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I Would Trust Her With My Life

There are countless moments in Rogue One that made me want to weep from joy. But chief among them is the scene where Mon Mothma tells Bail that he will need to send someone he trusts to find Obi Wan and he responds, “I would trust her with my life.”

On my first viewing, I loved that line for the mere surface level reference to Princess Leia. My heart did a little jump with glee at the clear tie in to the opening of A New Hope and that was enough to make me supremely happy.

The second time I saw Rogue One, I liked it a little bit more. Because it wasn’t just a throw away reference to Leia. It was also expertly written. It didn’t come at you like a neon sign screaming “I’M GOING TO SEND MY DAUGHTER, PRINCESS LEIA. SHE’S A LEAD IN THE OT. SHE’S ONE OF THE MOST ICONIC CHARACTERS IN CINEMA HISTORY. I’M GOING TO SEND HER ON THIS MISSION. AND SHE’S GOING TO GET CAPTURED AND THAT IS THE INCITING PLOT POINT TO THE ENTIRE STAR WARS UNIVERSE.”

It was subtle. It was clear and obvious who he was talking about, but it was a short and succinct line that was delivered with a lovely and affectionate tone that didn’t manage to distract from the mission at hand.

Now I’ve watched Rogue One for the first time in the comfort of my own home, and upon reflection I’ve realized that that line is far more important and amazing than I had already given it credit for.

Bail’s line “I would trust her with my life,” is not just a wink to the audience about the arrival of Leia. It is a deliberate and genius tie in of the major theme of Rogue One into the Original Trilogy.

For so long, Star Wars has always been Luke’s story. And it still is in many ways. But Leia (and Han) have always been sort of…secondary protagonists. They are extremely important to the plot and hold their own story lines, but their contribution to the trilogy takes a back seat to Luke’s main story. In the end, Luke helps to redeem Vader and destroy the Empire and the story comes to a conclusion through his efforts while his friends help.

But Rogue One and the inclusion of the line “I would trust her with my life,” completely reframes the idea of who was responsible for the end of the Empire.

When we meet Galen Erso in Rogue One, he is a man who has submitted to the idea that he no longer has agency over his own life and actions. In an effort to save his family and himself from the wrath of the Empire he has done terrible things and completely destroyed his name – his life as it were. Jyn is his only hope for redemption. With his dying breath, Galen trusts her implicitly to see that the Death Star is destroyed. But in addition to wanting the Death Star destroyed, his motives are also partially selfish. He also trusts that in destroying the Death Star she will vindicate his entire life and existence. He trusts that she will not let him down in redeeming his name throughout the galaxy. He trusts that she will ensure that his life is not reduced to an Imperial peon, but that his life is remembered as the life of a galactic hero.

And he’s right.

It was interesting to me that the writers chose to frame Bail’s line about Leia in such a way when we as an audience know that he will die upon his return to Alderaan when Leia is captured. But, like Galen, Bail is not trusting his daughter with his literal health and well-being. He is trusting her with his life’s work. His life’s purpose. His legacy.

Bail Organa birthed the rebellion. He sat in the room with the two remaining Jedi of the fallen order when they decided upon their final plan to one day return peace to the galaxy. He raised the very powerful daughter of a Jedi to believe in democracy, justice, and compassion so that when the day came that she learned about her power, she would not let it corrupt her.

Like Galen, Bail trusted his daughter implicitly to ensure that his legacy lived on forever. He trusted that through her continued efforts, he would not be remembered as a traitor to the Empire, but as a galactic hero and a father of democracy.  He trusted her to fight for freedom and justice and win. He trusted her to lead with compassion. He trusted her not to fall to the dark side. He trusted her never to give up on a fight that he dedicated his entire life to – even if the fight would never truly be over.

And, like Galen Erso, he was right.  

Star Wars has always been about the desire of a son to redeem the sins of his father. And that is a beautiful theme.

But now, with the addition of Rogue One and one throwaway line from Bail Organa, it is just as much about the trust of a father in his daughter. And the desire of a daughter to carry on her father’s legacy so that he will not have lived a life in vain.

And that is beautiful too.

Wake Up Part 3

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A/n: This was originally the second half of part 2. I had to split it to make it less long and drug out. I hope you like it! 

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New Hotch Fanfic! Enjoy, lovelies! Reblog, love, share, comment. Whatever! I’m on Wattpad! dreamer9511❤️

And, this picture, again, because he’s hot. *Intimidation*

Reid and Emily had been taken hostage by a cult that they had gone to investigate after receiving a call from a fifteen year old girl about an older man having inappropriate relations with underage girls. We had set up a tent right outside of the gates, far enough out that we wouldn’t get hurt. This was getting out of hand, and we were losing leverage against them. They had already found out that one of them was an FBI agent, and Emily took the heat of it by telling them it was just her. They were in the middle of beating her for lying to them when Derek threw his headphones down and walked off.

I went to catch up with him. “Hey, she’s strong. She’ll get through this, okay?” I put my hand on his arm, and he jerked away. “How can you tell me that she’s gonna be okay, huh? How do you know that!” His response made me take a step back. I knew he was worried, but it still made tears prick at my eyes. I quickly blinked them away and turned my head from him. “Baby girl….I’m sorry…” he said, coming over and wrapping me in a hug. “It’s fine, Derek…really,” I told him, burying my head in his shoulder. I was glad to have him around, he was like an older, very protective, brother. “Derek. You’re squishing me,” I said, pulling back. He chuckled and let go of me. I turned to look at him, “We’ll get them back. We’ll get through this, okay?” He smiled and walked back to Hotch and Rossi.

Just then, the state Attorney General pulled up and I inwardly sighed. This can’t be good. He stalked over to where I was standing. “What in the hell is going on here?” He demanded, practically yelling in my face. “We received a call, and we’re taking care of it,” I said, calmly. I hated this kind of confrontation, it just about brought on an anxiety attack. Thankfully, I had never actually had one, but I had been on the verge a few times. “I can see that.” He yelled, walking over to where the equipment was set up. If he decided to mess with anything or make any rash decisions, we’d all be in for mess. “Sir, you can’t go over there, this is a federal investigation, and I’m under strict orders from my unit chief,” I said, practically bounding after him. “I don’t give a damn about your orders, little girl. Who the hell do you think you are?” He growled, backing me relentlessly into the corner of the tent. “I’m the Attorney General of this state, and I demand to know why I wasn’t told the FBI was bringing undercover agents into my jurisdiction!”

I really wanted to slap the dude now, but I probably looked like I was about to cry. See, one thing I hated about myself was that when I got really pissed off, I cried. Don’t ask me why. Now, I was silently praying that the tears that were threatening to surface would hold off for a while longer. Not only was I below this man in position, but I was also a woman. I continuously had to prove myself in situations like this. I also despise getting yelled at. I don’t care if you are angry with me, if you are pointing out my faults, reprimanding me, whatever, just do not yell at me. I heard a voice come from behind the General. “The only thing that you’re in a position to command is a lawyer.” I averted my eyes from the General to see Hotch coming to my rescue. “Who the hell are you?” the General questioned.

Oh dear Lord, here we go. He just questioned Hotch. “I’m Aaron Hotchner, Unit Chief. I’m the guy who’s gonna tell the Attorney General of the United States whether to charge you with obstructing a federal investigation or negligent homicide.” Oh. Well, then. He wasn’t even talking to me, and I felt my knees go weak, for more reasons than one. “And,” Hotch continued, “don’t you ever talk to my agent like that again, much less a lady. She is one of the best agents we have, and you are in no position to talk to her like that, do I make myself clear?” My heart melted. He had come to my rescue. “You can’t talk to me like that,” he countered. This guy just wasn’t getting the picture. Clearly, he had no idea who he was dealing with. Hotch got in his face, staring him down. “Get off my crime scene,” Hotch growled.

The scene that played out in front of me was nothing compared to the look Hotch was giving this guy. I almost felt bad for him, but, then again, he did yell at me, and called me ‘little girl’. The guy backed down after figuring out that Hotch wasn’t going to. He went and got into his car and drove off. Hotch came over to me, where I was still planted firmly into the ground. “Are you okay?” Hotch asked, putting his hand on my upper arm. I was zoned out, but broke from my reverie at his touch. “Yeah…I’m fine, Hotch.” My voice waivered, telling him otherwise. He raised an eyebrow at me. “Really, Hotch. I’m fine. I just-” “Don’t like getting yelled at,” he finished for me, “I know.”

I gave him a look of confusion. “How’d ya know?” I asked, not really thinking that he’d answer, and not particularly needing an answer, either. “Your body language,” he started, “When he raised his voice, your breathing increased, and you took small steps back. When he didn’t relent, you stared him straight in the face, hoping he would. Though you didn’t directly show it, you wanted to cry, but you didn’t want him to think of you as weak,” he stated, like it was the most boring conversation in the world. I blinked a couple of times. “Do you?” I asked quietly, looking at the ground. “Do I what?” He asked, stepping closer to me. “Think I’m weak…” I said, my voice trailing off, and I chanced glancing up at him. “Of course not. Why would I? You prove yourself every day on this team, and not once have you let us down. I have no reason to think you’re weak. You cry when you’re mad. Some people do. It’s just a natural reflex. I know you can handle yourself, I just don’t like people talking to you like that.” His voice was low and soft, as if he was afraid talking too loudly would break me. I smiled up at him, softly. “Thanks, Hotch,” I said, putting my hand on his arm. “Of course,” he said, and gave me one of his rare small smiles, as he walked back to Rossi. I took in a deep breath.

Now, it was time to help save Reid and Emily.

  • Clawhauser: Hi, Madame Assistant Mayor!
  • Bellwether: What do you want?
  • Clawhauser: Listen, I need to ask you something?
  • Bellwether: What?
  • Clawhauser: How do I know if a guy likes me as more than a friend?
  • Bellwether: If he is smart, handsome, strong, and good at heart you mean?
  • Clawhauser: Yeah!
  • Bellwether: Well, if it's YOU I guarantee he doesn't, unless he's also blind to how grotesque you are.
  • Clawhauser: You... think I'm ugly?
  • Bellwether: As ugly as they come.
  • Clawhauser: [fights back tears and runs away]
  • Bellwether: Heehee.
  • [Bogo appears]
  • Bogo: Ahem. Do you need something?
  • Bellwether: Not right now, Chief Bogo.
  • Bogo: Why is it that every time I see you with Clawhauser you're telling him insensitive lies and making him cry!?
  • Bellwether: Because he's a predator and predators are mean and deserve to get their feelings hurt now and then.
  • Bogo: First of all, that is INCREDIBLY prejudiced. Secondly, even if we assume the premise is fact, Clawhauser has done nothing. Why not pick on Lionheart instead.
  • Bellwether: Because that's different. Lionheart might... he might...
  • Bogo: He might... retaliate?
  • Bellwether: Right.
  • Bogo: Bully. Coward.
  • Bellwether: What about you? You're a huge bull picking on a tiny ewe.
  • Bogo: I'm not picking on you I'm trying to protect my... friend.
  • Bellwether: Well if you want you can go tell Clawhauser that you're in love with him.
  • Bogo: But I... I never said that.
  • Bellwether: You said I told Clawhauser an 'insensitive lie' and let's be honest here we both knew he was talking about you.
  • Bogo: I only heard you say he was ugly.
  • Bellwether: You don't think he is?
  • Bogo: No, I think he's irresistibly adorable.
  • Bellwether: I rest my case.
  • Bogo: Oh yeah, so what if I am? At least I have the common decency to not treat a precious little angel like complete and utter crap just to stroke my own racist ego!
  • Bellwether: At least I'm not going gaga for a PREDATOR.
  • [Later]
  • Bogo: Clawhauser?
  • Clawhauser: Yes, Chief?
  • Bogo: You are not ugly even a little bit at all period. Bellwether is just a big jerk.
  • Clawhauser: Really? So does that mean a smart, handsome, strong guy who's good at heart may indeed like me as more than a friend?
  • Bogo: It is... definitely... possible.
  • [Clawhauser glomps Bogo causing the latter's face to heat up]
  • Bogo: ...Definitely, definitely... possible...
Mileven Proposal Headcanons

Based on an emotional conversation last night with @promiseleven @raesberri and @supercomsandeggos

• Mike and El are definitely the couple that’s been so “married” the entire they’ve been together, so it gets to a point where they kind of forget they aren’t actually married
• “Meet my wife, El”
“Mike we aren’t married”
“Wait what?!”
• The boys all have a bet going on when Mike’s actually going to propose
• The idea never even hits Mike because to him, he and El already act like such a married couple he ends up forgetting to actually propose
• One night he has a dream and he and El are married in it and he wakes up in a cold sweat like “Wait how come I haven’t proposed yet?”
• Before he knows what he’s doing he’s jumping out bed and pulling on clothes and rushing to a jewelry store
• He ends up going to like 17 stores because he has this obsession with finding the “perfect” ring
• He ends up calling Nancy for advice
• “Hey Nance I’m just wondering what kind of engagement rings are in style right now SHUT UP IM NOT PROPOSING WHAT WOULD MAKE YOU THINK THAT”
• Once he buys the ring he starts obsessing over having the perfect moment
• El starts to notice somethings up with him, whenever she’s around he suddenly gets super blushy and sweaty
• She asks the boys about it and they immediately think that he’s gonna propose
• Then El is shocked because she too is now thinking “Wait why hasn’t he proposed yet?”
• She starts dropping little hints about marriage into everything
• Mike ends up getting super flirty and teasing like Jim on The Office honestly
• Mike totally does that thing where he gets down on one knee just to reveal he’s teasing and just tying his shoe
• Mike still has been carrying the ring around with him for weeks, just waiting for the absolute perfect, romantic moment to ask her
• Then one day they’re just sitting down talking like an ordinary day when Mike starts staring at El and has a whole monologue in his head about how beautiful she is
• He gets hit with this RUSH of affection and love for her and before he knows what he’s doing he pulls out the small box he’s been carrying with him everywhere for so long
• He starts babbling on about how much he loves her and how lucky he is meanwhile El is just staring at the box he has while holding her breath
• Then he opens the box and reveals the ring
• When he asks her he uses that same awkward, shy voice he used when asking her to the Snow Ball
• But also he’s 100% the kind of guy to cry while proposing okay
• And El absolutely starts crying when he does
• When he finally stops beating around the bush and asks her, she never even says yes. She just pulls him into a kiss and says she loves him
• She doesn’t need to say yes, they both always knew they would be together forever
• Telling their parents would be SOMETHING
• They call Karen and Ted and Karen immediately starts talking about how to plan the wedding and color schemes and all that stuff
• Ted just says, “Wait you aren’t already married? Oh wait no that was Nancy’s wedding we went to last year”
• They go to dinner with Joyce and Hopper to tell them and listen Joyce is gonna cry more than both of them combined
• Also for a second imagine like 18 year old Mike calling Hopper to ask how to fix a leaky pipe or something and it just goes:
“Hi Chief, could I ask you something?”
“Yes I was expecting this call. Of course you have my permission, did you buy a ring yet?”
• The boys are so happy when they find out
• Lucas won the bet, he knew it would take Mike forever to propose, even if he’s been in love with El since they were kids
• (In the end they’re all co-best men)


“I am the girl who loves my island. I’m the girl who loves the sea. It calls me. I am the daughter of the village chief. We are descended from voyagers. Who found their way across the world. They call me. I’ve delivered us to where we are. I have journeyed farther. I am everything I’ve learned and more. Still it calls me. And the call isn’t out there at all. It’s inside me. It’s like the tide, always falling and rising. I will carry you here in my heart. You’ll remind me. That come what may, I know the way. I am Moana!” - Moana (2016)

Week 19 - Modern AU

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So this is totally @georgialeflayart fault because she drew this amazing fanart of what it would be like when Apollo met Edgeworth. And well, I just had to write their first meeting!

So enjoy, and sorry for the length: I’m on mobile.

To say Apollo was nervous about meeting the chief prosecutor was an understatement. The young attorney was on the verge of cardiac arrest (in his mind at least) as he stood rigidly by his boss’ side in the elevator. Each floor they went up caused the small space to emit a high, irritating, beep and Apollo was starting to fidget in anticipation.

“Apollo, you okay?” His boss, Phoenix, asked as he shot Apollo a concerned look.

“I’m fine,” Apollo said, “Just a little nervous is all.”

“Nervous? What about?”

“It’s nothing, really.”

“Is this about meeting Edgeworth?” Apollo looked away giving Phoenix all the confirmation he needed.

“Ah. Well you have nothing to be worried about. Granted he is the chief prosecutor and being on good terms with him helps you out in the long run. And I know he has a reputation,” Phoenix said, “But underneath all that is a loyal, kind, hard working man who is actually pretty pleasant to be around.”

“Great. That didn’t help at all,” Apollo thought to himself as the elevator stopped at their desired floor.

“Well, let’s go,” Phoenix said with a warm smile. Apollo attempted to return the gesture but found himself giving a nervous grin instead. Phoenix walked with Apollo to the chief prosecutor’s office and knocked on the door. At the deep reply of “Enter,” Apollo took a deep breath to try and steady himself.

Phoenix opened the door with comfortable ease and Apollo followed behind him as he entered the large office. It was more colorful than Apollo had been expecting, and much warmer. It was full of rich furnishings but not overly so. Apollo eyed the two couches and quickly allowed his gaze to scan over the large mounted bookshelves.

“Apollo,” Phoenix said causing the shorter man to jump slightly and focus on him, “This is Chief Prosecutor Miles Edgeworth.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you at last, Mr. Justice,” the deep voice from before said, “I’ve heard nothing but remarkable things about you.”

Edgeworth stretched a hand out in greeting as he spoke and Apollo shook it. With another breath, he looked up and locked gazes with Edgeworth. Apollo’s eyes widened and his mouth fell open as he stared at Edgeworth.

He had seen some pictures of the prosecutor, but he had never imagined that he would be so stunning and attractive. His hair looked silky, his skin was fair and flawless, and his hand was soft. Apollo had expected to see harsh eyes but was pleasantly surprised by the warmth reflected in Edgeworth’s irises.

“…Mr. Justice?” Miles asked causing Apollo to snap back to attention, a bright blush forming on his face. He let go of Miles’ hand and apologized quickly.

Miles offered what Apollo could only call a smile before motioning for the two attorneys to sit. The three men spoke for a little while and Apollo couldn’t stop himself from stealing glances of the chief prosecutor. There was a faint blush permanently fixed on his face and his heart beat rapidly in his chest.

It was as Miles asked, “Now Wright, was this visit business or pleasure?” that Apollo knew he was screwed.

“That voice with that body, saying things like that, should be banned,” Apollo thought as he quickly tried to focus more on what Edgeworth was saying and less on how Miles’ legs looked incredibly well defined in his wine colored pants.

Who am I? I am a girl who loves my island the girl who loves the sea.. it calls me…im the daughter of the village chief… we are descended of voyagers who found their way across the world… they call mei delivered us to where we arei have journeyed fartheri am everything I’ve learned and moreSTILL IT CALLS ME… AND THE CALL ISNT OUT THERE AT ALL ITS INSIDE ME… ITS LIKE THE TIDE ALWAYS FALLING AND RISING… I WILL CARRY YOU HERE IN MY HEART YOU’LL REMIND ME… THAT COME WHAT MAY I KNOW THE WAY… I AM MOANA

My mother pointed something out to me about Bella’s zombie stage in New Moon, and I can’t help but agree with her. Especially how the movie shows it with the seasons passing but also with the book version, Charlie and Renee leaving Bella to just close herself off from everyone, forget to eat, suffer night terrors, etc. is half-assed parenting at best. Involved parents would push counseling, refusal to let even small periods of isolation occur, and in this day and age, Bella would definitely be given medication. (Whether it actually helped probably wouldn’t matter since her issue isn’t chemical imbalances that need fixing with anti-depressants.) I know Bella pitched a fit when her parents tried to take her out of Forks, but that’s when they should act like parents and MAKE her go instead of deciding the outburst isn’t worth the difficulties. You don’t let the teenager who’s been catatonic for a week call the shots! Charlie giving up on rushing into Bella’s room when she screams at night just because it keeps happening? That’s not how it works when babies cry so why  resign yourself to hearing your daughter scream in agony every night without checking on her?! The narrative didn’t even need her to be in Forks for the entire fall semester – going back to Forks in January could’ve been an agreed upon part of her therapy; sort of a reset for the past year. It doesn’t sound like they exhausted any options on snapping Bella out of it, but just let her be sad because it was easy for THEM.

Charlie: Oh it breaks my heart to see Bella so sad, but what can I do besides stand by and watch? I’m only her father. Maybe it’s just a teenage girl thing that I can’t understand so I’ll just let her work things out on her own. If she starts acting out or stealing my beers then I can do something – but only because I’m the chief of police. It’s not like pushing her into seeing her friends and take up hobbies is what will actually start her healing process in this story, is it?

I swear. Bella’s parents act more like her roommates who decide how involved they want to be in her latest drama instead of like actual parents. 

This is another reason I feel like the whole thing would have worked better in college.  Because in order for this story to work, the parents have to be bizarrely uninvolved and hand-off. And I sort of get it with Renee, you can interpret her as a horrible parent (although I personally didn’t) but Charlie is written sympathetically, we’re supposed to think he’s a good dad, and yet … they handled this whole thing terribly.

You’re left wondering if Charlie and Renee’s reaction is character-driven or plot-driven, and I tend to think it’s plot-driven. Charlie put chains on her tires, Charlie keeps all her school pictures, Charlie’s worried about her having a boyfriend… he’s not a terrible father. I guess we’re just supposed to think he’s so ~clueless and ~awkward he didn’t know what to do, but …  

Most Underrated TPTB quotes - Callie & Arizona |

Krista Vernoff, Writer, Holidaze| Grey’s Anatomy 06x10|

Sara Ramirez singing Silent Night a capella while Chandra Wilson acts her ass off at the dinner table. Moments like that, gifts like that…

They make me love my job even more.  In my lifetime, I have never seen a more powerful performer than Sara Ramirez when she sings live. I hope someday you get to see her, but until then, this was a little taste.  It was Shonda’s stroke of genius – her little Christmas gift to me, I like to think, although really, she probably intended it as a gift to all of you. Still, I am grateful.”

… we’re not barking about the bad, we’re chanting the beauty so let’s talk about the Chief/Arizona/Owen Christmas jam! I have to admit, I have never loved dailies more, ever. I must have watched them sing that song for 20 minutes straight.  Those dailies were truly a gift during my flu-ridden misery. They lifted my whole heart up and made it feel all floaty and giddy for hours. I hope the scene did the same for you.

… and Arizona and Derek and Mark paying their own hard-earned money to save the life of a very sick little boy. It made my heart happy, that story.

…That’s the feeling I hope this episode left you with. That miracles are possible…That a simple song can lift your spirits…. That speaking your truth, or opening your checkbook, or offering a simple apology or making an attempt to understand another’s point of view can turn your whole day or your whole year around.“