more like family in a more lose way of looking at it

I wish there was a way to block out the headcanon the majority of the fandom has about Adrien’s diet and/or Gabriel starving him for modeling.

For one, most male models are encouraged to gain weight, so long as it’s the right weight. They are encouraged to stay active and gain muscle. Most female models are encouraged to lose as much as they can, yes, but males aren’t treated the same. Yes, they want them slim and toned but they want them to be muscular too.

So, just from the model aspect of things, Adrien would more likely be encouraged to eat to gain weight than anything, especially with so much physical activity already in his schedule. That and that entire family looks like they have higher metabolisms all around.

If Adrien isn’t gaining weight, I highly doubt it’s his diet itself but more that he’s too depressed or upset to eat every time he should. And Gabriel likely wouldn’t be the best role model in this area either because if you look closely in Jackady, the man’s wedding ring doesn’t fit snugly anymore. He probably gets to busy and so caught up in things that he forgets to eat or just doesnt feel like it either. I imagine both of them probably need reminders to eat and stop focusing on everything else.

As for how Gabriel would treat Adrien’s diet, I seriously don’t see him starving Adrien. I honestly don’t see him even paying attention enough to reinforce that. If anything, I think he may have Nathalie schedule appointments for Adrien with a good nutritionist and then have her reinforce whatever that nutritionist would say (which, btw, would more than likely be to eat more protein and have healthy carbs to keep up with how much activity he’s doing).

The idea that Gabriel is starving Adrien for modeling honestly just seems completely unlikely to me and I hope that idea goes away eventually. He doesn’t even look underweight in the show. He just looks like a kid his age that gets a lot of activity on top of a high metabolism. I don’t understand where this came from or why? Guhhhhh.

Okay, I’ll attempt to shut up now.