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Michael is your brother’s best friend - Part Seven

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Summary: Michael is your brother’s best friend and you both hate each other but something happens and your feelings start to change….

A/N: This is a really bad chapter and I apologise…I wrote it while I was on holiday (vacation) on the notes of my iPhone so yeah. I hope that also explains why it’s so late being posted. Nothing much happens tbh ~ Katie x

The next few weeks seemed to resort back to normal. Michael came to your house nearly everyday but he was a lot less snappy and a lot more flirtatious now. Josh was confused how sudden this change had occurred because he had no idea what had happened between the pair of you. To him, it seemed like Michael had just mysteriously stopped coming to his house and then began coming again without being prompted. And Michael’s mean remarks had completely stopped. You both still teased each other but you were never genuinely nasty to each other.

If you and Michael were ever left alone, neither of you would ever mention the conversation you had on your birthday but you never took off the necklace he gave you and sometimes you noticed him staring at your neck and smiling.


Two months had passed and you felt like you’d finally come to terms with how you felt about Michael and you believed that you were ready to commit to him. He had been nothing but nice and chivalrous to you since the kiss (which was a bit weird to begin with but soon enough this ‘new’ Michael was much more preferable).

The next day, after school, you got Michael alone and took him to your bedroom. Predictably, as soon as he entered your bedroom he made some sexual remark that you dismissed before sitting down on your bed and patting the duvet next to you. Michael sat down on the bed, leaving a few inches between you but still close enough to touch if you wanted to.

“Wow, this isn’t awkward at all” you said sarcastically.

“It’s only awkward if you make it awkward.”

“Well I’m just going to get straight to the point then. I think I’m ready,” you said, looking down at your hands nervously. You couldn’t bring yourself to meet his eyes.

“Ready for what, Y/N?” Michael asked.

“You know what!”

“Yeah, well I’d just like to know we’re reading from the same hymn sheet,” Michael said.

“Ready to be your girlfriend or whatever” you said, “unless you’ve changed your mind about me?”

“God, no” Michael said hurriedly. “Are you sure you’ve thought it through? I know you hated me for a solid 6 years of your life, it would be understandable if you needed more time to think.”

You shook your head, “No, I’m sure. I know what I want.”

Michael smiled at you and said, “Well, I never thought the day would come. Y/N agreeing to date her brother’s best friend. That’s pretty rebellious for you Y/N.”

You punched him playfully on the shoulder, “Yeah well you’re the one who’s going to have to tell Josh” you said.

“Do we really have to tell him? Don’t you think it would be hot having a secret relationship behind his back?” Michael asked.

“No I think we definitely tell him, and the sooner the better. If he found out you were dating me and you hadn’t him then he’d probably kill you” you said. Both of you knew you weren’t joking.

“Fine, I’ll tell him. But I don’t have to do it now do I?” He asked.

You smirked at him, “No you don’t but you can’t take me out on a date before you do.”

“You’re an evil girl, Y/N” Michael said jokingly, “but fine, I’ll tell him tomorrow.”

“Well now that’s sorted, you better get back to your best friend, Clifford. He’s probably missing you.”

Michael nodded and stood up. He kissed you on the cheek before leaving and closing the door. You felt relieved now Michael knew how you felt but was anxious about how Josh would react tomorrow.

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