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Snowest coffee shop AU: where barista Iris sometimes likes girls and she really really likes Jitters regular Caitlin. And sometimes Caitlin stays until Iris is off and they have cup of coffee and talk. Sometimes they even stay after closing hours.

Tumblr Appreciation Post...

Cisco Ramon from the Flash is the best member of any current superhero show’s Scoobie Gang and if you don’t think so, you can fight me.

I mean, he’s in charge of gadgets - he made Flash’s suit, his weapons, and all the toys.

Not to mention, of course, but he’s in charge of the NAMING. (Unless its a good name, then he’s not mad at it, you know how it is.)

He’s got ALL the best references. Literally ALL of them. And you know you want to hang out with him because if he asked you to Netflix and Chill, he would absolutely want to actually watch Netflix with you.

And of course, he’s in charge of the damn plans because who else would be?

And he plays well with the other teams…

But don’t forget, you mess with him and he’ll bring the pain. Or the snark. (Or both. Both, both, both is good.)

And don’t forget….he’s totally got powers of his own. He is….Vibe.

And on top of ALL that, he is a beautiful cinnamon roll.

Too precious for this world.

Too pure.

Even if he’s object to that nickname because, you know, HE’S in charge of naming things.

But after all that, there’s only really one thing to say about Cisco Ramon.

Candice Patton said in an interview that "growing up [Iris West] was always changing hobbies."

HEADCANON where Iris West was, during her high school career, in/on the fencing club, chess club, yearbook club, guitar club, cheerleading team, football team, tennis team, lacrosse team, dead language appreciation club, golf team, astronomy club, community service group, anime club, art club, engineering club, garden club, softball team, Super Smash Bros. Fight club, soccer team, part of a local young equestrians club, zombie apocalypse preparedness club, student government, and, finally, after she’d had her fill of hearing Barry beg for her company, the Mathletes, all this earning her several trophies and accolades and the title of “Most likely to take over the world or at least be the last one standing if it ends” by her class. 

She spent at least a half a semester/full season with each group/team/club she joined; because of how quick a learner she is, Iris left each club savvy with knowledge on each subject. Thus, she’s a bit of a know-it-all, but, sometimes, she down plays how knowing she is so as not to constantly one-up her peers. 

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push and pull

I blame @okbutyooseunghothough​ and @mosylufanfic​ for not stopping my best friends to lovers downward spiral. 

They’ve been in situations like this before.

They stand so close without thinking and one of them turns, the gap between their lips easily closed. They are both aware and waiting, caught in the anticipation of a moment that lasts no longer than a heartbeat but stretches on for eternity. 

Iris and Barry linger in that moment, in that space - not quite a kiss but nearly just. 

Not touching, but existing together. Warming each other. Waiting.

Their lives are a series of infinite almosts.

“We are going to be late,” Iris said, throwing open Barry’s door. It was noon on a lazy summer Tuesday, and she knew that Barry valued his sleep, but she couldn’t wait any longer. They had places to be, and soon, and she would never forgive him if he didn’t get up in the next five minutes.

Barry, his feet hanging off the bed, groaned and rolled until she couldn’t see his face. 

Brute force was her only solution now; he had even grown immune to tickling feet and loud music over the course of the summer. But Barry, as tall and teenaged as he now was, was still light enough to succumb to her strength. He had height but no mass. She marched over and grabbed his arm, yanking him toward her.

He didn’t move. He barely shifted. Iris recalculated, running over what could have changed in her head. There was no way he could be that heavy, not enough to thwart her. She gripped his arm in both her palms and tugged again, but he only shook her off, loosening one of her arms to fall to her side.

Since when? When had he transformed so much that she could no longer pull him up and out of bed? Would she still be able to get him off the sofa?

Barry turned, and her grip on his arm was still so strong it took her off guard. She toppled onto the bed, sprawling out beside him. Her arm crossed his bare chest and she drew in a small breath, aware of their closeness. She only needed to move a few inches to rest her head on his chest and feel his warm skin beneath her. Or just an inch high and she could kiss his jaw. 

“Five more minutes,” Barry mumbled, her hand still encased in his. 

Fine. Five more minutes

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The Lab Tour [Supermarket AU, Part 2]

Rating: T

Pairing: WestAllen

Summary: Continuation of this. Barry shows Iris and Wally around his crime lab.

Iris’s excitement for the lab tour was only exceeded by Wally’s. The little boy was so pumped by the prospect of seeing a real lab up close, that he could barely stay still for more than five minutes. When Wally had been telling his grandpa about Iris’s and his experience at the supermarket and Barry’s proposal to show them around, he nearly fell off his chair because he was wiggling so much.  Even after another meaningful glance from Grandpa Joe (who always had this aura of authority about him, even though he was usually just the most fun grandfather ever – but that probably came along with being a detective), Wally couldn’t help but squirm every now and then. Joe acknowledged Wally’s effort to at least try to sit still, though, and didn’t dwell on the boy’s figetiness.
“You’ll probably learn quite a lot on your tour,” the detective said, helping himself to another portion of noodle casserole, “Barry Allen might be perpetually late, but he is the best forensic assistant we’ve ever had…” – Iris couldn’t help but feel really happy that her Dad spoke so highly of the sweet, kind-hearted CSI – “it’s been a real relief that he had been able to reintegrate into the police force so easily. Not many people recover that well from being struck by lightning and a nine-month coma ..”
“What?!” Iris and Wally gasped in unison, Wally’s eyes nearly popping out of his head.
“I told you about it,” Joe replied confused, looking at his daughter, “the night that the particle accelerator exploded…”
Something stirred in the back of Iris’s mind: “Oh… I think you talked about the “Allen-kid”… I guess I just didn’t make the connection..” Iris mumbled, still incredulous.
Joe shrugged: “He was struck in the crime lab… I don’t know much about the time he spent in a coma… I think he had been transferred to S.T.A.R. Labs for some reason… Then, nine months later, he came back, as if nothing happened. Since then, he’s been as eager and tardy as always. Maybe a bit more unpunctual than before.”
“Woow”, Wally whispered, frozen with awe.

After dinner, Wally hovered over Iris until she agreed to text Barry about a date for the lab tour. She actually had sent the CSI a message before dinner (not that she necessarily wanted her nephew to know what it had been about), but both Iris and Barry had forgotten to fix a day for their other date at the precinct.
He replied pretty quickly, asking if the day after tomorrow sounded good (yes, it did). When she told Wally, the 8-year-old bounced with anticipation, grabbing the science magazine Iris had bought and ran off to the guest room to read it for the umpteenth time, this time furiously writing down questions he could ask. Iris later found Wally passed out on the bed, surrounded by many sheets of paper.
“Barry has no idea what he’s gotten himself into,” Iris thought amusedly while turning off the bedside lamp.

The day of the lab tour finally arrived (not just finally because Iris couldn’t wait to meet Barry Allen again, but also because she’d had her hands full with an exuberant Wally). Since it was a Sunday, the precinct was relatively empty – though of course neither crime nor law sleeps at any time. Because they had arrived a bit too early (and Barry was yet nowhere to be seen), Iris chatted with some officers and detectives she knew and Wally examined the police station with wide eyes. It was exactly 3 p.m. - the arranged time for their tour – and still, there was no green-eyed forensic scientist (not that Iris was too surprised; after everything she had heard from her dad, she had expected that). Instead, her father’s new partner – Eddie Thawne – came over, obviously surprised to see her here.
“Hey Iris; your father is not here, in case you’re looking for him,” Detective Pretty Boy (as Iris had dubbed him) greeted her awkwardly, apparently still uncomfortable around her (last time they had seen each other, Eddie had asked her out on a date, but Iris had told him that she wasn’t interested).
We” – Iris pulled Wally closer to her, as he had started to wander off again, “are not looking for my dad, - “
“We’re gonna get a tour around the lab!” Wally bursted out excitedly, grinning from ear to ear.
“Exactly,” Iris smiled, infected by the boy’s exhilaration. “This is my nephew, Wally,” she explained to the blonde police man, “Wally, this is Eddie. He is also a detective; he and grandpa work together.”
“Hi,” Wally politely shook hands with the detective, before letting his eyes wander about the room again.
“Lab tour?” Eddie asked with a confused look on his face.
“Yeah, “ Iris replied, “Wally loves science and we were both invited by -”
“Barry!” The 8-year-old exclaimed, waving excitedly to the CSI that was sheepishly making his way towards them.
“Hey Wally, Iris!” he blushed faintly while saying her name. “Eddie.” He nodded towards the detective in greeting who nodded back, eyes darting back and forth between Iris and Barry.
Both Wests greeted the scientist equally excitedly.
“Sorry, I’m late,” Barry apologized hastily, while Eddie was returning back to his desk after a short good-bye, “I… had an appointment with my… physician at S.T.A.R. Labs.” He nodded a bit while saying the sentence, like he was particularly satisfied with the way he phrased his excuse. Odd.
“Because you got hit by lightning?” Wally asked eagerly, still completely at awe that the man who was leading Iris and him upstairs to his lab, had experienced such a thing.
“Something like that,” Barry replied vaguely, before noticing Iris’s suspicious look, “Caitlin – Dr. Snow, that is –  is very thorough with her check-ups,” he specified, again looking like he was carefully choosing his words.
Before Iris could go into the matter (because her gut feeling was telling her that there was something fishy going on here), they arrived at the crime laboratory and Wally was close to freaking out.
“So… how about I show you guys around and explain some of the equipment? What do you say, Wally?” Barry suggested grinning, while Wally was just nodding enthusiastically, obviously delighted.
“Alright, let’s start with the centrifuge…”

‘Some of the equipment’ hadn’t been entirely true – due to Wally’s rapture, Barry ended up explaining every single device in his lab. The 8-year-old soaked all of the information up like a sponge, every now and then surprising Iris and Barry with an exceptionally well thought out question. Although Iris had primary come along to accompany Wally (and see the adorable forensic assistant again), she found herself being really intrigued by Barry’s explanations – maybe because he was so enthusiastic about it.
After that, Wally dug the sheets of paper Iris had seen him write out of his backpack and read Barry his questions, who patiently answered every one of them (or at least promised to research the ones he couldn’t immediately answer, writing them down so he wouldn’t forget them).
“Then we have to meet up again some other time!” Wally noted happily, stuffing his papers back into his rucksack.
“It would appear so,” Barry replied, smiling. “Maybe we can even run one or two experiments then.” Wally actually started bouncing up and down when he heard this proposition, making Iris and Barry laugh.
“This is the best!” The kid cheered, still beaming. “I mean, the only thing better than that would be meeting the Flash… so it’s more like a second-best thing…then again, meeting the Flash is not very likely, at least not when you’re not in danger…” Wally babbled on, not noticing how Barry nearly missed a step while they were heading downstairs again. Iris, however, did, knitting her eyebrows. Weird.
Before Iris and Wally could head back home, Wally needed to go to the restroom and, after receiving the necessary directions to find it, left the two young adults alone.
“A very interesting tour, Mr. Allen” Iris teased, smiling.
“Why, thank you Miss West,” Barry shot back playfully.
Then he turned a bit more serious and even more nervous: “Soo… About tomorrow…” He shuffled his feet anxiously, rubbing his neck with one hand.
“Yeah?” Iris couldn’t help but get infected by Barry’s restlessness.
“Ehm… I was wondering… if you liked Italian?” The CSI sent her an cautious look.
“Yes, I definitely like Italian,” she let out a liberating laugh.
Barry just looked relieved. “Great. I made a reservation at Tony’s, I hope you don’t mind that?”
“Nope, not at all. I love the food at Tony’s,” she reassured him, still incredulous how he could have been that worried simply over the choice of food and restaurant.
“Great,”  he repeated, fiddling with his fingers, “is 8 okay?”
“Sure, sounds great,” Iris smiled appeasingly, “how about we meet at the restaurant?” She suggested, guessing that Barry probably wouldn’t be too eager to run into her dad on their first date.
The relief on his face proved her suspicions right, “great.”
“But you better not be too late,” she winked, watching the tips of his ears turning pink.
Before Barry could reply, Wally returned from the men’s room, unaware of what the two had been discussing.
“So… I hope you had fun, Wally,” Barry said, changing the subject.
“Yeah,” Wally beamed, “thanks.” And with that, the boy lunged forward, giving Barry a quick hug.
Iris chuckled at Barry’s baffled reaction: “Beware! He’ll start another fan club before you know it!”
“Aunt Iris!” Wally whined, while his aunt was ruffling his hair affectionately, mumbling something about her not being allowed to join his Flash fan club if she kept teasing him.
Barry just grinned, replying that he could live with that.

Follow-up chapter can be found here.

it just hit me why most fan boys are crawling out of the woodworks, all gungho for Linda Park in the 2 minutes she’s been featured on the show as opposed to you know, the actual female lead and it’s laughable when you frame it in the context of the show.

Iris entire narrative has been about self-discovery, fighting for her agency and reconstructing the boundaries in all of her relationships, which, by the way, are entirely made of men. She went toe-to-toe with her father, her best friend, her boyfriend and her mentor and came out stronger and more determined and a winner.Even the two meta-humans she took down were men.

Knowing her father’s reaction to dating Eddie, she lied through her teeth and then stood her ground when Joe disapproved. When Joe and Barry decided to tag-team in gaslighting her, she stuck her name on the blog, sucker punched the Girdrer in the face and went on merrily to her job at Jitters. Eddie who loves and adores her stated he didn’t believe her about The Streak and let’s not forget Captain singh’s condescending and rather sexist line about her “writing the flash fanfiction,” and then they both were made to eat crow. When Eddie put together a task force she warned The Flash and when she felt threatened by The Flash, she cut him off. And now, at her new job with Mason Bridge degrading her with very sexist choice words, she demonstrated her “gumption” by not undercutting him at a press conference and not soft-balling it for Harrison Wells, which earned her respect in her mentor’s eye.

like Iris is a lone, independent, sexual and resourceful woman existing in a world were all of the important men in her life are either lying to her or actively working against her, restraining her to their idea of what is acceptable of her to do and she’s literally kicking them in the balls and doing her thing.

how dare she not listen to her father? how dare she have conflicting emotions and behavior? how dare she not fall for the hero? how very dare she?

and then you have bogus article after bogus article waxing poetic about how fun and adventurous Linda Park is because she took Barry out for some spicy tacos and kissed him. I’m sorry, isn’t fun, adventurousness and badassery encoded into Iris West’s DNA. Are you sure you’re watching the same show?. Or are people incapable of comprehending any piece of media they consume. Like, I love Linda and i think this show is doing her a huge disservice by using her as a plot device to barry and iris’s relationship, but it’s clear why Linda is a supposedly better suited love interest because that is all she is and as opposed to Iris who has her own journey, her own passions and love live and relationships that are not explicitly revolving around barry.

pure, undiluted, top of the line, grade A misogyny at work.

then there is also the fact that she is BLACK.

but, yeah, iris west, more like Iris Best.

Green and Yellow

They have matching BFF bracelets.

Influenced by the awesome 
and their "Flash Color Theory“ post from a while ago:

…Like…I’m not saying that it would be cool if Wally was yellow…But it would be cool if Wally was yellow.

"Yellow is the optimism and enthusiasm.
The color yellow loves a challenge, particularly a mental challenge.
Yellow is the scientist, constantly analyzing, looking at both sides before making a decision; methodical and decisive. Yellow is the entertainer, the comic, the clown.
Within the meaning of colors, yellow is the great communicator and loves to talk. ”