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Okay, you see this? These are jacket cover/inside cover of a book called “The Beast Within” written by Serena Valentino, who wrote other Disney books that are so amazing. I purchased her first Disney book in the Germany Pavilion in Epcot a few years ago and have bought every other book of hers since. But lemme tell you why this one is my favorite:

Not only is “Beauty and the Beast” one of my favorite films of all time, but the Beast is one of my favorite characters in any film. And this book makes him seem so much more understandable. It’s written in his perspective and there’s literally a scene where he’s so close to being an actual monster that he goes out to kill Belle after she runs away from him.

Did you hear me?


Of course, he fights the wolves that attack her because in his mind, he’s like “wait I can redeem my human status still” while the beast side is literally chanting “RIP THE FLESH OPEN AND SPILL HER BLOOD EVERYWHERE ALL OVER THE SNOW COVERED GROUND”.

Let me tell you, this book is so good. And it gives more backstory to Gaston (who is, as you guessed, one of my favorite Disney villains).

If you enjoyed the 2017 version of “Beauty and the Beast”, you’ll enjoy this book. It’s different than the film, but just as good, in my opinion.


You’re a loner. You keep your distance. You travel freely through foreign lands. You’re rootless. You’re very comfortable here with your glass of Scotch, but you’re just as comfortable sleeping in a cave with rebels or sharing dinner in some hole-in-the-wall noodle shop. Your closest friends are strangers. You understand that tight bonds can make you vulnerable, so you’re careful not to have any. And that’s why you’re so conflicted about me. You need me. And you hate that about yourself, because it makes you vulnerable.

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What's the eldergoth scene like?

Tired, a lot of the time. We’re lured out of our tired, hermit-like ways for big fancy events, or for reunion tours of favorite bands. A lot of us want to go out to club nights more often, but work schedules / family life / chronic illnesses / budgets make it difficult. 

But given a chance, we will flock together in dark clusters, talking about bands we’ve seen, books we’ve read, clubs that no longer exist, and makeup and fashion tips we’ve figured out as we’ve gotten older.

I hope I speak for the rest of the eldergoths when I say that we also love watching the newer members of the subculture learn about things. Seeing folks newly-giddy with enthusiasm helps rekindle our own dark joy. 

i just have a lot of feelings about steve harrington and i want to get them out so here’s a list of reasons (apart from the obvious ones) i love him

  • “hello ladies”: literally the best entrance to a scene in the history of tv
  • his jump into the pool aka how to be Extra™
  • literally he’s so extra all of the time
  • he definitely has two different pairs of Nike Cortez shoes, no idea why, but they look good as hell
  • “hey, i had a good time” like honestly that line managed to make nancy so much more confident and happy and like honestly that line is probably my favorite of his and nobody ever talks about it
  • shout out to him for not going along with the two jokes tommy makes about jonathan killing will like he knew that shit was fucked up
  • the way he invites nancy to a movie to get her mind off of barb for a bit
  • when he gets the hint that nancy doesn’t wanna talk to him and it obviously hurts him a bit but hes just like “i should go” and totally respects her and stays casual to not upset her
  • when he runs to nancy’s window he literally pops his collar first, gotta look cool for the ladies
  • when he looks at nancy right before she slaps him like wow he’s in so much pain thanks for those emotions joe keery
  • every? single? time? he? looks? at? nancy??? wow he loves that girl
  • have you seen his hair
Riverdale Episode 8 “Oh God Now I Feel Bad For Alice Cooper”
  • Okay the amount of Beronica in this episode is prime
  • Lmao, Veronica labeling Bughead and making a joke, is basically just her defense mechanism so that there is a label on them. As if you are the least bothered one, oh honey
  • And the way she pointed at herself when Alice asked for her. She looked terrified lol
  • Also Bughead were cute, idk I’ll always love beronica the most, but this show makes me ship everything
  • I know that I’m supposed to care about Archie’s dad, and I do. But Archie really pissed me off this episode. Like going after a gang really?
  • Also the serpents working on the construction job is a recipe for disaster
  • I don’t think Veronica’s dad sent those thugs because of Hermione’s romance. I think it’s because she forged Ronnie’s signature, and THEN had a romance.
  • “I stopped listening after the words ‘construction’ and site,’” SAME RONNIE
  • Um those serpents didn’t kill Jason, but something must have happened. Like maybe they are the reason Jason’s whole fake-your-own death thing went sideways?
  • DON’T YOU DARE HURT KEVIN, YOU JERKS. He has been great this whole way through, and I love him, so STAY AWAY!!!
  • Man I hope that Jaquan gets feelings and chooses Kevin. Like right in front of the sheriff and the serpents
  • Okay but the baby shower drama was just SO good
  • Alice finally putting down her sword and going, only to band with Polly after her fight with the Blossom’s
  • AND THEN WE FIND OUT ABOUT THE APPOINTMENT!!!! So it was never Alice, it was her dick of a husband.
  • Plus he did the same thing to her when she was Polly’s age, which means that all of this is WAY more personal than we all thought.
  • “Get. Out.” Honestly shivers during that scene, the way she was crying at the same time was amazing.
  • And then Polly chooses the Blossom’s like an idiot! I get that they needed to do that for drama and because she cares for the baby, but seriously?! That house is out of a freaking horror movie!
  • “Sorry mom, I tried,” that whole last scene was my favorite of the episode (yes even more than all the beronica looks) I mean the way Alice looked so betrayed, and she just fell into Betty’s arms. She has never felt more human, and I love that they’re making the audience question everything that they know about characters.
  • Probably my favorite episode so far, because even the storyline I didn’t really care about was awesome.
  • I think next week we get the beronica moment in the bathroom? (I could be wrong) and I’m so excited because Ronnie has been so strong all the way through, and I want to see her be comforted if that makes sense lol.
  • See ya next week!

I [make playlists for my characters]. I need to figure out a more strategic way to do it though because I’ll be in a really emotional scene and have a song on that I can’t listen to on a daily basis because it makes me so emotional, and then a Flo Rida song will come on and I’m like, “All right! Next!” I need to have different moods of playlists but that’s one of my favorite things, creating a playlist for a character.

Things other than the actual content of the show that make no sense outside of tjlc

• Mark and Steven saying that TPLoSH is both their favorite movie and that it’s one of their biggest inspirations for BBC Sherlock.
• Mark and Steven being as excited as they were for the waterfall scene.
• The fact that Mark and Steven have explicitly said they lie about major plot points, when all they’ve really talked about is not doing johnlock and the baby.
• The LGB surveys BBC put out right before making Sherlock.
• Everyone on the show and the commissioners really, really liked the pilot, and only remade it so it would be longer and more polished.
• The writers going on and on about LGBT representation, proving that queerbaiting is not an option for this show.
• Amanda accidentally saying that they’re bringing a “hus- wife for sher- john” (damn she did that)
• Arwel posting elephants nonstop when they clearly know that we know what the elephants mean, so either they’re queerbaiting (which they aren’t) or they’re planning to address the elephant in the room
• “love conquers all”

Just... Ianto

So I was rewatching To the Last Man (as one does), and it came to The Kiss, and I just…..

I’m really sad we didn’t get more scenes like this because: 

It’s so sweet??? Because Jack’s kinda mopey, but he’s also flirting, and Ianto’s not having any of that, so he just goes straight in for the kiss, and that’s arguably my favorite scene in the entire show.

Ianto’s so assertive here, which is great because I feel like fandom sometimes makes him really passive in the relationship, but he’s also trying to help Jack, because Jack’s obviously struggling with something. And it’s also one of the best Janto moments there is — other than Jack asking him out or the pterodactyl scene (and a few others) — and Ianto’s the one initiating it!

Just… Ianto. 

Possible Season 13 thoughts;

as we are four episodes away from season 12 ending, there must be a lot of worry going on. a possible season 13 is still up in the air due to discussion between CBS & ABC STUDIOS.

criminal minds is amazing and the cast’s chemistry is obviously off the charts. if we do have a season 13, there almost definitely a few things I want to see possibly be on the season.

  • a character and story arc for Luke Alvez, obviously we want to see more background story on him.
  • another story arc on Emily Prentiss, it’s been a while since she has one. maybe on her struggles of leading the BAU and how she personally is handling it
  • A RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN LUKE ALVEZ & PENELOPE GARCIA because if they really are trying to lean on another BFF between them like Morgan/Garcia - I will really DON’T understand why the writers keep on messing with us.
  • Penelope Garcia more on the field, I love it when she does her own thing in the office. But it’ll be really nice to see OUTSIDE of the field more often
  • a possible character and story arc for Penelope, she RARELY has any and it’s upsetting. She’s also a main character and I personally would like her to be in like danger danger (yes I’m awful) but I just WOULD love to see the team hustling to save their favorite tech girl
  • More Will, because I love his scenes with JJ. More Henry & Michael bc I WANT TO SEE scenes with the family
  • The aftermath of Spencer being out of prison and how he is overcoming everything

there’s a lot more I want to see happen on criminal minds & hopefully there will be more seasons (13,14,15,16+++) idk I’m just going to stay in my hole until CBS makes another renewal announcement and CM is back into our hearts for next year again.

Two more Codywan wedding thoughts, because it’s just such a great excuse to shove everyone in a room and stir up family drama.

1. Kamino 100% attempts to wear a light silver dress. Luckily, neither groom is ever aware of this. The other Fett bros (+ Anakin maybe?) have a hasty conference about it and decide off the bat to not involve Cody or Obi-Wan because they’d probably attempt to negotiate with her and there’s simply no doing that.  Fives of course is all for just marching up to her and upending a bottle of red wine on the dress, but Rex* points out that it will only feed her victim complex and create a bigger scene. Eventually it’s decided that Kix should be the dress assassin, because he always was and still is Kamino’s favorite, so he’s able make it seem like an honest accident. (*Rex has become pretty savvy about her emotional manipulation tactics, thanks to the Tup custody scuffle)

2. Originally I thought that Obi-Wan would just straight-up not invite Xanatos, but now I’m wondering if it would be more in his nature to extend the olive branch? Mostly just because it deeply amuses me to imagine Xan starting to get shitty at the reception and Anakin taking GREAT delight in bodily removing him from the premises.

Shakespeare Asks

1. The first production you ever saw

2. A line that gets stuck in your head

3. A production you’d fantasize about directing

4. A character you’d fantasize about playing 

5. A character you’d fantasize about dating

6. A character you would fight 

7. A Shakespearean scholar, actor, or director you would fight 

8. The play you’ve never seen performed that you most want to (alternately: the play you’ve never seen performed well that you most want to)

9. The historical production you’d most want to see live 

10. Your favorite film version

11. Your least favorite film version 

12. A dreamcast for stage or screen 

13. An underrepresented/underrated character 

14. An underperformed/underrated play 

15. A minor character whose story you want to know more about 

16. A line you quote too much in casual conversation  

17. The scene that consistently makes you laugh out loud or the scene that makes you cry 

18. The question you’d ask William Shakespeare if you were drinking in a pub

Haikyuu!! Pairings Partying

Headcanons about some of the Haikyuu!! pairings when they are out partying together. There will be mentions of alcohol and possibly drugs, since these are set in the context of them at a party. If there is something that you would like to see headcanons made for, you’re welcome to request it!

Thank you for this request!

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Other than Danny and Colleen what were things you really liked about Iron Fist?

Ah yes an ask that is going to force me to get my thoughts together. So here we go, and not in any particular order of how much I liked it. Probably won’t cover everything because I’ve only watched it once and it’s sort of a blur xD I’ll cover some main points though.

• this is gonna sound weird, but the colors. This show was a lot brighter/more vivid than the other shows (particularly dd/jj) and I just really love how they’ve used that in these shows because this really matches the show and idk I just love it

• Danny. Which I mean is obvious, but. It was just really refreshing to have a character who was more childlike and innocent and naive, who has a brighter look on things compared to the others, which I think was really needed. Danny was kind of an idiot sometimes and way too trusting but I really enjoyed watching him change from episode 1 to episode 13

• on a related note, I’m always so fascinated by the moral side of things, the arguments, the way people try to justify things and idk dude I think they did it really well here. Watching Danny, particularly as well struggle between thinking that he has to fulfill his duty as the Iron Fist but also really not wanting to be that??? Not the way he was taught, anyway, was great. And even just smaller things, like Colleen deciding to not kill Bakuto, even tho yeah in the moment she probably could have. I am v proud of her. And also on this note, Claire and that scene in the plane where she is just like “yeah you can never justify killing”. Loved that scene.

• finally getting more information about the Hand. Because in Daredevil s2, we honestly did not get a ton of information and in this show we got much more and saw a lot more of it and the different parts/groups of it and that was nice that it’s not just being left as some shadowy group that no one knows stuff about.

• might get yelled at for this, but the fight scenes?? I’ve seen a lot of people complaining about how they were unrealistic but guys, it’s a show about a character who has powers that make his fist light up. I think they get a little leniency here. I personally really enjoyed them.

• THE SOUNDTRACK. Cannot say enough good things about the soundtrack omg. I love how it’s vaguely like the daredevil ones but sort mashed with like. The Tron soundtrack I guess? But also with its own unique elements and almost a trippy quality sometimes and just guys I love this soundtrack. My favorite of all of them, now.

• The fact that, while I was not particularly fond of the Meachums, I couldn’t make myself hate them. Because that’s a problem I run into where the “villains” are always just not layered enough and just easy to hate. But while I didn’t love them, they’re absolutely fascinating. Their actions, their justifications, the way they work and think. I’m going to do a lot of analyzing when I watch the show again because I’m really impressed with them and how they were written.

• Colleen. Literally everything about her, but like. It wasn’t the Colleen I expected? Yeah she was tough and a colder (especially towards the beginning), but I really did not expect the sweeter and a lil softer Colleen that we got in the show. And I have exactly no complaints about it. Again, like with Danny, it was refreshing. I mean, she’s got issues but she’s not like a lot of the other female characters we’ve gotten so far in that she is kinder and softer and genuinely a good person at heart (again, she has issues, but) and I really loved that.

• this is kind of obvious, but Claire. She was a gem in this honestly. Probably my favorite appearance of her so far, since she’s been so developed now. She was hilarious but also knocked some sense into my stupid children. Also, Claire learning to fight gives me life okay.

• kind of said this earlier but want to say it again but just. How conflicted Danny is. How he’s torn between these two sides of himself, and choosing between what he was raised and taught to do and what he’s starting to believe is the actual right thing. and how he does not handle this super well, and it’s not easy for him. They wrote this really well in that he was honestly just a wreck. It got ugly sometimes. It wasn’t handled gracefully, it was messy and emotional and difficult and Danny could not have handled it on his own without Colleen and Claire. I really enjoy when they don’t try and force a character like this to deal with it and figure it out alone and I’m glad Claire was there to knock sense into him.

• Tiny note but like, all the references to characters. Daredevil, a couple times. Jessica. They even mentioned Karen and it was beautiful.

• Danny, Colleen, and Claire: the actual team up we all needed in life. Bless. All of their scenes together were great, and having Claire there to balance out the other two was wonderful. Would watch an entire show of these three working together, not gonna lie.

• Going sort of back up to what I said about the Meachums, I love that the people fighting against Danny in the show wasn’t just some creepy guy who out of the blue decided he had a problem with Danny. It was Harold, it was Ward and Joy, people he grew up with. It was Gao, it was Bakuto, it was even Davos and Colleen for a bit. Mostly people he trusted. Which made it more painful but idk I enjoyed it.

• How they handled all the stuff with Colleen. Personally think they did that well. And I’m so, so glad that they didn’t drag it out longer than necessary. It felt, pacing wise, like it worked really well. It didn’t drag it out, but it wasn’t too fast. The rain scene is always going to make me cry.

Nothing else directly comes to mind right now because I kind of just got up and my brain isn’t awake, but. To sum it up it’s a show I thoroughly enjoyed with characters that hit me pretty personally sometimes, so that was fun. Personally, I think it’s the best show I’ve seen since Daredevil, which is my favorite show. I need to watch iron fist a couple more times, but I’m positive I enjoyed it more than JJ/LC.

I just. Really love this show, guys.

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Can u do the pack playing truth or dare as a means to get information about stiles and dereks relationship? at first the game starts off innocent tho?

on ao3:

“Game time!” Stiles called out. Pack night was in full swing and he was ready to drink some more.

“Truth or dare, c’mon, circle up people,” Erica said, grabbing a bowl of pretzels as she walked in the living room.

Stiles sat next to Derek, smiling as he waited for the rest of the group to get settled.

The game started off stupid with little dares like asking Isaac to jump down from the second floor and do a cool flip, to making Jackson act out his favorite scene from a movie.

“Ok Stiles, tell us about your first kiss with Derek,” Kira asked.

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Dubsmash Wars

Originally posted by wwhatfinn

Request: hey Grant Gustin one shot? Where you and him have a dubsmash war (like the one the Marvel actors did and you both post them on Twitter and all the fans ship it and then you end it with a really cute one of both of you and everyone just really loves you together?

Notes: I’ve never experienced what the logistics of Dubsmash are so some of the technical things might be wrong. Otherwise I hope this was kind of what you were looking for, there are only a few ‘dubsmashes’ because otherwise this would be super long hahah. Hope you enjoy!

Y/F/N is “Your friend’s name”

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Stydia fic recommendations

so, i decided to read some of my favorite fics before 6x01 airs so making another list felt like a good idea. you can see the first one i made here. 

Peripheral Vision - Prompt: When Stiles drops Lydia off after meeting with Vallack, all she manages to get out is “Thanks for not letting me go alone.” But Stiles has so much more to say to her, and she listens to him. She remembers. [MISSING SCENE]  (honeslty just read all of  @wellsjahasghost stydia fics)

maybe someday we’ll get it right  - 5 soulmate universes that Stiles and Lydia don’t end up together, and one where fate wins out and they do;  i think everyone on the fandom has read this but this fic fucks me up so i had to mention it.

You Can Stay With Me For Now by @rongasm - Stiles and Lydia bridge the gap. only the best fic to read between s5 and s6 (i am actually mad we will never see those scenes in canon.) 

Underneath this pale moon sky - Remember I love you. written by @braveprincesa oh god please read this.

Colors -  Stiles Stilinski loves Lydia Martin in every color of the rainbow. someone needs to talk with me about this fic, it’s one of my fav ones and i re-read this while making this list opsss. by @winterblues

Please Leave A Tip - coffee shop AU. i really like this one.

these things will never change (series) -  Sometimes love is messy and complicated. idk what i should tell you because it could be a spoiler! This is my all time stydia fic so enjoy!

and there we’ll feel what’s human inside her- lydia martin character study and part 3 of the out of the ash series by @madgrad2011

Also, if you want to read my fics, here’s some of them:  AyurnamatI’m tired of this place I hope people change.Your eyes tell me everything

Animation: Environment Rendering

So say you have an animated show. Spend all that time and energy rendering these awesome characters. Boy they sure look great. Hyper bright and colorful. But what’s this? They don’t seem to fit against the background well. They kind of get lost in the shuffle of colors.

Now if this were a still image this might be okay, but remember things are moving. You do not have time to absorb every detail in a shot before we’re on to the next shot. So the environment has to work with the characters. It’s not the focus, the characters are.

Some shows solve this problem by having a very painterly background. As with Lilo and Stitch (and many other Disney films)

The background contrasts with the characters by being fully rendered with soft lights. There’s no line work. no black even (but characters can have solid black). So the flatly colored characters pop against the rendered background.

Unfortunately this method can be rather pricey as it takes a lot of time to render out backgrounds to this level. TV typically doesn’t have the budget a film has.

Some shows will keep the background very abstract, lacking dark lines still. But there’s far less contrast than on the main characters.

Here’s My Life as a Teenage Robot for example

These characters have colored lines or solid shapes (like the bg), but they’re generally darker than the bg. And the background has large areas of negative space for the characters to stand against. They’re almost always the most detailed thing in the shot.

Sometimes the background has just as strong a contrast as the characters (because it’s night, or spooky, or you’re just into colors like that).

So you keep the background abstract and full of strong shapes still. But maybe you make sure the lines on the characters are bold enough to stand out no matter how much dark might be in a scene. Toss some accent lighting on there too to keep it colorful and make sure big black shapes don’t melt into the background.

Or make the character the only thing of that particular color, and the bgs generally a complimentary, split-compliment or just rarely analogous color. 

Maybe they’re also generally the brightest, most saturated thing in the room too.

The original Ben 10 had a nifty trick. They wanted to keep the bg and character designs consistent to each other (with the exception of occasional, sparingly used, gradients). What do they do to keep the characters the focus of your eye always?

Put some perlin noise back there. It muddles the bgs just enough that your eye will go right to the characters. Handy trick that can keep costs low (the style is easily reproducible).

So that’s some subtle texture. But what if the bg is straight up textures?

We’re back to shape rules now, but now the bg is the most complex thing and the characters are the simplest.

What do all these shows have in common? That contrast. Something to make a character pop out. The ratio of more/less detailed, more/less saturated, darker/brighter always has to skew more one way or the other to make your characters stand out. Different scenes will have different solutions to this problem, but you can count on some style consistencies so it never looks like you suddenly jumped to a different show.

Something to keep in mind for you folks working on comics, animated projects, or “cartoon” styled illustrations. Next time you’re indulging nostalgia or enjoying your favorite animated fare, take note of how they solve issues like this. You can learn a lot and might find it applicable to your own work.

this that Grey Poupon, that Evian, that Ted talk
  • The Get Down part II was beautifully made, cinematic wise. Storyline wise it was okay, it left me wanting more so I hope part III is in the works
    • Mylene lacefront was still horrid
    • I’m positive the writers watch us on tumblr cuz that scene where she accuses Shao of liking Zeke had me hollering
  • so basically he’s saying you’re good enough to fuck, but not good enough to be his girlfriend? Block him and do a face mask”
  • Before & After is probably my favorite pieces I’ve done since I got my mojo back 
  • With the warm weather introduces the summer love, all the folks who were cuddled up all winter are coming out. It makes my heart smile. I love that corny shit
  • Sing! Soundtrack is lowkey fire, that Stevie Wonder cover by Tori Kelly tho?!
  • I had a rant on snapchat, moral of the story: ask and give honest answers

Be Good.