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I hope this isn't a stupid question, but how did you get your art noticed? I just started to post my art on here and I was just wondering.

Ah, that’s a bit of a complicated answer, actually. (But not a stupid question!)

(Note: This kind of applies mostly to those who fanart, so yeh.)

Let me start by saying that:

 # Of Notes Does Not = Self Worth. 

Because it’s really, really important to remember that you exist and have value as a person outside of the attention of others, especially on this website. That being said, there’s absolutly nothing wrong with wanting appreciation. Everyone deserves appreciation. 

So, let me tell you a little bit about my Tumblr art journey. Way back in 2013 when I first joined, I posted my first art on here and got 5 notes. [ x ] (And my first ‘fanart’ got 5 more notes.) At the time, I had only joined Tumblr so I could talk to my favorite fanfic author at the time, and I hadn’t really settled into the whole Tumblr of it all. I wasn’t really in a fandom, I wasn’t expecting anything, I didn’t know the 5 tag rule, or the ‘no-no’s of Tumblr. What i’ve learned over time, however, is that you’re going to have to be actively paying attention to a lot of different aspects of Tumblr, fandoms, pop culture, current events, memes, movies, etc etc etc. So #1 is going to be:


A lot about posting art on here and aiming for recognition is riding the ‘wave’, so to speak. See a fresh new meme you can throw at your favorite ship? Do it, make them wear pants one way or the other, here come that boy. (Does Derek Hale wear them like a dog, or a person?) New preview for a movie/show that catches your attention? Doodle a scene from it. Did an actor sneeze popcorn out their nose? Draw Batman doing that. Why not? 

The second part of this, though, is knowing what and when to contribute. Sometimes it’s not a good idea to make light of a current event, or reference/draw a problematic celebrity, or support a certain film. So looking into these things first is probably a good idea, because there are people out there who won’t care that you didn’t know that so-and-so did something horrible, they’re here to tear you down and hurt you regardless. (I’m sorry, but this is 100% true, there’s no sugar coating it. Some people are just assholes.) So, while you’re keeping an eye out for something funny or a fun mashup of fandoms, always try to be aware of the less-fun issues that are around too. 

And, if you mess up / did not know / accidently phrase or draw something problematic / etc, IT’S OKAY.  You are not a horrible person. You made a mistake, that does not make you evil, okay? Apologize, remove or fix the thing, and don’t do it again. But please don’t beat yourself up about it, or listen to anyone else beating you up over it. It happened, you’re now aware of the thing, and it won’t happen again. 

Anyway, #2 is: 


I’m going to start off this one with a tiny warning. Watch out for fandom drama. Look out for the people starting fights just to fight, look out for the people pushing their ideas on others with no regard to anyone else at all, look out for the people using your content as a soap box from which they spout their opinions from. I’m not saying everyone in the world of fandoms does these things, but good god there are a lot of them out there who are more than willing to start something if you so much as sneeze in their general direction.

So, if and when you post content/art/etc in, say, your favorite trope, and someone hops onto your post and starts caps-locking about how this trope promotes ‘something they don’t personally like but is not actually a major problematic thing’ and how y’all gonna burn in hell for this art, try to avoid engaging with them. Because they’re honestly not here for a discussion, otherwise they would have probably sent you a private message, sans the caps lock, and requested an opportunity to talk about this. Also, this is a matter of personal likes and dislikes, for which you are not responsible for. 

You do not have to cater to every single person on Tumblr. 

You also don’t have to love every ship, every character, every idea, every story line, every moment of every film, TV, book, magazine, interview, anything. No one has  to broadcast their hate for these things either. If it’s not hurting you or others, you probably don’t need to create content with the express purpose of attacking a different ship/etc. ( If it is hurting others, try the more diplomatic way first, and report their asses to Staff.)

Which leads me to #3: 

CATER TO THE MASSES (But also, like, love yourself) :

I’m not saying sell your soul. (Seriously, please don’t, the Art Institute isn’t worth it.) But a lot, I mean a LOT of what I do is to feed my fans and friends.  (Also, commissions are basically getting paid to feed your friends and fans whatever art goodies they want to pay for, so there’s that too)   A good sum of my time is spent drawing things I have literally no interest in, or have very little knowledge about, or am up to drawing but aren’t 100% invested in. But I still do the thing, because I respect other’s likes, and it appeals to people i’m drawing it for, and I’m always happy to make others happy. (And sometimes I actually grow to like a thing.)

So, draw some stuff that other people would like to see. Are peeps out there begging for an assassin AU? (You bet your hiney they are! I’ve doodled some myself, hoo-boy.) Do some assassiny things. Are people always sighing about the lack of decent back story about so and so? Doodle a little moment from the past. Friend says they just want some Mpreg? (APOCATITS) Feed them, feed them the art. 

But–huge BUT here–do not sacrifice your values and comfort. 

If something bothers you, is out of your comfort zone, is something you have trouble drawing and just don’t want to tackle right now, DO NOT DO THE THING! 

Second but–another huge BUT here–Make art for yourself. 

To quote Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead: 

Guildenstern: “Is that what people want?” 
The Player: “It’s what we do.” 

Create for yourself. Give water and sunlight to that little seedling of an idea in your mind, try and try again to create that moment or look or design. Ignore art requests like a boss, and draw something to feed your own needs. Because you deserve to be pampered and treated to art of your favorite thing just as much. :D This is leading into #4, which is: 


Please do the thing. Please draw to your heart’s content. Please push yourself, expand, experiment, practice, take breaks, draw some more, and some more, and some more. Please don’t give in to self-doubts, frustration, envy, or art blocks. It’s okay to let things go for a while, to step back, to stop working on a drawing that’s just not working. But do not give up forever. I’m saying this for you, personally, but also for the goal that you’ve set before you. To achieve a certain level of appreciation, to get noticed, to be seen, you have to keep creating content. 

So, to sum it up: 

Be kind to yourself and others, pay attention to what’s hip and happening, forgive your mistakes, avoid drama if you can, Feed the Fans, Do as the cat and do what you want, and keep up the good work. 

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I'm so tired of this fandom's negativity (on both sides). I mean, if they actually cared about the movies/ characters, they'd see that Tony is preparing for an eventual threat; he's designing things for the TEAM, for Cap, so clearly he wants the team together. And Cap sent the phone, so he also wants Tony and the team back together. In their own ways, they've extended the hand of apology/ forgiveness, and want to put the contrived mess of CW behind them. So why is fandom fighting it?

Agreed. So sick of it. As someone who has been a part of various fandoms on and off for the past twenty years it seems to me that people are becoming less and less tolerant of the fact that tastes vary and not everyone is required to think like you (I say ‘you’ as in all of fandom’s population in general). People have different preferences in characters just like people have different preferences in ice cream flavors. And no one has any right to dictate to another person that what resonates with them and gives them joy and hope and comfort is wrong. There’s a definite narcissism in trying to police another person’s fandom experience and preferences.

To be fair, Marvel, themselves have not helped matters any by constantly pitting heroes against heroes ad nauseum for going on over a decade now (ever since the comic Civil War came out). And it’s biting them in the butt, because comic sales are dwindling as a result of it. People are just plain sick of it and rightfully so.

For my I Heart Steve series I’ve been rereading my favorite Cap authors, i.e. Stern, Gruenwald and Waid and I’ve noticed something… the heroes had more ‘friend moments’ in the older comics. Stuff like Steve and Clint going on a double date to a wrestling match (yes, this panel will appear in my I Heart Steve series because Steve has technique opinions on wrestlers and it’s hilarious, lol). Sam and Steve going out drinking with Steve’s neighbor. Namor and Hercules helping Steve move. Sam and Clint both showing up to Bernie’s going away party. Jan and Steve having girl-talk over coffee. Sam and Steve hug all the time - they see each other, they hug - because they love each other. Steve drawing pictures of Iron Man and Thor for his art portfolio. These are the kinds of touches that seem to be largely absent of late and it’s a shame, because I live for them. To me they make the stakes higher, the heroes more personal… it reminds us why these guys are fighting and what they’re fighting for. Love. Love for humanity. Love of each other. They fight out of love, not hate.

Anyway, yes, I agree. They’re friends. And up until Mark Millar, a-hole that he is (man, that guy loves the sound of his own voice), got a hold of them, these guys (Steve and Tony) were friends. They were the best of friends, though they occasionally disagreed, they were still able to get together and talk about their differences like freaking adults because their friendship was more important to them than their arguments…

See? Friends. Adults. 

Fandom needs to grow up, too. 

Their favorite desserts
  • Eren: He would look for something unconventional and zesty, like a key lime cake. He would love to taste the rather "shocking" flavor of the cake, and have the salty taste of his meal completely removed from his mouth. As much as he likes key lime, he would also appreciate other citrus-flavored desserts.
  • Armin: After a heavy meal, he would just want a nice, warm cup of latte to aid him in settling his stomach. He wouldn't want something too sweet, too sour, or too bitter to cap off his meal, so he would stick with something that would be a perfect mix of all, which would be coffee.
  • Reiner: His all-time favorite would be the ever-so tempting lava cake. He would have it after a meal, before a meal, or whenever he just needs a quick sugar pick-me-up. He'd definitely love to pair it with a vanilla ice cream whenever he feels like he needs more sugar.
  • Bertholdt: For someone who seemingly has a sensitive stomach, he'd most likely pick anything green tea to calm his stomach down. He'd also love the very light and sweet taste of it, so it'd definitely be the first on his most craved desserts.
  • Jean: His inner kid will always push him to look for a chocolate bar whenever his cravings for sweets kick in. He would probably go for a dark chocolate bar rather than going for something overly sweet or loaded with overwhelming fillings.
  • Marco: After a long day or a filling meal, his sweet tooth would tell him to grab a slice of cheesecake to wrap up his meal/day. He wouldn't exactly have a bias in the flavor, so he could be see either with a slice of an Oreo cheesecake, or a New York style cheesecake.
  • Connie: Something that would refresh him as much as it loads him up with sugar would be his favorite, hence fruit slices would be his dessert of choice. He would most likely look for summer fruits, such as pineapple, mango, etc.
  • Levi: It has pretty much been established that he has an undying love for tea, so it wouldn't really be a surprise if he would immediately look for a warm cup of black tea whenever he feels the need for something sweet. He would most likely would want a cup before bed, even if it has high caffeine content.
  • Erwin: Something that has been his favorite ever since he was a kid would be a dessert he'd stick with. I can imagine him getting excited over the very traditional apple pie. He'd happily eat it no matter where it comes from, but he'd always appreciate a home made pie.
  • Mike: His remarkable sense of smell would urge him to go after something that'd get him at first sniff and taste. He would go for something coffee-flavored and sweet, like an espresso panna cotta. He would also like simple coffee cakes or even go for coffee candy.
  • Mikasa: It seems like she'd be into the cute and overly sweet desserts, hence she'd most likely go for cupcakes whenever she gets a chance. Her favorite flavors would most likely red velvet or anything with a sweet and tasty icing.
  • Annie: She would be into tart/sour desserts that needs an acquired taste, and an example of such would be lemon tart. Even if it's not the traditional sweet and sugary dessert, she would just ignore the fact and have as much as she'd want during her dessert-craving days.
  • Sasha: As much as she can appreciate all kinds of desserts, her heart would still long for ice cream during her sweet cravings. She would most likely have bubblegum or chocolate chip as her favorite flavors.
  • Christa: Something sweet and light would definitely hit the spot for her, and she would go all out on the sugar content, thus cotton candy would be the number one dessert for her. She would also love how the colors are very pretty, sometimes too pretty to eat.
  • Ymir: She would want a no-frills dessert as much as she'd want a very diverse dessert, so she would go for doughnuts after a heavy meal or whenever her sweet tooth tells her to get one. She would like it so much that she may be able to finish a dozen by herself.
  • Hanji: If there's one thing that she'd get excited about and always anticipate for at a dessert table, it would be jelly. The aesthetically pleasing colors and sweet would immediately lift her mood up, and the taste will always leave her reminiscent of her childhood and happy.
  • Petra: Panettone would be her dessert of choice since she wouldn't always be able to have it as it's seasonal, and it's very warm and delicious. She would love to have it whenever she feels not so good or even when she feels good.

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You know, the more I observe little things about my cats, I start to notice some traits of each of their signs and dominants. Like my cat's a full on Capricorn, and when he sees his favorite toy, he goes on full hunt mode. He's so focused when he's trying to catch it, and he's super graceful when doing it too. He can put all of his mind and energy into something with no hesitation, and he looks so beautiful while doing it. God I love caps 💕💕💕💕💕

awwwwwwwwww please tell your cat i love him ♥♥♥

Dad, Dimensia and Disneyland

We used the passes we received from putting on some cosplay, and cheering on the #CarolCorps & the other runners at the Half Marathon, in order to take some visiting family to Disneyland. They hadn’t been in 20 years and there has been a few changes. Well, we also decided we would bring our Dad.

He was not amused.

Dad has Dimensia/Alziehmer’s. He hates anything out of his normal day-to-day schedule. Which is mostly Netflix. So this was like the worst day ever, for him. But then he’s like that everyday. Everything is an extreme. Also he won’t admit it, but I think he takes pride in his grumpy personality.

We had to bring him to Cars Land though. Cars is his favorite disney/pixar/anything animated movie. Mater is the same model vehicle as his old Welding Truck. He loves the accuracy of the tires, Mack w/ his bulldog hood ornament and the old Jeep, Sarge, reminds him of his dad’s jeep. Also the racing reminds him of going down to the speedway and a million stories that he will tell all jumbled and mixed together. 

He used to be a Welder and Mechanic. Vehicles were such a large part of his life. He hasn’t driven one in something like 10 years. You can tell he really misses it. 

Another reason I wanted him to come is that Dad’s favorite movie, hands down, has to be Cap2:Winter Soldier. You can meet Cap now, like you can with the Princesses, and I knew we had to do that. Dad has seen that movie twice a week since it came out. Maybe more. 

Dad gets stuck in story loops sometimes. He can only remember 3 stories about Disneyland. 1) When he was 9 or 10, he and his brother swapped seats in the middle of riding Autopia and an employee burst out of the bushes and screamed at them. 2) His grad night and the bands that played. 3) And the last story, when he and my mom lost me for a couple hours when I was a child. Good times.

Here we are trying to make new memories.

That is the face of someone meeting one of his favorite animated characters.

You can feel the joy.

You might not be able to see his glee behind all of his anxiety. When it was our turn, Dad went up to Mater and inspected his engine. Once he saw no spark plugs he became very worried about Mater. He asked the character-wranglers if they had any and even offered to change the oil on the truck. I have to point out that if I ask him to help me change the oil on my car he has a mini panic attack because he is afraid he won’t do it right. For him to outright offer his help? He must love that truck. Too bad the camera can’t tell.

Giving him a shopping cart to control can be kind of hazardous for other shoppers so I thought, what the heck, let’s do bumper cars! While in line Dad notices the Tig welding and starts reminiscing 

He was worried again but I made him drive his own car anyway. He got flustered and had to ask for help. 

He forgot he was supposed to be grumpy for a little while.

It didn’t last long though. Back to everything being the worst. Humbug. Maybe more time behind the wheel? To AUTOPIA!

I made him drive again. Another flustered spew of complaints but he did it.

He can still give a mean Side-Eye.

Luckily no one jumped out of the bushes and screamed at us. He didn’t want to show it but he enjoyed it and even wished they went faster.

Next we were off to meet his Hero, Steve Rogers.

I don’t mean that Captain America is his favorite superhero. No. I believe my dad has started to think of Cap2:WS as a documentary. 

Here is ol’ stomach stripes helping my dad out of the wheelchair.

And that was Cap letting my dad win an impromptu arm wrestle. Dad randomly challenges people. I’m kinda afraid of what might happen if he ever meets Lou Ferrigno…

He asked Steve if it was true he was 95 and saved the world, and promptly thanked him for doing so. Cap was very patient with him. I probably should have told the guy my dad had Dementia/Alziehmer’s but Dad didn’t let me get a word in. He was so excited.

Out of no where, Dad asked Cap “Where’s Natasha?”

Let me just say here that my dad Ships Steve & Nat. He has no idea what that means but he ships them so much. He thinks Nat would be so much better for Steve than “that nurse that is always doing laundry”

So yeah, he asked Cap and Cap responded “Who? Agent Romanov? I’m impressed. Not many people are on a first name basis with the Black Widow. You know I can’t divulge her location, it’s Top Secret”

Eventually Dad accepted that and we parted ways with the good Captain. So yeah, that was my Dad asking a Disneyland employee for more female superhero representation.

After that Dad inspected the welding on the Mark 1.

I got him onto Space Mountain. In the middle of the ride I just hear him say “this was a mistake” He didn’t want anymore spaceships so he sat out Star Tours but I got him to join us for Indiana Jones by asking him what kind of tires are on the jeeps. The ride was so bumpy that he informed me that they must be Land Rovers, not Jeeps.

Soon the sun started to set and Dad decided he was freezing to death. Everything was the worst.

He was so cold he wished he had never left home and was watching Little House on the Prairie. 

But then it was time for our fast passes for Radiator Springs Racers. I have been wanting to take him on that ride for years now.

He was maintaining his grumpiness pretty well until the speakers started making powerful engine noises. 

He started Speed Shifting and a little smile kept popping through.

He really enjoyed that ride. He even put his hands up for a bit. He also got a little competitive with kid in the car next to us. He was so happy to see the Hudson Hornet and all the characters. 

Not that the camera could usually tell. 

Dad did claim that he was dying a couple times during the day and needed to go to the hospital, or just drop him at Pick-A-Part with his Jeep. (He has convinced himself that it is a legitimate option when the time comes) But it turned out he was just hungry and needed some food. Apparently he can’t tell the difference anymore between hungry and dying.

We asked if he wanted a season pass, so we could come on days that we watch him (and give my mom some days off). He flat out said NO, it was a waste of money. But then we asked him if he wanted to come back and ride Cars Land again and he could not hide his smile. He tried to hide it but it didn’t work.

So now Dad has a season pass. 

Might not be the happiest place on earth, but it has it’s moments.

Alziehmer’s/Dementia is a progressive disease no matter how good the medication.  I don’t know how long we have with him, but I hope we can give him some good memories


For those who are wondering, I’m going to explain why there’s been so much upset over the sticker SJ released along with this last Bleach chapter, as well as share some of my own thoughts and questions about the ending. This is gonna be long, and I’m gonna touch on problems with the ending as a whole as well as some of the ship issues.
Rest assured there is no ship bashing, as those who have been following a while know is not my way.

The top image is the sticker that was sold a day before Bleach 686 in this week’s Weekly Shonen Jump. The middle image is the original chapter 460 color spread that the sticker comes from. Notice how in the original, Rukia is BEHIND Ichigo. They’re standing back-to-back, contrasting swords drawn, and even their expressions contrast; Ichigo looking stern and Rukia appearing almost amused by something.
But for the sticker, the image was edited to put Rukia in front of Ichigo, their faces only inches apart. Rukia is clearly MUCH shorter than Ichigo, yet in the sticker the top of her head is only a few inches below his. They’re intimately close, a representation of their relationship as a whole.

IchiRuki has a large fanbase, and their bond as a whole is a running theme of the story. Even no shippers, a lot of them, were expecting them to be together in the end. The fact that SJ pushed artwork of them for the end made us even more certain, and for it to not happen has us feeling cheated and lied to.

For the war to end so suddenly, without the tag team that Urahara had alluded to, for this war to just be over with a quick cut to Rukia becoming captain and then a chapter showing the canon families, it’s too abrupt and too disjointed. There’s no satisfactory feeling. It’s more like a cutaway right in the middle of a fight to see what else is going on and draw out the anticipation for that final blow. But this is the end. There won’t be a final blow because it’s already happened. There won’t be any cool down period, no shouts of victory, no sighs of relief that it’s finally over. No time taken to mourn those who have been lost, to rebuild what was broken, to see how everyone is doing after walking away from this epic last arc of a fifteen-year story.

Yes, people who ship IchiRuki are pissed. We’ve been spoon fed Ichigo and Rukia’s bond, their feelings toward one another, how tightly bound they are, from the first chapter. We’ve spent just as long as the other ship fandoms believing and hoping that the two would end the war together, end the series together, just as they hard started it. We’ve analyzed the poetry and the dramatic moments over and over, catching every sign that was there, every small nuance Kubo included to hint at their growing feelings and their destiny together, every time he bonded them even more tightly together.
As I said above a running theme is Rukia and Ichigo’s relationship, how it grows and changes, how they grow and change as a result. How they push one another and fight for each other. How each goodbye is heart wrenching, how each hello is said as if the time apart never happened. If Kubo had wanted to keep the bond explicitly platonic, he could have done so, and he did not. The “more than friends, less than lovers” quote is utterly moot as it is old, and hardly ever translated and interpreted properly, and afterward Kubo himself has given strong focus to IchiRuki in the manga, in the films, and in interviews. The sting only deepens with every new tweet and post of nonshippers adding their voice to the calamity, wondering how and why IchiRuki didn’t happen, wondering why IchiRuki was used to advertise the end when they didn’t become canon.

We shippers are heart broken and confused, and the last thing we deserve is this parading from the fandom minority somehow satisfied with this ending and all this parroting of “I told you so” when even the manga publisher is STILL pushing IchiRuki. Why weren’t there stickers made for the canon pairings, or even the kids? Why not just the characters individually? Why take an old color spread and edit it? Ichigo and Rukia are the main characters, so making merch of them made sense. What didn’t make sense was creating a sticker with such intimacy in it. What didn’t make sense was using panels from such an emotional goodbye scene, (image three) one of the most celebrated IchiRuki moments.

If IchiRuki wasn’t meant to become romantic, why is there only the last chapter and color spread to say so? Why spend so much time and effort on a ship that’s not canon, why romanticize the bond with clearly romantic narrative and artwork? Why release a sticker of what a just so happens to be the most popular ship in the series, edited from old artwork to be even more “shippy”, using a fandom favorite moment in advertising, all to come out the other side separated?

Something got lost along the way. Something fell through, and the last few chapters feel like a patch slapped over in an attempt to keep it out of sight, because there wasn’t time to fix it.

Photograph - lh

You love taking pictures and Luke loves you..

Word Count: 2,406

A picture is worth a thousand words, depending on who you talk to. Words that translate to memories, those stacks of glossy paper tucked into the sleeves of various scrapbooks activating the smallest bits of your subconscious that otherwise would have slipped away. Maybe that wasn’t the first intention of the photographer, unconsciously aware of the vast amount of snippets pulled to rest beneath the image splayed under the shine of ink. 

Landscape pictures could trigger sounds; the strips of fire drawing to the side of the beach landscape pairing with the sounds of the soft laps of waves beyond the sound of an acoustic. Group pictures prompt faces; that of your bellhop who dropped your suitcase on your flipflop bare toes, the kind native who’d happily grouped your family in front of the local monument for a short history lesson, the server at the authentic restaurant who smiled graciously at the extra tip you tucked away for him. Action pictures sparking specific events, those experienced prior to and post from the stilled fraction of the happenings. 

Luke was your personal photograph, something that didn’t quite sit idle in an intricate frame in the corner of your bedroom. Instead, every day not only brought something new but surfaced the old, reminding you of the brewing squeeze just below where your erratic heartbeat threatened the steadiness of your breath. All his attributes, both external and internal, could draw the tinniest of smiles to quirk at the corner of your lips as you remembered another time. Maybe is was the careful attention he took to sculpting out the best mold to your happiness, or maybe it was the ripple of wrinkles to the nook of his eye past the loud elicit of his laughter that could draw you back to a time when you laughed along with him. 

Or maybe it was you beyond the screen of your Nikon as you were able to catch the candid moments you didn’t want to forget. Just in case.

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RTTE Season 3: Episode 5

The Hiccstrid is strong with this one.

The much awaited, and partially spoiled, Hiccstrid episode.

I was really excited for this episode after the promos were released, especially to see one of my many OTPs getting some canon love. First off, some moments were incredibly sweet, like all the times Hiccup caught Astrid from falling, when he carried her in his arms, and when he could tell from a single glance at her face that something was wrong. 

Every single expression of concern on his face was beautifully animated, and so palpably real. Kudos to the animators on that one. 

A person’s reaction when someone they love is in danger is the greatest testament to that love; and it works so well in storytelling because the writers are not telling us through dialogue that Hiccup loves Astrid. Rather we see it in how he reacts. This was superbly done.

What she says: I’m fine
What she means: I’m dying of pestilence

That said, as someone who waited through four seasons of Dreamworks Dragons for some hiccstrid development beyond the mostly platonic stuff we’ve gotten so far, the last thing I expected from this ship was a line as cheesy as “I can’t imagine a world without you in it.” Yes I know these guys are teenagers, and the cuteness of that line is not at all out of place; but perhaps the cheese is. Maybe it’s just me, but I much preferred the other line Hiccup uttered: “For me,” and it’s counterpart by Astrid, “Not for me.” These dialogues were subtle and yet made it crystal clear where these kids’ hearts lie (with each other).

One great thing about this episode was that even though the focus was on the pairing, the main plot was still being furthered. More on that in a second.

Now of course, hiccstrid wasn’t the only thing in this episode. The beautiful serene but agoraphobic Buffalord was quite frankly adorable. 

I completely understand Tuff’s reaction to it, and if circumstances had been less dire, our dragon-loving geek Hiccup might have been more open to the suggestion of keeping it—if not for its uncharacteristically violent refusal to leave its island of course.

Please, dad, can we keep him? I promise to feed him and walk him everyday!

This brings me right to the other search party after the Buffalord. The Grimborn brothers. Well, mainly Viggo. Astrid’s illness wasn’t just a plot device to make the hero realize how deeply he loves her. Rather, it was a direct result of the villain’s actions, because plot. Spreading the Scourge so he can produce the antidote and profit from it? Such evil. But so interesting. Yet another feather in the cap for my earlier argument about how Viggo is so much more evil than someone like Dagur. If Dagur is chaotic neutral, Viggo is lawful evil. And in my opinion, lawful evil is the most formidable of adversaries.

I can’t end this review without mentioning my favorite Thorstons. One of my complaints in previous seasons was that the twins and Snotlout were being used as comic relief. But I am SO happy with the twins this season. They are insanely creative and talented, and have something unique to contribute in almost all the episodes so far in season 3. Astrid would have died twice if not for their input—once when they deciphered the map and again when they identified the Buffalord’s herbs. My smol children are finally getting the credit they deserve.
*happy sigh*

In fact, it seems as if a lot of what I wanted to see in RTTE is happening. Case in point: I always LOVED seeing Hicclegs bonding, particularly when they geek out together. And this season has already given me four scenes of that, only five episodes in! 

Overall, could the episode have been better put together? Yes. Was it a great installment in a great series? Yes, of course – both plot-wise and feels-wise. 

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What pet would be best for the signs?

This is such a cute question, thank you!! 
Aries: German Shepherd… These dogs are strong, big, intimidating, but fiercely loyal and friendly. I adore German Sheperds and always connect them to Aries in my mind. :)
Taurus: Labrador Retriever! The loyal dog. Friendly, respectable… Everyone loves them. 
Gemini: Australian Shepherd! These dogs are so intelligent, and they’re active just like a Gemini! They love to run around. These are brilliant animals.
Cancer: Really fluffy animals, like Persian cats or Scotties. Small fluffballs; animals that are cute and comforting. My stepmom loves animals with a “sweet” look about them.
Leo: I associate Leos with Pitbulls, because the three Leos in my life all adore them. Cute, loyal, friendly, playful… Perfect for a Leo. I’ve noticed that Leos have a huge soft spot for animals, though, so they would probably be happy with anything. :)
Virgo: I associate Virgos with tabby cats; wise, beautiful, and slightly introverted animals. 
Libra: I picture Libras with something really elegant, like a Greyhound or a thin grey cat with elegant amber eyes. I had a beautiful grey cat once and I always picture her when I think of an animal for Libras. :)
Scorpio: Cats are the best companion for Scorpios because they are easy to take care of, loyal, and they stick to one person. A Scorpio likes being an animal’s favorite more than anything. Scorpios are all black cats in human form! (I think they would also do well with snakes.)
Sagittarius: Something cute and playful; I associate this sign with kittens and puppies! An animal with lots of energy would suit them best.
Capricorn: Every single Capricorn I’ve met has been a cat person. For the same reasons as Scorpio, I associate Caps with Calico cats. :)
Aquarius: Along with cats of every color and size, I picture Aquas with something oddball, like snakes, frogs, snails, etc.
Pisces: Fluffy grey cats and Bijan Frizes… Beautiful, soft animals with wide, adorable eyes! Something elegant and softly beautiful for Pisces. 

Thanks so much, I loved this question! xx

Here’s a tasty little outfit idea. It looks kinda complex but it’s pretty simple. The main layer consists of some kinda sorta baggy skinny jeans and a tight graphic tee adorned with your favorite anime character or vocaloid in my case. The second layer includes a scarf, baggy old sock cap, some plain old skater shoes, and pair of big-ass headphones. I like music. Finally you can’t go wrong with fingerless gloves, awesome wristbands and a nice long belt slung from the hip. Color scheme is up to you but I love pink, black and blue together.

Just trying something new. If you’d like more of my femboy outfit ideas, please let me know. Today’s mirror is brought to you by the letters H&M.
Stay frosty!

Maybe im just clinging to something that should be let to just end here

But I don;t want the HTTYD universe to end.

Like im cool with Hiccup and Toothless’s journey ending, and even though theyre my favorite part of the universe.

Its still this vast world that feels like theres so much more to explore, with tons of dragons and people and stories that could be told.

I just don’t want to see that capped off so soon.

The universe is amazing. I’m in love with it.

Steve Rogers/Bucky Barnes (Stucky) Fic rec list!

✧・゚: *✧・゚:* \(◕‿◕✿)/ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

This list is split into 3 categories: pre-serum/Cap 1, post Cap 2 and AU. Make sure to read warnings. Some WIPs are listed. I’ll either write some words about the fic or post the summary. If you want PWPs or plotty porn fics, shoot an ask.

** Denotes a personal favourite

~~~~Pre-serum/Cap 1~~~~

*****A Long Winter by dropdeaddream and WhatAreFears (M) 35,733 words

THIS FIC IS AMAZING. Steve crashes the plane, but survives. This fic spans through the missing 70 years. I cried like a baby, multiple times. Do yourself a favor and just read it (and the notes in the next chapter)

Able-Bodied Men by checkthemargins (M) 7,376 words.

Takes place during Steve’s failed attempts to enlist through to Bucky’s rescue. Lot’s of feels, Steve getting used to his new body, and taking care of Bucky.

**Body Studies by Ark (E) 9,747

If only the world was filled with more body worship fics. Steve draws Bucky and feels and sex ensue. It’s a lot better than I make it sound.

Can We Pretend To Leave? And Then We’ll Meet Again by misspunkrock (E) 23,250

Bucky writes letters to Steve that were never meant to see the light of day. Years later, Steve finds them.

**Count the Rings Around My Eyes by caughtinanocean (T) 2,630 words.

Steve taking care of Bucky and them worrying about each other.

Iris by Paper_Lily (T) 6,550 words

The first color Bucky ever saw was yellow.

Kiss Me (for the Hell of it) by poetsandzombies (T) 1,341 words

First kiss fluff. Short and sweet :)

**Moments In and Out of Time by DevBasaa (G-M) SERIES

Missing scenes from the first Captain America series. 5 fics right now and they’re all pretty short. What Didn’t happen was absolutely devastating. Lots of feels and angst, it’s great.

Never Let Me Go by chief_engineer_Jenna (M) 2,507 words.

Five times Bucky Barnes used size over Steve Rogers and the one time Steve carried Bucky.

**Put Your Lips Close to Mine (As Long as They Don’t Touch) by Penthos (G) 996 words. 

In which Steve’s never kissed anyone and Bucky Barnes doesn’t know how to drop it.

Sometimes You Just Have to Let Go by Acacia_Mac (E) 32,737

Steve develops Alpha features after getting the serum. Bucky changes too after Zola’s experiments on him. An interesting take on A/B/O dynamics. Bucky might annoy you at times in the fic

The Leaves of the Night by Polexia-Aphrodite (M) 4,474 words.

Steve and Bucky, from 1943 to the present.

You’d Be So Nice To Come Home To by EmilianaDarling (E) 26,995

After Bucky deploys, but before Steve rescues him, Bucky tells the guys about Steve as if he were a girl. So. Much. Pining.

~~~~Post-Cap 2~~~~

5 Times Steve Rogers Kissed the Winter Soldier and One Time He Was Kissed First by Ryekodono. (M) 5,481 words.

The first time Steve kissed the Winter Soldier was in 1943, but neither of them knew it at the time.

All the First Times by Vera. (M) 9,694 words.

Bucky starts over and finds new ways to survive. (I really loved Bucky’s interactions with the rest of the Avengers).

Amapola by chaya (T) 832 words.

Short and sweet.

**A Mechanical Chaos by Margo_Kim (G) 2,954 words.

Bucky’s feeling lost. He doesn’t know who he is anymore and struggles to remember. 

The Care and Feeding of Traumatized Ex-Assassins by Sholio (T) 6,670 words. 

Steve starts to notice someone’s been in his apartment while he’s not there. Set after Winter Soldier; spoilers.

**Catenary Chain by chaya (E) 35,356 words *WIP*

The amazing sequel to Circling Back. It’s so cute, and sad, and I love the characterization. Features flashbacks from Bucky’s perspective that are absolutely heartbreaking. 

**Circling Back by chaya (M) 

I'm absolutely in love with this fic. The author updates very often. Angst, H/C and boundary issues galore. You will feel all the feels.

Die. Will. You. That. Remember. by alovelylittlescandal *WIP* (NA) 

Is a man simply the sum of his parts? And how can you move forward when most of your pieces are missing? In the aftermath of the events of CA2:WS, Bucky tries to find the man he once was, in order to become the man he wants to be.

**I love you like rlb by tolieawake

This fic is dumb sometimes, but I like and think about it a lot :3

Mistake on the Part of Nature by idiopathicsmile (T) 1,274 words.

Steve takes in Bucky’s betrayed look and Sam’s confusion, follows Sam’s gaze to the pile of mangled fruit in the trash can. Sudden comprehension fills his face.

“Oh,” he says. “Bucky found out about bananas”.

Steve Rogers at 100: Celebrating Captain America on Film by eleveninches, Febricant, hellotailor, M_Leigh, neenya, tigrrmilk (G) 10, 228

This fic is really interesting and well written. There’s even photos included. It’s analysis of the movies made about Captain America in the 70 years he was frozen. Featuring analysis of a crappy porno.

This Much I Know by cavaleira (E) 11,761 words

“I always slept better when you were around,” Steve says softly. “I think you did too.”

till i wake your ghost by lanyon (T) 2,344 words

There’s a kill order on the Winter Soldier and Steve Rogers has been acting kind of strangely lately.

Woven in My Soul by jerobitaille (T) 8,819

Bucky stays on the beach a little longer before disappearing back into the shadows. Steve’s even more determined to find him.

*Your Favorite Ghost by augustbird (E) 21,013 words.

One of my first Stucky fics, which helped me develop my love for them. This fic takes place post Cap 2 with flashbacks before WWII. 


**This is Not a Drive By by spocktrek (NA) 24,417 words.

Usually I don’t read AUs or fluff or domestic at all, but wow this fic blew me away! You can’t not smile while reading. If more fluff fics were written like this, I’d read more. A fave by miles.

So I’m watching Avengers Assemble

The popular opinion is “oh it isn’t as good as earth mighty heroes”. And it is true, it is not as good. But god it is great, it is great because the mistakes. 

The Marvel-disney production try to do a manly show, for rude men and rude boys whose want to watch manly men doing manly things. So the team is almost tought boys and the romance is so leave behind. We are not talking about the romantics side characters, thats just in the movies for the woman audience, puff. We wanna show the true manly relathions ships on the team. 

We wanna do that every damn episode Cap and Iron man (the favorites of the audience) learn to work together, and lidership the team together, they are even like the tuthors of the youngest of the team. Also their relathionship will be the most important relathion ship of the show and would be complety clear that they care more for each other that the rest of the team, because that is how lidership works. We are gonna make that their signature move would be scream the name of the other realy hard every time that something happen. 

Everything on a manly way. Super manly way. 

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How the fans could miss interpret that? 

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Seryusly show? seriusly?

"Do you fancy me?" part 10/10

Previews chapters

Word count: 2788

The sun burning on your eyelids forced you to get out of dream land, the clock to your left mark 10:46 a.m. in bright red numbers. Dan wasn’t by your side like you expected he would have, but you assumed he was long awake and on the middle of his morning routine a.k.a a bowl of cereal and creeping Tumblr.

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mj6music  asked:

IS IT TRUE?!?! WE'RE GOING BACK TO ZENDIKAR?!?! THERE ISNT A CAPS LOCK THAT CAN DEMONSTRATE MY EXCITEMENT PROPERLY!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!! MaRo, I have NO idea how you can sit on something like this for as long as you do. I will now make sure to demonstrate the sheer excitement stuff like this brings to me to make it a little more bearable for you from here on out. Thank you for helping make something that is so exciting for me as a gamer.

My favorite days are when we get to tell you stuff and I get to sit back and watch. Okay, my absolute favorite is when I’m the one telling you but I have to share that joy with so many others.