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you know, the subject of anders delivering babies at his clinic comes up a couple of times in game but I never see anyone really talking about it

try again {part ii}



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The doctors appointment had only brought my worst fears to a harsh reality. I was infertile and they didn’t know why. After three appointments with three different doctors, they all came to the same conclusion: they couldn’t figure out why. They all suggested treatments for infertility, medicine or a shot every day, whichever I preferred.

“But we can’t guarantee it will work.” They all said.

My patience was already running thin after only a month of taking medicine every day to make me more fertile and more likely to get pregnant. A month and nothing had happened, but I knew this would take time and a whole lot of patience and emotional strength. If that’s what it took to have a family with Shawn, I would do just that and anything beyond that as well.

I swallowed the pill I had to take daily then headed downstairs. Shawn’s family wanted us to visit this weekend. Not just his immediate family, but his extended family too which included his cousins and their families. During my walk down the stairs, I braced myself for the sadness and jealousy that was most likely to come. One of Shawn’s cousins had a baby who was only a few months old and also two other small children. Every time they were around, my baby fever soared because they were so adorable.

I ached to have children of my own and I knew Shawn did too. I could see it in his eyes whenever his cousin’s children were around. He would watch them with a smile on his face and his eyes glossy with happiness, then his smile would fade slowly and his eyes would turn sad. I figured I often looked the same way when around them.

I walked into the living room to see absolute chaos happening, a five year old boy and a two year old girl running around, and a small little boy laughing and cooing at Shawn who was holding him. I sat next to Shawn and watched as he tickled the baby, heart-warming giggles leaving the baby’s mouth each time.

“Do you want to hold him?” Shawn asked. I held my arms out for the little boy, cradling him close to me. He reached for my necklace and started getting fussy when I wouldn’t let him have it. I rocked him back and forth when he began to cry, trying to soothe him. I looked up to see Shawn grinning like I had never seen him grin in all the time we had been together. Before I knew it, the baby was sound asleep even with his siblings yelling and running through the house.

“You’re great with him, Y/N. You’d be a great mother.” Shawn’s cousin said enthusiastically. I smiled at her but the pain inside was crushing me. I know I would be, I thought to myself. I bit my lip, trying to hold back tears as I don’t like for anybody to see me cry, especially when they don’t know what is wrong. Shawn moved closer to me and picked up the baby then handed him to his mother. He sat nearer to me now than he did before. He wrapped his arm around me and rubbed my arm. Suddenly, I felt foolish for being so upset over such a small comment.

“Excuse me for just a minute, please.” I said. I walked swiftly down the hallway to the bathroom. A few tears escaped my eyes and I wiped them away quickly. I stood over the counter with my shaking arms resting on it, trying to resist crying any more, but it was nearly impossible.

I heard a knock on the door, I knew it was Shawn and he would come in whether I opened it or not. He burst into the bathroom and wrapped his arms around me, enveloping me in a tight hug. He swayed back and forth with me in his arms and kissed my hair. I let the tears keep falling until I could no longer cry anymore. Shawn wiped them away before kissing me softly.

“Shh, it’s okay, love.” he cooed, “It hurt me when she said that too, but you have to remember, they don’t know.” I let him continue to hold me in his strong arms until I felt calm again. I pulled away from his warm body.

“Alright, I’m okay now.” I spoke, my voice breaking. I wiped away salty tears with the back of my hand. But I realized we couldn’t go back into the living room yet, because it was obvious I had been crying. My face was splotchy with red spots and my eyes were puffy. “Will you come with me so I can fix this?” I asked, referencing my face.

He laughed slightly before answering, “Of course I will.” He grabbed my small hand and kissed it before leading me back upstairs where my makeup was.

With over half a year passing and not one positive pregnancy test, Shawn and I started to considering adopting. After a couple months of debating on it, we decided that was absolutely what we wanted. We put in an application and a home study had been done, just to make sure the environment would be suited for a child to live in. Now we were just waiting for a call from the adoption agency. Shawn and I both agreed we wanted to adopt a newborn, so that made the already lengthy process even longer.

One day while Shawn was on tour, I received a call from the adoption agency we were going through.

“Hello, is this Mrs. Mendes?”

“Hello, yes it is. How are you?” I inquired.

“I’m well. Our agency has found a child for you and Mr. Mendes to adopt. Would you and your husband be able to come by our office tomorrow to talk and sign some papers?”

“Yes, of course! Thank you.”

“See you tomorrow then.”

“Alright, see you tomorrow.” I hung up the phone and quickly dialed Shawn’s number. No answer. Dammit, Shawn, answer your phone. I dialed again and he answered.

“Shawn, guess what!”

“Well, hello there. What?”

“The adoption agency called. They want to talk with us tomorrow. Can you come home?” I asked, hoping and praying the answer was yes. He paused and I waited impatiently for him to speak.

“I don’t have a show tomorrow, but I do the next day. I would have to leave right after we met with them, but I can fly in tonight.” He replied. A smile spread across my lips with his words.

“I know you’re busy so I’ll talk to you later. Bye, I love you.”

“Bye, I love you too.” I could see his goofy smile even through the phone. As much as Shawn and I had tried to avoid adoption for the past couple of years, this was the happiest moment of my life thus far.

“The gender of the child is unknown because the mother isn’t far enough into her pregnancy to know. As soon as we are given the information we will share it with the two of you.” Shawn’s hand rested over mine as the lady at the adoption agency spoke to us and we both were happy as could be. “And it looks like the parents are located in Ottawa, that’s not too far is it?”

“Oh no, certainly not. We would travel across the world if we had to.” Shawn said.

“The mother is 17 years old and the father is 18 years old. I think their reason for choosing adoption is very clear. I know this baby is going into a great home with loving parents though.” I couldn’t imagine how scary pregnancy would be at only 17 years old and how careless they had to be for it to happen, but I couldn’t judge because these people were giving Shawn and I their child. “The only thing that they request is that they get to name the child.”

“Of course, they can do that.” I spoke. Shawn and I signed the adoption papers, no delay in either of our signing. She told us how to prepare for the baby, what we needed to do before going to the hospital in Ottawa where the child would be born. Shawn and I sat and listened to her like two eager children, not speaking a word but nodding our heads at everything she said.

We walked out of the office hand in hand. Both of us were so elated that we couldn’t stop talking.

“This is great. This is the best thing that’s ever happened to us.” Shawn stated.

“I’m so excited, Shawn.” I said. We now stood in front of our cars. We would have to part ways only a few moments after this.

“I am too, Y/N.” We grasped one another in a tight hug and Shawn squeezed me so tightly it was almost painful. We shared a peck on the lips before having to leave.

“Text me when your flight lands, babe.” I requested.

“I will, I’ll talk to you later tonight.” I heard Shawn say as I was getting into my car. I looked in my rear view mirror to see Shawn; he was still wearing that big, goofy grin on his face that I probably wore too. We were both ecstatic. This was the most happiness I had felt in a long, long time.


Nico Jr. mumbles an apology to Teresa who quietly accepts it.

Remy: Come. Walk with me, Nicky. Let’s talk.

Nico Jr defensive: I wasn’t trying to be disrespectful. She came at me first.

Remy: She didn’t come at you. And even if she did, you don’t lose your cool and make threats. You don’t disrespect her and disrespect her daughter too. Which what the hell are you doing?  You got one girl pregnant already. Now you’ve moved on to another girl, sneaking into her bedroom? You want to be a teen father?

Nico Jr.: *shakes his head* I’m not like you, Uncle Remy. I’m not calm like you. I lose it real fast when people confront me like Teresa did. As for girls… you love Aunt Lala…Dad said you were crazy about her from day one, Dad’s obsessed with Mom since college…but I’m different. I’m not like you and Dad were. I like to sleep with lots of girls. If I’m safe about it, what’s wrong with that?

Remy smiles: You’re more like me than you know. And um, if you get a girl pregnant, that’s not being safe is it? Unless they changed the definition of safe? Anyway, Nicky, I know it’s boring out here. But like I said to Manny- he’s here now-take this time to reflect. Think about what you’re doing with your life. You’re spiraling, son. We’re worried about you. 

Nico Jr: I’m fine.

Remy: You’re not fine. You don’t want to talk about your feelings?  Cool. I never was one to talk about them either. But know your Dad didn’t send you out here to punish you. He’s trying to save you from yourself. We all are. Neely too. We want both you twins happy and healthy. Got it?

Nico Jr bends his head down. How could his uncle understand how empty Nicky felt inside? How bored he was with his life? How nothing really excited him? He was bored on the island, but the truth was he was bored in San Myshuno too. He didn’t know why.

Nico Jr.: Got it, Uncle Remy.

Remy: Cool. Now go say hi to your cousins.They gone be out here for the summer too. Well, Manny and Maela are. RJ is in Oasis Springs doing an internship for the summer. I’ll be leaving soon after I talk to Killian. Teresa said he’s here now too. I love you, Nicky.

Nico Jr smiles: I love you too, Uncle Remy. Give my love to Aunt Lala.


‘Your duty, in case you were unaware, is to produce an heir and ensure the future of your line.“

"Yes I am well aware of that, thank you.”

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10DWMD Mc wants a baby?

It has been half a year since your wedding. You wanted a baby with your guy but not sure what his reaction will be. One night, you gather your courage and ask him about it.

“Honey, do you want a child of ours?” You whispered sweetly into his ear.

“I am seriously waiting for you to say that for a long time. I always worried that I may put some pressure on you since you are my queen.” Kakeru blinks happily and slowly lower you down on the bed.

“I am so happy. Do you think we can get twins at one go? Or maybe triplets? I am going to work hard on you tonight.” Haruhito smiles happily, as he kisses you all over.

“Oh mine, so you can’t wait anymore. I am more than happy to have our child. I won’t go easy on you. The night is still long.” Satori smirks and get on top of you immediately.

“I am not sure if I can be a good father but I will learn. I won’t be gentle with you tonight.” Shiki blushed, as he pushes you down on the bed.

“You are making me so happy. I would love to have many children with you.” Rein shouted in excitement. He then kiss you deeply as he pushes you down on the bed.

“I wonder if our child will look more like you or me. I guess I have to work on getting you pregnant first in order to find out.” Tsubasa smiles and kisses you deeply.

Safety First

(My headcanon for this is that condoms might seem really foreign to someone from the EF and that they haven’t had to discuss it in the past because they’re monogamous and she’s on birth control.)

Disclaimer: I don’t own OUaT.

Safety First

Rated: M

After a week, Emma had finally relented, seen Dr. Whale for her earache, and was now awaiting her antibiotic prescription at Sneezy/Mr. Clark’s pharmacy. She read the info that came with her week’s worth of pills and paused at the section detailing “interactions,” realizing that there was a small chance her antibiotic would lessen the effectiveness of her birth control. Well, crap, she hadn’t really needed to think about that sort of thing before Killian, but there was no way they’d be abstaining for two weeks and an “accident” was not something they needed to deal with right now. She found the reproductive aisle and grabbed a few different condom varieties, not sure how he’d react or which ones would work out best.

Apparently, condoms (and birth control in general) didn’t exist back in the Enchanted Forest, and although Killian had been a little confused when she’d told him she couldn’t get pregnant thanks to medicine she was taking, he’d never really questioned her since.

Well, it was time to introduce him to another modern marvel.

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