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5 more pages worth of storyboards to turn into layouts today before I can start pencilling the pages for this uni project hoo bOI


The Dork Captains | Kuroo & Bokuto |
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Lutteo → Random scenes (part 41)

tfw ya family’s in it’s darkest hour financially and ya get hit with an unexpected £400 dental bill 👌👌👌

I almost won’t care what happens in season 3 as long as I get to see more of theses dorks acting like dorks together (and who knows. maybe one day I’ll actually clean this up and colour it too)

pls let them have character development together


Lightwoodsdaily’s Appreciation Weeks ♡ Day 12
↪ Favourite Matthew Daddario Moments

Also for our business studies module we had to put info down about our online presence and when my teacher saw I had 10,200 followers on here she was like “what the hell??? that’s awesome I’ve only got like 3 you should put more about that″

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Ereri Week 2015 - June 3: Caught in the act of adding sugar to his boss’s tea. There are certain teas that Levi is adamant that Eren not put sugar in, and he can get kind of scary about it but he’s really just an awkward dork.

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Extending from Yata in wheelchair, what do you think it will be like when the paralyzed Yata came to visit Fushimi after ep 13 and Fushimi is also in wheelchair to heal his injured leg?

Is it bad that my first thought was ‘wheelchair fight’? Yata’s actually probably seriously excited about the whole thing, like Fushimi’s being all grumpy and depressed about the injury and the wheelchair but Yata’s eyes just light up when he sees Fushimi in the wheelchair. He starts ribbing Fushimi about it like hey it’s not all bad, I’ll show you how to handle it. Fushimi clicks his tongue and mutters that he doesn’t need Misaki’s help. Yata’s all oh really can your skinny noodle arms even move that thing and Fushimi’s like well at least my arms are longer than yours shrimp. Yata kinda pushes his wheelchair into Fushimi’s and Fushimi pushes back and soon they’re both kinda laughing and having fun. Later on Kusanagi and Awashima get scolded by the hospital staff because there’s a pair of unruly kids in the east wing racing each other through the hallways in wheelchairs. Kusanagi just shakes his head like ‘those idiots’ and he and Awashima go to collect their disobedient children. They get to the east wing to find people scattering as Yata and Fushimi come speeding down the hallway, Yata just a little ahead of Fushimi but clearly still holding himself back a little so that Fushimi can keep pace with him. The two of them barely manage to stop in time to keep from running into them and Yata probably reaches out to kinda grab at Fushimi’s wheelchair so that he doesn’t overturn and fall since Yata knows how to handle this stuff better than Fushimi does. Kusanagi and Awashima try to scold them but they’re both trying to hold in laughter and Fushimi and Yata are both a little flushed but clearly happier than they’ve been in a long time and it’s super cute.