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Genre: Angst/Fluff

Pairing: Jimin X reader

Fandom: BTS

Request:  Hey could you please do an imagine where the reader and jimin are fighting and he says that he hates that she’s really clingy and he hates when she ‘steals’ his clothes and that hurts you but you didn’t show it and then you guys make up but you still thought about what he said so you stopped being clingy and stopped wearing his clothes and doesn’t realize at first but when does, he feels really bad and sad bc he loves when u are clingy and loves when you wear his clothes.

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Your eyes followed your boyfriend’s annoyed figure as he paced around the room. Today must have been really stressful for him because since he came through the door he’s been nothing but on edge. A small thought in the back of your head told you not to pick a fight with him but another part of you knew that you didn’t need to be treated rudely because of something that effected him at work. 

“Fine. Look, I’m sorry….Let’s just drop it..” You told him, sitting back on the bed. 

Jimin stopped in his tracks, looking back at you.

“Drop it? Y/N this might not be a big deal to you but this isn’t something I’m just going to drop!”

You grew silent as you heard his voice raise towards you. He groaned, bringing his hands up to his face. 

“All I’m saying is I can’t have you texting me all the time. I already got scolded once for responding during a meeting and I really don’t need to be on my boss’ bad side right now. It’s just- too much…Sometimes I feel like you’re always trying to talk to me about something and I need personal space. I don’t get why that’s so hard for you to grasp..” He mumbled.

“I just missed you. I didn’t think it was a big deal-”

“You didn’t think. That’s my point.”

You tilted your head, giving him a direct look. 

“What the hell is your problem today? I already said I was sorry..”

Jimin sat down on the bed. 

“There’s just so much going on right now and I just don’t need you always on me. Maybe we should take a break or something.” 

Your eyes widened at the words you feared most besides, “I think we should break up”. 

“You can’t be serious-”

You hand extended to hold onto your boyfriend’s arm but Jimin pulled his own away. 

“I can’t do this right now. I can’t hear about how much I’m away from you, I can’t deal with you always stealing my clothes, or waiting for me to come home, or making jokes about me leaving you all the time. I’m tired of you being so clingy!”

The tears you were holding back started to well up on your eyes until your vision became blurred. You hadn’t realized how he really felt about all of this. You had just assumed that all those times you were missing him that he was feeling the exact same way. You stood up from the bed, sliding the hoodie of his that you were wearing and threw it onto the ground. 

“Fine! I won’t be!” 

Seeing you cry must have really hit a nerve in him because before you were able to head out of the door he stood up in front of you. He held you against his chest even as you tried to push him away. 

“Wait. I didn’t mean it about the break thing. This went way too far and I crossed the line. I wasn’t trying to make you cry, I just got upset over nothing.”

He looked down at you but you avoided looking up at him as your head was now resting on his chest. He could feel your head move every time you sniffled, just giving him even more guilt.

“This isn’t really about you texting me too much. I think the lack of sleep and over working is just getting to me…I’m really sorry. I’m taking this out on you when it’s not even your fault.” 

You felt his warm hands come up to your cheeks as he leaned your head up to face him. 

“I’m so sorry…” He whispered. 

Jimin used his sleeve as an attempt to wipe your tears off and by the look in his eyes you could tell he really meant what he was saying. You knew this sort of stuff was hard on him but you wish he wouldn’t hold it all in until he explodes all the time. Nonetheless you accept your boyfriend’s apology by giving him a nod.

“Seriously. If I ever do something like this again I really wouldn’t blame you for leaving me.”

The worried expression on his face made you crack.

“I get it.” You let out.

Jimin gave you a light kiss on top of your forehead.

“Should we get ready to go out for dinner then? It’s on me.” He said in a convincing tone.

Seeing the puppy eyes he was giving you, you gave in instantly.

“Alright.” You smiled, running off to get dressed.

Ever since that one fight things seemed a little off between the two of you. He would do things that made you think he was still trying to make up for that one day and even though it still bothered you, you wish he would just let it go. You tried to be empathetic but you didn’t want him to keep doing things just to keep you happy. You wanted things to just be normal so you decided that maybe it wasn’t all just because of work. Maybe he actually wanted space and was afraid to come to terms with it and tell you. From now on you didn’t send him good morning texts at work, no checking up on him, no telling him that you miss him or think about him, no more wearing his clothes because their comfortable or smell like him, no more waiting for him to come home in the living room, and no more random I love you’s.

Jimin also was taking notice of the new changes between you both. He was, in fact, trying to do things to make up for what happened because of how bad he felt. He’d bring home presents, take you out, try to text you more often, and just overall praise you whenever you were around. The problem was he couldn’t help but think you were mad at him still since you started to distance yourself. That is until he realized the things he spewed off during the fight between you. He wondered if you were distancing yourself because of what he said despite him not meaning it. Jimin loved coming home to finding you waiting for him or surprising him with how much you loved him. He missed seeing you wake up wearing his shirt from last night or stealing a hoodie or two from his closet. He never really noticed how much he loved those things about you until they were gone. It was starting to drive him crazy.

As you’re sitting on the couch on your laptop you hear him come home, shutting the door in a rush. You pretend to be uninterested, just scrolling through your dashboard but you hear him walk all the ways over to you. As his figure shadows over you, you look up at him.

“You’re home-“

“I can’t do this anymore. I don’t know what I can do to take all of what I said back but I want to. I miss you like crazy and god, I love you so much, you know that? There isn’t a second that I’m not thinking about you and there’s not a second that goes by that I’m not reminded of you. I want you to take wear my stuff until it smells like you, I want you to text me during work to tell me what you can’t wait to do until I’m home, I want you to just-…I want you to love me like you did before.”

Speechless you sit up from your seat to face him properly as you push aside the laptop in your lap. You hadn’t expected him to come home like this nor did you think you were the one doing the wrong thing. You thought you were just doing what he wanted but there was a hidden guilty pleasure from hearing him admit how much he needs you.  You decided to just tease him a little bit more.

“Hmm, I don’t know. It’s just not really my thing anymore and I think you were right. Somethings are just better left unsaid. I mean you already know I love you, why would I need to tell you that daily?”

Jimin groaned, pouting like a child.


You crossed your arms across your chest.

“Yes, Jiminie?”

Without warning you feel him cup your face like before but instead of wiping your tears you felt the familiar feeling of his soft, full lips being pressed up against yours. He took 5 long seconds to completely make you feel as if you were going to melt in your seat just from one kiss. As he pulled away from you, you saw the glimpse of seriousness in his eyes.

“I miss you. Please….just forgive me this once?”

Damn it. For once you thought you had the upper hand but his dumb cute face and amazing lips had won you over again.

“Fine but you have to say it first today.”

Jimin let out a small laugh.

“I love you, Y/N.”

Difficult Love Confessions

Anonymous asked: “Do you have any confession prompts where the person confessing is really bad with words or is known to regularly insult the other?”

1. “There’s-I should-I should say something. I know I’m… Me… But I like you. A lot.”

2. “Look, I like being around you. i like when you’re happy. I… I like your face.”

3. “This isn’t easy for me. I’ve never… Not like this. But. You matter you me. A lot.”

4. “If you got hurt… It’d hurt me. And not just ‘cause I’d jump in front of whatever was gonna hurt you.”

5. “I know, I don’t always act like it, but you’re… Special. In a good way.”

6. “If I tell you I… You know… Care about you… Would you laugh at me?”

7. “Your face is nice, but you’re more nice. I want to be around you a lot. And your face.” 

8. “I didn’t mean it like that. I was trying to… Tease you. That’s what you do, right? When you have… Feelings?”

~Some of these ended up sounding a little like Daily Odd Compliments. Oh Well. I hope they help!~

My Korean Skin Care Haul

I finally updated my skin care! For anyone who’s interested in how I prep my skin.

First thing you need to know is my skin type, I’m prone to acne and I have mostly normal to oily skin. I get breakouts on my forehead, my nose, cheeks and my chin. All these breakouts, I hide with concealer, blemish creams and foundation.

To treat my skin and lessen breakouts, here are my favorite skin care products from different Korean brands.

1. Etude House AC Clinic White-Trouble Bubble Cleanser

First thing you need to do is wash your face. For oily skin, I recommend that you choose water based or gel based cleanser. Try to look for products that are mild and won’t irritate your sensitive skin so much.

What I’m loving these days are foam cleansers. They’re already in foam state which means, you no longer have to foam it on your face, hence, less stress on your skin.

Plus, it doesn’t leave your skin feeling dry and stretchy. It gives a feeling of fresh and dewy skin.


1.Wet your face with warm water to open up pores.

2.Wash your face with cleanser for 2 minutes. 

3.Rinse it with cold water for 4 minutes.

4. Pat dry with towel/cotton shirt or you can pat dry your face with fingers and let the water be absorbed by skin.

2. Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner

Wonder Pore Freshner is my holy grail for toners. This is because it is still one of the best selling toners among Koreans.

First time I used it, it reduced my breakouts and the appearance of blackheads. It is quite pricey but, I assure you it’s all worth it.


1. Apply small amount of toner to cotton.

2. Move cotton in circular motions paying special attention to chin, nose and cheeks (or where you are prone to whiteheads and pimples).

3. Spray it on your face when you need a refreshing.

3. Nature Republic Aloe Vera Soothing Gel

Aloe Vera Gel are new releases from your favorite Korean brand. I love this one from Nature Republic because it smells so good and it’s the cheapest among the brands.

I use this as a moisturizer and sort of a spot on gel to my pimples. It lessens the redness of my skin and calms it.

You can also use it for your hair and body!

4. Etude House Eye’s Cream

I use it mainly for my under eyes when I feel like my eyes are tired and before going to sleep. It’s a roll-on and its small so it’s very handy to bring.

5. Etude House AC Clinic Intense Pink Powder Water and Pink Powder Spot

I swear by these two products to remove my pimples. I use the water during the day and the powder spot before I go to sleep.

It dries us your pimples and lightens the spots. Its non-comedogenic meaning, you won’t get breakouts from your other breakouts. Like have you ever experienced a pimple growing beside your existing pimple because you irritated it? That won’t happen because it does not only heals pimples, it prevents them from spreading.

Well I’m happy it works on me. :)

6. Nature Republic Charcoal Mask

I use this once or twice a week, when I feel like I have so much gunk on face even after washing. It leaves my skin feeling smooth and clean.

This is the perfect mask if you are prone to whiteheads and blackheads or if you want your pores to tighten.

7. Face masks, patches and strips

And last but not the least, you need weekly or even daily pampering by using face masks. You can also try patches for your specific problems. Like if you have puffy eyes, use eye patches. If you have blackheads, you can use pore strips.

And that’s it! That sums up my skin care routine. I hope you learned something from this! And if you could recommend more Korean skin care products, I would love to hear about it!

I will be posting my Korean Make Up haul next. Stay posted! :)

EXO Reaction to you waking them up with kisses

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“Jagi? Why did you stop? No no… I’m not awake! Continue please!”


*Doesn’t matter it’s so early in the morning* “No one said I can’t be naughty at this hour”


“Come on… wake up…. I want my morning kisses!” *Boi will want this everyday*


*He probably won’t wake up… you know… he’s a panda… and he sleeps like one*


*Well uhm… gif speaks for itself*


*Lovely squishy Minnie in the morning* “Jagi… you are so adorable… it’s my turn now, to kiss you”


*He would be in such a good mood the whole day* “My girlfriend woke me up with kisses… my girlfriend woke me up with kisses! And what did you do? You had an alarm to wake you up!”


“Hmmm jagi… this is great… but maybe we should do… something with more action to wake up”


*This is his face every time you don’t wake him up with kisses* “Where are my kisses… I need my daily dose of kisses! Today won’t be a good day….”


*Everyday in the mornings* “Ahh I feel like the luckiest man alive!!!”


“Ahh baobei… I love waking up to your kisses, it’s the best. Thank you, my lovely girlfriend. Come, I’ll make breakfast for you”


*Pretends to be asleep all the time so you give him more and more kisses* “I can’t help it! I’m addicted to my jagi’s lips!”

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Got7 Reaction to -

You saying “I love when you kiss + hug me because it reminds me you love me.”


Got7 reaction when their says “ I love it when you kiss me and hug me because it remind that you love me ” .


The first thing he would do is laugh a little, but not, because he thought it was funny. He’d be a little embarrassed, but overall he would try to come up with some kind of “snarky” remark. However after his remark he’d kiss you and then giggle a little after.

“Yeah well I have been told I give the best kisses, you need to up your game.”
*then he proceeds to kiss and hug you*


He would start giggling all happily after you told him. He’d give you kisses all over your body (in a non-sexual way) and he would keep making comments about how cute you are. Then he’d hug you from behind, still wearing his cute big smile saying, 

“No amount of kisses or hugs in this world could add up to how much I love you baby.”


He would get kinda quiet. Like he was a little shocked that you liked his affection. Although I don’t think he would be a person to give much affection, he would start trying to give more. Just because he wants to make you smile and laugh.

“Hmmm, jagi did I kiss you today?”


*kisses you* “There”


At first he’d joke about how cheesy it sounded. But then he’d look at you closely and smile when he realized you were being serious. He’d find it the cutest thing, in fact he’d even put reminders on his phone for you. 

“Look, these are your daily kiss/hug times but I still feel it’s not enough hmm.” *shows reminders for every hour of each day*


This boy would get so happy. He’d be smiling so much, and laughing a little. His arms would wrap around you and he’d pull you in really close to him. He would start leaving kisses all over your face too.

“I love your kisses more than you could ever like mine.”


His face would instantly turn into the biggest happiest smile ever. He would start questioning you like ‘Really? Me?’ and when you said yes it would make him even happier. He would start giving you really sweet kisses, while he was still smiling with his extremely happy grin.

“I can’t believe you love my kisses jagi!”

*proceeds to radiate sunshine*


This baby would start smiling so hard. He’d nuzzle his face in your neck & give you a quick peck. Then he would pull you closer and give you like forty kisses on your forehead. 

“Ill give you a million kisses and hugs to show you just how much I love you jagi.”

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Hi everyone !

As most of you know, Ben’s birthday is coming up in a couple months! I wanted to make a video to show how much we all love him! So if you’d like to be a part of it, please grab a piece of paper and write a nice note to Ben ! Take a picture of you with the note (or just the note if you rather not show your face). Make it creative ! Decorate it! I’ll tweet the video to Ben on his birthday (as well as posting it on here)
I’d like to have all the pictures by September 12! Please spread this around! I want to make sure Ben knows how much we love him !

(More info to come)

remus gets sirius a job at his workplace and forgets all the shit he’s said about sirius in front of his nosy co-workers

  • so remus works at a restaurant as a cook
  • not a good one, mind you, it’s greasy and doesn’t require a lot of cooking skill but the pay is good
  • he’s a pretty fantastic cook, though (as sirius keeps annoyingly trying to hammer into his “thick skull”) because the rest of the marauders can’t cook for shit
  • and exams started becoming Too Much at 15 and he started stress cooking for no reason anyone understands– at 3am: “isn’t it supposed to be stress baking?” “fuck you prongs just eat the goddamn stirfry” 
    • and thus Remus became their personal and surprisingly skilled self-taught cook
  • and now here he is, working through university as a cook for the past two years
  • and now here sirius is, a dramatic moaning mess about how he was going to run alphard’s inheritance money dry and never get a job ever 
  • remus quickly gets sick of the complaining and conveniently a job opening at the diner pops up–they need a new waiter
  • and he talks up sirius to his boss, saying how sirius is fantastic and charming and the customers will love him and he’s a fast learner and very smart
    • honestly, the boss doesn’t really give a fuck and hires him instantly
  •  sirius is bouncing off the walls happy. “moony moony moony this is brilliant we’ll worker together and it’ll be amazing isn’t that fantastic you can see my pretty face all day” “more like i’ll have a daily aneurysm. thank god i have the kitchen separating us” 
  • but secretly remus thinks this might be nice. you know, working with your best mate. wow why is his stomach feeling all fluttery, he must have ate something funny for lunch
  • sirius picks him up from class and walks him to his first day of work (remus had made sure they had the same shift together) and now he’s getting kinda nervous, he’s never worked before and remus rolls his eyes and tells him to stop worrying, there’s never been a thing he’s ever failed at
  • and then they arrive. and remus thinks fuck.  the soft kind of fuck. with a lot of emotion. 
  • because here are his co-workers, marlene & dorcas & gid and they’re scrambling to meet sirius and remus realizes for the first time that mixing business and personal life is never a good idea. ever.
  • because he’s ranted off to them during breaks like a normal human and yea he moaned about james’ clothes all over the flat and his fucking smelly socks and lily ate his chocolate again and he got a shitting B on his paper 
  • but sirius.
  • oh, sirius.
  • he mouthed off sirius way more than anything and he knew how it sounds, sirius this and sirius that and sirius blah blah sirius
  • so yes, a very soft fuck  it is
  • like the brave person he is, he runs to the kitchen with a quick bye
  • and sirius is all ??? but it’s okay because remus’ co-workers seem cool and the attention is nice but when he says his name is sirius they all deflate and have the saddest fucking faces ever
  • and he is even more ???
  • over the next week he meets other co-workers and they all have the same reaction–super excited when hearing he’s remus’ friend but then disappointed after learning his name
  • and he is fed-up with it (he’s a freaking amazing waiter though, as he’s made sure to tell everyone every second of the day and the customers love him, tipping him way too generously) and so he’s on his break with marlene and gid and he finally demands what’s wrong with him
  • they both sorta look at each other and sigh “well, we were hoping you were padfoot”
  • wait.
  • what.
  • marlene rolls her eyes “you know, padfoot. doesn’t he moan about him to you? it’s all he ever talks about ‘fucking padfoot’ ‘i swear to god i’m going to kill him’ ‘motherfucking padfoot aka most stupid arrogant asshole to ever live’”
  • sirius is half unfazed because that’s just moony and half hurt because wow, did remus really feel that way about him and then gid says “i swear this padfoot might actually be stupid if he can’t see how fucking mad remus is for him”
  • ??? “what do you mean” ??
  • now both gid and marls look at him like he’s insane “we all know he has the biggest school girl crush on the guy, honestly are you even friends with him? how do you not know this?”
  • sirius’ mind is blown.
  • fucking
  • blown.
  • he and remus walk home that day and sirius keeps looking at remus and smirking and remus. does not. like. it. at all. a smirking sirius is a death sentence and also wtf does he have to look so good when he smirks it’s not fair fuck u life 
  • sirius asks around with the other waiters and staff, years of pranking has taught him to never trust one single source only and it’s fucking amazing bc everyone says the same thing and asks him if he’s ever met The Padfoot in the flesh
  • and the smirking. it does not stop. “why are you so happy? stop it, it’s freaking me out” “oh, you know, it’s *sigh* just what a time to be alive. Cheer up, moons.”
  • hahahhaha yea no. remus was not going to cheer up, thank you v much.
  • and then
  • it all comes to a head.
  • shit hits the goddamn fan
  • the diner is dead and sirius has nothing to do and he’s bored so he goes into the kitchen to bother remus and he doesn’t really mean to say it but it’s just so easy “hey, how’s padfoot doing?”
  • this fuck is not a soft one, oh no it is a big capital FUCK. remus’ brain is shutting down. dorcas wolf whistles next to him and benjy pops his head in “yea why’ve you been so quiet recently, trouble in paradise?”
  • “oh yes,” remus says staring sirius dead in the eyes, “the fucking shit has reached a whole new level and i’m going to fucking assassinate him tonight”
  • godamn sirius did NOT know remus had that in him and was that strange he found his anger so hot but also fuck did he misread this whole thing and moony actually doesn’t like him??
  • remus meanwhile has shriveled up inside and died. rip. 
  • on the walk home he’s completely silent and sirius is Freaking Out. when they get to their building he finally blurts out “say something”
  • which was a bad idea because remus is pissed “what do you want me to say? that you’re an asshole and that wasn’t cool that you made fun of me at my job i hope you had a real good laugh” “im not joking” 
  • and remus scoffs and fuck sirius should clarify but he can never resist a good chance to egg remus on and frustrate him and wow how did he not realize all these years he infuriated remus because he’s madly in love with the stupid git
  • and sirius eggs him on, getting him all worked up because now he has a Plan and yea okay maybe it’s not original but it’s gonna work, alright? and remus is red in the face and finally finally  he says the magic words “oh fucking shut up padfoot”
  • “make me”
  • remus pushes him up against the wall of the building and holy shit wow yes please and remus’ eyes are narrowed “i’m going to kiss you now is that okay?” and sirius just can’t anymore he just can’t so instead of answering he just grabs remus’ face and kisses the life out of him
  • “YES! GET IT!” they break apart to look up and see James hanging out their apartment window, a camera in hand and whistling. “DON’T STOP ON MY ACCOUNT!”
  • after many threats and curses, james’ head disappears and remus and sirius press their foreheads together
  • “i can’t believe they actually thought someone was legit named padfoot”
  • “jesus christ just shut up for once pads and kiss me”
Boyfriend Series: Bokuto Koutarou

  • Bokuto…is a good boyfriend, as long as you know how to handle him, you shouldn’t be worried about anything going wrong 
  • He is a very emotional soul who wears his heart on his sleeve. When he is with you, it’s so obvious he’s in love and just on top of the world. He’s always blushing, smiling, or staring at you with adoration in his eyes. It’s really just too cute. He also is not one to hide his feelings away from you, and will mean whatever he says. (He likes to compliment you a lot of tell you he loves you).
  •  His good mood and easygoing aura are pretty contagious. Bokuto is the kind of person that radiates life and energy. You’ll most likely start to adopt a few of his personality traits (confidence, speaking up for yourself, becoming more expressive or empathetic, etc.) 
  • He’s so keen on affection it’s crazy. He doesn’t mind keeping it low on the PDA (though he can’t resist throwing an arm around you or holding your hand in public), but in private, expect cuddling and touchiness. Whenever you two sleep together, he wraps an arm around your waist and snuggles against your back. He’ll press a few soft kisses on the back of your neck and murmur an “I love you” before he falls asleep. Then you’ll be lulled to sleep by his heartbeat and the soft, warm breaths he makes against the back of your neck.!You’ll likely be woken up by a flurry of kisses on your face more than once. He’s mature enough to leave you alone when you want, but he needs at least a little love daily. 
  • Usually date nights will be spent at either of you two’s houses playing video games or watching dumb movies/YouTube videos while eating take out. He’s very adventurous and would like to go out at least every week to do something cool locally (like attending a festival, going to local restaurants/cafes, landmarks or historical sites near you, and even volunteer work at animal shelters). 
  • He will come to you first as soon as he’s faced with any huge issue or decision. You are the number one person he trusts the most and your opinion really matters to him. He intently listens to your advice and takes it to heart. He will also do his best to give you advice when you need it as well. However, most of his advice is very idealistic and revolves around “following your heart”. 
  •  Something you’ll have to be good at is comfort. Bokuto’s bad moods are like an avalanche. One small thing can set him off, issuing a wave of depression on him. However, he’s very resilient and can bounce back after a little rant and some encouragement from you. To be honest, you don’t really have to be good at comfort (but it’s easier if you are), you can just stroke his ego a bit and he’ll get better. When the problem is something serious and not just a blocked ball or a bad grade, Bokuto gets very unnaturally silent and upset. In these moments, it’s just better to let him lay his head on your stomach and pet his hair until he’s ready to talk about it. 
  • It takes a lot to get him legitimately angry over something. Although he may get annoyed at some things, he has a really long fuse when it comes to legitimate anger. Though, He would not, under any circumstances, hurt you. 
  • Dating him comes with many perks, despite the few challenges you may face with his boisterous and unpredictable personality. He remembers most important dates (some may slip his mind though but he never forgets your birthday or anniversary), he’s a good listener, he’s not afraid to show or tell you how he’s feeling, he indulges in your interests and doesn’t judge you for them, he genuinely cares about you and your family and friends absolutely adore him. He’s always willing to lend them a hand or crack a few jokes with them. 
  • Humor is a major aspect of your relationship. If you want to date him, you have to know how to take a joke. He teases you a little bit, but becomes frozen once you start teasing him (especially if it’s really witty, he’s at loss for comebacks). Also you have to be versed on pop culture and recent memes, because he makes references a few times a day to get a cheap laugh from you. He WILL text you pictures of ugly animals and say “look it’s u”. To get back at him just spam his phone with the laughing emoji until it crashes.

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Dating Mike Zacharias Would Include...

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+ You being several years younger than him.
+ He was actually (and still is) really smooth and a big flirt when he first met you.
+ He’s the strong silent type.
+ PDA is done with no shame. Erwin always says to keep it to a minimum but he low key doesn’t care. He only said something because Levi did.
+ You don’t see him for most of the day because you both are busy but he sometimes goes to check up on you and see how you’re doing.
+ You both just make a really hot couple.
+ He likes to grab both sides of your face and give you a kiss on the forehead.
+ You do more of the talking and he usually sits back and listens.
+ He always beats your ass during sparring.
+ His cuddles are the best.
+ Reminding each other on a daily basis that you love each other.
+ “Hey, I have to tell you something.”
+ “What is it?”
+ “I love you.”
+ “…”
+ “…”
+ “Is that it?”
+ “Pretty much.”
+ “Oh, well I love you too.”

// Feels ahead. Read at your own risk. //
+ After Mike’s death you just weren’t the same person you were before.
+ Crying yourself to sleep many nights and waking up with absolutely no drive.
+ You blamed yourself for listening to him and going with the rest of the group instead of helping him. Maybe things would have been different.
+ A large part of you died when he did.

NSFW Under the cut.

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BIGBANG: how they kiss

boi if you knew how much Seungri has fucked me up like i actually cannot stop thinking about him


Seunghyun would be very push-and-pull, sometimes initiating something hot and heavy out of nowhere and other times just sort of going in for a few quick pecks and going back to whatever he was doing before. He would definitely have a playful side to him, stepping in front of you to stop you from vacuuming or something and not letting you continue until you kissed him- in these scenarios, he’s probably go all out and dip you down while he pressed a firm but loving kiss to your lips. But let’s go back to the hot and heavy thing- most of the time, it’d come out of the blue. You could simply be emerging from the bathroom after brushing your teeth and he’d be on you in two seconds, his hands on your waist as he kissed you passionately


Jiyong’s kisses would be very straightforward, by which I mean you would know how he felt in that moment very clearly. I don’t think he’s the type to like short pecks very much- his shortest kisses would still last at least a few seconds. We all know Jiyong is a softie, too, but he wouldn’t be huge on soft kisses unless his lips were resting on yours between more intense smooches. His kisses would be deeper and he’d angle his head to give them even more depth, his hands roaming your sides and down to your butt. I think he’d definitely be the type to leave a trail of kisses along your jawline and neck just as a daily routine sort of thing because he loves the expression on your face after he does it


Youngbae would really love kissing your forehead, okay, and letting his lips linger right over yours for a few tantalizing seconds before finally diving in and kissing you. In public, he’d be really into putting his arm around your shoulders and turning his head to kiss you. I think kisses with him would usually start off softer but would escalate to something much deeper and more passionate. He’d actually love it if you took control and initiated something- he’d be happy letting you do anything to him, seriously. I think Youngbae would probably tug on your lip a lot when he kissed you. It could be a simple, casual kiss, but he’d gently tug your lip before pulling away


Daesung’s kisses would almost always be sickeningly sweet. He’d sometimes kiss you when you were in the middle of a sentence, smiling into it as his hands found yours and held them tightly. He’s totally a forehead and nose kisser!! He would love how meaningful those kisses were and would probably prefer them, honestly. If you kissed his forehead, he’d melt. That’s not to say he wouldn’t tease you, though. Sometimes, he would move his face away when you moved in to kiss him, making you chase him around a bit before finally giving in and meeting your lips for a long, romantic, kiss.


Seungri would be all over the place. He’d love to tease you, stopping when his lips were just barely brushing against yours and opening his eyes to watch your reaction. Sometimes he would cover every inch of your face in sweet little pecks when you were trying to go to work or something, saying he needed to give all of you love because he’s a cheeky little fucker. Other times, he would just sort of trail off and lose his train of thought in the middle of a sentence because all of a sudden he saw you looking at him and it sunk in just how much he had fallen for you, so he’d pull you in for a messy, but passionate, kiss

Happy Fanfiction Writers’ Appreciation Day!!!

Even tho I’m probably late haha. And I think I got the name wrong. But meh. The thought’s there. This for all of you writers out there, be it if you’re popular or not.  You should be proud of what you do since you keep us, readers, entertained and satisfy or thirst for scenarios that might not happen in real life. You manage to make another beautiful and original piece each time you put your thoughts into words, and we are lucky enough that you post it so that we could read what you make. I hope you know that you are very much appreciated in this community and in the fandom you write about. 

I’ll be naming a few of the writers that I absolutely love and most of these people are people that i’m still working up the courage to befriend. I may or may not put messages depending whether or not I’m extremely shy to talk about you or if I want to spread my love for you haha. Also all of the writers I’m about to mention are bts writers sooo.

Here it goes:

@inktae aaAAA!! Mari, what do i tell you? Where do i start? you are like my idol here and I love you and all of your works. I have reread everything on your masterlist countless of times and I still manage to feel the same emotions I did when I first read your fics. I’ll be waiting until you would write again hehe. Idk if you’d ever read this but i really want to befriend you but I’m still too shy and try to actually talk to you.

@stuckinthekookiejar I may not have talked to you in a while but I want you to know i absolutely love you and I’m in love with all the angst fics you make. I do not regret talking to you and I’m really sorry for the lack of talking between us haha. As you know, I’m an awkward smol bean.

@underthekookiejar aaAA– QUINIE. I told you that you write really well!!! I’m so proud of you and tell me when we could start on that collab we planned haha. You are an amazing writer and I can’t wait to see more from you.

@perpetually-jungshook Goldilocks was… I absolutely love your fics and How to change a fuqboi was a ride I will never forget. I’m always completely speechless whenever I read what you make haha.






@jjkfire  one of the very first writers that I found here haha. You are an absolutely talented writer and I’ll be waiting for your semi-hiatus to end and I’ll quietly supporting you through it. 




@xforeverweareyoungx I LOVE YOUR TEXTS AND YOUR WORKS. I cried, I squealed and I became addicted to all of the fics you made haha. I love you and please know that you are highly appreciated.

@jeonjagiya Where do I begin? Transference. That series makes me thirst for Hoseok more than I should and oh god, I’m still waiting for the Working Man Bangtan fics. Once they’re made, I’ll probably be screeching haha. You are a very talented writer and I’m glad that you get noticed for your works since your works are too good to not be noticed.








@noona-la-la-la I’m going to die an early age due to all the beautiful and exciting fics you make. Like I think you were the first blog i followed that focused mainly on smut and I do not regret it at all hehe

@btssmutgalore Dee, all the fics you post are a whole new level of smut and I swear i catch myself breathless after finishing each work of yours. My face heats up more than I do normally whenever I read your works and ajsgduygf I just love you and what you do and I’m hoping that I could finally grow the courage to actually talk to you since you sound like a fun person.






@texting-bangtanbts KIM. PLEASE KNOW THAT I STILL LOVE YOU AND I MEANT EVERYTHING THAT I SAID TO YOU. Also your fics and fake texts are just mmmm– I’m still going to stalk your blog on a daily basis and I’ll remember to keep in touch haha.


@avveh Room for dessert got me choking and I love and hate you for that fic. Like jfc why? have? I? not? found? this? before? You make your readers thirstier instead of satisfying their thirst haha. I’ll be waiting ‘til you post again hehe. 


@ellieljade Holy shit have I mentioned that your smuts are legit the first bts smut I have ever read here and i have been thirsty ever since. I love your blog and I have never regretted going to the not-so-pure side bcus of you haha. 




@jiminie-chim-chim95 MOCHI!!!!! Your fics are da bomb. Your fake texts are rlly good and aaAAA I’m so proud of you even if we’re not that close yettt. I love you btw. Hahaha idk if you’ll ever see this but I cant wait to see more promising works from you hehe


and finally, 


“You’re Okay With Vlogging?” - Niall Horan Imagine


(y/h/s) = your home state

“Hey lovelies” you greeted the camera after having done your make up for an hour, “so today is a little different because I was doing adult stuff and couldn’t vlog too much, I decided to do a Q&A, and you guys sent me a whole bunch of really great questions.” 

The questions started out pretty normal, asking about yourself, if you had a boyfriend, how your cat, Jeffrey, has been, and just some personal things that everyone wanted to know and you felt comfortable enough answering.

“The next question that got a lot of a likes is, ‘what celebrity would you like to meet’” you said to the camera, reading the question off your laptop that was to the left of you, “this is really easy actually, I would really love to meet Niall Horan” you gushed, smiling widely. “He’s absolutely stunning, super funny and down to earth guy. Like I feel like I would just click with him and when we met we would instantly fall in love and have the prettiest little blue eyed babies” 

It took a second to recompose yourself and answer more questions, but all throughout the Q&A, you kept referring to Niall, he was stuck in your mind now.
When you posted to video on YouTube and Twitter, you of course tagged Niall. The title ended up being ‘BABIES WITH NIALL HORAN!?’ And on Twitter, you tagged him saying “hey @niallhoran let’s make a date” with a winky emoji, which you knew wouldn’t catch his attention, but hey it’s always worth a shot. 

Fans and friends had been sharing the video like crazy, sending to all members of One Direction even though they were no longer a band. They even went gifed it and sent it to him on every social media platform, hoping he would see it. Again, you knew it was a long shot, but a small little bubble of hope was still there that he would see it.

Your phone was getting blown up this morning, it was only 6 o’clock in the morning when you were getting calls that you instantly ignored the millions of texts and tweets after that. 

Wondering what was going on, and if there was a possibility that you were in danger, you actually checked your phone instead of going back to sleep.
“Oh my GOD” you groaned, annoyed, and scaring your cat that was sleeping right beside you, you unlocked your phone to see 300 @ replies that you had gotten in the last hour, every single one of them had Niall and you tagged, which made your heart race. You scrolled the the top as quickly as you good, seeing all of the replies and then finally, the tweet they were replying to, which said ‘I see you @YTN’, with a winky face at the end. Your mouth fell open, hand shaking, almost dropping your phone, you had no idea how to respond to this sort of thing, both on twitter and in real life. There’s was no way you were going back to sleep now, you were wide awake, wide eyed and shaking. 

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anonymous asked:

May I request a poly Roadrat where they have triplets? Two girls and a little boy, who Jamie likes to call his little ankle biter.

“Ada! Cel! Kai! You three off of the counter right now!”

Your hands were on your hips, eyes narrowed as you stared your three two-year olds down, their eyes round as they looked back at you guiltily. Never in your life could you believe there would be anyone who could usurp Jamison ‘Junkrat’ Fawkes as the troublemakers of your family but your three rugrats proved your assumptions wrong effortlessly. A part of you figured that the way the three of you worked had been somehow genetically passed down into your children; the three always having one another’s backs, getting into as much trouble as they got one another out of. But you couldn’t fault them for it, it soothed something in your heart to know that despite all that the three of you had been through, despite the fact that you all had lived with targets on your backs, trusting no one but each other (until Overwatch’s recall), that they would have someone to rely on. Each other. As endearing as you found it, they still managed to drive you up the wall…even if they were using their patented puppy dog faces.

Adelaide, Celyn and Kai Fawkes-Rutledge, born on a comfortably warm Tuesday, March 4th 2079. Adelaide had Jamison’s bright amber eyes while Celyn had Mako’s gray and Kai possessed your brown. Kai’s hair was damn near snow white when you had given birth but had darkened to Jamie’s straw blonde, Adelaide and Celyn’s hair black as night like Mako’s used to be. All three of them were now covered in freckles, the melanated spots claiming more and more surface area as the days went along. Their cheeks were still full and rounded, often stuffed with treats or sweets like they had been trying to attain from the kitchen counter. The three of them quickly scrambled down and off the chair, each of them possessing enough humility to have their heads dipped down guiltily.

“Now my three little monkeys”, you teased, crouching down so that you could see them face to face. Their eyes dipped down but you didn’t miss their soft giggles and smiles that tugged at their lips. Adelaide’s hands jumped up, covering her lips to hide her grin. “What have I said about climbing on things? You want to fall and bump your heads?”

For good measure you lightly tapped all three of them on the head with your closed fist, each of them giving an exaggerated ‘ouch’ before breaking into a fit of laughter.

“You’d break daddy’s and papa’s and mommy’s heart”, you sighed dramatically, placing your hand over your heart and falling back onto your kitchen floor. The three kids surged forward, all laughter and kisses and hugs and ‘oh no, we gotta fix mama’. Resisting the urge to giggle yourself, you threw your arm to the side, the back of your hand hitting the floor with a soft thwack. Celyn pulled your arm up only for it to fall back to the floor with a thunk, your eyes closed tight and tongue hanging from your mouth. That sent them into another fit of titters as they circled around you, playfully lifting your arm and poking at your cheek, Kai going as far to ‘carefully’ push your eyelid up.

“Welly welly well…what do we got here?”

One of your eyes peeked open, catching sight of Jamison, the man grinning, amber eyes glowing mirthfully. He was shirtless and his sleep shorts hung low on his hips, his hair somehow more mussed than normal. The three of you often played these dramatic little games with the kids, your triplets absolutely eating up and enjoying how playful and reactive you could be. The three of you reacted to one another effortlessly, so he began to play along, face morphing into one of faux concern.

“They’ve killed me”, you stated simply as he moved further into the kitchen, faking a pretend sob as he crouched down next to you. “Broke my heart right in two! Trying to climb up on the counter, scared me half to death! Boohoohoohoo!”

“Mama don’t cry! It’s okay!”

“You’re okay, you’re okay!”

“Sorry mama, we’re sorry!”

You took a dramatic breath in, winking at Jamison before sitting all the way up and opening both of your eyes.

“I’m alive again”, you say, throwing your arms wide and almost getting barreled over before Jamie caught you, sitting directly behind you. The kids pressed sloppy kisses to your cheeks and you and Jamie ruffled their hair.

“Papa we saved mama”, Celyn exclaimed looking over your shoulder and up, their name for Mako making you tilt up. He was still dressed in his pajamas, sweatpants and a large t-shirt with a Mickey Mouse face on it. He was maskless as he tended to be more after the birth of the kids, a playfully look in his eyes and a soft smile on his lips.

“Lil anklebiters killed her but brought her right back like Ang does yeah”, Junkrat teased playfully as Mako moved further into the kitchen, making it only a step in before Kai threw himself at Roadhog’s ankle and wrapping his arms tight around his thick, sweatpants covered calf. “You lot got magic, huh?”

“Nope for mama only!”

“Yep for mama!”

“Sorry daddy!”

Mako snorted and you fell into a fit of laughter as Jamison shot his kids a betrayed look, no real hurt behind his gaze only play.

“Well that ain’t fair”, Junkrat whined, huffing heavily, the arms wrapped around his waist crossing across your center.

“Neither is life”, you intoned with giggle and a shrug of your shoulders.

“She’s right Rat”, Mako answered as he began to open and close the cabinets, pulling various items out and setting them on the counter.

All the while, Kai held on, giggling as Mako made exaggerated movements for his son’s sake. Adelaide still sat curled up in your lap, playing with your hair while Celyn was standing to the side, sympathetically patting her father’s face with her hand as she tried to soothe his pouting. Warmth spread throughout your chest, cheeks glowing with happiness as you peered around at your family, happy and giggling and together. This was greater than any heist or treasure you three had stolen, better than any sight you had seen on your travels. 

Mako was still Roadhog, a force of destruction to be reckoned with, deadly and ruthless on the field when on missions. Jamison was still Junkrat, the crazed demolitions expert who could create bombs and explosives with a practiced expertise, chaotic and haphazard. But Mako was also Papa, the man who made breakfast almost daily and cuddled with the best of them and couldn’t say no to the teary puppy dog face he knew the kids were manipulating him with. Jamison was daddy, the best storyteller in the whole world, who created bath bombs that bubbled and glittered and filled the tub with swirling colorful suds, and gave the best ‘airplane’ rides. You all had found your niche, found your place. This was home and this was perfect.

“Pancakes”, Mako asked, but more or less indicated that he was already making them, more or less asking if anyone would like to help.


“I love pan-cakes!”

“I  wanna stir!”

“No no I wanna!”

“Me me me!”

“Papa lemme stir!”

You laughed as all three of the kids clambered off of you and towards Mako, the man already having three small bowls and spoons to separate their own batter and add-ins into. Leaning back into Jamie, still on the floor you gave a soft sigh, the kids climbing into their seats as Mako gave instructions on what to do and how to help.

“This…is the life.”

anonymous asked:

Bts reaction to you (gf) doesn't wear makeup on a daily, only when needed (some important event). I hope you understand me, i don't speak english very well. Sorry :S I love your blog <3 ~

Thanks So Much! Your English is great btw ^^ And I think I have a pretty good idea of what you’re trying to say (I’m so sorry If I mess it up) xD

BTS Reaction To You Not Wearing Makeup On a Daily Basis

“You look beautiful without makeup y/n. It really brings out your Natural face and I love that about you!” He would say as he cuddles with you

Originally posted by sughyun

He would call you beautiful at least once a day. But when you ask him if he’s getting tired of it, he would just say, “Tired? of calling you beautiful? Never. I could never Lie about such things.“ 

Originally posted by fyeahbangtaned

“It’s a first that I wear more makeup than my girlfriend!” He would giggle, then holding you close, “But, I think you look better like this” he kisses you on the cheek

Originally posted by eyehealyou

He personally wouldn’t care about how you looked, wearing makeup or not. But he’s more one to just appreciate your presence and that you’re there when he needs you or wants you

Originally posted by bangtannoonas

“I love you either way y/n! Just don’t change, okay?”

Originally posted by hugtae

He wouldn’t really notice if you wore makeup or not, He just assumed you did. When you told him you didn’t he would look at you in a bit of shock, not believing you at first until you physically showed him you own no makeup except for maybe a few lipstick shades here and there. “Well.. That just makes my y/n 100 times better!” He would say while hugging you tightly and kissing all over your face

Originally posted by iyeols

“Wow.. If you look this amazing without makeup, then I wonder how beautiful you’ll look with makeup! Wait- Err.. I didn’t mean it that way y/n! You’re very beautiful.. uhh..” *Flustered Maknae*

Originally posted by hugtae

Hope this is what you meant (Sorry if it isn’t!)

~Admin Luna

Tyler Seguin - YouTube life

Originally posted by stanleycup

Request: For the Tyler Seguin love can you do an imagine where you’re a YouTuber and your fans have been asking you to do a my boyfriend does my makeup video with Tyler. Can you use the line “we’re going out for dinner after this video so whatever make up shes left with for the evening” and he didnt tell you he was taking you out for dinner can it be really cute tho please, maybe he kisses you every time your eyes are closed or you kiss him or whatever just something really fluffy 💕

Being a YouTuber was a dream come true, but having Tyler Seguin as your boyfriend on top of being a YouTuber, was far better. Your fans had been requesting a ‘boyfriend does my makeup,’ video for a few months and Tyler, being the goofball he is, agreed to it immediately.
Positioning the camera so that your face and Tyler’s face could be seen, you sorted through the selection of makeup you would be using.
You pressed record on the camera, Tyler by your side.

“Hi everyone! I know this has been highly requested, so today I’m going to be doing a ‘my boyfriend does my makeup,’ video.” You smiled and laughed as Tyler nudged you to introduce him. “I’m sure Tyler needs no introduction, being the celebrity he is, but, here is my lovely boyfriend Tyler.”

Tyler waved to the camera, smiling like a child. “Hi!”

“Well, let’s get started!”

"Are you sure you’re ready for this babe? I mean, makeup isn’t my thing.” Tyler laughed as he started applying foundation to your face.

"I’m ready as I’ll ever be.” You watched as he grabbed for the mascara, opening it so he could apply it.
Tyler looked into the camera as he began using your mascara. “We’re going out for dinner after this video, so whatever makeup she has on here is what she’ll be left with.” He joked. “Nobody will be able to take their eyes off you.”

Tyler later moved onto blush and lipstick, refusing to let you look in the mirror.

“But Ty.” You whined. “I just want to see what it looks like!”

“Ah ah ah. That’ll ruin the surprise.”

A short few minutes later and your boyfriend claimed that he had 'painted a masterpiece.’

“Not even Van Gogh could do better, if I must say.” He flicked his imaginary long hair in sass, trying to act like a diva.

Grabbing the mirror, you gawked at your appearance. Mascara coated your eyelids, your lips, well let’s just say your mouth was covered with a little too much 'hot hot pink,’ lipstick, and your cheeks looked as if you had stayed out in the sun for longer than 'a little too much,’ time.

“You did this on purpose didn’t you.?” You laughed.

“Kind of.” He replied smirking. “I knew you would like it.”

“Well, there you have it. My boyfriend has done my makeup. Don’t forget to like if you enjoyed Tyler’s make up artistry, comment if you think this should be my new daily look, and subscribe for more Tyler!” You paused to look at your giddy boyfriend. “I’m going to go wash this monstrosity off my face and I’ll see you guys in the next video! Bye loves!”

You stopped recording the video as Tyler laughed at your face. “I’d stick to just playing hockey Ty.”

“Yeah, I’m gonna do that.”


Life tends to get extremely busy, and when I post starter calls, they end up getting buried and I feel horrible about it! So I’m bringing back a [ new ] permanent starter call! Basically, if you like this post — you are wanting my muse and I to : 

  • give you ramen on a daily basis. 
  • jump into your inbox. 
  • post random starters for you. 
  • send you memes or become the meme.
  • make graphics for you when the inspiration hits. 
  • IM you and give you more free ramen ( and some love ). 
  • and just let me love you in general? 

This will help me keep track of the people who want this nerd to come and bother them ♥!

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Eren, levi, and hange for the character thing!

Eren Jaeger:

How I feel about this character:

  • The more I have reread and rewatched the series thus far, the more I absolutely love Eren. He is honestly such a good protag. I have seen people salt over his flaws and impulsiveness but, imo, those flaws are what makes him one of the best and one of the most human protags I’ve ever witnessed in a series. I thank Yams on the daily for creating him. 

My unpopular opinion about this character:

  • He looks so god damn sexy with long hair and facial scruff. Like, god, He went from “Excuse me, sir.” to “Hi, yes, your daughter calls me daddy too”. Older, beardy hobo Eren is mmmmmnnhhhnnnnggffflksdjfgs;lkj. 10/10 would sit on his face. 

One thing I wish would happen/had happened with this character in canon:

  • So many things but, there is one thing in particular that I really want to see him do only because it has been mentioned a number of times in the series. I want to see him use the coordinate to summon the Wall Titans. Like, I want to witness this so bad because I think it would be such an incredible and terrifying scene. Ugghglkgdfjhg.  

Levi Ackerman:

How I feel about this character:

  • I love him with every fiber of my being. He is, hands down, one of the most well-rounded, amazing, fucked up, beautifully drawn, and amazingly written characters I have ever come across in my life. He is so wonderfully flawed and incredibly kind and I just love him so god damn much. There is not a single string of words that exists in any language known to man that would allow me to accurately express how much I love and adore Levi Ackerman. 

My unpopular opinion about this character:

  • I have quite a few, but I think the one I get the most shit over is that I believe him to be demi-heterosexual. 

One thing I wish would happen/had happened with this character in canon: 

  • This one will come off kind of dark but, I honestly want to see Levi cry. It could be happy or sad crying, I do not care. I just want to see this man express such extreme emotion at least once in canon. And before anyone says it; no. I’m not counting acwnr because they botched the fuck out of that spin-off in animation and he didn’t actually smile or cry in the manga for it.
  • BONUS: I want to see the undercut ponytail concept become canon so bad. SOOOOOO BAD, Y’ALL. The thirst is real.

Hanji Zoe:

How I feel about this character:

  • Fucking AMAZING. I love Hanji very much. She’s a character I have come to greatly enjoy seeing and I really want to know more about her too. 

My unpopular opinion about this character:

  • It’s not much of an opinion, per say but, since Isayama stated outright that Hanji is a character that is meant to be interpreted by the reader to be any gender they see fit; I perceive Hanji as female. 
  • BONUS: I pronounce her name with one syllable instead of two. Like Toe but with a Z instead of Zoey. Idk why. I know it’s wrong but, no matter how hard I try, my brain does not process her name as Zo-ee. 

One thing I wish would happen/had happened with this character in canon: 

  • Weird, but I want to see Levi knock her the fuck out for a bath lmao. Ever since I read this in smartpass, I have wanted to see Yams actually draw it.  

SEND ME A CHARACTER! No longer accepting! Thank you for all the asks <3

More Silvally! This time, I made him sit down and want food (probably from Gladion). My dog does that a lot, lol, so that’s where I got the idea. Hope you like it!

aaaaAAA OMG i love it!!! my dogs do the same thing and i swear they have that exact same face omg….,,,, 11/10 cute doggo best kid

also holy cOW i like really really love your style btw aaHHHH!


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