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I didn’t lose 225 pounds.
I lost one pound 225 times.

Weight loss is like life: your results will be dictated entirely on your daily habits. In other words, who you are is entirely based on what you do. Wars are won through winning individual battles. There will be small losses along the way: setbacks, mistakes, scale anomalies, plateaus, holidays, breakups and more. I experienced all of this and more.

What is important is the direction you persist in facing. All you really need to do is lose one pound a few times, right?

More Silvally! This time, I made him sit down and want food (probably from Gladion). My dog does that a lot, lol, so that’s where I got the idea. Hope you like it!

aaaaAAA OMG i love it!!! my dogs do the same thing and i swear they have that exact same face omg….,,,, 11/10 cute doggo best kid

also holy cOW i like really really love your style btw aaHHHH!


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anonymous asked:

This may end up quite long: I'm just wondering how you would feel about your art becoming a tattoo on someone. Like.. I really love your art and you in yourself have become a huge inspiration for me. I love your monstersona and ideally I would really like to have a tattoo of your monstersona, but I understand completely if you'd be hella uncomfortable with that. But I'd really love like something of yours to put on myself? You mean so much to me, in a non-creepy way??'re a reason (1/?)

to face the world on a daily basis? Because there’s hope out there. There is someone who can make your days a little brighter. I’d be more than willing to pay for your works of art, of course. I was just wondering what you thought of the idea, if you’d be comfortable with something like that. Especially with it’s permanancy on a complete stranger. Thank you for listening! It’s completely fine if you’re not ok with that.

Dude, I would be way more than happy to see my art inked onto you. I straight up get asks like these a lot and all I ask in return is a picture of the finished work. ;__; And also I’m super flattered and this made me cry