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Prompt: jealous Emma? I know we saw a little of it with Tink, but I'd love a fic where her jealousy is a little more blatant. Thanks!!

For at least two weeks, Emma sternly tells herself that she is definitely not jealous. There’s no reason to be. There is enough going on in their lives (inexplicable winter, Regina blaming her for ruining her happiness, whatever she might have brought back from the past, learning to navigate a relationship with a three-hundred-year-old pirate, babysitting her little brother, and finding a store, any store, open past eight PM when she’s still adjusting back from the round-the-clock life of Manhattan) without resenting the presence of the other vagabond who’s blown back into town on the North Wind: one Will Scarlet, formerly of the Merry Men and Robin Hood’s acquaintance, who (apparently) literally fell down the rabbit hole and has just now made it back. And, it turns out, of Killian’s.

By the way Will and Killian stop and stare at each other upon accidentally meeting in Granny’s, then veer in the opposite direction, ignoring each other as hard as they possibly can, Emma knows there’s some sort of story there. Her curiosity is piqued due to the fact of Killian steadfastly changing the subject whenever she brings it up. Finally, it’s getting to the point where he’s clearly smarting over the fact of Will Scarlet’s presence in town even when he’s supposed to be paying attention to her, and her patience runs out. “Seriously? Can you quit brooding and get with the program? Either tell me what happened with Will, or you’re sleeping on the couch tonight.”

Killian stares at her, utterly baffled, until understanding dawns on his face. “What the… love, are you seriously jealous of Will bloody Scarlet?”

“No,” Emma snaps. “Besides, even if I was, you were jealous of your past self, so I think I’m allowed.”

Killian looks very much as if he can’t decide whether to laugh or roll his eyes. “We knew each other, back in our land, before the curse. He spent some time on my ship while he was running from the Queen, who had a price on his head as she did for the rest of Robin’s men. We drank together and made a few terrible decisions, and I betrayed him like I did everyone else. Evidently he hasn’t forgiven me for it.”


“Aye.” Killian shrugs. “I was debating whether or not to pop by one night and kill him, because he knows a few too many of my dark secrets for me to feel entirely comfortable with.”

Emma smirks at him. “So apparently the blackmail potential cuts two ways, huh? Funny, though. I would think you two would have gotten along splendidly.”

“Why’s that, love?”

“The snark, mostly. And the affinity for leather. And, the, uh, vocabulary. Mainly that.”

“Maybe we were too much alike for our own good.” Killian shrugs again. “Well, I suppose that even though I am bedding the sheriff, murder would be viewed rather dimly among all you damned hero types, so I shall nobly refrain. If another rabbit hole comes along, though, I can’t promise I won’t stuff the bastard down it.”

Emma rolls her eyes. “You really know how to make friends, don’t you?”

“Aye, and enemies. Generally the latter.”

“So is there any chance that Will’s going to drop by and kill you?”

"He’s welcome to try.” Killian cracks his knuckles, which is a feat with one hand. “I’d be pleased to set a few old scores to rights.”

“I thought you gave up vengeance,” she needles.

“Please? Just once? It’ll be good for him, I promise.”

Emma rolls her eyes even harder.

She believes the word (or words) for this situation would be bloody hell.