more like any show with villains ever

Give me someone who has some fucked up tastes in fiction, but is kind and respectful to real people, over someone who only ever ships the healthiest ships and stans the purest characters, but is rude and cruel to real people, any day of the week.

Your goddamn fictional preferences don’t show what kind of person you are; your actions do.

It’s not a hard concept to grasp.

Edit: WOW this blew up like…. infinitely more than I expected or wanted it to. Honestly this was just me venting to my followers after seeing someone get harassed for liking a villainous character (so no, in response to the people claiming this is about a certain ship or type of ship, it’s a lot more general than that). I’m glad this has resonated with people but I can’t help wishing it didn’t get so big, because I hate discourse with a passion and only wish to be left alone. This wasn’t meant to target or defend anyone in particular, just a little rant about fandom hypocrisy that I really didn’t intend for a larger audience. So if this post bothers you, just know that I didn’t mean for you to be subjected to it in the first place lol. On the other hand, if you like it, I’m glad you do and I appreciate all the support. Peace to you all.

I see a few people mad that Doomfist is a villainous big black man, but as a black male, a nerd and an actor, I appreciate it. Not everyday that black people get a smart black character that isn’t a gun-smuggling, drug-running, convenience-store-robbing thug. Also, as an actor, it gives me a beloved character to point at and say “See? Black men can be seen as a villain with a complicated sense of morality too. Give us a chance.”

You think the stereotypical roles like thug, comic relief, civil rights activist, slave, and tough cop/soldier with a heart of gold plus the occasional “Nice, positive and sometimes gay black friend” roles are all that black people want to represented as? You think nerds see themselves in any of that? You think all black actors want to play such a narrow pool of roles? To hell with that, let me play a brilliant, legally rich bad guy that kicks everyone’s ass with decades of martial arts training while aiding an organization attempting to help humanity evolve. As things are now, I’ll never get a role of a misguided mastermind like Lex Luthor or Vandal Savage, or as a murder machine with a complicated relationship with the world around him like Joker or Carnage. Overwatch is showing the world that terrorists and thugs aren’t the only bad guys minorities can play.

Doomfist is not an African terrorist or warlord like that guy in Fast and Furious 7 or a tough lackey that the hero beats up before the villain shows up. He isn’t a drug dealer like Denzel in Training Day and he is isn’t a common criminal like T.I. in Ant Man. He is a super-villain of the Vandal Savage variety and that’s more than almost any similar black character or actor ever gets offered. I’m sure that actor is happy to be the Darth Vader of the franchise. He’s up in the ranks with characters like Black Manta as minority super villains who are THE biggest bad guy of their respective franchises while avoiding falling into a stereotype. He gives variety to black characters. You could literally take the same origin, set it in Europe, change his name and his skin color, and he’d still be the same intriguing character instead of a character made specifically for black people. He is simply a good, threatening villain that happens to have dark skin.

Plus it fits the international feel of Overwatch and its enemy, Talon. This game is one of the few franchises that seem capable of acknowledging that worldwide organizations in the future wouldn’t be 90% white guys. Overwatch and Talon, as organizations, literally pull people from ALL OVER the world based on skill and ideology, and the cast looks like it. Of course, in this situation you’d have an African, a European, a Central American and a North American. All from different areas on the globe. You won’t see me attacking Star Trek for using this same reasoning for why the main cast of each show/movie isn’t 90% white. It only makes sense that this applies to the bad guys as well.

When less than half of the people on earth are white in 2017, what are the odds that in 2077 worldwide organizations would have a majority of white agents.

Rant over, I guess…

my favourite part of “lawrence of arabia” is when ali says “have you no care for them?!” but puts his hand to his chest as if to follow it with “have you no care for me?”

Can we list all the wonderful things we have in store for Season 4?

* Iris leading Team Flash like a BOSS
* Iris/Wally(/Cisco?) crime fighting unit for the win!
* A new kind of villain (thank god!)
* Cisco getting a little love from Cynthia
* And probably a little terror from her dad, Danny Trejo, a man with whom you should not fuck
* Speaking of love…Joecile getting closer. I dare hope that means we get more Cecile on the show and it’s not just Joe talking about her feelings because we do not need to ever relive season 2 in any way, thank you so much
* And, of course, no discussion of love on the Flash would be complete without mentioning the CORE SHIP AND EMOTIONAL CONNECTION OF THE SHOW: WESTALLEN
* Iris wrecked over losing Barry
* Barry a mess and Iris bringing him back - both out of the speed force and back to himself upon his return?
* Westallen emotional reunion
* Westallen lightheartedness in episode 2
* Westallen fun/sexy/sweet coupley things (probably)!
* Barry and Iris kicking ass together
* Iris continuing to take charge, with Iris/Barry/Wally/Cisco team up?
* Bachelorette/bachelor party?
* All-girl team-up? (Wish Linda were there, though. Just saying.)
* First Christmas as married couple
* Bart hints? Maybe his intro to the show? Maybe? Possibly?

What else, guys? We have a month and a half to go and I am PSYCHED!

harry and uma are friends: a scene analysis

aka why you’re wrong about harry solely being around uma because she’s a “tyrant” and he’s a “brainwashed follower.”

i also thought of calling this “did you leave the room when uma rescued harry from the shark infested waters instead of going after mal?” or “uma brings harry food as soon as he steps in the door of her mother’s restaurant” but im not because im gonna focus on harry here.

harry cares about uma. not solely as a leader (“tell ‘em whose in charge so they dont forget”), but as a person and  a friend. he doesnt want to see her upset like any normal friend would. not once do we ever see him tremble or appear intimidated by her. not once do we see him actually get scared when she gives him directions, i.e, when she tells him to stop taunting ben and leave him be. she does this twice when they’re on their ship. she tells him more forcefully the second time after she says she wants to talk to ben alone and his expression doesnt change once.

disney movies are pretty explicit about showing this power imbalance - henchman clearly terrified of the villains they work for - and none of that is displayed in uma and harry’s dynamic. like at all. “but uma’s so toxic!” the voices shout.

lets travel to some of the first scenes on the isle with uma, harry, and gil where mal is first brought up. mal’s on tv and uma is irritated. she takes food from harry’s tray which he doesnt mind her doing and she throws it at the screen. he laughs and uma calls her a poser. harry says shes a traitor. keep in mind, he says this completely unprompted! but uma has to tell the whole crew to join in and then they throw food at the tv.

“that little traitor who left us in the dirt.” - uma
“who turned her back on evil.” - harry
gil opens his mouth, “who said you weren’t big or bad enough to join her gang.”

bringing up the shrimpy nickname? thats fightin’ words. harry is maaaad. uma goes to hold harry back without even looking at him. she knows he’s gonna react, so she signals for him to *ahem* let it go.

(anybody remember the hyenas going to bat for scar? those two dudes standing up for cruella? no? hmm.)

mere seconds later, uma huffs at gil and turns back to harry telling him, “that snooty little witch who grabbed everything she wanted and left me nothing.” they proceed to stand there after that, staring at each other, while gil talks. neither of them are paying attention to him at all. neither even acknowledge him.

it appears harry’s trying to take uma’s mind off of the anger and hurt mal caused her just through his stare and it works for a second or two (look at her face. does she look mad anymore?) until their attention slides…

“…said that you could have the shrimpy shovel.”

and uma immediately turns to gil in annoyance:

even harry turns around irritated by gil (note: he doesnt speak to jonas, just quickly turns) because right after uma speaks to gil, he turns back around to talk to uma. to try to make her feel better. again. (it doesnt actually work because she’s got more ambitious goals but my point still stands.)

all of which is perfectly in canon with harry’s characterization from the books. here are some samples from it, rise of the isle of the lost, because i am a ho for using more than one source to support my pov if its available:

“MAL! you dont always get to win!” uma screamed in fury.
“i think she just did,” said gil. “didn’t she?”
“shut up, gil,” said harry, sighing as he put his black tricorn hat back on his head.

“listen, we might not have the trident, and we might not have a way off this island,” said harry. “but we’ve got a serious crew here.”

uma looked around at the pirates on the ship - desiree, jonas, bonny, even gonzo. they were hers. a real crew.

“we’ve got a lot to do,” said harry. “so much trouble to start, eh?” he slung an arm around uma, and another around gil.

[…] because harry was right. they might not have much, but they were each a part of a crew. and on the isle of the lost, that was more than something - it was everything.

“one day, when those bore-adon snobs least expect it, we’ll pounce,” promised harry. “they’ll make a mistake, maybe even wander into the wrong neighborhood. fall into our net! and you know what we’ll do then!” he said, making a slashing motion across his neck with his hook.

“um, what will we do?” wondered gil.

“we’ll have our revenge,” uma declared, her eyes glittering with malice. “mark my words. this isn’t the end of our story. its only the beginning.”

would someone who is only there out of fear or bitterness do or say anything i mentioned above? of course not! he doesnt act scared because he’s not. they are real friends! each other’s oldest friend on the isle, as a matter of fact. its genuine canon. miss me with that “the books arent canon” comments i keep seeing when uma and harry’s friendship is brought up. if thats the case, then why does disney clearly base the movie’s sequel off of the events of the book?

harry is first mate of uma’s crew because he wants to be. he wants to be there. that’s all there is to it.

**gif credits - w, x, y, z

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Why don't you like Gotham?

they destroyed most of the villain’s backstories and took away everything that made them them, some of the characters are written in the worst fucking way possible and act in ways no real human would logically act (like alfred)

i would say it might as well be an AU written by some teenager but i’ve seen much better similarly set AU’s written by teenagers on the internet

what canonically gay characters they do have they’re written as predatory/overbearing/creepy, the direction of the villains makes no sense to me unless we DO write it off as an AU where they change just about everything about the characters… like for example, how edward nygma suddenly isn’t just a guy who was abused and developed OCD and NPD because of it, nah, he’s got an evil alternate personality called the Riddler who kills people and laughs maniacally and does suicide squad joker esque voiceovers and shit 

scarecrow isn’t the ‘original scarecrow’, he’s just a teenager who’s getting forced to take fear toxin by his dad, the original scarecrow which is just… horrible, considering that’s like the opposite of his VERY INTERESTING and VERY HORRIFIC actual backstory that ACTUALLY is more than just awkward ugly worthless torture porn of some kid who doesn’t ever come back onto the show 

they destroyed the only logical motives that have existed for YEARS for the villains and warped them into something i wouldn’t even recognize as anything other than knockoff OCs if they didn’t share the same names as the characters

nothing separates it from any show like supernatural and any other CW/FOX show… to put it bluntly it’s just like a heterosexual and bland rendition of what feels like someone who knows the bare minimum of any DC character based on a 1-page profile would write

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Hi! So I was wondering...what are some things to avoid when you're writing supervillains? Like, trait - wise/ motives. Overused, I guess. Sorry if someone already asked this. Thank you for taking the time to look at this!

I’m so sorry, but I’ve been looking at this for months going inspiration will strike, and it just hasn’t.

I suppose that’s because I can’t think of anything I would recommend not using in totality. Everything has its place. 

For example, my superhero universe is fun, pretty lighthearted and not overly realistic. (A while back I tried to make it super real world but that began to kill my enjoyment of it, so I’m going the Batman route of not giving a fuck about reality). Therefore, I can keep a lot of monologues, dodgy costumes, ridiculous tropes and unrealistic villains. My villains can be villains because they want money, fame, have a grudge to settle, enjoy being bad, are drama majors practicing their soliloquies… 

I also have a friend writing a very gritty, down-to-earth, hyper realistic superhero series. Here, when the villain goes after the heroes, people die. Their guts get torn out and their skulls caved in. Civilians are indiscriminately murdered. When a city is attacked, millions die. In this universe, villainous monologues would seem silly, and costumes need kevlar, not cute targets symbols on the chest. Her villains are rogue government agencies and the forces of nature and heroes pushed past their breaking point. 

So, what motives and indeed traits are appropriate for your villains depend a lot on your world. Silly and a little camp gives you a lot more options across the spectrum than serious, but truly terrifying villains can often be said to carry a lot more punch. I don’t believe there are any tropes you should absolutely avoid, because everything has its place, even clichés. You can mix them with other ideas to create something new, play off expected outcomes to create surprise and suspense, or play it straight for the comedy. Anything can be utilised if you work it over thoroughly and think about it enough. 

There is one thing I would say not to do: your villain is not a villain because they are ‘insane’. Insanity is not a clinical diagnosis, and nor is it a catch all term for neurodivergencies and mental health problems. I would never recommend having that and that alone as a reason for villainy: it’s offensive, boring, and shows an incredibly embarrassing lack of research. Don’t do it. There are a lot of people out there far more qualified to talk about the intricacies of this, but just don’t do it. Please

If you want to come and chat through motivations and traits with me, feel free! But in all honesty, what makes or breaks a villain is what you put on the page in the end; it’s what you actually convey to your audience that counts, not what you know lies underneath but fail to ever show. Treat them like any other character and you’ll do fine.

Hope this helps!

Arrow Season 5 Thoughts

Right off the bat, I can tell you all that I give this season a C-. Also, that’s a generous grade. Being positive doesn’t mean I turn a blind eye to glaring issues about the show, I’ve held off on some aspects because they weren’t pertinent to each episode. Let’s dive into the WTF, okay, and good moments of the season.


Third Parties with NO follow through

Originally posted by lyricalarrow

Billy Malone, let’s start with the nice guy nobody. He was literally for 1 to 2 scenes an episode, and we’re supposed to believe his death was the straw hat broke that camel’s back for Felicity’s dark arc? No. Not happening. Literally unbelievable. Okay dude, but bland vanilla.

Susan Williams: Initially, she’s depicted as this shady character and that pushed through the end of her story, but the fact that she tried to exploit Oliver, that had no resolution, it was just dropped like a piano in old school cartoon. Creative Writing 101 every story needs some sort of ending.

Also, personally, I didn’t go into journalism for my own reasons, but I do know there are such things as journalist ethics. Where were hers? Because she broke every damn one in the book. To put it nicely, “conflict of interest”. Her presence made Oliver blind, ignorant, and a close reminder of his party boy past.

The only thing I thought was good about that story line was the frigid breakup. It’s difficult for me not to laugh when I hear or read the phrase “my apologies”.

Cringe-Worthy Moments

Originally posted by arrowsource

  • Fridging another female character Evelyn, and using her as basically childhood prostitution bait. The villainous side I get, but as a woman in general, let’s be better and fix that shit A.S.A.P.
  • Breaking another healthy relationship, especially one that has inclusive representation for POC, LGBTQ characters a.k.a The Holts. Curtis has become my least favorite character, and that’s not cool. It came out of nowhere.
  • Any scene with the reporter.
  • “Spectre of the Gun” as a whole. Hands down my least favorite episode. It was full of heavy handed cliches, and Oliver’s legal solution again had not much a follow-through. Fix-it aspects still require some sort of explanation.

The Okay

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Do you think there's a strong chance the Rogues will form next season? I don't see why else Rosa, Sam and, presumably, Len would return this close to the finale unless it was to set up for season four, and not doing it would be a foolish move. (Most of the news article about the s4 villain have said they would like the rogues and polls have said they want rogues), but I don't want to get my hopes up only to be let down again. What's your opinion about what's happening next season?

Well, I was gonna be like “if they ever form into a collective it’s unlikely it’ll be anything like the one in the comics due to the death of Captain Cold and the differences in formant and–” etc, but then the summary for The Flash 3x22 says that Barry turns to Captain Cold for help so… I don’t even know, dude.

We know they’re not doing a speedster as the main villain for S4 (thank god) but they do have other options from the comics to pull on (e.g., DeVoe). But they know there’s a push for Rogues content and they must know that we like recurring villains sometimes, like seeing our evil faves again. Mardon has a decent fan following after all, right? And there’s so much more they could do with Bivolo’s powers than we’ve seen. I’d personally kill to see Shawna again and Lisa, but yeah they also have a good thing going with Rosa and Sam so…

I think it’s possible or even plausible that they’d go with the Rogues as the major villains in S4, or at least have them show up again a few times and weave them into a continuing plot (especially Sam and Rosa, tbh, since we saw them in 2024 and know their powers will develop. But I’m holding out hope for more of a lot of them).

I do maintain though that we might not ever see them as “the Rogues” in any truly cohesive way, not like they are in the comics. It would be hard to set that up on TV, having them all working together. We might see it, I won’t say it’s impossible. We’ve seen shorter lived team-ups of 2 or 3 ‘Rogues’ at a time so far though, and I think that might continue to be the case. Or it might be the case that, for instance, Sam and Rosa won’t work with Len (if he’s back alive), so that there are conflicts between villains and not just with the Flash. Actually, I’d sort of kill to see that happen, but who knows. 

It’s also likely we’ll see more of Grodd causing problems at some point in the future, because it’s Grodd. He lives to mess with Barry’s life tbh.

So… they might not be the ‘big bad’ and we might not see them as a ‘unit’, but I do suspect we’ll see more of some of them, moving forward.

Sundays With Father Todd: Gun Kink

Rating: M
Word Count: 2144
Warnings: gun kink, palming, deep throating
Pairings: Jason/Damian, lightly implied Bruce/Jason, heavily implied Dick/Damian

Summary: While saving the part-time dynamic duo’s sorry asses, Jason witnesses something that leaves him with the worst case of a permanent hard on he’s ever experienced.

What The Hell Did They Teach You In Assassin School?!

Everything about this situation was borderline pathetic. The building had more escape routes than a block of Swiss cheese, enough dark corners for the entire Justice League to make a surprise attack, and enough terrain obstacles for one impressive game of paintball. There was absolutely no reason a situation like this should have ever risen in the first place, even in any of the thousands of scenarios Bruce was known to force his boys to train for.

Which just went to show how much of a bitch Fate could be when rolling her dice.

There were fifteen villains. Six on Dick and nine on the demon child. 

Apparently, the bad guys were finally learning that Robin could be more of a threat than Batman himself – especially this Robin. Then again, maybe the fact that Dick was locked in a cage, and damn, the teasing Jason planned on giving him for that one, had the baddies at ease.

There was really no challenge in jumping in and saving them. Hell, Jason had been in worse fights in shopping markets the night before Thanksgiving. So rather than just jumping in and saving them at all, he sat back in his nice little shadowy corner and deiced to watch the show for a bit.

Robin was being questioned. Jason had no idea why. It wasn’t like the dynamic duo held any extra information that would be of use to this particular gang. Unless maybe they had been caught in the act of sabotage and were now expected to spill the beans on what they had done to fuck up the gang’s plans for the night.

Damian looked positively murderous with the way one of the guns kept insistently nudging him in the back of the head every time an answer was expected of him. He finally snapped out some derogatory comment that had Batman laughing – Jesus, Dick. Batman doesn’t laugh! At least, not like that! – and wow, was that a bad idea.

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Teen Titan characters in DC Superhero Girls so far. There’s a lot of Teen Titans in DC Superhero Girls . I made this to show them off but I waited until more characters showed up like Raven to post it. We got Supergirl who was a Teen Titan for a tiny bit. She’s a main character in DC Superhero Girls. We got Bumblebee who is a Teen Titan .She is a main Character in DC Superhero Girls. We have Beast Boy. He’s a supporting character on the shows/books .He might be in the second wave maybe for the toys. We have Starfire. She is a supporting character. She is going to get a doll in the second wave. Jinx is mostly a background character right now in the show. She was in the new graphic novel Hits and Myths with Gizmo. It was cool seeing Jinx in the book even though she doesn’t do much in it. The Ravager Rose Wilson was mostly a background character in the show until Hits and Myths .She was awesome in it. I hope we see her again. Mammoth was also in Hits Myths .

Blue Beetle and Bunker have been mostly background characters so far. I hope they do some thing with them in the show. I’m glad Bunker is in this even though he’s a backbround .Cyborg was a background character at first but now he’s not. He has the same voice actor from the cartoons. Beast Boy and Starfire also have the same voice actors in the show. Miss Martian is a Teen Titan. I feel like people forget she’s a Teen Titan. Miss Martian had a big role in Hits and Myths. She was a main character in it. Now the character we’ve been waiting for …Raven. Raven was in the new graphic novel Hits and Myths. She was only in a couple of pages though .It made since for her to be in it cause her dad was the villain in it and was on the cover. She’s only in it for a little bit but it was great seeing her. I wish she had a big role though since her dad is the villain . I hope they put Raven in the show. Beast Boy might like her from seeing his face in the book. Put Raven in the cartoon and give her a doll Mattel . I hope they put more Teen Titans in DC Super Hero Girls. There’s a lot of people in The Teen Titans so they can’t put ever Teen Titan in it. Now that Raven is finally in it, I want to see Wonder Girl in it. Any of the Wonder Girls. Donna Troy or Cassie .

Final Thoughts

Gorgon literally spent 90% of his time on the beach….

The action sequences suck

Be honest, they cut Medusa’s hair purely because it would have been too expensive to keep animating, am I right? 

Crystal is supposed to have a coming of age story here somewhere…

Auran is magically okay and healed how??? Also WHY NO EARS!!! Still pissed at that. 

Still no real reason why I should root or support the royal family in this? I mean if you come in and you don’t know anything about the show….Let me put it this way. Utilizing a quote from Leverage Season 2 episode 1 “Never has a production of the Sound of Music made me want to root for the Nazis.” Never has any inhuman content ever made me want to root for Maximus. And if you don’t know anything about the comics, you’re more likely to see him as the good guy with some questionable morals, as opposed to the villain. 

The Inhuman Royal Family is not shown actually leading their people…

I hope the rest of this series improves. 

Season 5A of OUAT is bizarre.

OUAT has had plenty of arcs that didn’t work, that were disappointing, a lot of offensive and dumb plot twists and plenty of other issues. But despite the fact that the end product is mostly underwhelming, you usually more or less got what you expected. Not this time. This season makes Frozen arc look like a masterpiece.

Seriously. What is going on? Isn’t this arc supposed to be about Emma? Promos and interviews before the season started certainly made it sound so. Emma was going to be the biggest villain this show ever had. Snow’s voice-over during the promo at CC made it look like there will be a big emphasis on mother/daughter relationship. We’d see Emma without any reservations. They’d deal with her issues, her status as the Savior and what that means for her. What she’s like without that responsibility on her shoulders. Her abandonment issues. It was supposed to be Emma’s arc, Emma’s opportunity to deal with things and be angry when she normally wouldn’t show it because of who she is, but the curse gave her freedom to do so. Time for her family to help her like she helped them.

Even the premiere and the next 2 or 3 episodes suggested the same. What did Emma’s family do? Why is she so angry with them? How did they fail her?
Turns out it was all about Hook. And if you rewatch the first few episodes, it doesn’t even make sense.

I think this is the single worst thing OUAT has ever done, and there’s some heavy competition. They stripped Emma of everything that’s interesting about her and made her arc solely about Hook and CS. They didn’t even touch her issues with her parents (she had ONE scene with Snow and NONE with David), they didn’t explore how Emma feels that everyone expects her to be the Savior and how freeing it must be for her that she’s no longer that, she never confronted Regina or Rumple for what they did to her, majority of her scenes with Henry were about Hook… I don’t think we got 5 scenes about Emma’s psyche in this entire arc. What we got was brooding emo Emma walking around for a few episodes, hurting innocent people, trying to put Excalibur together and alienating her family, making them feel like they failed her even though we now know that’s not even true. And her reason? She was covering up for Hook.

This show has failed Emma Swan’s character on every level. They reduced her to one half of CS. Her only motivation is Hook.

Why was she afraid to let go of the darkness? Because she was afraid of moving in with Hook.
Why did she eventually go dark? To save Hook.
What was the reason for everything she did in SB? She was covering up that she turned Hook into the Dark One (against his wishes) and what Hook has done.

I have no words. They sacrificed every one of Emma’s relationships for CS.

That’s not even including things like that scene when Snow was almost choked to death, but Emma didn’t care because she had to run to Hook, or that they just dropped Savior Regina arc and that never went anywhere.

And as if reducing Emma’s character to just Hook’s girlfriend wasn’t enough, she’s not even the main villain this season, like we were promised. The story, as it turns out, is not about her. It’s about Hook. He’s the new Dark One, he’s the one who’s dangerous, he’s the one who cast the curse. Instead of the last two episodes leading up to the climax of Dark Swan arc showing Emma’s struggles as the Dark One and her family’s desperation trying to save her, we’ll probably see how the curse affects Hook, we’ll see how Emma saves Hook or not even that, maybe he’s the one who saves everyone. Will Emma at least get a chance to destroy the curse and save herself? I hope so, but I’m not holding my breath. They took what was supposed to be Emma’s story and gave it to Hook.

It was bait and switch. None of the things set up in the premiere paid off. We were promised a #SaveEmma arc with a lot of exploration of who Emma is and how her family struggles to pull her back from the darkness. We got Twilight romance and plot twist - it’s really about Hook the Dark One. Once Upon a CS indeed.


Gregzilla’s Thoughts on a Whole Buncha Anime

This past year I decided to expand my horizons and watch some anime.  While I always had an appreciation for Japanese animation, it wasn’t until recently that I really decided to sit down and watch a few anime series that I’d heard about.  I came out of it with mixed reactions, but a very big chunk of them were positive, and I got a ton of inspiration out of these shows in various ways - so I thought it’d be fun to do a quick run down of my thoughts and opinions on them!  I’ll stick to the ones that I’ve watched start to finish, no particular order.

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I got an unsettling thought about why Robin’s been pushed away from the main group. Granted, he doesn’t add much, but there was never a problem just keeping him there in the background. So why insist he, who is in no way qualified to escape the all-seeing eye of Hades, take baby!Hood and “hide”? And I think I got it:

You can’t redeem Zelena with her rape victim standing right there. You can’t have Regina and Zelena “reconcile as sisters” over sharing a playdate eons ago when you have Regina’s love right next to her, reminding her of the fact that he was raped by Zelena as a means to one-up Regina. You just can’t. It’d have been like having Emma and Regina become ultimate buddies with Graham hanging around, reminding people of all the unwanted sex he had with Regina, and specially reminding Emma, who loved him, that he was raped by the woman the narrative wanted you to like.

This could also be tied with the whole rumour that Robin dies. Because if he does then Zelena can firmly join the “hero group”, even though she literally has no redemptive bone in her body (what she has, it seems, is a disenchantment with doing evil just because), as this ex-villain softened by motherhood (ask Cora, that’s not how it works) whose relationship with Regina makes her a part of the group.

It’s… all sorts of disgusting. Specially since she’s also a murderer, a kidnapper and a torturer and she has shown NO remorse for any of that. I mean… Belle paid more of a price for Zelena blackmailing Rumple with the heart medication in season 4 than Zelena herself ever did.

Like… fuck this show. I don’t even particularly like Robin (I think the whole thing with him went downhill once Marion turned up alive and the whole soap opera plot twist was introduced) and I still think this is awful.

Watching EAH; the Dragon Games episodes with sis:

Me - “The character animation may be REALLY limited, but at least the crew is making up for it with some amazing details in the designs.”

She“Would you have preferred it the other way around?”

Me - “I… I don´t know.” :o

Now I ask myself if I would I like the animation more or less if they sacrificed the pretty details for more frames/angles/perspectives/etc. I am all for more more varied animation any day of the week, but I am afraid that the characters would look too boring and bland if they did not have their huge amounts of unique hair styles/accessories/fashions (there is like zero body/face diversity after all). 

Can Mattle just give us both even if it would cost a few million extra per episode? :3

PS: Whomever is responsible for the lighting/shadowing in the show needs a raise. Like, right now. Make it happen.