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Five years ago, I wasn’t even familiar with Tumblr. The first time I heard about it, I was heavily focused on a project that made us create a personal blog of sorts. Now, it’s a place where so many memories were made, and it became a space where I can be as creative as I can be, and show it off to the world– despite being scared of the reception. 

Whether it was my first run as Minato, my attempt in making original characters in the Shield Breakers, or my return to this blue-haired protagonist, I feel like I’ve grown up in front of you people– honed my craft, improved as both a writer and as a person, shared part of my life that I can look back in fondness.

I wanna take this time as a way to give out my thanks, to each and every one of you that’s been with me and stuck with me for the road. I do hope I get to continue to impress you guys, and entertain you with what I can bring to the table with just words, stories and ideas. 

More thanks will be under the cut, with a special message for two specific people and a thanksgiving list!

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-It’s not funny, Padawan.-

-Of course not, Master. You’ve driven Master Windu to name-calling. In session. On the record. There’s absolutely nothing funny about that.

-You’re a brat.-

-And you’re never living this down.-

doodlesofdanielle  asked:

I've been told that Krita is better for just illustration than Photoshop, do you think so? I'm not sure if you've used PS at all, but that's my main programme and my art professor told me I should mess with Krita bc I might like it more

I actually use both Krita and Photoshop CC; in my experience Krita is easier to use for illustration and painting as it was intended as a painting program whereas Photoshop is intended for photo-editing. I find Krita much easier to use and navigate and I use it for 99% of my work, typically using Photoshop just for touch-ups or corrections. I personally think its best to use both together, but I believe Krita is superior when it comes to illustration and general user-friendliness, especially with the recent updates. Many agree that Krita’s brush-engine is better as well (but I’ll have to do some research before I go into this).

A lot of people will tell you to use Photoshop as its the industry-standard, but I think you should try using both ^^

The yearly art summary. I feel I stayed pretty consistent in the first part of the year but have started changing and growing my style in the past few months and hope to continue. I’ve also grown more of an interest in using Photoshop and would like to experiment more with it.

My goals for the new year is to finish my story, make a website and start a web comic (I srsly need to get on that). I would also like to keep trying to improve on my painting and add more movement and elements to my illustrations and pose ideas!

I mean like, I beat the pre-sequel, but did I really win?