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Can you recommend any klance fics?.

I can definitely recommend lots of klance fics. As in, lots lots. I am not completely sure what you are looking for/what you have already read though, so I’m just gonna list some of my favorite authors with some of my favorite fics. 

Quick additional info: there are no explicit fics on here, though some are rated mature. All of the stories have klance as their only ship but since I intended this to be author recs rather than fic recs, I will mention what kinds of other ships appear in other fics. 

Now then, here you go, in no particular order:


- Crossroads (106k): not quite canon verse, not quite AU - check the summary

- Plunged (6k): canon verse, Lance teaches Keith how to swim

Roommates (6k): modern AU, Artist!Keith, Photographer!Lance, exactly what the title says

This author’s writing is amazingly smooth and I particularly enjoy their Keith. Crossroads was my favorite fic for a long, long time until I found some others that were just as good :D [this author also wrote some nsfw and sheith]


- He Who Fights Monsters (65k): AU, there are dragons

This author has a style of writing that makes you forget that time exists. Like, you read their stories, look up 2 hours later and go “what the hell I only just started reading 5 minutes ago”. Their fics are pretty action-heavy but the romance part never falls short. [they wrote a lot of nsfw, their newest fic is shklance]


- Entangled (102k): canon verse, Keith and Lance get mind-melded

- Right-hand Man (4k): canon verse, Keith approaches Lance after the end of season 2 to talk about their roles from now on

Amazing characterizations here. I particularly enjoyed the OS because it seemed like something that genuinely could happen like this in canon… sadly I don’t think it will, but one can dream, right :’D Also amazing art! [they wrote some nsfw]


- it had to be you (9k): modern AU, Keith and Lance are professors, lots of flirting

- Echoes In Your Mind (7k): canon verse, Keith is turning Galra

- let the whole world know (4k): modern AU, soulmates AU

I honestly don’t know why I like this author so much? Probably because they can squeeze an entire story into less than 10k words, complete with character development and appearances from friends etc. I liked many more of their OS but there are just so many, you should check it out for yourself. [they wrote some nsfw and shallura]


- Not That Bad (68k): modern AU, socially anxious!Keith, lots and lots of fluff

- just like that (10k): canon verse, Lance struggles with his crush on Keith

this author just? makes reading feel so good? so relaxing?? Their style is focused on conveying emotions and flows really nicely, I strongly recommend to give it a try. [their newest story is nsfw and includes lancelot]

battleshidge (Amiria_Raven)

- Drive Me Crazy (8k): modern AU, lots of flirting and stupid pick-up lines

- Next Level (33k; WIP): modern AU, online gaming, they know each other but they don’t know that they know each other

The style of writing is really, really good and I love how everyone’s friendships get portrayed. The author is also pretty good at writing conflicted emotions. [they wrote some shallura and shidge]


- it’s all in my head (8k): canon verse, mind meld

This author is super good with emotions. You always end up feeling what the characters are feeling and I’d definitely recommend going through their other fics as well - once again, there are just so many that I won’t list them all. [they wrote some nsfw and shallura]


- You Can Fog Up My Windows Anytime (3k): modern AU, all the awkward flirting

Another author that has a fantastic style of writing and portrays the characters really well. Also another author that wrote so many good things that I can’t possibly put them all on here. [they wrote some nsfw, sheith, shklance, shallura- lots of stuff, check the tags]


- Moonset Deep (50k, WIP): mermaid AU, lance is the mermaid

- The Quiet (40k, WIP): ghost AU, lance is the ghost

- 7 Days Series (pt 1 - 30k, pt 2 - 30k, pt 3 - 4k): canon verse, lance/keith get turned into babies

Amazing writing, plot-orientated. Don’t let that fool you though, the emotions never fall short. [they wrote some shallura, shance and other ships - also their fics aren’t rated. the ones listed are entirely sfw]


- Drive It Like You Mean It (94k): modern AU, street racing AU, it gets pretty intense later

This writer has a really fluent and nice style of writing and they somehow manage to easily let lots of characters interact. Everyone feels extremely in character and nothing feels forced. Also I know nothing about cars and yet their fics belong to my favorites, so give it a try. [they wrote some shallura]


- Of Don Juan And Elvis (3k): modern AU, soulmate AU

- Barbie Girl (2k): modern AU, soulmate AU, continuation

I’m not sure whether it’s just me but no matter what fic of them I read, they always feel– soft. Easy. Something good for in-between. One of their fics (not the ones listed here) has some pretty heavy topics in it and yet I still feel like that. [they wrote some shallura]


- A Moment in the Snow (3k): canon verse, Galra!Keith, snowball fights, fluff

- Carpe Diems and Chrysanthemums (14k): modern AU, hanahaki disease, trans Lance, angst with a happy ending

- A Quarter Past Midnight (14k): canon verse, trans Keith, angst with a happy ending

This author is amazing at writing angst. It just always hits you right in the feels. Like damn. I adore their writing so much but ho boy I was too scared to click the one Chara Death fic they wrote. I couldn’t do that to myself, the two longer OS that I listed here already gave me enough feelings. [they wrote some shallura]


- Nightmares (15k): canon verse, sleeping together, as in snuggling, fluff

- Costumed Identities (42k): modern AU, cosplay AU, they know each other but they don’t know they know each other

This author writes Keith’s and Lance’s interactions really nicely. They also never fail to make me smile/laugh with their fics, they are all really cute!! Lots of light heartened stuff here.


- Running Flat (11k): canon verse, thought sharing, lance is trying to figure out who has the crush on him

- A Commutal Contract (24k, WIP): canon verse, bed sharing

I really really really enjoy this author’s Lance!! He feels incredibly in character and I swear I can see him act in canon just like he does in the fics. Their style of writing is fluent, nice and adapts really well to the situation.

[I also really enjoy witty_name’s and freshia’s fics, both of whom usually put background shallura into their fics though so I couldn’t list them here]

Aaaand that’s it for now! :D If you have a specific length/specific topics/specific ratings in mind for what you want to read, feel free to send another message!! You can also visit the fic rec tag on my blog, maybe you’ll find something else there.

/EDIT: now there is a part two with some other of my favorite fics


endless list of favorite characters + Haley James Scott

“ I’m usually one of those people who likes the first day of school. You know, new pens, new books, new backpack. A nerd. Exactly! “

1 year ago today Avi picked me for Misbehavin and I’m still crying about it. I don’t know what my favorite part of this video is. Me screaming in Avi’s face, the fact that he doesn’t seem to mind that I’m screaming in his face or how he says “Oh this is going to be tough” and then literally walks right up to me without looking at anybody else

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I'm very curious about you now haha. Would you be comfortable explaining yourself? Like age, career if you have one, sport you play, favourite shows stuff like that. It's cool if you're uncomfortable it's understandable

So…someone joked earlier about having a crush on me, but you can’t do that. I’m a straight white male (which I believe makes me Satan himself, on tumblr), and I’m 31 years old, so…don’t have a crush on me. If you’re genuinely curious, I’m a web designer. I played in a band for a long time, so I love all kinds of music (e.g. Hip hop, classical, rock, jazz, blues, indie, etc.). I play guitar, drums, bass, ukulele, and piano. Something that very few people know about me is that super large flags make me uneasy. Like…not scared necessarily, but super uneasy. Like, way more disturbed than any normal person ever would be.

favorite shows are: it’s always sunny in Philadelphia, South Park, rick and morty, game of thrones, house of cards, black mirror, and Louie (to name a few).

In any case, thank you so much for the follow, and for the question. Hopefully I gave you more questions than answers (because isn’t that always more fun?) take care!

all of the reasons kim possible is better than u
  • she’s a high school super hero
  • she has a catchy as fuck theme song and a computer in her locker like what she totally wins high school
  • her name is a play on the word impossible and her friend’s name is a play on the word unstoppable like whaaaat mind blown
  • she’s got mad skillz
  • she’s also a cheerleader and shows that cheerleaders can actually b pretty rad and not the bitchy stereotype they’re often conveyed as (except for bonnie but she’s whatevs)
  • she’s a female with a male sidekick which shows whooo women can be the main character 2 yay
  • her arch nemesis has a female sidekick who does all the fighting for him i mean how often do you c women being the brawn u don’t so shut ur mouth
  • but like the show is like actually really cool and they’re all like real ppl even stupid bonnie is a real character who has real problems or whatevr
  • whooo poc r in it 2 in fact one of kim’s best friends is black and the person they go to 4 help all the time is black and that’s like cool
  • even the villains are diverse like senor senior sr and junior r latino, and duff killigan is scottish, and drakken is blue
  • her dad is a rocket scientest and her mom is a neurosurgeon like the 2 stereotyped hardest jobs like that’s cool and they’re super chill so that’s cool 2
  • and like her parents both have phds and call each other dr and that is like rad as fuck ok bcause they totes have uber respect 4 each other
  • her best friend is a dude and even though they totes get 2gether in the end it shows that platonic friendships r real yo
  • her best friend wouldn’t b considered stereotypically “manly” and he gets scared easily and isn’t the best at fighting and that’s totally awesome bcuz it shows that there is a broad spectrum of what men are like and that it’s ok 2 not b “manly”
  • shego used to b a hero 2 and like drakken used 2 b a chill dude and like wow dimensions and character growth and they’re both pretty chill in the end
  • naked mole rat
  • so yeah
  • she wins u lose byebye