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I’m super nervous to post this.. here’s the final of the two sketches I posted a couple of weeks ago! I want to do a lot more of these, maybe for the other paladins too? I don’t design clothes, I design faces lol. Here are my boys lance and Keith!! In preparation of klance week coming up!! I think I’m gonna marathon a couple of klance drawings then, it’s a good source of motivation.. I’d rlly appreciate a follow if ur interested in seeing them :3✨


Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, some more stuff of this two idiots ^^

Okay, I didn’t post about them in months but… that’s how I am so don’t worry.

WELL, here I tried to simulate a scene of the anime in two complete different tonalities. It took me like… three evenings and a lot of suffering to finish them so I hope you could appreciate it <3 <3 <3

Hope you like it guys!!!

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ontd being in denial over things they don't like in media is nothing new but users there won't even post Rian's interviews or even the Japanese TLJ site stuff (unless it gives info in anyone other than Kylo). They like living in ignorance until it slaps them in the face then they have big blow-outs over it. The snarkier they get, the more worried they are. I've seen this happen before, it's hilarious and will be again.

lol but yeah, i stopped going there after TFA was released. they’re as bullheaded as the antis on this site and the constant reylo/kylo ren/adam driver bashing on there is so obnoxious. i appreciated the site for what it was back in the ~golden years~ of livejournal or whatever, but it’s just not doing it for me anymore. especially when so many hive-minded antis like to fester there.

Your SD’s a married man!:  Some Do’s and Don’ts

Let’s set the stage:

You’re new to the game, but you’ve done your homework.  You’re walking into a busy lounge downtown to meet your first POT. The heads you turn as you walk by confirm what you already know: hell yeah, you look good!  And, you’re feeling it!  You recognize your POT at the bar; thankfully, he looks just like his pictures. You are warmed by the smile that spreads across his face as he sees you!  You sit down next to him, your favorite drink already there, waiting for you.  A song by Lana Del Rey is playing.  The lyrics hang between the two of you as you say your hellos:

My pussy tastes like Pepsi-Cola,
My eyes are wide like cherry pies.
I gots a taste for men who’re older
It’s always been, so it’s no surprise.

Ah, he’s in the sky with diamonds and he’s making me crazy (I come alive, alive)
All he wants to do is party with his pretty baby.

Come on, baby, let’s ride
We can escape to the great sunshine.
I know your wife, that she wouldn’t mind
We made it out to the other side
Come on, come on
Come on, come on
Come on, baby.

Oh, he’s such a gentleman! He takes your hand in his and brings it to his lips to apply a light kiss of welcome.  His brown eyes looking into yours melt you instantly, and you know that he is going to be your Sugar Daddy.  And then you see it.  His ring!

You think:  well, this should be interesting!

The reality is that a lot of SDs are married.  Actually, if I were to guess, I would say that most of them are married.  And, if you spend enough time sugaring and are successful at what you do, I dare say that you will have one or more married SDs over the course of your career.

I don’t think that it matters one way or another if your SD is married, divorced, separated, widowed or single; an arrangement is an arrangement.  They all work the same way!  However, having a married SD does poses some interesting and unique challenges for a new SB and my purpose here is to provide some thoughts on that subject!

Avoid Drama

An arrangement is meant to be something discreet.  And, that is especially true if your SD is married.  Therefore, you must protect him from drama at all costs and he must do the same for you!  You definitely don’t want to get a call from his wife some evening and find out, contrary to the lyrics above, that she “definitely minds” that you are fucking her husband!  Lol! And, likewise, he doesn’t want to see your vanilla boyfriend at his office challenging him to a fight or getting a call from your parents asking him just what the hell you are doing with their daughter!

To avoid this, ahhh, unpleasantness, you should have a talk with your SD early in your arrangement to discuss the simple steps each of you should take to avoid drama.  And they include the following (and all of these go both ways!):

  • Both of you should delete the text messages you send each other before the end of the day!  The fact of the matter is, no matter how careful you think you are, at some point someone with no business to do so will get a hold of your phone and go through it.  Make sure you both agree to delete all text messages so that there is nothing to see when that occurs.

  • He should never keep any pics you send him.  Like text messages, he should delete them immediately.  And, no, that doesn’t mean downloading them to his computer in a “super secret folder that nobody will see”!  Delete them.  He doesn’t need “trophies”!  You can always send them again if he has a “favorite” that he likes to see from time to time.

  • Figure out the best way to communicate.  Maybe text messages aren’t the way to go!  You may agree that sending each other emails from specifically created yahoo or gmail accounts is the best way to be discreet. And, even with emails, delete them!  Not just once, but twice!  Yes, go to the “trash bin”, where they will be stored for 30 or more days and delete them permanently!

  • Ask him his preference about whether you can or should wear perfume when you are together.  I know that a good perfume is sexy and smells great and can make a guy go weak in the knees, but, guess what, if your scent is on him when he goes home, you can bet his wife is going to be on your ass before long!  And, for god’s sake, no glitter!  Don’t wear eye shadow or makeup that glitters!  It takes two days and three showers to get that stuff off!!  lol!

  • If you are going to text or call, find out the “no-go times”; i.e., times when he is going to be at home and can’t take calls.  Likewise, if you have roommates or are in a relationship, you should establish “black outs” when the two of you agree not to contact each other.  

  • Before he leaves the hotel room after your rendez vous, check for lipstick smudges on his shirts! Seriously!  I know that sounds cliché, but, my goodness, it does happen, and if he goes home with your lip prints on his shirt, it’s lights out for him!

  • Similarly, don’t leave scratch marks on him, girl!  And if you bite, please don’t break skin or leave a mark!  Think about it!  Those are sure tells! How’s he going to explain those bruises and marks to his wife?  Believe me, I love fun rough sex as much as anybody, but I am always careful never to leave marks on my SB (that won’t fade away before we go our separate ways) ;-)

  • And, finally, remember the motto:  Deny Deny Deny.  If you get “caught” by your parents, your friends, your boyfriend, deny it!  It doesn’t matter how irrefutable the proof is against you; DENY IT and never give up your SD.  Likewise, he should follow this same pledge.  If he goes down, he does so alone!  He should never bring you into the flaming mess!

Out in public

If your married SD is local, you need to have a frank discussion about “going out in public” and whether that is advisable.  Look, professional men tend to have wide social circles, whether they are friends, relatives, acquaintances, colleagues or even friends of all of the above. Yeah, sure, you can pick a place to go that seems out of the way, but there is always a chance that someone you know or he knows will spot you and start to raise questions.  Meeting for lunch ameliorates some of the inherent problems, but dinners and nights out can be problematic!  

  • It may be better to just get a hotel room and hang out there for a couple of hours in the afternoon or evening!  I know, you may be deprived of a good dinner at a fancy restaurant (but there’s always room service for that, eh?) or a night on the town, but look at it this way, you’ll end up spending less time in the room before you go home for the night than if you did if you go out for dinner and drinks before heading back to the room! So, if the guy’s personality ain’t all that keen, you’ll have to spend less time with him!

  • If you do “venture out”, discuss how you will act in public.  Is he up for “public displays of affection” or should the two of you play it cool?  Personally, I don’t need to act like some horny teenager when I am out with my SB, so, I don’t need to have my arms around her or my hand on her ass as we walk down a street.  lol!  Save it for the bedroom!  And, discuss with him how the two of you should handle the glances and stares of other people when they see this older guy with this younger woman? 

  • My personal view is that the best place to spend time in public is when he is on a business trip to a different city and flies you out for the night/couple of days.  In a different city, the “recognition risk” approaches zero, usually, so it is much easier to have a “date experience”.  And, it frees you up to act more like a “couple in love” when you are in a different town.  I just don’t think that it is worth the risk for a married SD to spend a lot of time in public with his SB unless he is out of town. 

  • Here is another “tip” for married SDs out with their SBs:  Don’t bother to take off your ring, dude!  First, to the extent that the two of you draw attention, it will be based on your age difference, not the fact that you are wearing a wedding ring! Second, if you take your ring off, you run a very real risk of losing the damn thing, forgetting it in the room or leaving it somewhere.  How you gonna explain that to the Missus?

These are just some of my thoughts!  And, I think that this is one of those things that you should openly and directly talk about with your SD, especially if he doesn’t have a lot of experience.  Trust me, he may not even realize some of the risks that he potentially faces, so, if you bring them up and make him understand how important it is to be discreet, I’m sure he will appreciate it!

This post is getting overly long, even for my standards, lol, so, I’m going to end it here.  I think this is a subject that may be worth continued discussion, so, if I come up with more topics, I’ll do a part II or III! Also, if you have suggested questions you’d like addressed about this subject, let me know!  

okay, so I tried making this the other day, but my computer fucked up and deleted everything I had typed up, fucking shit. lol, anyway, i know that i make follow forevers like once a month, but i just had to show my appreciation to those of you who’ve stuck around through my many changes in this damn fandom and who still love me for the harry loving trash that i am, and my occasional larrie posts, good or bad. anyways, bold=favorites bold+italics=friends

@whereyourehardest-you’re my sister, you know that i love you more than anything on the face of this planet, but i blame you for this hell that i’m in because if not for you, i wouldn’t be a harrie loving hoe, so yeah, it’s your fault, but i love you more than you’ll ever know

@loumyprince- you’re one of my bestest friends on this website, and in real life. i love you to the moon and back and i thank you for helping me get through everything that i’ve dealt with for as long as we’ve been friends. you mean the world to me

@chocoxeclaire- even though you’re literally never on anymore, you are still a very important person to me, and i couldn’t imagine the last couple years of my  life on this hell of a site without you to talk me through a lot of my issues, and to let me freak out over harry’s armpits with. i love you so much

my Louis and Harry group chat that aren’t larries but still enjoy larry (what even is this group chat name like???) I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH! OUR DAILY DISCUSSIONS AND FREAKING OUT OF HARRY AND LOUIS AND ANYTHING THEY DO IS AMAZING AND I WANT YOU TO KNOW I’M THANKFUL FOR EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU @tomnlinsuns, @leggy-pop, @larrypottery, @pastelpinkharry, @roseslou, @nialldostrash, @hazmyprince

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Wow Taylor. That post you made about the hate on Normani’s talent was so beautifully written. I wish more fans had viewpoints like you. You honestly deserve to meet Normani face to face, I’m sure she’ll appreciate the way you defend her without attacking the other party. Maturity is exactly what this fandom needs but won’t seek out.

- taylor

ps. i’m sure she’ll see me before our wedding. lol. jk. i really need to stop joking so much about normani. pretty sure this is how restraining orders start. 😩 😭 😂

Well, hello there~ Can I interest you in a little post about Yahaba Shigeru, the pretty setter and future bofriend of Kyoutani captain of Seijou? You know, today is his birthday and I have been thinking about him, so, why the fuck not make a post about him?

[If you only watch the anime and want to stay away from spoilers, turn around and wait until the season has ended. Trust me… there is some stuff about Yahaba coming ahead.]

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Every detail of the Hinata dream panel is so perfect. Neji and Hanabi’s presence. Neji’s face and Hanabi shushing him while they spy on Naruto and Hinata. Naruto and Hinata’s position on the bench; her laying her head on his shoulder, him leaning toward her, their legs~~  Gaaahh, so cute. 

I like to think that they’re holding hands. <3



I actually thought that Jinyoung was like the most serious one during the JJ Project era ( i followed jjp since debut, they’re like my children lol i’m really proud of them) but as i watch the mtv diary he was more talkative than Jb and also the cutest. I miss those times. The Junior who would randomly sing. The Junior who would talk as much as he can. The Junior who would make cute faces. The Junior who was really funny. The Junior who would always start the conversation. I don’t know but i think he’s really quiet now. He became matured and he likes to be alone but yugyeom said he is the hyung who shouldn’t be left alone. He is now the Junior who is really hardworking, and who would always love to improve as much as he can. He is a great hyung, he will always try to discipline the members, because every ahgases know that he is the mom of the group. Keep improving Jinyoung, we’ll always be here for you no matter what!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!

(this is a repost from my blog i just added some sentences hahaha)

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i am literally going to scream if i read one more fic where the writers take the "world on fire" visual interpretation of radar sense literally.

Lol, so I was going to make a separate post about it, but I’ll just type it all in response to this ask instead.

So, I don’t mind Netflix’s “world on fire” interpretation. In fact, I kind of appreciate the metaphor paralleling the ‘Devil/Hell’s Kitchen’.

But I wish that instead of just showing what would have been in Matt’s field of vision if his eyes worked (WHICH THEY DON’T BECAUSE HE IS COMPLETELY BLIND!!!) (i.e., her face) in that scene, they would have depicted that shot in a bigger scope. Like, a wide angle shot of the entire room in this perspective. I think that it would have been more accurate to what Matt “sees”, since he senses more that just what’s in front of him. It could have cleared up some new fans’ ideas of how Matt’s senses work.

… And I think it would’ve strengthened that original metaphor, too… letting the viewer literally see Matt sitting there, engulfed in that burning room, literally surrounded by this inescapable word on fire…