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This time zone difference has me so confused lol but I guess that’s the good thing because then he can celebrate it again “tomorrow” with us fans on the other side of the world right? ^^ Anyways Happy Birthday to the world’s cutest, fluffiest, and kindest rapper £2 Love you to the moon & back 😘 😘  Please stay healthy & always be happy!! Let’s celebrate again next year!! 

You’re the light that makes my darkness disappear // WYLMITE by the Jonas Brothers - S.D (8/14/13)

LES MIS MODERN AU — broship aesthetics: courfeyrac & enjolras

squished cheeks and constant cuddling, coordinating rallies, shredding dumb newspaper articles, whipped cream on waffles, huffs of exasperation, lying across laps, lemon sorbet, tagging along on family holidays, commandeering bike rides by hopping on the handlebars, cheesy pop songs, getting dragged on detours and errands and adventures, chuckling at each other, fondly shaking your head. (requested by @eirenical

Coups: a grandpa. just wants his family to be together. hosts family dinner every thursday night. 

Jihan: moved to a suburban neighbourhood in Canada. posts pictures of their happy marriage on facebook. they go to the bahamas every year. 

Meanie: look at how happy they are. wonwoo tried to fake his death just so he wouldn’t have to go to this. parents of vernon and woozi. too young to have kids imo. 

Woozi: meanie’s eldest child. meanie’s better child. good at everything. how does he do it

Vernon: meanie’s youngest child.  “cool kid”, “why can’t you be more like your brother?” just trying his best

Seungkwan: vernon’s bf (you all saw this one coming). mingyu insists he joins the family picture because he’s practically family. meanie love him more than they love vernon.

Dino: coup’s youngest child, the one that takes care of him. just graduated. sick of washing all of the dishes from family night. honestly an angel

Jun: the uncle you rarely see but gives you $50 everytime you see them. no one knows what he does. eats ramen everyday. 

Hoshi: aspiring model. insisted that he poses like that. said that if they don’t let him, they’ll never hear from him again. very dramatic

The8: has a very successful fashion line. jeonghan is salty. asked the photographer if they wanted an autograph.

DK: the lonely neighbour that sings too loud. don’t know how many times dino knocked on his door saying coups has to sleep. almost burned the house down while microwaving ready-to-serve mac and cheese. no one knows how he snuck into the picture

a birthday gift for our dear boy!! watch as I trip over this messy ass second sketch and how many characters more than usual it has

Fury Road

Inspired by by this AWESOME AU comic and written for @sketchydean‘s birthday! Y’all should send some birthday wishes her way.

Sam knew something was really wrong when Dean didn’t even bat an eye at the car Castiel had offered them. Well, Not-Castiel, anyway. Between the dark coat, the bee crushing and, what Sam was pretty sure was eyeliner, it was clear this alternate version of their beloved angel held few of the beloved characteristics they had grown accustomed to. 

But the car. It was everything his brother usually geeked out about, old fashioned and hand improved, it looked like it was pulled straight out of a Mad Max movie. The 1965 Mustang, rust and dirt obscuring its original paint job, came with a tricked out engine, spiked bumpers, and the pattern of wings burned onto the doors. The perfect thing for getting around in this post apocalyptic universe. 

Of course, with everything else that had happened, Sam didn’t expect the car to make it all better, but at the very least Dean could have smiled. Instead, he glared pointedly at one of the tires. Not-Castiel stared them down with the same sort of intensity that Castiel used to, though it lacked the curiosity, or even affection, that their Castiel’s gaze held. Had held, Sam reminded himself, jaw straining as he tried to push back the memory of Dean collapsed at Castiel’s side, trying to coax the angel awake. 

“Thank you for the car,” Sam said awkwardly, balking under the steely glare, which only deepened as Sam spoke.

“It is not yours yet,” Not-Castiel replied, his voice hoarser and, if it was possible, deeper, than his counterpart’s. Dean’s shoulders tensed. Not-Castiel continued, “I need your help on a mission.”

“I thought you called us pitiful soldiers,” Dean snapped, a surprising amount of vitriol in his voice as he continued to stare vacantly at the tire.

“Your hesitation to end me, even after I instigated a fight, is indicative of weakness,” Not-Castiel refocused his gaze on Dean, “Such sentimentality will beget an early end.” 

“Maybe that wouldn’t have been such a bad thing,” Dean snarled, turning on his heel abruptly, “Wouldn’t have to put up with your crappy knock-off shit.” 

In the blink of an eye (or at least that’s what it felt like to Sam) Not-Castiel was at Dean’s side, dark coat flapping as he slammed Dean against the side of the car, forearm pressing into Dean’s windpipe. “The fact is,” Not-Castiel snarled, sending shivers down Sam’s spine, “The version of me from your universe is dead. Therefore, I am the superior being and you will show me some respect.”

Dean locked eye contact with Not-Castiel and for a silent, heated moment they glared into each other. Then Dean sagged, looking away. “Fine,” he muttered, again staring at the tire of the car.

“Good,” Not-Castiel withdrew his arm, “Now get in the car.”

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@konzendoji #literally how is this done#ardyn did the same shit and he fucked himself over bc of it?#so how is it different when the ORACLE is healing starscourge afflictions#i need answers square enix#I NEED ANSWERS ANYONE#HOW DOES THIS WORK#W H Y DOES IT WORK

The origin of Ardyn’s magic is unclear, whether he was born with it or gifted. Since a gift is never once mentioned on this but is in matters of the Oracle and the Crystal, I assume he was born with it. (But this is certainly debatable, especially since Ardyn was wiped out from history records. He could’ve been a prototype or something for the Oracle’s magic.) But his magic worked differently where he took the Starscourge into himself.

Meanwhile, the Oracle’s magic was gifted by Bahamut, along with his trident, and gives her the ability to purge Starscourge on a small scale. So rather than taking it into herself as with Ardyn, she eliminates it entirely.

((But I’m inclined to believe Ardyn was born with his magic cause the Oracle was gifted BEFORE the Crystal!))

As for how Ardyn is still alive like this… My personal theory based off the info we have, is that within the Crystal live the spirits of the passed Lucian royalty, and Ardyn isn’t able to join them because of how tainted his soul is. Noct has to kill him twice, first in body and then again within the Crystal before he revives again. It’s by killing him within the Crystal that his soul is fully destroyed as well, and he stops getting pushed back into Eos and rejected by the lifestream (lol)

And then with him gone at last, no longer able to keep tainting the planet, the Crystal releases all of the energy it has saved up in order to purge the world completely of the scourge, like a huge burst of Oracle magic.

…Anyways, there was no way Ardyn was ever supposed to be the King of Light like he claims, cause the Crystal didn’t have enough magic to purge Eos without deaths of Lucian royalty to power it. …Which has nothing to do with the original question, really, but honestly, Ardyn was just a glory hound who felt jilted he didn’t get to be a legend and I really had to get that off my chest and it’s at least related XD

  • [After another failed plot]
  • Tiger Claw: [under his breath] I bet Yoshi could’ve done it.
  • Shredder: [venomously] What... was that... you said?
  • Tiger Claw: Nothing. I’m just saying-
  • Shredder: [Throws a vase at him] STOP CRITICIZING ME! That’s all my father ever did was criticise me! It was always 'Yoshi' this or 'Yoshi' that or 'Saki, why can’t you be more like your brother YOSHI?!?!' [Throws a shuriken at a picture of Hamato Yoshi on the wall]

UNSPKN part 22

Where atmosphere loosens up a bit.

Set after the events of “Flowey Is Not A Good Life Coach” fanfiction, comic will focus on beloved skelebros and their great need of psychotherapy after all that happened.

Also it’s not a spoiler, it’s just my version of (another) epilogue. Heh.

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headcannon for being the youngest and most clumsy Winchester and always getting scolded by john

Originally posted by negandarylsatisfaction

- You always try your best to be a good hunter, like your dad wants you to be, but it’s not easy when you’re clumsy. 

- You’re young and still growing, the most inexperienced and don’t have a lot of body control.

- You try to keep up with your brothers up they’re older, taller, stronger, leaner and more flexible, and your legs are just too short.

- Your dad being beyond tired with you. He sighs, groans, he rolls his eyes, huffs and puffs. 

- He compares you to your brothers and you can’t help but to feel like you’re a hopeless case.

- “Y/N, you can’t do the most simple things. How hard can it be?”

- “Y/N, you had one job. One thing you needed to do.”

- You try to reason with him, explaining yourself. But he never listens, and interrupts you.

- “Why can’t you be more like your brothers?”

-  Your brothers protecting you because they think John is being unfair. 

- “Hold on, Dad!”

- “Dad, calm down.”

- You try to keep it from getting to you, but it does.

- Sam and Dean comforting you when you’re sad afterwards.

- Them helping you train to become a better hunter to prove John wrong. Because you can do better. Because you will show him that he’s wrong.

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Klonnie - their baby won't stop crying and the whole squad don't know what to do? ( I'm just craving baby Klonnie 🙂)

She has read somewhere that in the first few weeks you are responding solely to their physical needs.  The emotional comes later as they learn to navigate the world around them but in the beginning it is food, sleep, and a dry bum.

She thinks she can manage to satisfy those needs.

She thinks wrong.

One thing she quickly learns about their son is that he does not want to be put down.  She tries if only for a quick moment so she can eat or heaven forbid shower.   Henry responds by opening his mouth and letting out an ungodly wail that shouldn’t be possible for someone with lungs so small.  It stops the moment he is pressed to her skin so she puts off whatever task that had been on her mind.

When Kol comments that she has looked better, she angrily thrusts the baby at him.  It might not be his mother’s arms  that Henry rests in but he seems content enough for her to wash away a few days’ worth of funk.  She learns a valuable lessons while she hums under the hot water.  Henry doesn’t crave her as much as he craves any contact.

So it becomes a game of pass the baby.

Henry makes his way around the compound, passed from mother to father to uncle to aunt before making his way to his mother again.  It is a pretty good system and it allows Bonnie to form some sort of routine (all the books spoke of routine) as well as get some down time.  One afternoon she even finds herself curled up with Klaus in their bed while Henry is rocked dutifully by Elijah.

It works — until it doesn’t.

One night Bonnie bolts up in bed, instinct already pushing her to reach for Henry before she even realizes his crying is what woke her.  Beside her Klaus opens one eye and mutters something about his hungry son before drifting back to sleep (some days she wonders if he is part lion instead of part wolf — he is infinitely more lazy than she ever imagined him to be).  She thinks he is right and sets about feeding Henry.  Only he won’t latch.  Instead he balls up his fists and howls (definitely part wolf).

Klaus wakes and takes Henry from her.  If he isn’t hungry one of his other basic needs must be met.  He somehow manages to change a diaper, no easy feet given how Henry squirms.  Bonnie pulls herself out of bed and tries a few things that have seen success in the past: rocking, bouncing, this strange move that looks more like interpretative dance than anything (Klaus eyes her with a raised brow on that one).  She gives up when Henry continues to cry and tags out.

His father tries to tell him a story as he walks the length of their room.  Bonnie finds Klaus’ voice soothing but apparently Henry is immune to such things.  He shows no signs of slowing down.

Kol is the first to appear, coming to stand in their doorway with a scowl on his face.  “How much longer are we to be subjected to this?”

Bonnie throws him a look.  “You are free to sleep elsewhere.”

“Have you tried stuffing his mouth with your —”

Klaus comes to stand in front of Kol with Henry’s raging body held close to his chest.  “If you value your life, you will not finish that sentence.”

Kol eyes his nephew.  “Perhaps a gag then?”

“Get the hell out,” Bonnie says as she comes to stand next to Klaus.  It is automatic for her hand to come out to brush against Henry’s back.  She can feel all his muscles straining.  Her heart aches for her son.  

Kol does as she asks, muttering under his breath as he goes.

“Give him back,” Bonnie says, her arms open to receive her son.  He pushes against her, arching his back as he screams.  “Maybe a walk…” She leaves the room before Klaus can point out he has been walking for the past ten minutes. She moves past of the rest of the bedrooms quickly, feeling like she has a live bomb in her arms.  She descends the stairs into the courtyard, not even thinking of the acoustics of the Mikaelson home.  

If anyone had been still asleep — they aren’t anymore.

Rebekah appears next, moving to drape herself over the railing so she can look down at mother and son.  “Poor babe,” she muses.  “He probably just realized he has a mutt for a father.”

“Rebekah,” Bonnie chides as she bounces Henry once more.  Not helping.  So not helping.   

“My apologies,” she says.  “I have been told I am rather vicious when I am woken from a dead sleep.”

“I am sorry.”  Guilt hits Bonnie.  Not so much because she has woken up the household but because she has no idea what to do to help her son.  She should know right?  She is his mother.

Rebekah waves the apology off.  “I knew what I signed up for.  Does he have gas?”

Bonnie has already tried patting him on his back but she is desperate at this point.  She tries again.  Henry is clearly not pleased by the actions.  If anything he manages to up the volume.  He sounds livid now.  “Oh baby…”

Klaus is by her side within a blink.  He has Henry’s favorite blanket (or at least they presume it is his favorite).  Together they wrap Henry up with it.  Bonnie takes one look at him swaddled and makes a face.  “He looks like an angry burrito.”

Klaus gives her a look (he must be questioning her sanity; hell she is questioning her sanity).

Freya comes next.  She seems more alert and Bonnie remembers she is a night owl.  She passes her grumpy sister and descends the stairs.  She has a sympathetic look on her face as she comes to stand next to the new parents.  Her fingers smooth along Henry’s cheek. “Perhaps a spell?  Something small to send him off to sleep.”

Bonnie is horrified at the thought.  Though she knows Freya means well, she can’t help but clutch Henry to her.  “I want him to always be in control of himself,” she says firmly.  She knows what it is like to have your mind clouded by magic.  She will not do to that to him even if he won’t ever remember.

Freya bows her head in deference to Bonnie’s wishes.  

When Elijah finally joins then, Henry has been crying for nearly an hour.  Bonnie feels drained by it all, close to tears herself.  She looks down at her son, the guilt and desperation mixing together with disastrous results.  Her gaze falls on  Klaus.  “Why won’t he stop?  I should be able to help him.  I can’t help him.  I am a complete failure as a mother.”

Klaus frowns and looks to Elijah.  His brother nods his head (are they communicating telepathically?) and then steps forward.  “Bonnie, I will take my nephew.”

Bonnie is near panic now and has to be coaxed to hand Henry over.  Elijah carefully takes the baby and she slumps forward.  Klaus is there to catch her, his arms coming around her.  Her head lands on his chest and she tangles a hand in the shirt he has worn to bed.  

“Bonnie, love, you are far from a failure,” Klaus tells her quietly.  It takes a moment for his voice to break through the sound of Henry’s wailing.  “You are an amazing creature.  Strong, fierce and determined.  He is a baby and sometimes he will cry until you think he will run out of air.  He won’t I assure you and just because he does it doesn’t make you a bad mother.  You are learning.  We are learning.”

She sighs, closing her eyes.

Henry lets out an abrupt shortened cry and then stops all together.  Bonnie raises her head to look at Klaus.  Together they glance over at Elijah to find him covered in every ounce of what Henry has eaten in the past few hours.  The older Original stands there, looking a bit shell shocked.  

Bonnie’s mouth falls open a little and then she steps forward. “Uh…”

Elijah tries to maintain a shred of decorum (is it…yep, it is in his hair) as he hold Henry out.  “It would appear all is fine now.”

Bonnie brings Henry to her and notes the way he snuggles into the crook of he neck.  She breathes a sigh of relief.  “Yes…I should…I should put him back to bed.”

She and Klaus both retreat to save Elijah’s pride from any further damage.  She is changing Henry out of his soiled clothes when she hears it — Kol once more.

“Ugh, brother, why do you smell like rotten milk?”

Considering the fact that Levi had to live with a female Eren (Isabel) and Eren lived with a female Levi (Mikasa) I feel their relationship could dramatically deepen if they just T A L K E D.


Skip Muck (feat. That one thing we all pretend didn’t happen) + text posts (4/?)

35706) "Why can’t you be more like your brother" do you mean the 16yr old one who hits me and does drugs but its okay bc he’s in a sport? Or the one who has 5 kids but doesn’t take care of any? Maybe the one who’s in jail. Which one mom? Fuck you.


This was the first year that you met Magnus and was invited to his party because you were a closer friend of Alec. It was October 31 and the Halloween party was going to join all of the downworld members. Your friends, Isabelle, Clary, Jace and Alec, were the only shadowhunters who were going to the party but you got stuck at the Institute in the afternoon with the boys to train and couldn’t go out with Izzy and Clary to buy your costume.

Isabelle told you not to worry because she’d take care of it for you, and once she was your personal fashion consultant, you knew you could trust her. You were a very recluse Shadowhunter, and most of the times you get in touch with downworlders you were on a mission. Izzy obviously always used to bother you saying that you need to meet new people, but the only person who caught your attention on a mission ended up with a knife in Simon’s neck.

When your training ended and you took a long shower,  you found Izzy with a mischievous smile sitting on your bed and a package from a misterious store on her hands. You were a little bit anxious for the party and instantly knew that Isabelle were with your costume, once she already was dressed up with a cat costume and her makeup just made the things more funny.

“I think I found the perfect costume for you!” Isabelle said, excited. She threw the package on the air so you could take it on the same moment. “I know someone who would love it.”

“Someone?” You said surprised, staring at the suspicious expression on Isabelle’s face.

“Just open it.” She smiled.

You quickly opened the package and Izzy looked even more anxious when you took the costume and noticed the illustration on the original pack. There was “sexy vampire” written on the side of an image a little bit… erotic of a model on a very tiny and suggestive vampire costume. You had nothing to say except look at Isabelle waiting for an explanation. No one even get dressed by a vampire or a witch for a downworlder party if they wasn’t a vampire or a warlock, so this costume looked so disrespectful for you that you thought that Izzy made a mistake.

“Izzy, what the hell?” You asked while opened the pack and found a tiny skirt and a suggestive corselet plus some acessories. You know, this kind of costume obviously were found at a sexy session, and you don’t thought that Magnus party was that kind of party.

“Oh babe, you will thank me for that.” She smiled one more time.

“Why the hell you’re dressed like a silent brother?” Jace looked at you after giving up ignore your clothes. 

You didn’t want to let Izzy upset so you just put a overcoat saying that you were feeling cold, even if you all were already inside the apartment of Magnus. The costume really looked so tiny in your body that you were ashamed to use it in public, even more with the bloody makeup that Isabelle made and the plastic fangs. It was looking like a horny vampire or something like that.

The music was loud and a lot of downworlders that you didn’t know filled the room with loud conversations, and the smell of dogs and blood were not that good. Sincerely, the party was too strange for you and you were alone, close to Clary and Jace who only were kissing and forgot you there. 

You sighed, walking slowly to the appetizers table and stopping to watch on your way,  bumping into a girl werewolf who were with a glass of something completely sticky that ended up in your overcoat, ruining the only thing that was hiding your fail costume. The girl tried to help you, but you didn’t wanted her to see your costume, so you just ran into Magnus bedroom hoping that Alec had left some of his sweaters on the closet.

You closed the door quickly, Magnus would kill you if he found out you invaded his bedroom. The window was open and the wind was blowing strong, the moon illuminating the strange room since you had not found the switch to turn on the lights. You dropped the wet overcoat on the floor and started to look for some Alec’s clothes, the tiny costume probably showing things that should not be appearing. 

You stopped what you were doing when you heard something coming from another closed door on the bedroom. The only thing you think to do was hold your skirt and watch the door open slowly, the light of the bathroom revealing a known silhouette.

“Who are you?”  You said scared, really wanting a Rune of night vision.

“A sexy vampire? Really, (Y/N)?” You heard the soft voice and hit your back against the wall. Raphael Santiago. He turned on the lights, and you could see his angelic and palid face, a playful smile on his lips.

“Raphael? What are you doing here?” You still coudn’t move. but Raphael started to walk slowly in your direction.

“I don’t usually show up at parties, so I was spending time locked up here.” Raphael seemed to be studying your whole body exposed with that fantasy. You thought that fantasy couldn’t be more shameful, but being with her in front of the leader of a clan of vampires made everything worse. “Isabelle Lightwood said that a vampire was coming and that I should come to meet her, but all the vampires that are here are from my clan.”

“As far as I know, Isabelle doesn’t know any new vamp… Oh.” You interrupted yourself when you two realized that the vampire in question was you. 

Raphael laughed surprised and you just felt you face blush. So Isabelle knew about your crush on Raph and didn’t even told you that! Everything looked to make sense and now you were locked with your crush… on a totally sexy costume.

“Really? You’re dressed up like this for me?” He smiled on a different way,  something that made him look like a predator. You noticed that Raphael was becoming closer and you were stuck on the wall. “A hot vampire?”

“Well, I have fangs too.” You smiled, taking the plastic fangs off your pocket  and throwing it into the air. Raphael laughed again, and god, you were loving to hear that laugh. “But… I think the only hot vampire here is you.” you decided to ignore your shame and drop all at once, surprising Raphael.

“Oh, I know…”  that smile was there once again before Raphael use his vampiric speed to trap you on the wall with his own body. “because you are a very, very hot…”  he gave a break to make his breath hit against your neck,  touching his cold lips on your skin and licking slowly. “…Shadowhunter.” he whispered in your ear before taking his lips to yours, starting an urgent kiss.