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I didn’t lose 225 pounds.
I lost one pound 225 times.

Weight loss is like life: your results will be dictated entirely on your daily habits. In other words, who you are is entirely based on what you do. Wars are won through winning individual battles. There will be small losses along the way: setbacks, mistakes, scale anomalies, plateaus, holidays, breakups and more. I experienced all of this and more.

What is important is the direction you persist in facing. All you really need to do is lose one pound a few times, right?

blissful-dreaming2  asked:

Hi! I have a north face backpack for college which I absolutely love but I was wondering what you keep in yours at all times?? Like the necessities and stuff for class? Thanks so much!

Hey girl! I absolutely love my north face backpack too hehe!

When I lived on campus for three years, I wasn’t as conscious about what I had in my backpack each day because I could always run back to the dorm/house to grab what I needed. Now that I live off campus, I definitely carry a lot more with me! Here is what I have in my backpack on a daily basis:

  1. planner/agenda (linked mine!)
  2. folder with copy paper in it (I like to take notes on copy paper, not lined notebook paper. Kinda weird, I know). 
  3. laptop
  4. laptop charger
  5. phone
  6. phone charger
  7. earphones
  8. gum
  9. chapstick (a major necessity for me!)
  10. light rain jacket (I always carry my rain jacket in my backpack at all times. There is nothing worse than getting caught in the rain on campus)
  11. water bottle
  12. snacks (it’s always great to keep snacks on you. I usually always have kind bars or lara bars on hand! Today, I have this lara bar + a bag of small tomatoes) 
  13. textbook (if I am going to the library that day)
  14. pens/highlighters/pencils
  15. extra scantrons
  16. wallet (with student ID, $, debit card, etc.)
  17. hand sanitizer
  18. travel lotion

Hope that could help!! :)