more like children's nightmare

anonymous asked:

If you and Meruem were to have a child, what would you name that small fella?

( They would have a smol army of fellas,

Kokoriko name idea from @pqkopee,

and I havent been able to name all the babies, so if any of you guys have a suggestion, please let me know! Sorry for the long post I got carried away ‘;;.;; )

jimsnightwatch  asked:

"Damm, This place is a lot bigger then i thought it'd be." Jim would say as he walked into the job. he had been late. and barely got inside the door before they locked at 12, Needless to say. he dosen't know ANYTHING about this new job.

Well, he was sure in for a surprise. The place was big, and empty, creepily so, there was some odd background noise, but it was impossible to tell what. The lights were off, the only light was coming from the big painted window out front, and I shone on the robots. There were three of them, standing there, motionless. They were supposed to entertain children, but it was more likely they gave them nightmares instead; they looked anything BUT child friendly.
When he came into the office, the phone rang, and a man picked up. He told the new guard everything he needed to know, including that the robots had the tendency to wander at night. He shouldn’t worry, though, should they see the guard, and he puts on the mask, they will wander right back out. Easy, right? And the man went on, saying that the nights should be easy, the guard should bring something to do so he doesn’t die of boredom, and he will call tomorrow to see how it went. And then the phone got disconnected, and he was all alone.