more like a photoshop experiment


You smiled at me, and said…

-It’s not funny, Padawan.-

-Of course not, Master. You’ve driven Master Windu to name-calling. In session. On the record. There’s absolutely nothing funny about that.

-You’re a brat.-

-And you’re never living this down.-

I mean like, I beat the pre-sequel, but did I really win?

The yearly art summary. I feel I stayed pretty consistent in the first part of the year but have started changing and growing my style in the past few months and hope to continue. I’ve also grown more of an interest in using Photoshop and would like to experiment more with it.

My goals for the new year is to finish my story, make a website and start a web comic (I srsly need to get on that). I would also like to keep trying to improve on my painting and add more movement and elements to my illustrations and pose ideas!