to open wide when you felt long strong arms wrap around you.
You gasped and sat up a little, “Andy?” you questioned.

“Yeah its me.” he softly replied. You turned on the lamp that was on the table next to the bed and faced him.
“What are you doing here?”
“But..this..isnt your room.” you said.
“I know that.”
You became very confused once again, why was he all of sudden cuddling with you. It almost felt like a dream to have his arms hold you so gently and close to him, not to mention he still had that sexy scent of his cologne lingering on him.
“Im confused.” you confessed.
Andy sat up a little, you blushed even more to see that he was shirtless. His tattoos exposed and making him ten times more sexier.
You didnt normally see him like that, so his skin made your heart race.
“Listen (Y/N)…” he began, running his fingers through his lucious black hair, his voice so gentle and deeper than usual, it was very alluring.
“Ive been wanting to tell you since you came to the party but..I didnt have the guts to…”
Your heart raced even more, what in the world was he going to say to you?
“I really like you…Ive fallen for you ever since I can remember.” he confessed. Your mouth dropped, there was no way you were hearing this right now.
“You..really like me as more than a friend?”
“For a very long time now yes.”
“Howcome you never told me?” you whispered.
“Because I was scared that you didnt feel the same way…I thought you were just going to look at me as-“
“Just a best friend?” you finished for him.
“Yeah how did you know?”
“Because I had the same fear…” you say.

His expression became very surprised, he reached for your hand, taking it into his big one, caressing it carefully with his thumb.
“So..does that mean you feel the same way?” he asks hesitantly, a smile already forming on his face.
You giggled and nodded, “Yes I do…I really like you too Andy.”
He laughed a little, your words truly lit up his face, he came closer and closer, your stomach forming major butterflies as you saw his lips pucker up and finally touching yours.
Your lips danced against his, feeling how soft, smooth and seductively he was kissing you.
“Mmm.” you moaned a little, it turned him on a little and he deepened the kiss.
He laid you down and ended up on top of you, your lips becomming more and more wet each time you slided them against each other.
His perfectly shaped and magical lips went down to your neck, his hand grasping your tender breasts.
Your breathing was becomming more and more heavier, your body getting heated by his sexual touch, he removed your shirt and your hands were all over his chest.
“Wait…” you said pushing him away a little.
“What is it?” he asked
“Dont you think we’re doing this waaaay too soon?”
“Right..sorry, your so sexy I couldnt help myself.” He tells you, you both laughed kissed once more.
“We’ll get to that part later, but for now cuddle with me?” you asked, he smiled and nodded
“Of course baby.” he got off of you and held you close to him. You were still in your bra but you were comfortable like that.
“You calling me baby? I love the sound of that.”
“I do too.”
“I think youre gonna remember this birthday for a long long time.” you say.
He gazed at you and stroked your cheek gently saying..
“Yeah youre right, I got the greatest birthday present this year…”

(Took me a while to post this but I hope this was fluffy enough for ya :3)

“Mm, this looks great… Con, what’re you doing?”
“Taking a picture for instagram.”
“Troye chill, it’s just the food”
“Oh so you care more about food than me?”
“wow aren’t I so lucky to have someone as caring as you.”
“You really are. You don’t look horrible by the way, you look adorable.”
“Oh shut up and continue your food photography.”
“Finally, I can focus on my true calling- food.”
“It’s moments like these that make me wonder why I’m with you.”
“You know you love me.”
*sighing* “I do.”