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Burrito Blanket Batmom - Bruce Wayne/Batfamily x Reader

I kinda love the idea of a “burrito blanket” batmom haha, and since I thought the request from anonymous I received was quite similar, I mixed them up together. Hope you’ll like it, particularly you @dannysanime, as usual, feedbacks are very welcome :) : 

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-Are you alright mother ?

It’s early in the morning when your youngest son finds you in the living room, wrapped in a blanket on the couch, eyes wide open and not really looking at anything in particular. You don’t even react as he approaches you. 

-Mother ? Hey ? Mom are you alright ? 

Finally, you turn your head to look at him, blanket all the way up to your chin and wrapped around your head (and all around your body really, your face the only thing peering out of this burrito you made of yourself), you say in a croaked voice : 


Damian is immediately worried. It isn’t often, if not never, that you complain. That you let things get you down. You’re the cheery one of the family. You and Dick often are the ones that see the positive things in everything, so, seeing you there, laying on the couch without even the TV on, and looking as if you were completely done with life…Well, it worries your kid. 

You realize that he’s concerned about your well being when he kneels in front of you, and put his palm on your forehead. Oh, sweet boy. If only everyone could see him as you saw him, if only he’d be as nice with everyone as he is with you…No one would ever call him “brat” anymore. 

-I’m not sick honey, I’m just…I’m just….erf…

-…You’re just “erf” ?

You shrug your shoulder. Or at least, Damian thinks you shrug your shoulder, he isn’t really sure, seeing as you’re wrapped tightly in that damn comforter. 

He’s not sure what’s wrong with you, but he still wants to help. 

-Hum…Is there anything I can do for you ? Do  you want coffee ? Something to eat ? Or do you want me to go put a movie on or something ? Anything, really ?

You smile weakly at him, and it makes him frown. Your smiles are never weak ! They’re always so bright, warm, beautiful ! They always make him feel better, not matter what. Awkwardly, he brushes a few fingers against your cheek, and your smile widens a  little. Here. Better. 

-You’re already doing a lot my boy. 

“My boy”. He loved when you called him that. It made him feel…It just made him feel loved. And like a part of the family. Your son. But of course he was your son, you never saw him in any other way, even at the difficult beginnings…

He kept on brushing your cheek lightly, putting some strand of hair out of your face. You managed to take an arm out of your blanket, and caressed his hair lovingly, he laid his head next to yours, kneeling on the floor in front of you, and you just shared a sweet mom/son moment…So much that you both fell into a deep and comfortable slumber. 

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Lyanna and Arya parallel 

Her father sighed. “Ah, Arya. You have a wildness in you, child. ‘The wolf blood,’ my father used to call it. Lyanna had a touch of it, and my brother Brandon more than a touch. […]” (Arya, A Game of Thrones)

[…] “Lyanna might have carried a sword, if my lord father had allowed it. You remind me of her sometimes. You even look like her.” (Arya, A Game of Thrones)

“ You ride like a northman, milady. Your aunt was the same.”

The girl was the older and taller of the two. Arya! Bran thought eagerly, as he watched her leap up onto a rock and cut at the boy. But that couldn’t be right. If the girl was Arya, the boy was Bran himself, and he had never worn his hair so long. And Arya never beat me playing swords, the way that girl is beating him. (Bran, A Dance with Dragons)

Whelp, I guess Jon in a way doesn’t absolutely know nothing about his mother, he grew up with a replica of her! And I just love the fact Jon is the one to give Arya her first sword, allowing her to reach her full (deadly) potential. 


game of thrones biossansa stark

sansa was a lady at three, always so courteous and eager to please. she loved nothing so well as tales of knightly valor. men would say she had my look, but she will grow into a woman far more beautiful than i ever was, you can see that. i often sent away her maid so i could brush her hair myself. she had auburn hair, lighter than mine, and so thick and soft… the red in it would catch the light of the torches and shine like copper.

Viserys x Baratheon Reader

Imagine being the daughter to Robert Baratheon and catching the eye of Viserys Targaryen.

((AU where Rhaegar never ran off with Lyanna….Rhaegar is King…Aerys is dead…))

Word Count: 2,577

Warning: Uh….smut like things? Ooc Viserys kind of?

It was universally known that the younger brother to the King was arrogant and self-centered and had an absolutely horrible temper. Still, you couldn’t help but fall for Viserys Targaryen.

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High Tensions - Five

Reid x Reader

The game was suspended over the next five days due to the team being called away. Derek had made a comment about room sharing when it had come to the evening as there weren’t enough spare rooms at the hotel for you to each have one. 

“I vote Reid and Y/N share. I’m sure I’ve got this week in the pool anyway.”

Hotch had glared at him and you’d spoke before he had chance to, “Not gonna happen Morgan. Play is suspended when we’re out in the field. Let’s try to be professional shall we?“ 

Hotch had nodded at you approvingly and in the end it had ended up being you and JJ sharing. 

You’d been talking to her the last night you were there. The case had been solved but it was too late for you to fly home so you were spending another night before taking off early the next day. 

“So how’s it going between you too? Because we’re not actually seeing that much interaction between you so we can’t tell who’s got the upper hand,” she said into the darkness. 

“Erm, honestly Jayge I’m not sure. Some days I think I’ll get him to cave but others I think he’ll make me cave.” Some of the texts he’d been sending to you this evening were pure filth, all very much along the lines of the things he’d said to you in the email that Hotch had intercepted, and every so often he’d look you dead in the eyes and lick his lips slowly. 

“Really? That’s unexpected. Go Spence……Are you sure that this won’t affect you working together though?”

“I don’t think so. It’s just sex right? Why, do you think it will be weird for Spencer?”

“I’m not sure. I was surprised that he wanted in on the whole thing to begin with because he’s never really shown that side of him. But I guess if you’re thinking of caving then you must be seeing a different side to him. ”

You nodded although she couldn’t see you, debating whether to share one of the messages with her. “Jeez, you’ve got no idea. Do you wanna hear one of the texts he’s sent me? You can’t say anything to him though. ”

“God yes, I wanna hear what our Boy Wonder’s been saying to you to make you consider throwing in the towel.”

You pulled out your phone swiping until you found one, the light illuminating the room. 

“I’d eat you out slowly, letting my tongue circle your clit until you were close to coming. Then I’d slide my throbbing dick into you, filling you completely and fucking you painstakingly slow until you beg me to go faster.” You smirked as you read his words, watching as JJ lifted herself onto her side to stare at you, her expression incredulous. You’d been pretty incredulous too when you’d read it yourself. 

“No fucking way. Spencer…. Our Spencer sent you that? When? Oh my god!”

“When we were all at dinner earlier.”

“That’s why you two kept getting your phones out. You were fucking sexting? Spencer doesn’t sext!! What did you send back?”

You coughed, finding your own reply.

“Sweetie I’ve never begged a man, or woman for anything. They beg to be able to do those things to me. The only way you’d be eating me out is if you beg and plead with me to sit on your face. And Spence, I would grind all over that pretty mouth of yours. You just have to ask.”

“Fuck me Y/N! Did he text back?”

You nodded. “All he replied was ‘We’ll see who’s pleading to fuck who’s mouth. You’ve seen how fast I can talk when I’m excited about something. You know how fast my tongue can move.’”

“Jesus Christ, I never knew Reid had any of that in him. Fuuuuck. He’s so much more attractive to me right now.”

You flung your spare pillow at her. "Er Will?“ 

She laughed, “I know I know. But he never sends me any stuff like that.”

“So send it to him then.”

“You know, I just might.”

The rest of the team had passed out yet again on the flight home, and you were passing the time catching up on Game of Thrones on your laptop.

You felt a tug on your ear bud as a body deposited itself in the seat next to you. Spencer. He’d woken up, his hair still messy. 

“Watcha watching?” he leant in closer to see, his hand brushing your thigh. 

“Just some GoT. Catching up before the next season comes out.”

“Mind if I watch with you?”

You handed him the ear piece nearest to you and he moved closer to get a better view. This was the sort of stuff you did when you actually hung out as normal friends, as opposed to friends who were trying get the other to beg them for a banging. 

It was nice, seemingly being normal together again and you watched the rest of the episode in companionable silence. 

And then the next episode started, and then there was scene with two of Little Finger’s brothel girls touching each other. 


To skip it would be too obvious so you let it run, feeling an intake of breath from the man beside you. 

And then that man’s hand moved to your thigh, your thigh that was bare because you were wearing a skirt and had torn your last pair of pantyhose this morning. 

Your eyes flickered to the side, Spencer’s eyes still focused on the screen in front of you. His hand started to move in small circles, inching further and further up your leg. It tickled and not in the ‘haha’ way. More the, ‘oh my fuck, any minute now and he’s going to make me moan’ way.

Pulling your lip between your teeth, you bit down hard. You could no longer look at the screen, what those two girls were doing to each other as well as what Spencer was doing to your leg was a recipe for disaster. 

He shifted his weight, his hand moving to the inside of your thigh and slipping higher, his fingers disappearing underneath the fabric of your skirt. 

Your body betrayed you then, your legs falling apart slightly ready to allow him access, and you could feel yourself growing warm…..uncomfortably so. 

His long fingers moved higher, a smile on his lips as he heard you whimper, you cursing yourself internally. He was so close to your panties now he had to be able to feel the heat radiating from you and if moved his hand oh so slightly, he’d certainly be able to feel what he was doing to you. 

Through gritted teeth you muttered, “Any higher Reid, and you’ll be stroking my pussy through my underwear. And that means I win. One touch and I win this.”

“Which is why I’m staying very clear of that area Y/N, although I can feel that you want me. It’s soo warm down here. And I can feel you having to tense yourself to avoid pushing yourself against my hand. Just let it happen, you know you want it to.”

He moved his hand so it was almost cupping you, only millimetres away. He was right, you were having to work so hard at this and the amount of wanting and desire you felt right then was too much to bear. You literally only had to move the tiniest amount and his hands would be on you.

You yanked his hand away, standing up and pushing past him, walking quickly down the aisle to the bathroom and locking the door behind you. 

Fuuuck. Fuck fuck fucking fuck. 

You sat down on the toilet, pulling your panties down and spotting that tell tale damp patch. And then….. An idea. 

Cleaning yourself up with tissues you exited, noting that the rest of the team were still asleep. Thank God. 

You sat opposite Spencer this time, seeing the smirk on his face. The sexy little shit bag. 

You tossed something black and lacy to him, him catching it with a curious look on his face. 

The look on his face when he realised he was holding your underwear was just priceless. Although the look on your face as he spread them open and examined the crotch area was probably worse. 

“I’m guessing if I licked these, I’ll be able to taste your juices on them right?" 

Your eyes widened and he pocketed them, grinning at you. 

The jet began it’s descent and slowly the rest of the team starting waking up, talking amongst themselves. 

The plane landed and taxied into the BAU’s hanger, and the team stood and began making their ways to the exit. Just before you stood yourself, Spencer dropped his phone under the table, in a move which was far from accidental. 

An evil grin on his face as he disappeared underneath it and you felt his hands grip your legs, pulling them apart. 

You gasped, glad that the team was up the other end of the plane. 

His hands slipped up your thighs again and you were so sure you were going to win when you felt a slow hot breath against your clit. Your knee hit the table so quickly and loudly, and Morgan who was closest to you turned around just in time to see Reid scrambling out from beneath the table. 

"Dropped my phone!” He held it up in the air, moving to stand behind Morgan. 

You glared at him. Technically he hadn’t touched you. 

But you’d never been so glad to be wearing a black skirt before in your life. 

He’d won this one.

Closed Set

Request:  Hiii so I know you write mostly Sam and you claim you don’t write Jared, but would you be willing to write a Jared story? I want to request: Imagine filming a sex scene with Jared. And maybe he gets really into it, which isn’t in the script, but you can obviously take it wherever your heart desires. -@impalaimagining

Jared x Female Reader

Summary: Filming a love scene with Jared is a little more than you bargained for. 

Warnings: This is what I would consider smut adjacent, nothing too graphic.

Word Count: 1700+

A/N: Beta’d by the always amazing @elliewinchesterr

Possibly part one of two, I’m always skittish when I write Jared. 

“How do those feel?” Tabitha, your wardrobe assistant, gestures to the round flesh colored stickers covering your nipples.

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I think I wanna marry you

Jon Snow x Reader

Words: 443

Requested by: @jonsnowisthesexiestbastard

Request: Hello ! Can I have an imagine where the reader is a Mormont and she know Jon since childhood. After season 6 Jon wanna marry her but the Lords doesn’t think that she is highborn enough for a King but he marry her anyways ? Thanks :-)

(Y/N): Your Name

(Y/H/C): Your Hair Color

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Making out with Jaime Lannister would include :

(Woooo more prompts! Woooo Jaime 😏Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

-Him smirking and just sweet talking you before grabbing you and trapping you in his arms as he starts to pepper light kisses all over you

-Him leading you to the nearest wall to pin you there or towards the couch to sit as he starts to kiss your lips roughly

-Him gripping at your outfit to slightly remove them as he feels you up just as he wants

-Him grinding against you to make you feel his arousal for you, only to smirk as he feels your hips grinding back

-Him gripping your neck and the back of your hair as it gets deeper, only to start undressing you aggressively

-Him kissing and biting down your neck to make you moan and let him hear you as much as he likes before reaching your chest

-Him loving the feel of your hands all over him, especially when you grip his hair, making him kiss you even more

-Him chuckling to feel you nipping and biting at your lips, only to tease you that he’ll have to punish you for it

-Him touching you where you need him, as he whispers to you how desperately he needs you, making you want to undress quickly

-Him just chuckling whenever you would yelp to hear familiar voices around, only to keep you quiet with light kisses instead

Preference: Game of Thrones - How they Confess Their Love for You

Robb Stark: Robb would tell you of his feelings the moment he realises them, not caring about the timing or who is around to hear it. He would cup your face and kiss you, repeating the words over and over into your mouth, smiling his beautiful smile.

Jon Snow: Jon, not having much experience around girls, would blush a lot of mumble, not quite sure how to tell you what he feels. Eventually though it would come out with some sort of romantic gesture, maybe a picnic or with some flowers. Jon is always the cheesy romantic when it comes to you.

Theon Greyjoy: With Theon it would come out with his arrogance, when you’re having some banter and joking together he’d say something that would make you look twice before he smirks and kisses you, whispering how much he loves you in your ear.

Jamie Lannister: Jamie would do little acts of kindness to show how much he loves you before he ever tells you. When he does tell you it’s because he’s given up trying to be subtle about it and is too exasperated – he just wants you to know how much he cares for you. After Cersei he wasn’t sure he could really love anyone else so he’s determined to do it the ‘right’ way this time.

Sandor Clegane: Sandor wouldn’t tell you of his feelings for a long time – he’d be terrified he’d be rejected by you or that you wouldn’t love him back. He blushes when he does say the words, thinking he sounds like a complete idiot but after his hands would trace over your face, so careful and softly as he does, then planting a gentle kiss on your lips.

Ramsay Snow/Bolton: Ramsay would have a somewhat stalkerish approach to the whole thing. He’d have people follow you to make sure you are never in harm’s way and have someone befriend you to find out your favourite things and how you feel for him in return. When you become closer together, Ramsay would change, not being so cruel or abusive to others because of his love for you.

Cersei Lannister: Cersei would be hesitant at first to even pursue her love because she knows it would be a weakness that she cannot afford but soon it would become too overbearing being around you without you knowing how much she loves you. The two of you would drink wine together, discussing the secrets of others and going for long walks together. She’d be fiercely protective of you.

Margaery Tyrell: Margery would try to be smart about it, trying to figure out how you feel for her first before she says anything. When she felt 100% certain that you loved her back she would tell you her feeling with grand and sentimental gesture.

Sansa Stark: Sansa would admire you so much and try to become more like you. The two of you would braid each other’s hair and eat lemon cakes and gossip together. Sansa would always giggle at your jokes and give you lots of compliments on everything. When she tells you that she loves you, Sansa would try to make it as romantic and storybook as possible.

Credit where it’s due for the gifs used

House Baratheon in 268 a.c. circa.
Lord Steffon Baratheon, lord of Storm’s End and Lord Paramount of the Stormsland, his wife Lady Cassana Estermont and their sons, their firstborn heir Robert and the little Stannis

I love this family! I would love to know more about them…

(and yes, i love the idea of Steffon having some charateristic of his mother’s house, like purple-blue eyes and a streak of silver-gold hair)

Learning to Read

Pairing: Tywin x (daughter) Reader, Tyrion x (sister) reader

Fandom: Game of Thrones

Warnings: None…but it’s my first and it’s a little long… Eh, Tywin may be a little OOC.  

Summary: You are the youngest Lannister daughter and are struggling with your reading, so you get help from your brother, Tyrion.  Reader is six years old.  Mostly fluff.

Word Count: 3,582



Tywin Lannister, Lord of Casterly Rock, and previous Hand of the King sat in his study, pouring over documents and filling in signatures.  He hadn’t gotten any sleep the past few days, mainly because the fools of the Eyrie didn’t know how to strike a proper bargain.  Lord Tywin had never liked the Lady Arryn but while her husband, the true Lord of the Eyrie was away, he was forced to make political agreements and meet her terms.

There was a knock on the door, and he looked up, frowning.  Everyone knew not to disturb him when he worked on his documents.  It was either something important or a rather stupid servant.  He called for them to open the door.

The servant that stood before him was young and broad-chested.  He’d probably make a good soldier in a few years, but Tywin never took the time to learn his servants’ names.  This boy was no different.  He swallowed, and Tywin raised an eyebrow.

“My lord,” the servant began.  Then he stopped talking.

“Yes?” Tywin said, looking straight at him.  “You came into my study during a critical time, clearly you have something to tell me.”

Tywin could see the boy swallow away the lump in his throat.  His fingers drummed the desk, and he glanced at the tower of documents at the table.  

“My lord, it’s about your daughter,” the boy said, and Tywin’s attention was automatically caught. The boy couldn’t tell this though, for Tywin kept his same stoic expression.  “The Septas have been looking for her, but she seems to have disappeared.  They say she’s not doing well in her lessons and that she’s struggling with her reading.”

Tywin’s face hardened, remembering a similar experience with his eldest son, Jaime.  

“Very well, you are dismissed,” Lord Tywin said to the boy.

He nodded and fled the room. Tywin looked over at the documents. Y/N, his daughter, would have to wait until he finished the bulk of these.  He had a pretty good idea where she was hiding.  The girl had never been too good at keeping secrets.

As Tywin worked, he mused on his daughter.  He thought that his late wife was finished giving birth when she gave birth to Tyrion, but Y/N had come more than a decade later, a pleasant surprise for all of them. Tywin hadn’t expected to be a father again, and he worried for his wife, that her body couldn’t handle it, but she had given birth to a healthy daughter.  His wife had named her Y/N, though Tywin had wanted to name her after an ancestor.  Lady Joanna had insisted on Y/N though, so they went with that.

Tywin finished up his paperwork and left his office, ignoring the bowing servants and “milord”s as he walked through the stronghold.  He left the castle and went through the gardens.  Since he had told Y/N that her mother had loved the gardens, they had become her favorite place.  Sure enough, he saw her seated on a bench below one of the larger trees.

He cleared his throat loudly, and she turned to look at him with those striking emerald eyes –Joanna’s eyes.  His daughter was only six and as gentle as a hummingbird.  Her long golden hair splashed down her back.  Of all his children, she looked the most like her mother.

It was as if the child realized the danger she was in with her father’s arrival.  She jumped to her feet, smoothed her dress and curtsied before him.

“Good afternoon, father,” she said with all the bearing of a lady at court.  She knew her courtesies well.

“Why aren’t you in your lesson, Y/N?” he asked, cutting to the point.  It was true he was probably softer with her than his other children, but that was only because she hadn’t caused him nearly as much grief.  When a child misbehaved though, it was a father’s duty to correct that child.

“I don’t like the septa,” Y/N said.  “She’s boring.”

“I don’t care if you like the septa.  You’re learning to read.  Children outside these walls don’t get that opportunity.  Someday you will thank me for everything I’ve done for you,” he said. “Let go of your pride and do your lesson.  The house that puts the family’s name before its own selfish whims –“

“Will be the house that history remembers,” she finished for him.  She glared up at him.  “I just don’t like reading.  I’m not good at it, and I can’t do it.  No matter how hard I try, I don’t understand the letters.”

“You are not working hard enough,” he said.

“I spent two hours looking at the same page, and when the septa asked me to read aloud, I couldn’t do it,” she argued.  The girl definitely had spunk.  A Lannister needed that to get along in the world, but she needed to learn there were better times than others for it.  “All I do is stare at the page.  I know the letters.  I see the septa write them, and I can go through the alphabet.  The septa says my penmanship is wonderful, but when I have to read a word, the letters move around on the page and I can’t make any sense of them!”  

Tywin nodded, and she was quiet.  He had dealt with this before.

“Your brother Jaime was the same way,” he said.  “The maesters told me that he also mixed up the letters on the page.  Yes…I wondered if this would happen again.”

“And how did Jaime learn to read?” Y/N asked.  

A determined look flashed across Tywin’s face.

“I sat him down with the maester four hours each day,” he said.  “Which is exactly what I’ll do with you.”

“Father!” Y/N cried.

“Silence!” He cut her off. “Remember your courtesies, young lady. You will thank me for this.  A Lannister needs to know how to read! Jaime was angry with me too, but now he can read!”

“But four hours!” The girl looked close to tears, and for a rare moment, Tywin did feel something tear at his heart, but he was determined.

“A lady doesn’t say ‘but’,” he said.  It was something that Joanna used to say to Cersei when she argued with her.  “Go back to your lesson now.  I shall speak with your septa about the changes in your scholarly pursuits.”

Y/N’s pink lips quivered for a moment, and then she curtsied before her father and ran off.  Tywin watched her go, slightly amused, but slightly angry at her behavior.  Cersei had been much more rebellious, so he at least should have been grateful that he didn’t have to deal with that.  He didn’t particularly like upsetting his daughter, though.  She was the last thing of Joanna he had, and he was determined to give her the best life he could.

Being a father as well as a lord could be difficult at times.


At the end of your lesson, you were fuming at the septa.  Your head pounded and your eyes were sore from constantly staring at the page. You offered a short and stiff curtsy and then left as soon as the lesson ended.  You never wanted to see your septa ever again.  In fact, you would run away from the Rock and make your father miss you so much that he would find you.  That would really show him.

You loved your father like none other, but he could be stiff at times.  He was the proud lord lion of Casterly Rock, you reminded yourself.  He was held to different standards than the small folk.  Jaime supposedly had the same problem with words that you had, but Jaime got to run around and play with a sword, and then he got to be a knight.  Why did it matter if you could or couldn’t read?  Your father would wed you to a handsome lord when you were older, and you’d raise the babies while your lord husband signed important papers.

In your room, you tried to forget all about your lesson by combing through one of your dolls’ hair. The door opened and your father entered; the brush you used on the doll stopped halfway through its silk hair.

“What are you doing here?” You asked.

“The septa told me that you needed to study outside of your lessons,” he said firmly.  “Where are your books?”

“I just got out of my lesson!  I need a break!” You cried.

“Your mind is sharpest right after a lesson,” he said.  “Do you want to learn to read or not?”

“I don’t want to learn!” You snapped.

You had crossed a line, and you knew it.  Your father’s eyes narrowed dangerously.  

“You will read those books, Y/N, and I won’t ask you again,” he said in a low voice.

You shrunk back, fighting back the tears that threatened to escape your eyes.  You hated disappointing your father; he was your hero, but he just didn’t understand how hard it was for you to read!  You watched as he left the room.  You didn’t move for a moment, and when he was gone, you threw your doll against the wall.

You picked up the book and tried to read it, determined to show your father, but the more you looked at it, the worse your headache got and you found you just couldn’t do it.

You woke up with your face on the book.  You panicked slightly, aware that that was not proper for a lady.  By the sky outside your window, you knew it wasn’t time for supper yet.  You sighed with relief.  Then you picked up the book.  You didn’t want to visit the septa, but maybe if you just studied for many hours at once, she could get it all done and over with.  Hugging the book, you stomped past your broken doll and out the room.

Every step taken was tortuous.  You really, really did not want to see the septa.  What did that old lady know anyways?  Why couldn’t your father give you a fun teacher?  Maesters were always more fun than septas.

“Sister,” a deep voice suddenly rang in your ears.  “Does father know that you are wandering the Rock by yourself?”

Your heart stopped.  You turned and saw your older brother, Tyrion, standing there.  Even though he grinned at you, you felt a shiver pass up your spine.  She had always been more than a little frightened of him.

Tyrion wasn’t like Jaime or Cersei.  He was only slightly taller than you, but whereas you were six, he was a man.  His hair was as blonde as yours and his eyes as green, but his forehead was too big, and his arms and legs were too short. He wasn’t handsome in the least, and Cersei had told you that Tyrion had killed your mother.  Jaime had insisted it wasn’t true, but Cersei said that Tyrion had forced mother to care for him when he had a contagious illness, and she had died for it.  You hadn’t even been a year old, and because of that you didn’t have a mother.

“He’s a monster, Y/N, and monsters don’t show remorse,” Cersei had said to you.

You stared at your brother, fingers clutching the book.  You wanted to run, but you knew you needed to be brave.  He wasn’t really a monster.  He was frightening, but he was still your big brother.  Jaime got along with Tyrion after all.

“I’m going to the septa,” you said shortly.  “I’m learning to read.”

“Are you mixing up the letters on the page?” Tyrion asked in a dry tone.

“Um…” How did he know that was your problem?  “Yes…”

“Just like Jaime, or so I hear,” he said.  “Don’t go to the septa.  She’ll bore you to tears with her lessons.  It looks like she already has.”

“I have to learn to read so father will be happy,” you snapped, embarrassed.  

“Yes, we must keep father happy,” Tyrion said.

“I need to go,” you said.

When you turned away, Tyrion suddenly touched your arm.  You froze, remembering what Cersei had told you.  Tyrion looked kind of funny, but could he really be a monster?  What if you died because he touched you?  Maybe that’s why your mother had died!

“B-brother,” you stammered, voice squeaking.

“I’ll teach you to read,” he said.  “I’ve read a lot, and I’ve even stumbled on some of the histories of Casterly Rock that recorded other children with the same problems you were having.”

“Father wants me to study with the septa,” you replied weakly.

“Father wants you to learn how to read,” he said.  “Do you want to please father?”

You nodded meekly, and he smiled.

“Then follow me,” he said.

Your heart sank, and you imagined for a moment a maiden following a dragon into its lair.  Tyrion was no dragon; he was too small, but you couldn’t help but be scared regardless.  You frowned. Lannisters didn’t get scared.  You would learn how to read no matter what.

On the way to Tyrion’s chambers, he actually talked to you.

“Father rarely lets you see me,” he said.  “I remember when you were born.  I’ve never seen father smile like that before.  I suppose after me, you were everything he could have asked for.  You were a beautiful babe, and it looks to me like you’ve grown to be a beautiful girl.  You have mother’s features.”

How could he talk so easily of mother?  Didn’t he feel guilty?

“Thank you,” you whispered. “Father keeps me in lessons most the time.”

“And apart from the reading, how are those going?  Do you understand the laws of the land and the science?  I hated learning about the agriculture personally,” he said.

Before you could think, you said:  “I do too. I hate that part.”  You suddenly shut your mouth.  Had you just agreed with your brother?

“Ah, here we go,” Tyrion said.  “My room. We shouldn’t be in here too long, but I’ll teach you more than the septas will.”

“With magic?” You asked.

Tyrion snorted.

“What do you think I am? An imp with magical powers!  Is that what Cersei told you?” he asked. Cersei had never said that, but you couldn’t help but imagine it.  “No, if I knew magic, I’d make myself as tall as Jaime.  No, we’re going to learn the old fashioned way.”

“I won’t learn to read by supper?” You asked faintly.

“I’m afraid not,” he said. “You’ll have to come back each day, but I promise you I will make it much more painless than the septa’s ramblings.  You’ll be reading in no time.”

And then he pulled out a seat for you at his desk and took the book from you.  He laid it on the table, and a devilish smirk appeared on his face.

“Let’s begin,” he said, and you sat down, feeling your hands and feet shake.


You had been visiting Tyrion in secret for a week.  You were never told to stay away from your brother, but father also made a point of keeping you as far away from him as possible.  With Tyrion as your teacher, you were able to see improvements you never thought possible.  Even the septa praised you when you actually read two sentences aloud and only had to pause a few times.  Tyrion didn’t use magic, but he may as well have.

What really confused you though was that you were actually starting to like your brother.  What would Cersei say?  Perhaps Jaime would be happy for you.  Tyrion was kind to you and very patient when you made mistakes.  He was constantly egging you on, but in a way that showed he really cared.

“You know this word,” he said as you hovered over the same word for over a minute.  “You can do it…”

“D…R…G… No, that’s not right.”  The letters were moving again.  “D…R…A….Dragon!”

Tyrion applauded you, and you blushed.  You then read the sentence aloud:

“Aegon I Targaryen rode on the dragon Balerion in the War of Conquest!” Your voice went up a notch at the end, and again Tyrion applauded you.

“Wonderful!” He said. “Wonderful!  Can you read the next sentence?”

“Aegon’s sister-wife…V…Vis…Visenya mounted Vhagar as her steed.”  You glanced up at Tyrion, praying you’d gotten the sentence right, and by his smile, you knew you had.  “I did it!  I’m learning to read, Tyrion!  You’re the best!”

You kept improving, and you actually sought out books to try and read.  Most of them you couldn’t, but you could understand a lot more than you could before.  Four days later, you were in yet another lesson with Tyrion.  He no longer frightened you, and Cersei’s words seem to fade.

You had finally reached the part in your heavy book that spoke of House Lannister.

“Lord Tytos Lannister was the eldest of four.  He was named heir in 236 AC of Casterly Rock…” your eyes skimmed the page.  Then you gasped.  “Jason Lannister!”

“Hmm?” Tyrion asked.

“Jason Lannister was Tytos’s younger brother.  Tytos was our grandfather!  Jason was our other grandfather!  He was mother’s father!” You cried.  “Mother and father were cousins?”

“I thought you knew that,” Tyrion said.  “Besides, cousins are one thing, but the Targaryens married their brothers and sisters for centuries.”

“It’s like how Cersei wants to marry Jaime,” you said.

“Y-Y/N …” Tyrion winced. “I don’t know how you know that, but you mustn’t say a word to father.”

You stared at the page and your finger found Lady Joanna’s name.

“What was mother like?” You whispered.

Tyrion froze and didn’t answer immediately.  Then he swallowed, and he smiled in a way that made him as handsome as Jaime.  

“She was beautiful,” Tyrion said.  “She was my best friend, my champion.  She was always encouraging me to be better, and when I cried, she held me.”  He looked out the window, and you watched him intently.  “When I learned that dragons had gone extinct, I was a mess.  I cried myself to sleep…but when I woke up, mother was holding me in her arms and telling me everything would be alright.  She had a beautiful voice too…”

“Cersei said mother died while taking care of you,” you whispered.

Tyrion looked down at his hands.

“That’s true,” he breathed. “I was probably old enough to not need my mommy, but I begged the maesters to let me see her, and she came right away and cared for me.  She stayed by my side all night…and then…it was all so sudden…she was gone.”

Tyrion was a man, but his lip trembled like a child’s.  He didn’t blink, like he was determined not to let the tears come.  He was always so carefree, sarcastic, and witty.  You had never seen this side of him before.

You reached under the table and held his stubby hand.

“Thank you for telling me about mother,” you whispered.  


You found yourself outside your father’s study.  He would be finished with his paperwork in any moment.  You waited there, going over again and again Tyrion’s cheers in your mind. The door opened, and Tywin stared down at you.  You drew yourself up as tall as could be, but he still towered over you.

“Do you need something, Y/N?” he asked.

You nodded, but didn’t answer.  Without a word, you strode right inside his study.  You heard you father sigh behind you and follow.

“What is the meaning of this?” he asked you.  “Have you finished your studies today?”  You reached up and took the first bit of parchment off the stack.  “Careful, Y/N, those are important documents.  They can’t be lost –“

“Lord Randyll Tarly…Lord of House Tarly…To whom it may concern…We are in the process of building a bridge to help ensure our grains come quicker to the capital.”  You looked up from the sentence and hid your smile. Then you continued, and you read the entire letter out loud to your father.

When you finished, Tywin actually laughed, and you felt your cheeks go red.  You loved it when you pleased her father.  You had seen his smile more times than you could count, but you rarely heard a laugh.

“You see, Y/N?  You are a Lannister!  You always had it in you!” He said.  “You’ve got quite the attitude, but I’m proud of you.  Keep up the good work.”  He touched your face but didn’t embrace you.  He was still a lord after all.  “Come now, supper is waiting for us.”

You beamed at him, and they headed to the dining hall together.

After supper, you returned to Tyrion.  You still had much farther to go, and the letters still got jumbled, but you were determined to work hard.  You recounted the story to Tyrion, and he laughed first and then congratulated you.  Then he hugged you.

Once again you found yourself pouring over the book.  You finished reading the paragraph aloud and looked up at Tyrion.  He was absent-mindedly playing with an ink bottle.

“Um…I have a question,” you said.

“Ask away,” Tyrion urged you.

“Well, it’s just about something that Cersei said.  She said that you spent most your time in brothels and that you had…what were the words she used?  …An appetite for whores,” you began.  “Tyrion, what’s a brothel?  And what’s a whore?”

The ink bottle suddenly slipped from his fat fingers and shattered all over the floor.

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I'd also like to point out that that snow thingy happened right after that chapter where jon decided to keep his Snow name. Idk it might be nothing but my shipper heart just found it so beautiful i cried lol!!

Yes it is something Anony.

And I was about to answer a comment from cruyffsbeckenbauer (I love Jonsa and I will go to Jonsa hell for saying this but…Ramsay was also a snow.) To explain more about the snow symbolism. So here you go:

@cruyffsbeckenbauer​ YES, Ramsay WAS also a Snow. He was a Snow before he was legitimazed as Ramsay Bolton by King Tommen Baratheon as a reward for betraying House Stark.

Ramsay Bolton is a minor character and has zero links to Sansa herself in the books (I HATE D&D for what they did to Sansa in the TV series) and Ramsay has zero links to actual snow more than his former surname. 

On the contrary, Jon is not only a Snow, he is the bastard of House Stark, The Wardens of The North. The Starks motto is “Winter is coming”. Jon is always associated with snow (his surname, his white as snow direwolf Ghost), ice (The Wall), winter (Starks motto) and The North (Winterfell, home):

The boy absorbed that all in silence. He had the Stark face if not the name: long, solemn, guarded, a face that gave nothing away. Whoever his mother had been, she had left little of herself in her son. 

A Game of Thrones - Tyrion II

She might have overlooked a dozen bastards for Ned’s sake, so long as they were out of sight. Jon was never out of sight, and as he grew, he looked more like Ned than any of the trueborn sons she bore him.

A Game of Thrones - Catelyn II

“A shade more exhausting than needlework,” Jon observed.
“A shade more fun than needlework,” Arya gave back at him. Jon grinned, reached over, and messed up her hair. Arya flushed. They had always been close. Jon had their father’s face, as she did

A Game of Thrones - Arya I

Sansa could never understand how two sisters, born only two years apart, could be so different. It would have been easier if Arya had been a bastard, like their half brother Jon. She even looked like Jon, with the long face and brown hair of the Starks, and nothing of their lady mother in her face or her coloring. 

A Game of Thrones - Sansa I

“Who’s this one now?“ Craster said before Jon could go. “He has the look of a Stark.”

“My steward and squire, Jon Snow.”

—A Clash of Kings - Jon III

His northern features are the perfect disguise to hide his true parentage. He is acknowledged as a Stark just by looking at his face. He looks like a younger version of Ned.

And to talk about what the Anony said, the association that Sansa made between the lover’s kisses and snowflakes happened right after the chapter where Jon decided to keep his Snow name (Stannis offered him to be legitimazed as Jon Stark and become the Lord of Winterfell). I wrote a really long post about it, you can read it here. So I’m going to repeat some important points that I mentioned on that post:

  • (…) the seventh Sansa’s chapter of A Storm of Swords (the one where Sansa builds a Snow Castle {Winterfell}) comes immediately after the twelfth Jon’s chapter, the chapter where he found his answer to Stannis offer of Winterfell. And what it was that helped John to find his answer? His beloved direwolf, Ghost.
  • (…) instead of Tyrion, Willas or even Robert, who pursue Sansa’s claim over her, there is a man that has been offered Winterfell and choose her over it: By right Winterfell should go to my sister Sansa.“ “Winterfell belongs to my sister Sansa.” Among all the high lords interested in becoming the Lord of Winterfell by marrying Sansa Stark, the bastard Jon Snow refused to despoil his sister Sansa of her rights, even if her claim is the one thing he has wanted as much as he had ever wanted anything. Don’t you find this very romantic? I mean, when Sansa thinks: “No one will ever marry me for love” (Because everyone only wants her claim to Winterfell), at the other part of the world is Jon Snow saying more than once: By right Winterfell should go to my sister Sansa.“ “Winterfell belongs to my sister Sansa.” This for me is one of the most romantic passages of the books. 
  • (…) at the same time, Jon and Sansa had an important realization concerning to their lost and broken home, Winterfell. And what that helped them to reach that realization was the snow. Literally snow in Sansa’s case and Ghost, the direwolf as white as snow, in Jon’s case.

And finally, I just wanted to point out that Jon and Sansa both loved Robb very much and both of them remember the last time they saw him at Winterfell describing him with snowflakes in his hair:

Outside the flakes drifted down as soft and silent as memory. Was this what woke me? Already the snowfall lay thick upon the garden below, blanketing the grass, dusting the shrubs and statues with white and weighing down the branches of the trees. The sight took Sansa back to cold nights long ago, in the long summer of her childhood.

She had last seen snow the day she’d left Winterfell. That was a lighter fall than this, she remembered. Robb had melting flakes in his hair when he hugged me, and the snowball Arya tried to make kept coming apart in her hands. It hurt to remember how happy she had been that morning. Hullen had helped her mount, and she’d ridden out with the snowflakes swirling around her, off to see the great wide world. I thought my song was beginning that day, but it was almost done.

—A Storm of Swords - Sansa VII

“She has more courage than she knows,” said Sam.

“So do you, Sam. Have a swift, safe voyage, and take care of her and Aemon and the child.” The cold trickles on his face reminded Jon of the day he’d bid farewell to Robb at Winterfell, never knowing that it was for the last time. “And pull your hood up. The snowflakes are melting in your hair.”

—A Dance with Dragons - Jon II

Jon flexed the fingers of his sword hand. The Night’s Watch takes no part. He closed his fist and opened it again. What you propose is nothing less than treason. He thought of Robb, with snowflakes melting in his hair. Kill the boy and let the man be born. (…)

—A Dance with Dragons - Jon XIII

So, the snowflakes always appear as a symbol of love, happiness and home.

….She loved nothing so well as tales of knightly valor. Men would say she had my look, but she will grow into a woman far more beautiful than I ever was, you can see that. I often sent away her maid so I could brush her hair myself. She had auburn hair, lighter than mine, and so thick and soft… the red in it would catch the light of the torches and shine like copper. 

Sexually teasing Jaime Lannister would include :

(Woooo more prompts! Woooo Jaime 😏 Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

-Locking eyes with him from afar and smirking, subtly showing off your cleavage or legs and sometimes even your naked cunt

-Gripping onto his hair as you’d whisper in his ear about how wet you are for him while you’d both dance at a feast

-Always telling him that he has no need of both his hands to give you pleasure to boost his ego and make him smile and smirk

-Insisting on riding the same horse as him and sitting in front just to grind up against him, making him want you even more than he already does

-Grabbing his hand while at a dinner to let it rest on your thigh or even making it slide against you

-Poorly hiding your hickeys and lovebites that he left on you from the night before, only to smirk when you’d see his shock

-Pretending to accidentally walk in on him while he’s in a bath, only to usually end up getting in with him

-Brushing your hand against his thigh and up to his cock, acting like you don’t know what you’re actually doing

-Telling him in between kisses that he’s the only man you have truly ever loved and how badly you need him

-Making comments about how attractive he is in his armor and how you can’t stop thinking about letting him do the dirtiest things to you

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14 robb x reader

Robb Stark - “They’re so cute when they’re asleep”

You had your arms crossed over your chest while you allowed yourself to stare at him. You had seen him happy before. You had seen him smile a charming smile when the two of you had officially promised each other to share the rest of your lives together. You had seen him smile a beautiful grin when he had made love to you under the thousands of stars above Winterfell. You had seen him smile a lovely smirk when you had told him that the future heir of Winterfell was growing inside you.

But the smile that covered his face while he leaned over the two little cribs in your shared bedroom was different. It was as if the sun, the moon and the stars had gathered all their light and had put it in his eyes. It was as if a certain kind of calm had come over him, making him look more at ease than he had ever seemed before. It was as if he was watching over his entire world, over everything that really mattered to him.

They’re so cute when they’re asleep, aren’t they?” You interrupted the silence and placed your hand on his shoulder. “I would enjoy this moment to the fullest if I were you, because I am afraid they will grow older quite fast and we both know that little Starks do not always stay cute when they grow up.” You winked and pressed a soft kiss to his bearded cheek.

“I wouldn’t want them to stay cute for the rest of their lives.” Robb spoke softly and he straightened his back to make sure he wouldn’t wake his children up. “No matter how much I love the North and no matter how beautiful Winterfell might be, Westeros has never been easy on anyone and I would be naive to believe that it would be easy on my children, on my future heir.” He stepped back and the smile on his face faded, as if he thought of all the possible disasters that could cross their paths, as if he thought of the fear they would undoubtedly know, as if he thought of the pain and losses they would undoubtedly face.

“We will protect them as long as we can, Robb.” You spoke softly and you grabbed his arm to pull him a little closer towards you. “I know that we can’t protect them forever, but until we have no other choice, I want them to believe that the world is good and beautiful and safe.” You swallowed. “I want them to not be afraid of any stranger that knocks on our gate. I want them to not be afraid of climbing the walls to enjoy the view. I want them to not be afraid of all those greedy kings thinking they can bring us down.”

“That’s what my father wanted for me and my siblings. It’s what his father wanted for him.” Robb took a deep breath, filling his lungs with fresh air. “But at some point their world will collapse and they will discover that they are never safe, not even within the walls of their own home.”

“I know.” You agreed with him and you let your head rest on his shoulder. “But we haven’t reached that point yet and I will dread reaching it for as long as I can, because not only do I think they are cute when they’re asleep, I also think you are cute when you are watching over them like this.” You leaned on the tips of your toes to kiss his lips and Robb smiled a little smile while he tucked a strand of hair behind your ear.

“The world is not all bad, though.” His nose brushed yours and his bright blue eyes locked themselves with yours. “You’re part of this world too and you’re beautiful.” He turned his head towards the cribs once more. “And so are they.”

You smiled back at him and cocked your head a little while you let your hand rest in his neck. “And so are you.”


THREE NEW STILLS OF GAME OF THRONES SEASON 7 RELEASED BY LOS ANGELES TIMES Dany looks absolutely amazing, when I first saw Emilia filming in this dress I have to admit I wasn’t a big fan of it but seeing it upclose with the V-Neck she seems to be wearing a lot this season, the scales in the shoulders, the red threaded through the dress. It’s absolutely stunning and I want her now to wear this dress for much more than one scene. I’ve also always preferred her hair down but her hair looks gorgeous here more like it did in S1 Dothraki yet feminine and finally the proper colour she’s meant to have. I’m a big fan of Sansa’s dress here, it looks very elegant and regal like she combined the northern and southern style together. Adore the twin Direwolves that all the Stark’s seem to wearing when they reach Winterfell that she probably makes for them all. She’s also has a similar ring and chain that she had in The Vale aka Dark Sansa. The only thing is I wish they had done something more intricate with her hair, as she’s is a leadership role now I think her hair should be matching that. I think it would make the whole look feel more complete and take attention away from the wig. Arya I’m guessing at the Inn she sees Hot Pie and perhaps Ed Sheeran. This one isn’t as good as quality of a pic but it’s good to see Arya from another angle with her Ned Stark hair.

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Rules: Answer these 92 statements and tag 20 people.

1. Drink: Water
2. Phone call: Dad
3. Text message: @just-4-thought
4. Song you listened to:  James Bay - Let It Go
5. Time you cried: Can’t remember

6. Dated someone twice: never even once
7. Kissed someone and regretted it: haven’t kissed anyone so far
8. Been cheated on: no
9. Lost someone special: yes
10. Been depressed:  maybe
11. Gotten drunk and thrown up: nope

12. Purple
13. Black
14. Pink

15. Made new friends: oh yes, many
16. Fallen out of love: no 
17. Laughed until you cried: of course
18. Found out someone was talking about you: yes, but nothing negative
19. Met someone who changed you: don’t think so
20. Found out who your friends are: I knew who they were already
21. Kissed someone on your Facebook list: nope

22. How many of your Facebook friends do you know in real life: 90%
23. Do you have any pets: no
24. Do you want to change your name: no, I’m okay with the current one
25. What did you do for your last Birthday: chilled with mathematics textbooks
26. What time did you wake up:11:30 am
27. What were you doing at midnight last night: scrolling down Instagram
28. Name something you can’t wait for: don’t know
29. When was the last time you saw your mom: a few minutes ago
30. What is one thing you wish you could change in your life: It’s fine as it is
31. What are you listening right now: Selena Gomez - Bad Liar
32. Have you ever talked to a person named Tom: yes
33. Something that is getting on your nerves: nothing at the moment
34. Most visited Website: Tumblr

35. Mole/s: 2 or 3 tiny ones
36. Mark/s: some scars here and there
37. Childhood dream: riding unicorns and dragons
38. Hair color: Black
39. Long or short hair: midway
40. Do you have a crush on someone: every day I’m crushing on someone new 41. What do you like about yourself: I have a good memory
42. Piercings: I wear earrings
43. Blood type: O+
44. Nickname: A few call me Robin but I don’t really have a nickname.
45. Relationship status: Does dream dating count?!?!
46. Zodiac: Pisces
47. Pronouns: she, her
48. Favorite TV Show: Pretty Little Liars, Stranger things, 13 Reasons Why, The Whispers, The Vampire Diaries, Reign, Arrow, The Flash, Bates Motel, Chasing Life, Friends, Game of Thrones and so much more, I can’t even possibly list all
49. Tattoos: none
50. Right or left hand: I’ve always been right
51. Surgery: none
52. Hair dyed in different color: nope
53. Sport: Badminton, swimming, cycling
55. Vacation: A world tour sounds good
56. Pair of trainers: 1

57. Eating: Not hungry
58. Drinking: nothing
59. I’m about to: continue watching Bates Motel once I’m done answering.
61. Waiting for: these questions to end
62. Want: winter
63. Get married: Sure, when I can find someone to tolerate me for life
64. Career: Hope it’s a successful one
65. Hugs or kisses: Hugs
66. Lips or eyes: Eyes
67. Shorter or taller: In what respect?
68. Older or younger: Someone near my age 
70. Nice arms or nice stomach: never really thought about it tbh
71. Sensitive or loud: someone can be both you know or even none
72. Hook up or relationship: Relationships always
73. Troublemaker or hesitant: a little of both

74. Kissed a stranger: No
75. Drank hard liquor: No
76. Lost glasses/contact lenses: No
77. Turned someone down: ???
78. Sex in the first date: -_-
79. Broken someone’s heart: hope not
80. Had your heart broken: not yet
81. Been arrested: not yet and if I’m careful maybe not ever
82. Cried when someone died: yes
83. Fallen for a friend: no

84. Yourself: I do.
85. Miracles: maybe, I don’t know
86. Love at first sight: doubtful
87. Santa Claus: I wish
88. Kiss on the first date: -_-
89. Angels:  👼

90. Current best friends name: lots
91. Eyecolor: dark brown
92. Favorite movie: more than a few, so, please don’t make me name them

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and anyone who would like to do it ^_^

what she says: im fine
what she means: sandor clegane’s character was so wasted in the game of thrones TV series. He was treated like a big ugly stupid killing machine with no personal hygiene when in reality he is a very smart, intelligent, and CLEAN (combs his hair, dresses fashionably) man who has a mental illness because of past child hood trauma which leads him to be a brutal killer and a bitter person and basically what I’m saying is, his character is so complex and beautiful. His relationship with Sansa is complicated and wonderful and could have been explored even more on screen. but he was slotted into a hyper masculine stereo type and im still sour about it

Like It's Your Last Night (Jon Snow x Reader - Smut)

Requested by: @archierivalulufan Warning: Smut, menchin(sp?) Of death By: ImNotShannon (I’m a virgin so I don’t really know what sex is REALLY like but I tried my best) ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ You sat as Jon Snow, Ser Davos, and Tormund Gaintsbane divised a plan to win the battle against Ramsey Bolton. ‘What a sick bastard’ you thought. It was ironic though, how even though he was legitimized he was still more of a bastard than Jon Snow, a bastard without any noderiaty. Of course you didn’t mind that. You’d rather have Jon over a rich lord any day. The thought of Jon made you smile. You had met Jon on a trip ,with your betrothed, to the north to visit some cousins of his. He was a lord of a great house in the river lands. The two of you had never got along. The main reason being that he wanted you to stay inside, mother his childrend, and in your free time practise your stitching. (Which you were horrible at.) But you preferred to spend your time riding your horse, and practising your archery. The two of you had gotten into a fight, about what you don’t remember, when he stabbed you and left you to die. That’s how Jon found you. He and the party he was traveling with took me to the wall. And now your here, in a tent planing for a battle where thousands of people will lose there life’s. Maybe even Jon. “Lady (Y/N)?” Jon asked, snapping you out of your daze. “Yes?” “Will you take a walk with me?” He asked. You nodded and took his arm. He led you to his tent and inside. “Why did you take me here?” You inquired, chuckling a bit. Your lover of almost a year kissed your lips softly and said “If I die tomorrow this is how I want to spend my last night.” I shoke my head and pecked his lips. “No you won’t die.” He clutched my waist. “How do you know?” “I just do.” He kissed me fiercely, like the wolf he is. I moaned as he massaged my tit through my cumbersome gown. “Let’s get this thing off you.” He suggested, unraveling the laces. You let it fall and pool around your feet. You steeped out of it and led your lover to his bed where he claimed on top of you. You moaned once again as he sucked on your breast, flicking his young over your plump nipple. “You like that?” He smirked up at you. “Y-yes!” You nodded frantically. “How about this?” He asked, plunging two of his fingers inside you. You screamed out of pleasure moving your hips trying to get the frication you despretly needed. He soon pulled his fingers out and liked them clean. You rolled you both over so that you where on top. “I’m going to fuck you like its your last night.” You said taring his clothes off. “What ever you say, my lady.” He smirked, now naked. You lined your self up with his cock and slowly slid on him. Once he was all the way in you started rocking your hips against his. Soon you where both a moaning mess. “I’m going yo come!” You moaned out. “So am I…” He nodded. After a few more moments you came, screaming his name in pleasure. You got off him and pumped his dick till he came. Once he did you laid next to him, cuddling into his side. “I love you” you sighed. “I love you too.” He smiled stroking your hair. “Please don’t die tomorrow.” You whispered, clutching onto him like a safety blanket. “For you,” he paused and kissed your sweaty forehead. “I’ll try my hardest.”

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Cuddling with Jorah would include :

(Woooo more prompts! Woooo JORAH! Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

-Him always wrapping his arms around you and holding you tightly after a long day, only to nuzzle into your hair to feel comforted

-Him just whispering about how much he missed you and how deeply he loves you, sliding his hands to your waist to pull you to follow him to bed

-Him usually loving to lift you onto the bed and setting you down gently just so he could fit in perfectly with you

-Him loving to let you rest on his arm and feeling you so close at all times, no matter how he is sleeping

-Him pulling you to press your back into him and kissing your ear softly as you’d talk about your day to him

-Him rubbing your back or your stomach and trying his best to soothe and relax you to sleep all while keeping a firm grip on you

-Him loving to feel your arms wrapping around him so much he can’t stop himself from smiling and being in a brighter mood

-Him laughing whenever you’d wrap your legs around him and promise to not let go, only to bury himself against you even more and make you keep your promise

-Him always making sure you’re comfortable in the night by always pulling the blankets up for you and keep you warm enough

-Him stroking your hair and doing so until he finally falls asleep as he can’t stand the idea of you being awake alone at night

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