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You know what kind of sucks in real life relationships?  Endless angst and drama and uncertainty.  You know what’s really fun in fictional relationships?  Endless angst and drama and uncertainty that adds conflict to the story.

Sometimes people enjoy horrible things in fiction because they’d never want to experience those things in real life, but fiction allows people a safe, reasonably controllable space to experience incredibly intense emotions and conflict and drama.

anonymous asked:

I feel like Birth, Broken Heart, and Swan Song were the writers attempts at making an "edgy" season finale by assassinating Hook's character development.

You have come to the wrong blog if you’re looking for a place to complain about Dark!Hook. Because I love Dark!Hook for sooooo many reasons. Now admittedly, after these episodes initially aired, they upset me because it did seem like character assassination. But after a short period of time (actually, pretty much right around this time last year), I started to appreciate everything that Dark!Hook had been. I started to see what they were trying to achieve with this twist in Killian’s character development. And I absolutely loved it.

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