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Anyways,, I was considering posting this bc there’s been enough superhero au’s so I just,,, left it unfinished and since I already have them I thought ‘might just post it ;y’

powers under the cut!

1. Rich’s power’s is fire,, anyways he makes a mean barbecue and everybody has a good time

2. Brooke has superspeed! she’s always the first one in line when there’s a sale, and since she’s really fast she usually leaves her house when there’s like 3 minutes before having to go to school and she always gets there all disheveled and messy and Chloe just shakes her head and help at her hair down

3. Chloe can shapeshift into any animal! She likes turning into a cat and climbing up on people so that they pet her, she loves being cuddled and when Brooke’s having a bad day sometimes she turns into a panda bear and lets Brooke cuddle and play with her fur,, it’s calming,, a literal big teddy bear.

4. Christine can mimic voices perfectly! She once fooled the school into thinking they had a two month vacation because she snuck into the office turned on the intercom and pretended to be the principal announcing that. It lasted for about two days pfft.

5. Jeremy can control electronics! Whenever he’s losing against Michael he turns the tv off or makes Michael’s controller glitch out, sometimes when he’s rlly salty at Michael he’ll just either1. turn off all electronics in the house so Michael can’t superspeed through it or 2. make sure Michael can’t turn on his radio to listen to his jammin’ tunes,, or his phone one of the two. Like snaps his fingers,, total darkness Michael runs into the wall because he wanted to get to the other room through the light source

6. (Thanks @kagenes for this little addition) anyways so Michael likes using his power of jumping through electronics to jump into people’s phones and scare them, but Jeremy made him promise to never do that around him when he’s home alone because once Michael tried to get to his room and jump to his Pc but jeremy was watching furry porn, Jer doesn’t hear the end of it for weeks


X-Men Meme: [3/8 quotes]

The Once and Future King is a novel of the legends of King Arthur by TH White, published in 1958. Arthur is presented as a political innovator who uses diplomacy to rule with justice, in opposition to the traditional military hero archetype who uses force to maintain control. It addresses questions of social ethics, such as the correct moral response to the inevitability of war - whether it was acceptable to use violence to attack one’s enemies or if use of force was only justified in self-defense. In the comics, it is a favourite book of both Professor X and Magneto.

My faves on the cover of RS 🙌❤️

among the many things i am thinking tonight, buying all the re:zero novels that came out ‘til now after exams doesn’t sound like a bad idea

“Kiki, why is there a drawn picture of the two main characters from the anime Black Butler behind you?” you ask. 

“Well,” I say, “My work decided to showcase a high school artist because we literally have no one else to put up their work. And unfortunately… this is what I have to look at every day….”

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ur literally my idol. how can i be more like you? in a not copying sort of way? ILYSM

I love u! Work on not holding grudges, keeping your softness towards yourself and other people, keep as little hate as you can because it only makes you feel worse, when you go to bed think about the things that happened that day that you’re happy about