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Lin-Manuel Miranda discusses hip-hop song forms in Hamilton

I studied musicals a lot, but I also, you know, as you can tell I’m a huge hip-hop fan. So I love hip-hop that tells stories, but I also like lots of different kinds of hip-hop (x)

So, I’ve been sitting on this post all. All day long. And I’m not hiding this under a “read more” you don’t get to scroll past and not see this and that’s why I made it a photo post.

This was the first thing I saw in my inbox this morning. I opened my eyes. I stretched. I sat back on my bed. Opened tumblr. And this is what greeted me.

Needless to say they were blocked and will remain blocked forever. Simply because this is a 0 tolerance blog. I won’t even entertain racists. Racists are below me. YES. BELOW ME I AM BETTER THAN YOU ARE YOUR RACISM AND YOUR MICROAGRESSIONS AND YOUR CULTURAL APPROPRIATION. I AM LITERALLY BETTER THAN YOU.

So, this is to say. When I see some fuck shit from yall. Forgiving idols for saying the N word or saying that it’s fine if they have dreads (AND YOU’RE NOT BLACK) or you like khh more than hip hop aka black hip hop aka black people aka the birth of all of your favorite music today. You will get blocked. I do not explain. I do not educate. Because you do not pay me to teach you. Google is free. And you CAN in fact get knowledge from educators after exchanging currency and not expecting things handed to you

Also, your silence in any of the above matters is in fact violence.

Now fuck off.

It’s amazing what you can do when your band members aren’t real people. These characters are a conduit for everything we want to say but if we got up and said it, it wouldn’t have the same impact. Humanz is not a political statement about Trump — it’s about a world in which he could get elected. Where are we as a race? Why haven’t we grown out of this? Putting the Z on the end is not a hip-hop statement, it’s more like an android Z. Are we human beings or just humanz? What the fuck is wrong with us?
—  Damon Albarn in Q Magazine (June 2017)

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ur dante looks like he'd be a gr8 hip hop dancer (or more like he'd try to be a gr8 dancer, even dressing in like a snapback and a tank top, but would probably not Succeed)

(i totally skipped over the dancing part. i just read Dante in a snapback and tank top lol.) Headcanon that every time Dante and Ari go to the mall, Dante comes out with some ridiculous purchase. (This is what it says on the hat)


can’t believe nobody made a playlist for this ship yet smh…lmao uh there’s two cause i felt some music didnt fit with the A side. Big shout out to @sam-sepiol, a lot of their content/headcanons inspired this playlist actually. Enjoy!!.“


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BTS Reaction of s/o being extremely good at dance? (Not hip hop, more like traditional styles like pointe/tap)

I one time spent four days watching ballet performances. My mother was really worried about me.  Also, forgive my lack of vocabulary. Im the furthest thing from a dancer you can get.


Seeing you dance would give him a certain ping of pride and he’d like watching you tap across the floor a lot more than all the popping and locking the dancers he knew did. He seems like a traditional guy so this would also be just one more thing for the two of you to bond over. 


He’d find a sense of comfort in the way you danced. He’d find himself more and more in the corner of the studio scribbling words down on a pad and when he’d get stuck he’d just look up to see you’re concentrated face as you spun and a new wave of inspiration would was over him. He’d also love the idea of the beautiful ballerina dating the quietly disturbed  rapper.


He’d be nothing but amazed by you. He could hardly one two step and here you were gracefully covering the floor with turns and leaps. He’d always want you to dance with him and would find a great comic relief in trying to learn your choreography.


He’d be all about trying to bring your two styles of dace together and would even take inspiration off of some of your dances. Without trying he’d even become a perfectionist and turn into the ultimate dance mom as he walked back and fourth in front of you telling you to straighten your knee or tighten your turns.


Having some traditional dancing in his background he’d love dancing with you, but his time at your practice and your time at his would always end up with the two of you goofing around and getting nothing accomplished. Still, he’d be the most supportive person of your dancing and would never miss a show.


He’d be so into your dancing that you’d find him listening to the pieces you danced to and his phone would be stocked full of videos and pictures of you dancing. He loved your graceful elegance and you wouldn’t even have to ask him if he wanted to go with you to rehearsal because he’d already be at the front door waiting for you to hurry. 


He’d always ask you to teach him moves and you’d even find him practicing some of the moves when he was bored at his own rehearsal. He especially loved it when you would come over for long weekends and he’d move everything out of the center of the living room so he could watch you practice your turns.

Tiny Hero au

the au where the Defenders are in high school and suffering:

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It almost seems like us Lobby rats get the short end of the stick when it comes to music.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the bands out in the zones, Comic Sans Samurai, Cold Dead Hands, The Mad gear and the Missile Kid, and even the few singles the Fab Four have pushed out of their asses a couple times. Seriously, Black Dragon Fighting Society is a fucking anthem. 

And the bands themselves are pretty fucking awesome too. They put on a show with lights and fire and the speakers turned to eleven. The Dracs come and they can get out in a second, no hesitation, the first sign of those Better Living assholes and they’re out. They’ve gotten good, now we know when BLi is coming half an hour before hand.

But holy fuck, you haven’t lived until you see a show in The Lobby.

These bands know how to cut it close, and they live for it.

One band, a girl group called The Top Gun Chicks, make the loudest, angriest music you can imagine, and they make a point to be heard. They’re not my style, but I make my own point to go to one show a year. To be more specific, the one show they play on the roof of the cleanest, whitest, and safest Better Living apartment complex they can find.

They manage to play at least four songs before the Exterminators catch on, and then the Chicks make the biggest exit they can manage, last year they zip-lined off the roof on a rope made of their own merchandise and landed on the building next to us. The entire audience (including myself) was detained for seven hours, but they had no evidence to keep us there.

The desert might get raw with their music, but The Lobby bands have a fucking reason to go hard. Getting caught gets you famous, more bands form in your image, and escaping gets you just as famous, more bands show up just to glorify you, and the noise gets louder and louder. Better Living gets stuck in a never-ending loop and it’s fucking hilarious to watch.

Bands like Strawberry Body, Odd Man In, My Dad’s Ass, and even hip hop groups like Kung-Fu and The Fat Man, The Slim Johns, and Oddity. They started it all and most of them are still going, still pumping out records and selling out venues. Making kids like me get angry, and get schooled, and fight the fuck back.

Desert bands can hit it raw, sure. But Lobby bands? Holy Shit.

One of my least favorite things about the Gorillaz fandom is how so many people are like “we want less hip hop!!! too much collaboration!!! more Damon plz’

like.. …. . the whole point is to let other artists with various perspectives and backgrounds speak and Albarn is just orchestrating it and adding his flavor so it’s cohesive………..

Maybe if you’re asking for less hip hop………………….just stop listening to Gorillaz expecting that because it won’t ever happen……??? (Exception being The Fall, if you count it )

Everyone’s entitled to an opinion but it just makes no sense??? They can’t all be 19-2000 or Feel Good Inc with the rap edited out (yeah I’ve fucking seen this requested and done, people love to edit the rap parts out of Gorillaz songs smfh) like sorry you’re 12 and listen to Twenty One Pilots on repeat and nothing else and the hip hop collabs are too radical for you but Damon Albarn doesn’t care!!!!!!!

Kris Wu: More young people wanting to get into the hip-hop scene is a good thing

On 2 May, the opening press conference of Chinese Hip-Hop talent show <The Rap of China> was held in Beijing. Three groups of celebrity producers, Kris Wu, Chang Chen-yue & MC HotDog, and Wilber Pan were in attendance.After the press conference, producer Kris Wu accepted the interview by iFeng’s reporter. 

During the interview, Kris Wu expressed his unique views and understanding towards hip-hop music. Kris Wu expressed that although he is the most junior amongst the three groups of producers, his good understanding of trap music is his outstanding point.

How would you define hip-hop?
Firstly, this spectrum is a little broad, kinda huge, because hip-hop isn’t just music, it’s a culture, like sports. It consists of many different forms, I guess it depends on each individual’s understanding. I feel that one major point that hip-hop wants to express is a certain attitude. Next is the method of expression, many people express themselves through rapping, but there are actually many other methods, like example other musical sub-genres, which are also included in hip hop. For example right now, what is currently in trend is EDM-based hip-hop, and right now there are more people who like trap hip-hop. These are all very different genres of music, so it’s a little hard to define hip-hop.

As you’ve just mentioned, these days more and more people are listening to trap music, and there are much fewer people who listen to 90s and old school music. What do you think of this?
I feel that this is inevitable, but what I’d like to say is, the [trend of] trap will pass too. This is something that I would really like to tell the contestants, because I believe that based on my personal experience, and including the current hip-hop scene in China, there are actually many contestants, perhaps 70%, 80% who have a better understanding of trap music, and who prefer trap music as well, which of course is inevitable because this is the current hottest trend. However there is a problem too, it’s that when you do something that is currently in trend, when this trend dies down, the same would happen to you too. So you would still have to know where your roots are. I’m not saying that you have to like old school music, but you have to have a listen. Like I’ve just mentioned, in the 1990s boombap music was extremely popular, so you have to understand the musical style of the golden era of hip-hop as well. And then not only that but also many different types of genres, like understanding jazz hip-hop too. It would be very beneficial to your development. So these are some of my views.

Right now there is an emergence of many Asian rappers like [Rich] Chigga on an international scale. Do you have any expectations towards the development of Asian hip-hop?
I feel that this is a good thing, for everyone to start liking hip-hop and think that it’s cool. There are many young people who want to enter this industry, although it has a small audience, because at times there would not be many opportunities available, for example these kind of programs did not exist in China before. It’s the first time that there’s such a program, and this is why I feel that this program is meaningful. I hoped that I would be able to participate because I feel that it is a very good platform to reach even more people who love music. However, this culture has a small audience, and in China there are definitely much, much more people who listen to ballads than hip-hop music, so in order to make hip-hop music more mainstream, we would need even more people.

So what are the kind of contestants that you wish to see the most on <The Rap of China>?
I hope to see contestants that are more all-rounded, because like I’ve just mentioned, there are many people who feel that hip-hop is just merely rapping, but this is actually not the case, as there are many forms of expression. Even now there are many more melody-based tunes, melodic rap, songs which sound like singing but are actually a sub-genre of hip-hop. More and more [of such songs are produced], for example a key representation of the genre is Drake, many would wonder if he is a singer or a rapper. So when I select contestants, I hope to see that they have the basic foundation of right pitch and other elements, and are able to carry a tune, sing the chorus and rap as well. These are the type of contestants which I hope to see, who have more varied abilities.

Right now Kendrick Lamer is very popular, and the MV for his new song <Be Humble> isn’t something that other musicians have tried before. What do you think of this?
I feel that he is incredibly talented. His ways have always been at the top of trends. I feel that those who like hip-hop can listen to his music more, because it would be really helpful.

Generally, rappers who like hip-hop music will freestyle or battle, so do you usually freestyle with friends in your personal time?
At times I would, it depends, if I have an opponent we would have a go.

We can see from Weibo that you really love playing basketball. What position do you usually play?
In the past I played the position of point guard, right now I play the position of center forward more often.

At the NBA Celebrity Game you mentioned that you love Kobe Bryant, right now it’s the first anniversary of his retirement, so how do you feel about it?
After his retirement, I kept up with NBA news less often.

Are you a loyal fan of his?
Yes, I feel that I’m missing something worth watching, so right now I don’t really watch finals, and I’m still a little sad.

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His Universe

Jung Kiseok/ Simon Dominic X Reader

Part of the angst/fluff prompt challenge. 

The club was packed from wall to wall, the crowd was absolutely lit. The group of girls at the front of the stage made Kiseok feel more like a kpop star than a hip hop artist but he knew that was part of the deal when he did shows with Jay. Well, when he did shows in general. He knew a lot of the females in the crowd weren’t there for his rap skills, but he wasn’t about to complain when their being there meant he was making money.

The track started for his third song, the crowd favorite. He didn’t have to say a word as the crowd started singing in unison.

“Simon…Simon Dominic…

He eyed the crowd briefly and that’s when he saw her. She’d been too busy bouncing to the beat for him to catch her eye before the verse started, but his heartbeat quickened just know she was there. He kept her interest for about half the song before she snagged the cup out of her companion’s hand and took a sip and said something enthusiastically. He thought she looked so cute in her Straight outta Seoul shirt and AOMG SnapBack. He could tell that everyone around her thought she was just as cute. Snapping pictures of her and with her.

He found it increasingly hard to concentrate on the concert as she posed with some of the cutest aegyo he’d ever witnessed. Finally, Jay came on stage and he was able to concentrate more on getting the girls attention. As soon as he caught her eye she waved at him. He pointed backstage and she nodded.

The concert only lasted about another half hour before he hopped off stage. She’d already disappeared into the crowd before the last chords of the last song so he figured she’d be back there with him shortly. Jay threw a fresh water bottle his way and he threw a towel over his head to dry his sweaty hair. That’s when he heard her voice ring through the backstage area.

“Jay samchon!!” She sang gleefully skipping through the the security guards to where she saw Jay.

Throwing the towel to the side he watched as Jay picked the girl up easily in his arms and spun her around as she giggled.

“Baby girl, how you been?” Jay asked sitting the toddler on his hip.

She handed him the sippy cup she’d been drinking from earlier and smiled proudly, “I finished my juice!”

“Good job!” Jay said back with just as much enthusiasm. “How did I do tonight, baby girl?”

She flipped her hand back and forth, “You were okay. Appa was my favorite.”

“Aish! Kiseok, come get this daddy’s girl.” Jay said with a pout.

“Gladly,” he said walking up to the two. The little girl swung herself happily into his arms and laid her head on her father’s shoulder. He laughed lightly as the brim of her hat jabbed him in the throat. He turned the hat around so it sat backwards on her head. “Who dressed you?”

“Eomma.” She said playing with the zipper on his sweater.

“She did good.” He noted, “Where is that pretty lady?”

The little girl pointed her tiny finger to where her mother was laughing with Hoody.

“Ahh, what do we call Hoody?” He asked with a smirk.

“AJUMMA!” She shouted and Hoody looked over at Kiseok with a glare.

“Unnie!” She shouted back at the little girl who only giggled in return.

Kiseok watched as his beautiful baby mama walked up to the two of them. She slipped her arm around his waist and raised her mouth to his for a kiss. She let out the tiniest moan, he barely heard it, and it still caused a stir in the pit of his stomach.

“You looked so good up there oppa.” she said leaving a quick kiss on his neck. “Are you going out to the after party with the boys?”

“No way.” he shook his head, “I’m going home to put my baby girl to bed, and then I’m going to put you to bed.”

Back at home he tucked in his tuckered out daughter and went to switch off the light.

“Appa…” his princess said quietly grabbing his attention immediately. “Who were all those people tonight? Are they your friends?”

“Hmm.” he hummed as he thought about it. His girl wrapped her arms around him in a back hug. “Not really babygirl.”

“That was appa’s work baby girl, appa’s world.” she smiled and hit the lights, “Go to sleep. We’re visiting Jay samchon tomorrow to watch the game. You’ll want to be well rested so you can remember your heckles.”

“Seattle Seachickens suck!” the little girl giggled.  

The couple left their little girl laughing all the way down the hall. Kiseok closed the bedroom door and watched as his girl undressed.

“You’re wrong.” he said suddenly and she looked over at him confused. “My work is not my world, because I can’t imagine this world without you. You’re my world. Baby girl is my sun and moon. This family is my whole universe.”

She scrunched her face and blushed as he stepped up to her. “You were so hard on that stage and now you’re just a big ole softy.”

“I could get hard for you.” he grinned grabbing her hips.

She raised her eyebrows in amusement, “Oh, you better. Simon Dominic.”

Ballads VS. Up Beat Songs || Bangtan MTL

MTL to Date an Idol That Sings Ballads / LTM to Date an Idol That Sings Up Beat Songs

  • Jimin
  • Seokjin
  • Taehyung
  • Jungkook
  • Namjoon
  • Yoongi
  • Hoseok


I feel like these three would probably be most likely to date an idol who sings slow ballads because they all tend to sing them more. In Bangtan Bombs or behind the scenes their usually singing along to the slower songs, and I think they would love to sing with their partners all the time, especially if it was something slower and more heartfelt.

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It was hard to place Jungkook because I feel like he would be right in the middle. He sings a lot of pop songs but also once in a while will sing something slower, so I think he would be fine either way. Being able to just sing with them would make him happy enough and there would be no complaints.

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Namjoon and Yoongi would probably lean more towards the pop songs, as it’s more their taste. Preferably somebody who does hip hop or something like they do. It would make them happy if they were able to connect with somebody who rapped like them.

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Hoseok would definitely prefer somebody who sang up beat songs. He would love to dance along as his partner was singing excitedly, only making everything more enjoyable. It wouldn’t matter how tired or exhausted he was the moment he heard them he would be filled with excitement.

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Get Up (Daveed Diggs × Reader )


(Y/N): Your name

(H/L): Hair length

(H/C): Hair color

(E/C): Eye Color

(H/S): Hairstyle

(S/T): Skin tone

(N/N): Nickname

(L/N): Last name


(Y/N) and Daveed are rival aspiring recording artist trying to make it big in the hood. But, Daveed is also a drug dealer to make money and pay his rent. (Y/N) is a dancer for music videos on the side.

AU: Inner City/ Hood Au

Warnings: Cursing, Sexual Clipping. Lyrics, Sexual humor, Sexual behavior, mentioning of drugs and alcohol, use of drugs.

Word Count:2,842 (It’s a lot lovelies)


 Beep beep! Beep beep!

  Daveed was sprawled across his bed as his alarm went off.  He groaned and rose up from his current position. He scratched his head and mindlessly turned off his alarm clock.

“Fuck….What time is it….?” He turns his head and sees that it’s already 9:30 pm. As he picked up his phone, the screen lit up with several text alerts.

Rafa- Yo, D! Are we still up for working on that song you were writing @ the studio? Groff is buying us some studio time! [8:00 am]

Ant- Daveed, do you got what I need? I’ll be there when you call. You have till 3:45 pm sharp. My boss will kill me if I don’t have it.😫[8:30 am]

Groff- You on your way? Studio opens in 15min.[9:05am]

Rafa- Also I got us a performance for an opening act at the club for some chick new to the game, but it starts at 4:30 pm! Our first gig up we gotta be there on time!![9:10]

“Shit, I’m late!”

He picks up his backpack, his pen, a little black notebook, his glasses, his phone, one bag filled with Molly, another filled with cocaine, and finally a bag filled with weed. He jumped out of his apartment window and ran five blocks to get to the studio.

As soon he got to the studio he looked across the street. Across the street, there was a rival studio that opened up. The building looked clean and modern. But in an inner city grudge way. He sees a group of girls, four girls to be exact. They all gossiped amongst themselves but one out of the four girls caught his eye. She had (H/L) (H/C) in an (H/S), her skin was a perfect (S/T) that complimented her beautiful (E/C). She was quite voluptuous and had a curvy figure. He found himself checking her out. One of her friends tapped her shoulder and pointed to Daveed.


Philippa smirked and whispered to (Y/N).

“Ya know (N/N), he’s pretty hot….” She turns around noticed that Daveed was checking her out.

“And it seems like you are his type.~” Philippa taps (Y/N). (Y/N) turns around and puts her hands on her hips. (Y/N) looks at Daveed, checking him out for a quick second. Daveed smirks and winks at her suggestively. She blushes and quickly turns away.

“H-He is pretty handsome, but he is part of Lin Star Studios. It won’t work out.” Jasmine rolls her eyes.

“You would probably bang him if he was in our studio.” Renee giggles and walks up the staircase to the door.

“C’mon girls we’re gonna be late.” Jasmine, Renee, and Philippa continue up the stairs. (Y/N) looked back at Daveed. She winks at him and blows a kiss at him. Daveed smirks and catches it. He blows a kiss back.  Jasmine looks back and shouts at (Y/N).

“(N/N), you coming?”

(Y/N) shouts back, “Yea! I’m coming!”

(Y/N) runs up the stairs and waves Daveed goodbye. Daveed checks her out as she walks off. Rafa grabs Daveed’s shoulder and pulls him to look at him. Rafa punches his shoulder.

“D, where the hell have you been!?”

Daveed smiled and punches his shoulder in return.

“Late start. Couldn’t bring myself to get up. Now let’s get to the studio. I have a finished song.“

“But what the other song?”

“That one will have to take a while.”


Daveed walks into the studio and Jonathan looked at him in pure acrimony. His face was as red as a tomato.

“D!!! What the hell is up with you and being on time!”

“I was writing a song but it’s not finished.”

Rafa rolls his eyes heavily.

“You said you have 2 songs!”

“The first one is currently being on hold! I had a burst of…”

He began to think about (Y/N). Her curves, her flawless (S/T), and her (H/L) (H/C). The more he thought about the more lustful his thoughts would become he instantly came up with a song. It may have been a bit explicit but it was his first performance. Go big or go home.


Daveed sits down at his desk and instantaneously write erotic and coarse verses in his notebook. He creates a title that gives the song justice. “Hot Fuck, No Love”.

“Ayo Rafa!!! Can you make me a beat in about a half an hour?”

Rafa’s eyes widen in horror.

“Thirty minutes!?! D, I know you can rush when you get inspiration but this is insane!”

“I’m a busy guy and we need this done quick! This is the opening act for tonight’s show.”

“Alright D, I’ll try! But no promises it’s gonna be in 30 minutes on the dot!”

Daveed smiles as he walks into the recording studio and he puts on his headphones.


 Jasmine, Philippa, and  (Y/N) Walk out the dance studio sweating and practically gasping for air. They were working on the choreography for (Y/N)’s first ever show as a recording artist. Philippa choreographed it, and Jasmine added some finishing touches to make the dance as clean and attractive as possible.

“Damn that choreo took us forever.” Philippa wiper several beads of sweat off her forehead. She takes a quick sip from her water bottle and sighs in relief.

Jasmine sat down in a seat in the break room.

“You’re telling me! Besides, you made the choreo to easy and childish. (Y/N) is now 22, Remember? She’s a grown woman! She should be able to choreo that’s a bit more complex and….Explicit~”

(Y/N) sighs in relief and giggles.

“Thanks for helping me out girls it really means a lot to me! You guys are experienced artist taking time out of your day to help me out!”

Philippa smiles and Jasmine gets up and hugs her.

“But we are also your best friends,” Jasmine stated with a smile.

“And best friends are always there for each other!”

Philippa piggybacked on what Jasmine said with a kind smile that caused her cheeks to become rosy. She checks her watch and sighs.

“Hey, Jasmine! We gotta go! We can’t be late for studio time! The song is due tomorrow!!”

Jasmine quickly gets up and runs to the studio.

“Well, what are we waiting for let’s go!! See ya (Y/N)! Your first ever session starts in 10 minutes! Don’t be late!”

“Trust me I won’t! See ya!”


   (Y/N) boils some water in a kettle on a hot plate to make herself some tea. Renee walks up to her with two mugs and honey for their tea.

“Hey (N/N), how is your performance set coming along? You’ve been working on that for weeks!”

“It’s going well…Well..I guess…I’m just really nervous!! It’s my first ever performance with the first songs I’ve ever written!!! None of them were recorded yet! I mean what if I fuck up the tempo! What if the tracks get lost! And don’t get me started on the choreo!!”

Renee giggles and puts her hand on her shoulder. She looks into her eyes and smiles.

“(Y/N), listen to me. I recommended you for a reason. You are extremely talented and pretty experienced on the mic for a fresh out of the hood artist with no training. And your singing voice is just to die for. The R&B and Hip Hop game alike need more females like you! You will do great! Now drink your tea and get in the recording studio! You gotta record your songs before you perform, honey! Also, you have to go shopping with Jazzy right after! Remember we have a schedule!”

(Y/N) smiles. Renee was always there for her when it came to her music. They were close ever since they were kids. She always knew what to say.

“Thanks, ReRe.”

She pours her piping hot water into her cup and makes her tea.

“I think I’m ready to record my first ever set, Renee!”

“That’s what I’m talking about, (N/N)! Let’s get in the studio!”


“Alright, Alright!!! What’s up party people!?”

      The club was packed and the crowd goes wild as while the MC rallies the crowd up! Young women and men are screaming for Daveed. Some were chanting his name, others were saying things that you probably shouldn’t say in public.  Talent scouts came to the club for Rising Stars night. Once a week aspiring recording artist who were trying to make it big would perform a set that contains 6 songs. They were looking for young men and women between the ages of 17-25 who can sing, and/or rap their hearts out and who age well.

  Luckily, Daveed and (Y/N) fit the criteria.

  Daveed just turned 24 about month ago but he was writing verses since he was 18 years old. He would rap along to gangsta rap songs as a kid. He looks a fairly young and had an amazing body.

   (Y/N) just turned 22 about a month and a half ago. As a birthday present, she got a top of the line laptop with music creating software and a notebook for songwriting. She has been singing since she was 4 years old and dancing since she was 6. She looks like she is still 18 and is extremely curvy.

Rafa took out his computer as he walked over to Daveed with the file for the instrumental open.

“It’s all done and edited for ya D!”

“Thanks, Rafa! How does the crowd look?”

Rafa looks at the crowd from backstage.

“Packed and ready for a show.”

“Good. I’m ready to deliver that show.”

Rafa laughs and punches his shoulder.

“Aight. You’re on man!”


“Now introducing, tonight’s opening act, Daveed Diggs!”

Daveed walks into the stage and waved at the crowd. Jasmine smirked and pointed on stage.

“Ayo, (Y/N)! Your boyfriend is the opening act. It must be a good sign!~ You better bring it tonight!”

(Y/N) blushed as Daveed walked onstage stopping at up center stage. He turned around and sees (Y/N). He winks at her and smirks.

Daveed began to think about  (Y/N ) again while he was on stage. He thought of the lustful inspiration that drove him to create his song. He breathed in and looked up at the crowd. He began to rap his first of the verse of his song.

“Finger on the button.

That Cold War threat.

Finger on the button.

Got that lover in a cold sweat.”

Some members of the audience were in awe at the fact he could rap, other were bumping and grinding up against the person next to them. Talent scouts were taking notes on Daveed. He continued to perform and he turned his head to (Y/N)’s direction. He sees her dancing, swaying her hips in a hypnotic motion. He smirks and walks off, still rapping but is staring (Y/N) dead in eyes. Like a lion looking at his mate.

“Your loving on such and such

And so what is love?

It’s just a frame of mind

And boxed in by sex,”

His hands trace (Y/N)’s curves and hold on her hips as they swayed from behind her. Her hands wrapped his neck as she swayed her hips back and grinds up against him. His lips brushed up against her ear as he continued to rap. His tone changed to seductive and flirtatious.

“It’s toxic

And the single is intoxicating

And all the waiting and masturbating

The dick is chafing

Where’s the lotion?~”

As his performance came to a close, he walked back up onto the stage. As the outro of the song, rolled in he walked off the stage winking at  (Y/N).


Jasmine and Renee are giggling and teasing (Y/N) [Who is currently red in the face] while Philippa does her makeup.

“Soo…(Y/N)….And Daveed… ~”

Renee chuckles at the thought and (Y/N) blushes and sighs.

“It was probably just for show.”

“Or it’s a good luck charm from the sex gods” Jasmine chimes in, giggling.

Philippa rolls her eyes.

“You guys are such children. Let’s just focus on the gig for now. When we get to (Y/N)’s place to chill, we can talk about Daveed, the god of rap and sex. Alright?”

Philippa had a smirk as she finished (Y/N)’s makeup and addressed the girls.


The MC began to speak again as (Y/N) walked towards the stage. Daveed passed (Y/N) whispered in her ear.

“Good luck, beautiful~”


“Introducing, (Y/N) (L/N)!!!”

She walked on stage while she received at cat calls from Daveed, other men and some women in the crowd. Several teens who snuck in the club look at her in awe. She took a deep breath and began to sing.

(The song you are singing is called Gangsta by Kehlani)

“I need a Gangsta

To love me better

Than all the others do.

To always forgive me

Ride or die with me

That’s just what gangsta’s do.”

Everyone in the audience stared at you in awe, especially Daveed. Talent scouts quickly took notes. She danced and swayed to the beat in perfect timing. She noticed Daveed’s eyes grazing over her body. She walked downstage and gets on all fours crawling across the stage towards Daveed. She gets up and bends down to be at Daveed’s eye level. (Y/N) lifted up his chin and begins to sing once again. Her voice is sweet, seductive and alluring while she sings to Daveed.

“My freakness is on the loose

And running all over you~

Please take me to places, that nobody,

Nobody knows.

You got me hooked up on the feeling!

You got me hanging from the ceiling

Got me up so high I’m barely breathing

So don’t let me, don’t let me, don’t let me,

Don’t let me go~”

(Y/N) gets up and walks downstage and finished her first song, leaving Daveed mesmerized. Throughout (Y/N)’s set, Daveed couldn’t help but stare. He felt like he was on Molly, weed and LSD all at once ever since she looked at him and vice versa. When (Y/N) finally ended her performance, she blew a kiss at Daveed and that what got him going. His heart began to race and he felt like he was on Cloud Nine until Rafael grabbed his shoulder.

“Ayo D you did great!! The scouts look impressed.”

“Huh?! O-Oh yea! Thanks man! Wanna head back to my place? I gotta some Hennessey!”

“Sure man!”

Rafa and Daveed walked outside only to see a limo waiting for them.

A medium lengthed hair man and a dark suit walked out of the limo. The man has a kind smile.


“Lin!! What are you doin’ here?”

“I heard today was your first show from one of my people. But I’m also here for my…..Stuff.”

Lin was the most powerful and well known mafia boss in the city and Daveed was his dealer. But nobody was scared of him. He is more kind than menacing. He anonymously donates millions of dollars to orphanages and charity. He loves children and classic oldies. He was a gentle soul but if you get him pissed you better pray. He once had hired someone to kill a man since he doesn’t like blood on his hands. He owns Lin Star studios to give him a cover up.

Daveed smiles and puts his hands in his pockets.

“Yea I got your stuff but how are you gonna pay me back.”

“I’ll pay you back based on the quality and quantity. Besides I wanted to throw you a celebration for you performance. Ya know as a late birthday present from your old pal.”

“Aight, man. It’s a deal.”

Lin hands the weed to Oak and the Molly to Anthony to try. Lin rolled up a hundred dollar bill for the cocaine. The three men tried it all at once. They all nodded in approval.

“Alright…I’ll throw a party at your place, give you a ride home, unlimited studio time, and about $230 bucks.”


“Good. Now you and your friend get in the car. I may have a hella lot of money but no enough time. That unfortunately I cannot buy.”

Seventeen (Hip Hop Unit) reaction to girlfriend starving her self.

Anonymous said:Seventeen hiphop unit react their girlfriend faints suddenly and they get to know the reason is that she hasn’t eating anything for 2 days. She thought she was not beautiful enough for them?


S.Coups: It’s so much for him to handle, he doesn’t understand one bit why you would think such thing. He doesn’t know whether not to be angry or hurt or to feel sympathy. He needs comfort from his bros right now, but even though he’s receiving comfort, he make sure to give you as much comfort you need.

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Wonwoo: He’s really disappointed in you, he can not believe that you even thought for a sec, that you weren’t beautiful enough for him. As soon as you said the reason why you decided to starve yourself, a wave of hate just came over him. He hated himself, he feels as if it’s his fault, maybe he didn’t give you as much attention as you wanted (In this situation he gives you hella attention) he didn’t know what it was, but he was going to make sure it never happened again.

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Vernon: He wasn’t present when you passed out, he was actually getting ready for a concert. But when he got the call about you in the hospital for starving yourself and fainting, he just said fuck the concert and had to leave. The manager tho, was angry and started to go on about how this is the reason why he said no girlfriends allowed. But he didn’t give a shit, right on the stage in front of thousands of fans he told the manager that you were way more important to him than a concert that can still go on without him. His members and fans supported him, he stayed all night at the hospital with you.

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Mingyu: You always complain about getting a little chubby, he understood you since you were a athlete. But when you passed out, he had enough of you not eating enough, and when he found out that you haven’t ate in two days just to appear beautiful to him, he went to the store and bought not a salad but a bunch of junk. He wanted you to eat every last bit of it too, he was not gonna let this happen again.

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