more like a city than an army

Newcomers Pt 11

The flag fluttered in the wind, it was held high by a single figure at it’s base who had erected it but had not the strength to dig it into the ground. The flag was that of the Benemar, two tusks crossed over a war axe on a blood red background.

The Benemar warrior looked up at it laughing to himself, they had won, they would soon push the Humans off their world and then burn theirs to ash, with this victory they had broken the Human war machine here.

Steps behind him made him turn and he scarcely saw the figure before it struck him so hard his head exploded. Karen stood over the now headless Benemar and watched as the flagpole fell to the blood soaked dirt and behind her the Humans and Gal were finishing off the rest of the Benemar that had survived the battle. The battle had raged for hours and had been devastating for both sides, the Benemar in a desperate attempt to break the stalemate had shelled the battlefield hitting both sides. If it was not for the Humans fighter craft braving anti air fire they would have continued till no one from either side was left alive.

Karen had been hit hard, she had suffered multiple shots from near point blank range to her chest and torso and if it was not for her armour she would be dead. But most severe of all was a blade cut her neck at the artery. She had thought herself dead and had not realised how she had survived until the battle was over. A Gal, a symbiotic type had latched onto her neck with it’s circler mouth over the wound and it’s tentacles dug into the skin and into the veins. The Gal themselves were covered with these things that help them heal wounds easier and faster. Humans may be tougher than most other races but even they have their limits and it was long believed that no race could hold a Gal symbiont as they tended to tax the body while they healed it. The Humans though seemed to be fine, if not a bit uneasy at having a Gal with a single eye on their body watching them all the time. Also it flooded their bodies with adrenaline and fed off the dead cells of the body which was why none had had the need to pee since one was attached. It also caused the same mental strain that the full sized Gal did when they tried to connect their minds to other races. Maybe it was because of their size or that they were connected physically but the Humans were not feeling any such side effects, no headaches or hallucinations.

Karen touched the Gal on her neck and it pulsated under her touch like a heartbeat, she tried to put it from her mind and went to join the rest of her force.

Clerk was dead and thus command of the army had fallen to Jenkins who was next in command and field promoted to Captain, he had quickly requested reinforcements from Williams force who were due to arrive the following day and right now all they could do was secure their line and wait.

Ahead of them was a city, the Benemar called it Geeda and it was little more than a mass population centre, the majority of their garrison had been sent in their assault and they were now dead at least those that did not retreat. They city was heavily under manned. But it was heavily defended, it was surrounded by a wall of solid steel reaching several hundred feet high with only a small number of entrances. It was also armed with hundreds of heavy guns that could spot anything for miles and it could only be approached from the east and southern sides as it hugged a passing river. It had often boasted that a billion Gal could assail it and never breach it’s walls. That claim if somewhat diluted was about to be tested.

“We are going to need some bigger guns if we are going to breach that thing” Cathy said looking at the map.

“Or a big can of woopass” Karen said fingerbanging her but no one laughed. “No?”

“No, in this scenario the city is the can sooooooo…”

“Oh yeah”

“Anyway…” Jenkins said getting everyone’s attention back to him “You are right Cathy we will need more armaments to lay a siege of this magnitude, but we cannot even advance for another two days. We have simply sustained too many casualties”

“Can’t our Gal allies simply spawn more of their kind to make up the difference?” asked Cho who had been promoted to Jenkins second in command.

He had a Gal symbiont on his back so he was without his armour and it made him look almost like a hunchback. Most of the Humans had a symbionts to some degree.

“Spawning new warriors will take time, close to about three of your weeks to spawn and fully grow them” A Gal signed.

“We can’t delay an attack for that long” Karen stated.

“No we cannot and we will not” Jenkins said as the symbiont on chest became loose so it held on tighter by digging it’s tentacles deeper into his skin making him wince. “I have received word that a number of our assets are operational within the city and will make their move on our signal”

Just then the ground began to thud and timed intervals and everyone in the army turned to regard these new arrivals.

Bastions, huge two legged walking war machines that had enough fire power to level whole armies in moments. Five stories tall with four artillery guns, two on it’s back and two on it’s arms that were a bit smaller.

They were often called war ending weapons but they had a number of drawbacks.

One they were slow, very slow as even taking a single step needed careful consideration and experience with the machines of this type. The podsuits were often called the prototypes to these monstrosities but in fact the prototypes had been used back in the first war between the Humans and Benemar. Back then they only had two, now they had ten, five for each front.

They were also slow to deploy from orbit, they had to be shipped down in pieces and assembled on planet, this required the shipping of the specifically built constriction machines that in fact were just re purposed podsuits.

They also needed constant air support, the design of them was to defeat enemies on the ground and attempts to equip it with anti air guns taxed it’s internal generator to the limit and cause them to overheat and sometimes detonate when under intense attack. So they never went into battle without some air cover.

“With these Bastions, we will tear open Geeda, the Benemar are putting to much faith in their walls but walls have a severe weakness that out ways their advantage” Jenkins said smiling.

“What’s that?” Cathy asked.

“They trap the inhabitants inside the city”

Geeda was dark and wet place, little foliage grew on Bento and none of it grew here. The city’s inhabitants seemed oddly at ease even after their defeat, probably because they thought they had won in general.

Sergeant Faye sat on a balcony overlooking one of the entrances with her second in command Corporal Oma who sat beside her watching one of the gates to the city. Their Chamo armour was activated making them invisible to the eye, it was not true invisibility and only really worked if the wearer stood perfectly still. It bent light with the use of microscopic camera’s on the front and back to in a sense project the surface onto them.  

Survivors from the battle were arriving bringing tales of how they had fought hard and reaped a bloody toll on the Human and Gal forces. That battle took place some days ago but not even Faye had heard what the outcome was and she was not about to believe the Benemar. They were shouting that they had slaughtered so many that they were now weak and demoralised and could never assault this city.  

“Are our troops in position?” Faye asked.

“They should be so within the hour” Oma replied.

“Good we got time for lunch then” she said getting up and leaving, they found a more hidden place to deactivate their armour and get out some rations chips.

“These slaves, they are all underfed and sickly, they cannot hold on for long against a Benemar counter attack or maybe even the defenders” Oma said handing a ration chip to her.

“They are slaves fighting for their freedom, that will make them fight all the harder, and besides, they don’t need to win, just keep the Benemar’s attention for a time”

“So what is the plan then?”

“I don’t know” Faye said suddenly and Oma was surprised to hear it, usually the commander is in the loop on such plans. “It’s a security measure so that if I am captured not even I can tell the enemy the true extent of our plans. All I am ordered to do is to cause as much trouble when the signal to attack comes”

“When can we expect it” Oma asked but he did not expect her to know.

Just as she was about to reply her wrist com shun a green colour and she looked down at it and smiled.

“In twelve hours” she smiled.

Looking up they saw the sky filled with Human craft and the Geeda’s anti air guns opened fire.

V for Vicious

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Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Genre: HarelyQuinn!Au / Smut / Drabble

Rated M for mentions of blood (just a tiny bit) and mature themes

Word count: 3.6k

Synopsis: This night, under the stars and with wind blowing between your bodies, you and Taehyung are the queen and king of the world. 

May madness enlighten your way forever.

Author’s note: I’m weak, oh I’m so weak. I really couldn’t let go of my first fic, so here a drabble set in the same universe, following the madness of Tae and his love. This could be read alone, but I suggest you to check Sanitarium for a better understanding of the dynamics between the characters. This is dedicated to everyone who loved Harley!Tae and in particular to @sugajpg (gurl, I know you are a sucker for this kind of shit)

The wind blows cold and loud, it echoes against the moon and between the glowing of stars like pearly diamonds embodied in the sky – someone once told you they are the wings of fallen angels that still burn between Heaven and Earth.

You are on the top of the highest building of the city, feet well planted on the floor as the town shines in all its insignificance under you: everything is silent and slow, the city lights quivering like the breaths of a sleeping beast while the vain lives of humans fade into their blue dreams. The whole world is still, yet alive with almost unnoticeable tremors between the streets: some nocturnal souls wandering in search of gold and crowns and gems between the shadows – the army of evil and detriment, maybe.

And you, so mighty, so perfect above all this, are no different than a queen loving her king.

Really, it’s a breath-taking scenery, nearly empowering, yet you would be able to appreciate it way more if Taehyung’s knife wasn’t wildly pressed under your jaw.

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Inkborne (tester intro)

This is entirely @the-vampire-inside-me’s fault. Completely and utterly. And all the Inkborne AU art they drew (gorgeous stuff).

This is only a tiny thing, and I’m still working things out and testing ideas, but I’m finally working on this story! This is only an intro at the moment, but I thought I’d let you see. I hope you like it!

(PS. I am still working on the Henry and the Ink Machine story in case you were wondering, I just wanted to give this a go today.)

Dear Henry,

It’s been some time hasn’t it? Amazing how 30 years just flies by. How have things been?

Sorry, I shouldn’t be making small talk if I have a point to get to, I remember you always hated that, so I’ll just get to it.

Yharnam has changed in your absence, and I am finding it difficult to hold onto the past. There is something I wish to show you, and I would very much like to see you again; you are very welcome in my home. I trust you remember where it is?

Your friend,

Joey Drew

PS. If you come across someone calling themselves ‘Bendy’, please take care of them, they are a close friend.


Henry folded the letter for what felt like the hundredth time, tucking it back into its wax sealed envelope and slipped it into his breast pocket. He had been travelling for many days because of the missive, and had grown tired from his voyage.

Yharnam has changed’ the message read. He had heard tell of strange things occurring within the old city’s boundaries, but never more than whispers of truth, stories growing more wild through each mouth. It was just as likely for an army of rats to have taken over the city as it was for the moon to have bled into the reservoirs and poisoned everyone in some people’s eyes.

Now he was stood before the great city though, Henry could see where some such thoughts could have surfaced. It was drawing close to dusk, and he could see barely a dozen lights lit throughout the vast expanse of the metropolis. It looked as though the city was dying, but it refused to vanish just yet.

When he had once lived there it had been a bustling and beautiful place. This wasn’t even a shadow of that time.

His time, first as a soldier and now as a Hunter, was warning him that this place was far from safe, and he felt his nerves stand on end. He wanted his axe in hand, ready for battle, but he held himself steady as he made his way through the gates; wouldn’t want to make a bad impression.

“Alright Joey,” he muttered under his breath as he steered his horse down the first of the cobbled streets, “I’m here. What is it you wanted to show me?”

I’ve seen a lot of posts calling out Cullen as being unqualified to command the Inquisition’s forces.  These posts usually suggest that Cassandra should have recruited someone else. 

And, look, if people don’t like Cullen and wish that someone else had appeared in their place because of that, then… fine?  Okay.  Whatever.  I’m not here to tell people what fictional characters to enjoy.  

What I am here to do is to is argue against the idea that he was included as fanservice in spite of having an insufficient resume.  

  • Cullen served for seven years under Knight-Commander Meredith Stannard.  And, whatever you think of Meredith, there was a reason why she was the most powerful Templar in eastern Thedas.  She was a prodigy who overthrew a corrupt dictator while she was still in her twenties.  She kept hundreds of elite warriors in line even as she slipped into madness.  She took over a city-state.  She was probably one hell of a mentor. 
  • Considering the blood magic problem in Kirkwall, Cullen’s service there would have involved a lot more open combat than most prison-guard Templars are likely to see.  He would have been leading squads to take down demons and apostates on a regular basis.  
  • Is that the same as leading an army?  No.  But don’t forget that Justinia had no idea that Corypheus existed when she asked Leliana and Cassandra to form the Inquisition.  She thought she was putting together a force to contain the worst excesses of the Mage-Templar war.  Someone with experience training recruits and putting together squads to contain local threads?  Is exactly who they would have been looking for. 
  • Cullen was also in charge of the Kirkwall Templars for at least three years – more, probably, since by the end of DA2 he’s taken over operations to the extent that the troops side with him over Meredith.  He was responsible for training, provisioning, and keeping good relations with the local guard.  All things that he also needs to do as Commander of the Inquisition, which is an NGO that needs to maintain partnerships with national militaries. 
  • Recruiting Cullen is also important symbolically – something that Justinia would have been very aware of.  It shows current Templars that there’s a place for them if they choose to walk away from the war.  At the end of Inquisition, the remains of the organization decide whether or not to stay on lyrium entirely based on Cullen’s example.  His finding another, better way to serve is kind of a huge deal for them.  
  • And who else where they going to ask?  The thing with experienced military commanders is that they usually gain that experience working in national militaries.  They already have jobs.  They are not looking to join up with a bunch of religious fanatics camping in the mountains. 

Bringing Cullen into the Inquisition was probably the best option available to Cassandra.

Obviously the writers could have made up, oh, an invincible Rivaini seer princess general who’s won ten dozen military engagements in a war that no one has ever heard of before, and who for some reason has no other personal commitments.  But barring that, Cullen was a damn good candidate. 

Miss me?

pairing: Batfam x Reader

relationship: Family

warnings: mild violence, mentions of the army, female reader

request: yet

plot: ohh I loved your first imagine and I cant wait for your next one! I can tell I’m going to love your blog. I just wanted to ask if I could be your first written request? like maybe the reader is like batman’s biological daughter and she joins the military instead of being a vigilante (but she used to be one but then quit) and she like finally comes home after like a year and like surprises them and its like just fluff imagine. maybe she’s like in her suit and helps them beat up some thugs and after shes like like “you miss me” ,with the whole batfam - @solis200213

key: (Y/N)= your name, (H/N)= hero name

words: 1,751 (I may have gone a bit overboard.)

A/N: I don’t know much about the army or how it works, so some of this is based of research and I’m sorry if I got anything wrong. I also think I messed up the comic continuity in it, sorry about that.

Being Bruce Waynes daughter came with a lot of pressure. Pressure to be perfect in the eyes of the media, pressure to take on the family business when you reached the right age as the oldest child to the billionaire (though she was only older than Dick Grayson by a few months), so when the news broke that (Y/N) Wayne was joining the army the media went into a frenzy with conspiracy as to why she was doing it all over the place.

But only she knew the truth, she loved her family, she did, and leaving them killed her a little inside and as much as she loved being a vigilante and helping people in her city, she couldn’t help but feel like she was made for more. So, she joined the army in search of that something ‘more’.

So, she packed her things, moved to South Carolina and started her training. Her past as a vigilante made things easier, she was more agile, she was faster,and she was stronger than most recruits, and so she was able to advance quite quickly. She following the basic training program for 10 weeks (an essential training regime) before completing her advanced individual training to join the special forces in 56 weeks.

(Y/N) loved what she did, it was amazing and she felt like she finally found that something ‘more’ that she was always subconsciously searching for, but she missed home. She hasn’t been back since her initial training and now she could add another year onto that, making it a grand total of over two years since she had seen her family face to face. Sure, she had called them and they had video chats quite frequently, but it wasn’t the same. She missed being able to wrap her arms around her brothers in a bear hug so tight she could feel their heartbeat on her chest.

But now, after spending six months abroad as part of a Joint Special Operations Task Force, she was returning home to Gotham once again for a short-time. Of course, her family didn’t know what, she wanted to surprise them after all. Well, Alfred knew, but that was because Alfred simply knew everything going on in the families lives.

Arriving home, (Y/N) wasn’t surprised to find the manor quiet, it was almost midnight after all and prime time for some thugs to be out on the streets which meant her family was out too. Setting her bag down on the ground, (Y/N) reached up to remove her barett as she looked around her home with a smile. She had missed this place, the atmosphere of peace and family it brought to her was an irreplaceable feelings.

“Mistress (Y/N), it’s good to have you home.” Turning to the butler with a smile, she let out a happy sigh and let a grin spread over her face, “It’s good to be home Alfred.” She walked towards the older man and wrapped her arms around him, taking in the feeling of being held by the man for the first time in a long time. Returning the hug, Alfred let out a gentle chuckle and rubbed the girl’s back as he did.

“Everyone will be pleased to see you home.” She pulled back, the smile still on her face as she did. “The girls are down stairs, they are having a ‘girls night’ I believe and so didn’t go out on patrol.” Rolling her eyes slightly, (Y/N) let out a chuckle. It was just like the girls, even on a night off they could be found in the cave. “Thank’s Alfred.”

“Now go see them. I’ll bring your bag to your room, it’s exactly as you left it.” Giving the older man another ‘thank you’, (Y/N) walked into the main room and towards the old grandfather clock that hid their secret from the rest of the world. With a deep breath, she opened the glass panel protecting the hands of clock and moved them to the right time to give her access to the world underneath the house.

A deep sigh passed her lips as the clock moved and the path to the cave was opened to her. It’s now or never, was the only thought that passed through her lips as she walked down the stairs gently to make sure her footsteps wouldn’t be heard by the girls. Once she reached the bottom, a smile spread across her lips as she watched Cass and Kate spar while Steph watched on and Barbara set at the computer, keeping up with the boys and to make sure they stayed out of trouble.

“Some things never change, do they?” All the girls froze as the familiar voice floated through the air, suddenly they all turned around with large grins on their face. Bracing herself for impact, (Y/N) rose her eyebrow expectantly before she was engulfed in a hug from almost all the girls at once.

Once she was let go, she turned to Barbara and bent down, wrapping her arms around the redhead as she did. “I’m so sorry I wasn’t here.” If there was one thing she regretted, it was not being there when Barbara was put into a wheelchair, she wasn’t there to support her and it broke her. “It’s okay, you’re here now.”

Pulling back with a smile, she looked at all the girls and let out a content sigh as she did. “It’s so good to see you all again.” Licking her lips, she looked at each girl individually, memorising their faces and how they had changed over the two years. “I’ve missed you so much.”

“We’ve missed you do.” Turning to Kate as she spoke, the woman wrapped a arm around (Y/N)’s shoulder and smiled at her, “But we know something that’s missed you even more.” As she now took both of (Y/N)’s shoulder’s in her hands, the rest of the girls smirked as she was turned around to look at what looked like an upgraded (H/N) suit.

“I made a few upgrades and changed the style a little while you were away.” Turning to Barbara with a smile, she let out a chuckle. “Thank you Babs.” As Stephanie crossed her arms over her chest, she rose and eyebrow and pushed (Y/N) towards it slightly, “Why don’t you give it a test run? See if the boys recognize you in it?”

It hadn’t taken a lot of convincing to get her into the suit, so now (Y/N) stood atop a building with Stephanie and Cassandra at either side of her while Barbara and Kate were talking to her through the comms link, one that was separate from that of the boys.

“Okay, so I just sent the boys to deal with some of Joker’s thugs downtown. Why don’t you go meet up with them?” As Barbara talked to them, the three girls smirked and set of to where the thugs were. They got their easily, and quickly, quick enough that they witnessed the boys taking down goon after goon, but every time they took down one goon another two appeared out of what seemed like thin air.

Looking at each other, the three girls nodded and jumped down into the street. Steph, behind Tim as she helped him take on the goons he couldn’t see, Kate between Jason and Dick as she helped them take on goons that were surrounding them, and (Y/N) behind her father, and beside Damian.

Swinging her leg out, (Y/N)’s foot came into contact with the jaw of one of the goons and made him stagger backwards and blood started to pool at his lips, and as he came back up she punched him in the face and knocked him out. She then turned to her side as someone came at her and bent down, swiping her leg under his feet and making him fall down. As he rose to his knees, she brought her knee up and made contact with his jaw before spinning around and kicking him in the face.

(Y/N)’s body filled with adrenaline, but a different type of adrenaline than she was now used to with the special forces, this adrenaline was an all too familiar adrenaline that she has been practically addicted too since she was eleven years old.

Soon all the goons were down and tied up nice and pretty for the police department and the team were watching from a tall building. Removing her mask and turning to her family, a smirk danced onto (Y/N)’s lips, one that resembled the smirk on the lips of her father, “Miss me?”

Dick was the first to react, wrapping his arms around the smaller girl with a hearty laugh and bringing her in tight to his chest as he did. “Of course we did.” He pushed her out to arm’s length after a few seconds and looked her up and down, “It hasn’t been the same since you left.”

“He’s right.” Looking over to Jason, who had since removed his helmet and now only sported his domino mask, “It’s better, I have no one babying me now whenever I get hurt.” With her smirk turning into a grin, Jason’s face contorted into a look of mischief and teasing and she took the broad shouldered man into her arms. “Miss you too Jay bird.”

Next was her second younger brother, who seemed a little shell shocked that she was there, but she knew that was the coffee, sleep deprivation and fighting just taking a toll on him. “It’s really you.” The voice was quiet, belonging to her youngest, and only biological, brother who had grown in the two years she was away.

“Yeah, it’s really me.” With arms out wide, Damian practically dived onto the girl, holding her as close as he physically could. (Y/N) was the only one Damian felt comfortable being like this with, being physical and affectionate, Damian sought her out for comfort before she left and even after she left he went to her with his problems and so to be able to hold her in his arms once again was a relief to the youngest of the bunch.

With a deep breath, (Y/N) looked around her with a smile. She was happy,she was with her family, she was home, even if it was only for a short while.

Apologies to @nijiru, @agentpiku, and @legrandfoyer for this part. I didn’t mean for it to take such a dark turn but after I started, I just couldn’t stop! I hope you still enjoy it anyway. This is the final part to The Beast. Enjoy, my darlings!

Prompt[s]: Pleeeeease make a third part… ❤❤

I think you did a great job on that second part of “The Beast” :) I feel like you even made room for a third part if you ever wanted to on how Loki and the readers relationship would evolve from there.

Aaahh I loved ‘the beast’! …  It would be great to see more of them if you ever decide to do a part three :3

‘The Beast’ (Part 3)

Part 2

It had been 3 years. Though still not accustomed to the idea, Thor had accepted his brother’s rule and obeyed it. However, at your insistence, he was made a member of Loki’s council, with the deciding vote on any ultimatums. There were matters of delicacy that could be discussed with honesty and fairness as a result.

“The council thinks that you should be looking to take a queen,” you said as you accompanied his majesty through the corridors.
“They would think that,” he snarled. It was his one gripe with his role. He’d intended to abolish the need for marriage to remain part of the monarchy – it was exceedingly unfair – but other issues had taken priority.

“I know your opinions on it,” you smirked, turning a couple of pages on your clipboard, “but I’ve drawn up a list of potential candidates anyway. I think with some careful evaluation we can find someone that the people would approve of, with enough political experience and wisdom to benefit the regime.”
“I’ve seen your list,” Loki snorted and you raised a cautionary eyebrow, warning him to watch his tongue. “and whilst I agree with the suggestions, I can think of another who better fits your criteria. The people are familiar with her already too.”

“Fine,” you said, releasing the paper and returning your focus to the notes on top. You had other business to attend to, and you studied the notes for it as you spoke. “I’ll make the necessary arrangements for you to pitch your suggestion to the council. The sooner we get this in motion, the better.”
“I agree,” Loki said as he lowered himself onto one knee, “but I’d prefer to actually ask you first.” Your eyes remained focused on your clipboard, your finger moving down the paper.
“Yeah, sure, I’ll let you know what I think about her” you said, completely oblivious. “I’ll get Thor in the loop too so that he can give his judgement. He’ll appreciate that.”

You continued to mutter to yourself about details of this and that as you left Loki on the floor, completely absorbed in your clipboard. He rolled his eyes and eventually stood up. Perhaps he’d try again later.

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Why the Loot Train Attack supports my Jonsa theory

I talked about this a little in my previous post The Case for Jonsa, But I wanted to go into a bit more detail while taking into account the events of 7x04. Specifically, the Loot Train Attack.

Many Jonerys shippers saw this as a step in the right direction. Dany taking Jon’s advice and sparing the lives of thousands of people. Unfortunately, this is just wishful thinking.

You see, we’ve seen Dany do a lot. She’s killed more than a few innocents in the quest for a ‘peaceful’ reign. She’s burned them, she’s crucified them, and she capable of cruelties far outpunishing the crimes committed. So to us, attacking the army and not the city shows great progress.

But what if Jon had been on that battlefield? What if he had seen what dragon warfare really looks like? What if he had seen men burning alive by the hundreds? Of course Jon would suggest the army over civilians because soldiers sign up to put their lives on the line. But he comes from a world where fighting bravely, and dying bravely, are honorable, satisfying deaths.

Dany didn’t fight those men. She massacred them. It wasn’t a battle worth dying for and certainly not a fight they could win. Do you honestly believe Ned Stark’s son would havee looked over that scene and approved? He saw her motivations. She wasn’t ranting about how cruel Cersei was being to her people or how much the people are suffering. By all accounts the people of Kings Landing at least seem perfectly happy with their new queen. Dany didn’t do it for them. She said why she did it. She’s “losing”. When Jon sees the pain and destruction Dany is willing to cause to get the Iron Throne, whatever physical attraction he feels for her will give way to revulsion and disappointment.

I still have no doubt that their relationship will be limited to a necessary political marriage containing the obligatory sexual tension two attractive and unrelated characters of the same age are expected to have.

I’m just gonna be honest here, please no more Jonerys hate. My ask box is full of it. I’m not sure why you guys care so much what other people ship, but this post isn’t for you. Trust me, I’ve heard every Jonerys argument in the book. I’m just not buying it.

Fic: If You Give a Mouse a Cookie (Ao3 link)
Fandom: Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Arrow
Pairing: Mick Rory/Leonard Snart

Summary: Unicorns are a blessed species, known universally for their beauty, their purity, and their ability to identify and bond with a human hero destined to achieve great things.

Leonard Snart just wishes they’d go away already.

A/N: Warning - this is basically a crack fic. Not going to lie. There is no substantive value to this whatsoever.

For @oneiriad’s Coldwave Creature Bingo and for @jq-piccadilly, who mentioned the idea about unicorns like a year ago - thanks for the inspiration


“I thought you’d be pleased,” Oliver says, lips pursed. “This way he’s out of your hair.”

“You can’t just lock up Captain Cold!” Barry squawks through the phone. “Just - I’ll be there soon - don’t do anything -”

The phone starts clicking in that irritating fashion that indicates that Barry has started running at super-speed before turning off the phone.

Oliver hangs up instead and turns to look at the two supervillains he had captured - at some trouble, no less. He’d already called the police about them.

“What do you have over the Flash?”

“Nothing,” Heatwave grunts. Captain Cold just looks smug.

Of course, that seems to be his default expression.

“Then why does he want you freed?”

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Night Witches (Excerpt Below!)

From bestselling and award-winning author Kathryn Lasky comes an explosive adventure following the teen girl fighter pilots who took on Hitler’s army … and won.

Fifteen-year-old Valya knows what it feels like to fly. She’s a pilot who’s always felt more at home soaring through the sky than down on earth. But since the Germans surrounded Stalingrad, Valya’s been forced to stay on the ground and watch her city crumble.

When her mother is killed during the siege, Valya is left with one burning desire: to join up with her older sister, a member of the famous and feared Night Witches – a brigade of young female pilots.

Using all her wits, Valya manages to get past the German blockade and find the Night Witches’ base … and that’s when the REAL danger starts. The women have been assigned a critical mission. If they succeed, they’ll inflict serious damage on the Nazis. If they fail, they’ll face death … or even worse horrors.

Historical fiction master Lasky sheds light on the war’s unsung heroes – daredevil girls who took to the skies to fight for their country – in an action-packed thrill ride that’ll leave you electrified and breathless.

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Close Future - Part 8



Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3 // Part 4 // Part 5 // Part 6 // Part 7

Summary: The team attempts to proceed with their new mission to locate the men that almost had you killed again, and you begin to dig through the past to help.

Warnings: None

Words: 1 917 (very short cause I haven’t updated this in so long that I am panicking).

A/N: Okay so even though this is short, I still like how informative it is and how that’s different from the previous parts.

Anyway, enjoy a new part and please tell me what you think or what you want to happen in this story!

(I’ve reposted this three times cause it got like no notes and I really want people to read this :)))) )

Originally posted by 30000fps

She was sat in the ops-center, bandages wrapped securely around her neck with a vague bloodstain at the back from the slowly healing wound. Her eyes were surrounded by dark circles, her skin not as lively as it usually was. Perhaps it wasn’t so strange. The amount of drugs she had been induced to were far beyond a healthy dose. Even Bruce had been surprised of how early she was able to handle herself after having the drugs flushed from her system.

“So…” Tony began as he had gathered everyone in the high-tech room. He been working so hard for the two days that Y/N had recovered that she hadn’t seen him at all. She was thankful for his effort but wished he would allow himself a break from time to time. “We’ve made progress.”

He turned around to the large screen behind him which everyone was facing in a half circle. That included Sam, Steve, Bucky, Natasha and Scott.

Tony pulled out a map and on the side of the screen there were portraits of the men who did not survive Tony’s missiles digging into their cars. “Their bombs did not detonate alone with yours and the two other guys. I managed to track down the signal used from the remote control they had and this is where it ended up…” He zoomed in on the map to a circled New York, of more accurately, uptown Manhattan.

“That’s where the signal is from?” Y/N took a step forward, inspecting the map.

“That, and here…” Tony pressed down on the tablet in his hand. The local map zoomed out and turned into a world map and the single, red-marked, area spread out into a hundred ones all across the globe. “Clearly they’ve changed the route of the signal to multiple transmitters to divert its true source, but they’ve done it well. It’s untraceable. No matter which source I look into it links back to all of these areas.”

“How is this progress?” Steve questioned as Tony had done nothing but show a dead end in their search.

“Because even if they’re good, I’m better…” Tony swiped his finger across the tablet and all of the dots disappeared except one. A small spot was marked out in Chechnya, southern Russia, close to the Georgian border.

Y/N felt her heart stop for a second and her crossed arms fell limply to her sides. “I was there.” She stated, eyes glued to the pulsating circle in the Russian province. “I was on a side mission there. General Maston gave it to me during our long break in between Bosnia and Tajikistan.”

She turned back to Sam who had a troubled expression on his face.

“Since when does the U.S military operate there?” Scott questioned, pulling his head back.

“Since the U.S government barely knew our elite team existed.” She replied and turned back to face the screen. “I was sent on a three month operation, which was the entire break, alone. It paid twice of what my usual assignments.”

“What did you do?” Sam was curious as he had no idea that she had done this. He only assumed that she had not been allowed to tell Sam of the mission, or at least he hoped that was the case.

“I went undercover, was given an alias as a NEW guard traveling through Serbia looking for work.”

“Sorry if I’m not in on the lango, but what’s a NEW guard? Cause I assume it’s not just a guard that is new.” Scott looked between everyone for answers cluelessly.

“Naval Equipment and Weaponry. NEW guards are the most expensive hirelings on the market due to their skill in guarding and transporting valuable cargo. Practically all NEW guards become mercenaries after they retire…” Sam briefed everyone that weren’t familiar with the position, arms crossed and focused on Y/N still.

“Exactly, so I posed as Victoria Brenkov, former NEW guard for the U.S military to be hired by the Russian crime lord Nikolai Prakovich, which I was.”

“I know him.” Natasha interrupted. “He is considered one of the idols of the Russian extremist rebels, or he used to be before he died. He only speaks Russian however… Are you fluent?

Natasha asked in the language Y/N had learnt decades ago and had honed since. “As fluent as I can be.” She replied in the Slavic tongue.

“What was the goal of the mission?” Steve intervened, looking between Natasha and Y/N before settling on Y/N.

“Prakovich had unrestricted access to military weaponry, my mission was to find out how, end his supply, and return the weapons and ammunition stolen… Im not talking about a handgun or a petty hand grenade. Prakovich had two, heavy artillery drones for starters. One hadn’t even been used by the military themselves yet because of how new it was. He had enough C4 to blow up half a city of his choosing and enough machine guns to supply a lesser army.”

“How could he have all that without the military doing something about it?” Sam’s anger began to boil. He hated criminals more than anything, but it was even worse when they stole something so close to his heart. The military had been his entire life before the Avengers. He could barely tolerate to hear someone defile something so honorable.

Y/N sighed, and everyone could tell they wouldn’t like whatever she was about to say. “Because Prakovich’s supplier was General Matson, one of the most important generals through out military history.”

Sam didn’t want to believe her, yet he believed every word. General Matson had seemed like a true general. Strict, constructive yet fair, but he had also seemed mysterious at times. Somehow it didn’t surprise Sam as much as it perhaps should have to hear that the general was the inside man for a Russian drug lord.

“Matson disappeared seven months ago.” Sam stated, eyes glued to the floor before his feet before snapping up to Y/N. “Did you have anything to do with that?”

“I’m afraid not. I wish I would have been able to take him in, prove that he was a traitor, but he managed to escape before I got my hands on him.” She admitted and dragged her hand to her neck, trying not to itch back as the wound itched as it healed.

Natasha furrowed her eyebrows, thinking deeply. “Why would he send you on a mission to take out the guy who he was working for?”

“Honestly, I don’t know.” Y/N admitted with a heavy sigh. “I don’t even know who was working for who, who had to pay and who got paid, or if they simply were partners. For all I know, Matson could have been on board with the rebels that followed Prakovich and his vision of rebuilding the Soviet empire. There was a point in my life where I thought I knew that man, but that ended the second I found out he was Prakovich’s inside-man.”

“You say you were in Serbia, but we were talking about Chechnya.” Bucky diverted the conversation back to where it had started. They needed to get a grip of the situation before Y/N could tell her entire backstory.

“Prakovich originally operated there and was only passing through Serbia at the time of my assignment to the mission. We moved back to Russia within a week of my hire. As we settled in at his hide out, this American courier started showing up. I never got his name but he came with intel on American, military, troops and their movement. My guess is he was the messenger between Matson and Prakovich.”

“Why would the signal in the chips lead back to Chechnya if you took care of this Prako guy?” Tony questioned as he really couldn’t see how any of Y/N’s information was helping their investigation to move forward.

“I don’t know.” She said truthfully, looking up at the screen. “Prakovich died in a shootout between him and a swat team under Matson’s command and on my mark. I confirmed his death.”

“Some people have a way of showing up unexpectedly after the grave these days.” Sam suggested, which was a theory that no one in the room liked. Sam didn’t know what to say or think. Matson had been his commanding general and had been in charge over all assignments Sam had ever made, including when he joined the elite force with Y/N. He hated to imagine the man doing anything but good, but truth be told, he trusted Y/N far more than he did Matson.

Y/N suddenly began to shake her head. “I can’t imagine what you’ve seen or what you know to say that with confidence, but I watched Prakovich’s body burn, literally… He was cremated.”

“What kind of crimes was Prakovich into?” Tony asked with a suddenly raised interest as he hadn’t really thought to ask that question until that point.

“What crimes wasn’t he into is probably a better question. He did everything from aid the cartels deliver their drugs across the Mexican border to forfeiting and selling black market meds. This guy had his fingers in everything. He was far more a company than a one man band.” Y/N nudged her head towards Tony’s tablet, asking for permission and receiving it. She wasn’t too familiar with the software used in his tech and also the screens and tablets around, but she had played around with it a few times to be somewhat confident in what she was doing.

“Falluja, Kharkiv, Thimphu and Ensenada.” She marked out the cities as she named them. “These are all the places where Prakovich had his closest associates, which were more like coworkers only they got paid a tenth of what he got. They took care of his business whenever he couldn’t but never did a single move without his permission… Of course, General Matson is also on this list.”

“Iraq, Ukraine, Bhutan and Ecuador.” Sam put the cities in their respective countries. “That’s the Middle East, Europe, Asia and South America all in one go.”

Y/N nodded. “And I don’t doubt for a second he had more, but these are the only ones I know of. These four were his best however. There’s Jamal Sarim, Alec Volokov, Henry Adams and Ricardo Santos. As you can tell, one of these doesn’t belong… Henry Adams. He was a war child. Had the perks of being a local and also speaking English which made things easier for Prakovich.”

“Where did they go after Prakovich was killed?” Natasha was listening to every word that Y/N had to say. It was in Natasha’s blood to listen but everything about their ongoing mission was unusually captivating, even for a workaholic like herself.

“I don’t have a single clue. I wouldn’t even know how to start looking for them to be honest.”

Tony cleared his throat dramatically with a dumb grin on his face. “Leave that to Friday.”

Searching now, sir.” Friday’s voice echoed through multiple speakers spotting the ceiling. “Expected search time is an hour, sir. Someone professional has attempted to keep these names in the dark.

“That’s interesting, right?” Scott commented, nudging his elbow into Bucky’s arm for Bucky to agree. Bucky simply rolled his eyes and took a step away from Scott.

“Matson?” Sam took a step forward to stand beside Y/N who nodded quietly with a tired and worried look on her face.


Azriel/Elain Friendship Fic

I know there has been a lot of arguments about the Elriel and Elucien ships, and I don’t really want to add to the fire, but honestly I really enjoyed writing this. There isn’t really any romance, just two of my favourite characters bonding while out for a day in the city. More parts to come.

It had been four days since the Inner Circle had left to go to the human realms and Elain was bored.

They were re-locating the humans who had been evacuated before the King of Hybern and his army had attacked. That war still haunted Elain’s thoughts more than she liked to admit, her nightmares suffering the most. She didn’t understand how the others did it. How they lived, laughed and loved after experiencing horrors worse than she could ever imagine. Although perhaps she would go through the same later on in her life that now would last for centuries. Longer.

It had been months since she had been forced into the cauldron yet it was still hard to get used to being Fae. Just a few months ago she was planning for a life with a mortal man that was expected to last for a few decades before she perished. Now she didn’t know what to do with her life.

She had a dream of becoming a gardener somewhere far away, having a simple life where there was just her and her flowers. She would live somewhere the seasons would pass and the sun would shine. Elain enjoyed the Spring Court weather but she knew that she couldn’t live in the same season forever.

Sitting in her garden that was in the space set aside by her sister she pondered the days ahead of her. She tried not to get too carried away with her thoughts but it felt so natural. Perhaps because of her knew abilities to see into the future she found more comfort in her mind than anywhere else, despite that Elain usually tried to ignore the nagging voice in her head that told her of things she had trouble to understand. Being a seer was like having part of her conscience set aside to be controlled by thoughts of what was to come. And it scared her.

Elain sat up from her seat, which had no legs and was lifted by chains that allowed it to swing, and put her gardening gloves on. She only had a small amount of weeding to do until it would be perfect. Nesta had told her of a way to enchant the earth to restrict any foreign weeds from growing there but she refused, mainly so there was more work to do in the garden and more time she could have to herself.

Just as Elain was beginning to set to work on an empty patch that was yet to have something planted in it Azriel appeared. He had chosen to stay behind to keep an eye on the city, yet she had an idea that wasn’t all that he planned to keep an eye on. During the past four days he had merely been part of the background to her, though he assisted her with housekeeping and offered his company.

When the others were here Azriel often seemed smaller, despite his large build, yet when it was just the two of them he seemed to take up an entire room. He had a gentle character though and was never suffocating.

“Hey.” He offered, moving in a way that made his dark blue wings shimmer in the sunlight. Elain merely smiled, and set to work on the empty patch of earth that she planned on filling with some sort of flower. Maybe a tulip.

“Do you need any help?” the shadow singer asked.

“No thank you.”

He sighed, and to Elain’s slight surprise moved to sit down on the seat she had just occupied. He breathed in the scent of the rose-tinted air and for a second she half expected him to close his eyes and fall asleep. He didn’t though.

“I was wondering if you wanted to go out and see Velaris. Everyone is coming back at around dusk, just before Starfall, so if we leave now we could be back well before they get here,”

Elain had forgotten about Starfall, the annual event that was the biggest celebration in the Night Court. She supposed that was silly of her as it was happening that night, but  It was hard to get used to new festivities.

She contemplated the shadowsinger’s offer, glancing back the weeds that were almost gone.

“I heard there was a greenhouse somewhere that had amazing plants. Could we go there?”

Azriel grinned at her response.

“Of course.”

It was a sunny day for Velaris with a clear sky, perfect for the upcoming Starfall. The streets were bustling with people getting ready for the evening celebrations and Elain wondered if today was a bad day to come. She had had multiple days at home yet she chose the busiest of them all to finally see the city.

Azriel, who was standing by her side, diminished any doubt she had by taking her down a path that was relatively quiet. The Illyrian warrior wasn’t talking much but his stance and facial expressions were laid-back, which comforted Elain. She immediately decided that he made excellent company.

“Where are you taking me?” She asked inquisitively, though she trusted that it was somewhere nice. It was strange that she usually had so much trouble trusting others but this part of her was almost non-existent by Azriel’s side.

“You wanted to see the greenhouse. Unfortunately, it isn’t open until another forty-five minutes so I was thinking we could stop somewhere to get something to eat, then go just as it is open to the public.” He explained.

They turned a corner and the pleasantness of the street they left was replaced by the steady hum of the crowds around them. It was lined by various shops that were all advertised in the theme of Starfall. Although it was busy it was far from mayhem, Elain noticed, which contradicted her experience of market places. The people of Velaris were not those to create chaos when all together. No, despite the many children playing and adults shopping, they created peace.

Azriel guided her in the direction of a café and to her surprise took her hand. It was warm and large, exactly how she would have guessed. He gently tugged her to help them weave through the crowd without being separated until finally they reached the place they were to eat at.

The bells by the door jingled with their entry and the lack of noise was almost shocking. Elain realised that the walls and windows were soundproof, and almost laughed at the absurdity of it. It made sense, of course, but it was unusual.

They sat down at a two person booth and read the menu, exchanging polite talk while they did so. They both decided on a cinnamon roll so Azriel got up to buy two of them. When he brought them over Elain smiled at the sweet scent that filled her nose and knew instantly that this was a perfect idea.

Azriel seemed to have the same reaction as he lifted his plate up and breathed in the scent almost comically, which earnt a small laugh from both of them. The cinnamon rolls tasted as good as they smelt and Elain almost forgot about the male’s presence when she tried it.

“Where did you found out about the greenhouse?” He said, breaking her out of her slight trance.

“Nesta told me about it. She went on a few wonders through the city by herself,” Elain answered.

Azriel nodded and proceeded to tell her about it. It was the biggest one in the night court and was often busy, but apparently, it wouldn’t be as much on the day before Starfall because people were too busy to drop by. She was surprised by his extensive knowledge of the city but she supposed it made sense. This was his home and had been that for longer than the life-span of a mortal.

“How did you become interested in plants?” Azriel asked her. She had to think for a moment to answer as it had been her passion for so much of her life. It had started, though, when her family was still wealthy and her mother alive. Elain had spent time accompanying the servants when she was bored and had befriended a woman who taught her about gardens. However, the interest had not been taught but discovered in her youth.

She told him such. Azriel’s interest in her words was comforting and she found herself greatly appreciating his presence. He did everything in a gentle way, as if he was always prepared to be of assistance to somebody else. She supposed that told a lot about his opinion of himself.

Eventually they finished their cinnamon rolls and left, the male offering to pay the bill. She knew that neither of them had to be particularly concerned about money as it was supplied to both of them generously by her sister’s mate.

It was a short walk to the greenhouse from there and Elain gaped at the sheer size of it. The construction sat in the centre of a green courtyard that was surrounded by well-kept hedges and trees. Birds of every colour occupied the area, their chirping along with the slight rustle of the leaves the only sound that awaited them.

Azriel smiled when he opened the door to the greenhouse for her in anticipation of her reaction. An even wider smile took over Elain’s face when she took in the sight of the interior.

The walls were made of glass panes that came into an arch at the roof, filling the vast space with sunlight. Rows and rows of flowers and plants were lay out in an orderly manner and it seemed that the place was bursting to the seam with colour. Vines snaked up some posts covering them with leaves and flowers and fruit, like nature’s maypole. The petals were of extraordinary shades of vibrant and pastel colours.

It was beautiful.

Even as Elain stood there basking in the beauty of the plants around her she had trouble comprehending what she was seeing. Despite the awe of it having little effect on Azriel, his smile matched hers, the female being delighted and him being pleased with her delight.

“Thank you,” She managed to croak out. He nodded modestly.

She then began to wander down the aisles between rows, closely observing each individual plant. The swirls of colours that splattered the petals of the flowers were wonderful. Many of them Elain hadn’t seen before, the place lacking many ordinary species, but she recognized a lot of the names that were scrawled onto signs on the pots. There were ones from all over Prythian, gathered together waiting for her judgment.

Elain then noticed that there were prices on some of them too. She could get one. Azriel came over to her and saw her glancing at the tags, his wings curling behind him as he positioned himself by her side.

“You can get one if you want to. I saw that there are still parts of your garden that are yet to be occupied.”

She teared her gaze towards him and saw his beaming expression.


He nodded his head and she threw her arms around him, the action surprising her as much as it did him.

“Thank you so much!” she said, almost squealing. At first he was a bit taken aback, but then the shadowsinger returned her embrace.

They stood there for a few moments before they finally pulled away. Elain scanned the flowers, no longer to wish but to choose. Her attention was drawn to a simple but elegant flower, with oval petals that were coloured by deep swirls of blue and black. It simmered in the sunlight and perfectly matched the colour of Azriel’s wings. That one.

She walked over to the flower which was placed in a ceramic pot. She glanced back at Azriel unsurely, and his smile made her beam inside. She picked up the pot and the shadowsinger walked with her to the desk around the corner to pay.
The man there seemed nice enough, his hands rough and stained with dirt. He praised her choice because apparently the species was perfect for the climate in the Night Court. It wasn’t long until Elain and Azriel were walking out of the greenhouse and back to the house.

The whole walk back she held the pot with both hands, like a child with a new toy. The loveliness of Velaris was suddenly amplified. Elain made polite talk with the male who took her to the greenhouse and she came to enjoy his company more and more. It took a while to get back to the house and she wondered if Azriel had taken a detour just to enjoy the moment longer. Judging by how much she enjoyed strolling through the city with him, she would have done the same.

By the time they got to the front steps it was nearly dusk, and the Inner Circle were probably going to be there any minute. Before opening the door Elain turned to the male beside her.

“Thank you so much. For everything,” She said whole-heartedly.

Azriel reached for the door knob.

“It was my pleasure.”

The Ghosts That We Knew

The Ghosts That We Knew (Turn guys x reader)

Request: “How do the bois (Turn) react to your death? Can be dead or dying.”

Words: 2449

Warnings: Lots of death, just so much death. Various means of death.

Summary: Just a bunch of different scenarios of the men of Turn reacting to the death of the reader.

A/N: Yikes, you guys. There’s nothing like going about your day thinking of various ways to kill off a character. I only did four of the men of Turn. If you really want me to do the other characters, please let me know.

Tags: @thatadelemgal

Table of Contents

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anonymous asked:

What sort of role (besides being extremely good at titan killing, a commanding officer, and sex god) do you think Levi displays to the other fellow characters in attack on titan? Is he like a fatherly figure or... could he possible be cannonly intimate with one of the other characters, or 'was' if you shipped him with Erwin?

Other than the god of AOT-verse? Hmm… I think Levi was more sexually active in his teens, late twenties. I honestly don’t think he’s a virgin, but after his escape from the Underground City thanks to Erwin he became less interested in sex and more in battling. In my opinion he was never in a romantic relationship with Erwin. And not with anyone else from the army either, too awkward. People were interested in Levi, Petra wasn’t the only one, but nothing worked out.

Levi tries to take the pressure off people sometimes and he’s always blunt with his words (and punches). I think he wants to be a “cool superior”? Like, one you can talk to and joke with, but also one that’s so intimidating that you would never dare disobey him. Last part works out, the first, not so much.

baron51-blog  asked:

I've seen you make a few oblique references to the Hightowers using magic in Old Town, maybe to see the Others coming or get to the root of the horrifying base of their tower. Can you elaborate more on this? Big fan of the blog as well, especially Eldritch Apocalypse!

Thanks! The specific Hightowers in question are Lord Leyton and his daughter Malora (known as the Mad Maid), and they are Up To Something:

And beyond, where the Honeywine widened into Whispering Sound, rose the Hightower, its beacon fires bright against the dawn. From where it stood atop the bluffs of Battle Island, its shadow cut the city like a sword. Those born and raised in Oldtown could tell the time of day by where that shadow fell. Some claimed a man could see all the way to the Wall from the top. Perhaps that was why Lord Leyton had not made the descent in more than a decade, preferring to rule his city from the clouds.

“Lord Leyton’s locked atop his tower with the Mad Maid, consulting books of spells. Might be he’ll raise an army from the deeps. Or not.”

What kind of magical Something they’re into is an open question; they might’ve looked into a glass candle, Pate’s line about being able to see the Wall from the top might be a clue that they know the Others are coming, or it might have something to do with the magical history of Oldtown, including of their own tower. Regardless, I think this plot point will in some way be interwoven with the other magical elements at play in Oldtown: the Faceless Man and the book he’s after, the horn that Sam has brought with him from beyond the Wall, and Euron’s apocalyptic invasion that we see beginning at the end of AFFC and in “The Forsaken.” Best bet is Sam meets the Hightowers somehow and they share info about the end of the world…right before it arrives. 


Warrior Culture : SPQR

Something that Rome excelled at that other civilizations failed at was (up until the end) adaptation. Romes greatest strength was get this CULTURAL APPROPRIATION ;p they went in disrupted and area, conquered it and then took what was useful to them. Tech, information, slaves, tradable goods, etc… then they brought it all back to Rome figured out how to make it better and shipped it out to the rest of the world. Probably some of the first cases of reverse engineering we see historically (that immediately come to mind}.

As for the Legions…

They were a fantastic organization and adaptation on the then traditions of combat and military. After the Marius Reforms they became a truly imposing military power. Using (at the time) cutting edge technology, and recruiting the first real professional (contracted) army of its age. They signed troops up for 20 year stints, and upon retirement you could either rejoin under a special unit of veterans where you had prestige, and lessened duties, or retire and receive land of your own in the boarder lands. This was brilliant of the Romans for any number of reasons, but long story short it gave the boarder lands and other freshly conquered territories additional troops, and Romans if the locals were to ever rebel, who owed their loyalty, and land to the Empire.

The Romans also organized their military very well, splitting it into squads (tent parties), platoons (century), Companies (cohort), and Division or regimental levels (Legions). They invented essentially the modern military, and we use much of their wisdom and knowledge ever to this day.

Legions were able to operate independently of each other or in concert to achieve goals and persecute the foes of the Empire. The Roman legion changed the rules of warfare in many ways, they built roads and other public works as they went so that future generations or missions could move quickly through Roman territories. And instead of making camp each night Romans would actually make fortifications, digging ditches, filling moats, placing spikes, etc… in order to protect their camps from attack and subterfuge.

Roman Legionaries carried most of their tools and weapons with them on the march freeing up wagons and slaves for provisions, siege equipment, etc… A few things to note about the Roman Legionary are the (more or less) full armor, the tower shield, and the javelin (each Legionary was issued 2). These were of the utmost importance to Roman dominance in the region as its soldiers were far better protected than its enemies, and that its soldiers had both ranged and melee availability. As the enemy closed on a Roman legion or vice versa the Romans would throw their javelins’ (specifically designed to twist and bend on impact, meaning that even if it didn’t kill you it twisted inside you making it harder to remove and more likely to incapacitate you for a kill).

The Roman Legionary himself was a less than impressive one on one specimen but a well disciplined soldier none the less, who followed orders and worked well as a unit. They were master engineers, Caesar once used his legions to besiege a city by surrounding it with a fortified wall. And when an enemy army threatened to encircle his forces Caesar built a second wall to defend his siege. Using the engineering brilliance of the legions and their construction expertise he defeated the might of all Gual (outnumbering him several times over).

All in all the Roman Empire and Legionary at the hights of each were fantastic, and you should do more independent study on each. Much of our modern day is based off of aspect and inventions of the Romans.

ozymandiasdirge  asked:

2, 3, 4, 7, 10, 11, 14,

2. who is your favourite Roman emperor?

hadrian HAHA no i’m pulling your dick but someone on this website would say that wouldn’t they 

3. which is your favourite Greek city-state?

thebes. two words: masc4masc army

4. tell me about the classical ladies you love the most

olympias is best known first as alexander’s mother and second as a barbarian seductress/murderess who fucked snakes, but in fact she was an exceedingly intelligent political animal who more than most likely medea’d her own husband for trying to demote her rightful position in court in what ended up being the most disastrous move of his career. not only did she orchestrate the assassination, but she also walked away from it with clean hands; her life really started after her bullshit son died too and she got to truly flex her muscles and clout in the diadochi wars. she lost eventually, but she put up a better and smarter fight than men a generation her junior: better, she outlived all the men in her family. goals as HELL 

10. recommend a piece of fiction about the classical world

do kids these days know about i, claudius? read that shit 

11. recommend a piece of non-fiction about the classical world

not to be annoying but have we all read collins’s article on the chliiarchy? it’s on jstor and sexy as f

14. which Greek tragedy is your favourite?

honorable mention: the persians 

vodkafolie  asked:

Iron Tarkus or Joshua Graham - which do you reckon is more unkillable

This would be an easy match at first glance, considering Crispy Josh fell down the grand canyon and then immediately did like a Proclaimer and walked his burnt ass 500 miles to Utah while Tarkus fell from a church rafter and died.

But if you’re like me and like to pretend he just took off his armour and left it on some random corpse on the bottom of a lethal drop, to give everybody else a fighting chance, it becomes a more complex question.

Legate Baconator did get sniped five times, had a whole city explode around him, got set on fire, got thrown into a canyon and has to dodge assassins every week or so, which we don’t know if Tarkus had to go through or not, but Lordran has harder stuff to lead an army into than Mojave so it might even out? But I imagine J Ghrams in a souls setting would be on par with the CU when it comes to not hollowing after dying, considering just how much he refuses to do it while alive, so he would be essentially immortal.

But, and this is 100% just my headcanon based on in game heights which were already stated to be just there for intimidation, Tarkus’s model is human sized while his soldiers are about twice that size, meaning he might be a single human leading an army of giants who think he’s just the hardest dude to ever live and that’s way more badass than leading an army of evil cosplayers wearing football pads.

I think the best way to decide, would be to make them fight.
They’re both living legends and military commanders who failed the fuck out of a crucial mission and got their squads killed, if those hollowed Berenikes are any indication, so they’re probably on par strategically.
Burned Graham Cracker has the most broken pistol in the game and 50dt like the absolute beast he is, but average health, so low to medium dph does nothing, but big hits can still fuck him up eventually while Tarkus has armor, lots of health, a big sword and can solo a boss but has no ranged damage.

So it’s kinda like if Nevada Fried Mormon fought Lanius, which somebody already simulated and it ended in a tie

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Can you please translating Book of Stars 50 Questions Q&A? Some other Tumblr users has summarize some of the questions, so you can just do the ones no one has translated yet! Also, I may humbly request that Jacques Jourdain & Siegfried Kaufmann's character profiles to be translate too?

I’ll translate the Q&A some other time. Profiles to be expanded.

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engineer Dell 

A man of science, similar to Ludwing. He loves two things: nice pork’s chop and siege weapons. Tavish decided to let him stay inside his clastle because he is one of the best smith around, but even if he loves forging swords and other similar weapons his true passion are creating new and always deadlier siege weapons. That made him a true assets in the king’s army, and so he has more liberty than others with his experiments, even if sometimes that can cause huge explosions…

sniper Mundy

Mundy love nature and the outside, He is a hunter and make a living for himself by hunting and selling meat and fur. He usually sell his stuff outside the castle, where he has a little shack in the woods, but sometimes he is even present on the city market. He doesn’t like much being in crowled spaces, but find the company of the inventor (engie) pleasurable. People say that his aim is the best in all the cuntry, and in more than one occasion he was asked to join the rank of archiers in king Tavish’s army, without success.