more like dead blogging

I need blogs to follow !

I need more blogs to follow my dash feels dead, Please like/reblog/or Follow if you post any of these please 💜 after checking out your blog I’ll follow from Yeoliehao.
•Monsta X
• Nct (mainly Ten)
•Red Velvet

Thank you!

Soul Evans doing da thing.

sorry if I haven’t been posting any fandom related things !!!! I have this unholy obsession with my ocs right now and I love and breathe and will fight for them they are my children and I ?????? love ?? them so much ??? what the


If this is posted, it means i failed to delete it from my queue and i’m either dead or hospitalized for a while (probably more likely)

this blog will remain inactive and i want to take the opportunity to remind everyone that no matter how much you hate yourself, your life, or anything else, everything you do will have an impact on those around you

your work will matter, even if it makes just one person click the like button. the world is so full of people, it’s very hard to stand out like you want to. you probably won’t. and that’s okay

likewise, people will forget, and that’s okay