more like attack on jean

it pisses me off so bad when people don’t acknowledge yumikuri as a canon ship or just totally disregard the ship at all because they aren’t “sure if the feelings they share for each other are romantic or platonic” like yeah ur right

totally unsure.. proposals are really common between straight girls

bestestest gal pals 

i exaggerate my wounds all the time so my not gay friend will remove more of her skirt for me in a totally platonic no-homo sort of way

totally platonic not-lesbians

ymir has a totally one-sided platonic crush

  and christa totally doesn’t return those feelings at all

ymir only lives for herself so risking her life to protect someone else is just the friendly thing to do and totally not a blatant example of her true feelings at all


the way their friends even acknowledge the way they feel means absolutely nothing


not gay

in the slightest

hhhahahaaaa just some cool dialogue of ymir living for herself and no one else

and some official art of them being totally not gay together

and of course this means nothing

…platonically in love with her probably 

therefore as you can see, we are all still very unsure of whether or not these two lovely not-lesbians feelings are romantic or platonic..

Very old Kitsune AU Collaboration with Pochihi!!!! (After being set up by irisnairel)
Okay but seriously Erika’s so great and soooo nice THANKS FOR AGREEING TO DO THIS WITH ME MAN 

Shingeki no Kyojin’s story told by annie’s pov:

-We see her being brainwashed, distancing herself from others,

-next she goes to a place where she must trust none,

-Tries to play it cool, help some comrades… save them.. just things. :v

-later her job starts and goes kill mode for the sake of the mission

-then she meets a guy that picks interest in what she is good at(damn that should feel real good, A BREAK)

-at least with that time she can enjoy herself a little bit.


-everything ends.. she is a living failure(a reminder)


Author Appreciation day was a few days ago AND I MISSED IT!!!
But here are some fics that I really really REALLY love but have never doodled before >v< (Fic name and author in the captions!)

That One Book By John Green (it’s Looking For Alaska)
Some of my favorite fics are where Marco is just a normal guy doin’ normal guy things and Jean just barges into his life uwu

((click for bigger size))

(((car ref used)))

liar, liar is now a thing i’m trapped in and i’m glad it exists, and this’s also a belated bday gift for Kenji! hope you had a swell day! wanted to draw car wash scene, so tried to imagine how eren’s ancient, tiny car’d look like and by the given adjectives i instantly thought about lada car, which are hella old and small for sure. may not look like here but trust me it is. there’s very little space in the back seats, enough to make car sex awkward. basically eren and jean would sooner end up washing themselves here. there’s actually a comic behind this, i’ll post it later ‘cause there’s so much to finish.

creepy---cato  asked:

Can you draw Jean from attack on Titan if you can? ; ^ ;

(´∇ノ`*)ノ Can’t have Jean without the cute freckled boyfriend haha ♥ Man it’s been so long since I’ve drawn these two —- it took a while for me to settle back into drawing them again ;;;

Science of fear; so show me love/ you’ve got your hands on the button now/ sure enough/ you’ve got your hands on the button now/ I’d rather die/ than to be with you.

a mix based on a zombie apocalypse au, in which two former rivals end up escaping to the ends of earth, fighting by each other. {listen}

cover art: amei zhao

i. blitz kids - never die ii. feist - the bad in each other iii. jetta - start a riot iv. thirty seconds to mars - stranger in a strange land v. the maine - run vi. death cab for cutie - brothers and a hotel bed vii. the civil wars - disarm viii. the national - lean ix. phantogram - when i’m small x. foals - milk and black spiders xi. the temper trap - science of fear xii. ms mr - no trace xiii. safetysuit - believe xiv. paramore - future


1 gif set per episode:




THIS inspired me to draw beetlejuice au, ‘cause it’s awesome and all movies below 2000’s are best to make crossovers/aus of, and what’s most important that mouse likes this au, so here you go!hope you like it!<3


it’s a screenshot redraw, i wanted to add more scenes but couldn’t finish them in time, because i almost never fail to choose the wrong time to start drawing something.