more like a 'hey let's braid each others hair and talk about rats' thing

The Stars are Not in Position

Word Count: 1,561

Title Credit: Dreamworks’ The Road to El Dorado.  The motto of Alexander Dumas’ The Three Musketeers also gets a nod.

Prompt: Written for kiragecko - “Tim hiding with the (preboot, who cares about canon?) Titans because he can’t deal with his Damian-is-back emotions?”

Author’s Note: It’s all preboot except for Batman, Inc.  It’s also freakishly long.  I’m blaming the Lady Gecko for that one and also the complete lack of Tim and Damian.

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Postcards From Faraway

She hated how one small letter can drive her heart into pandemonium.

Dear Lily,

I have some questions about a potion you’ve been working on. Would you mind, terribly if we met up one of these days? Drinks and snacks on me! Hahaha. 


She bit her lip to bite back the smile threatening to bloom on her face, once again as she reread the letter while she gave Rowie, James’ owl some treats. Her owl Bruce was not happy about it.

She hated that she felt so giddy and light, forgetting about the one million things she had to do because he was asking her out. Okay, so not asking her out, he just wanted to know something about a potion she was working on.

That wasn’t a date right?

“Lily it’s not a date. It’s just friends hanging out.”

Okay, so she wasn’t really quite able to convince herself that it was not a date. 

Because some part of her, a large part of her, actually wished it was a date. Okay all of her wished it was a date.

So in the middle of the night, she caught the Knight Bus to go to Marlene’s house and show her the letter and demand that they analyze every single part of it, even the punctuation marks, because that’s what girls in love do.

“I know. I know it is Marls and I hate that I am acting like a severely brainless vapid cow over it but… Merlin’s beard Marlene, five years, five years and suddenly my world revolves around James Potter. How did this happen?”

She couldn’t explain it either. All she knew was that when she first saw James she hated him.

He was a snot of a boy, he was unkempt, he was a bit arrogant, and his pants were always grimy. His hair fell this way and that around his face. 

She had the privilege of being partnered up with him in Potions class and she really thought he was going to be bad at it. I mean, the boy in the train compartment going on and on about bravery didn’t seem like such a bright boy.

So she was determined to be the brains of the operation and tried her might to make her idiot of a partner follow her.

“No to get the sheen it specifically said to stir counterclockwise and then add the powder.”

“No you have to do it simultaneously.” He smiled at her and offered to do the experiment for her.

She did it his way, not wanting to alienate him immediately, and resigned herself to a failed first experiment but this way she can assert her authority. Imagine her surprise when their potion turned out to be exactly as it should be.

She goggled at him. And she smiled sheepishly at her. “My dad’s a potioneer. I watched him do this so many times.”

Then started the fascination that eventually lead her to this day.

“Ugh Marlene, he’s choosing to be an Auror not a Healer what interest does he have in magizoology cures research?”

“Lily, are you trying to rationalize it as a date in your head?”


“Are you?”

“Okay yes. Oh Merlin, I want it to be a date. Damn. Damn it Potter.”



“If you want it to be a date then just turn it into one.”

“Hey Lily!”

“James! Sorry, Kettleburn’s class ran a bit late.”

“S’alright I wasn’t waiting that long.” He smiled up at her, his long dark hair swaying in the wind and he grinned wider when he saw her.

She was late because she skipped Kettleburn’s class and tried to look, as Marlene called it, a human girl and not a potions rat. She just had her ripped jeans on, and her favorite sneakers, but she wore a nice top, okay, it was Marlene’s top. It was a green form hugging sweater, perfect for the fall weather that highlighted her eyes.

Marlene wrestled her hair into a braid, to control the wild bushiness. She put on lip balm and things on her eyes. She looked pretty, a prettier version of herself, and from the looks of James’ grin, he appreciated it.

He was wearing his favorite plaid shirt, rolled up to his elbows and a band shirt underneath. Some wizard band. He looked really adorable, with his floppy hair all over his forehead and his glasses slipping down his nose.

“You look really pretty Lily.”

“Thanks. You’re not half bad either.”

“Well, of course I always look good.”

He gave her a garish wink that sent her into fits of laughter. She always smiled around James, and she forgot that she had nothing to fear, it was always easy to talk to him afterall.

“So, which particular potion are you actually interested in?”

“I heard you were working with Damocles Belby on a new potion for lycantrophy?”

Oh. OH. Of course, he would want to know about Wolfsbane. He wanted to help Remus. Oh. She was so stupid.

“Right. Wolfsbane potion.”

The words tasted like acid in her throat. She really wanted to cry, thinking of the useless hours she spent trying to look nice. Marlene was right, this was just friends helping each other out, for the sake of science right?

She was so stupid.

She forced a smile on her face again, and took out some of her notes from her bag she carried to maintain the ruse that she came from Kettleburn’s class.

“We’re basically finding a way to infuse aconite with things that can neutralize it’s poison and just use it’s main effect.”

“Cure lycantrophy.”

“No. Not exactly cure, but make the symptoms more bearable, let them keep their personality during the change. Mr. Belby is working on extracting the key ingredient away from the poison but so far, we haven’t really been able to fully purify it. We need to look at other avenues for possible distillation techniques. I only wish we can do it sooner, but Mr. Belby is doing everything he can.”

“So it’s not a cure?”

“No. I’m afraid it’s not.”

His shoulders sagged and she knew, he was being a good friend, trying to help Remus. 

“But it will help him. I’m sure he’d like to be himself.. during the change.”

“Lily I don’t know what you’re…”

“You don’t have to say anything, and I won’t say anything obviously. It’s why I took on this project. I want to help him too, and you can be sure, this will help him James. You just have to believe it.”

She touched his hand briefly before quickly retracting her hands and putting her notes inside her bag.

“Well James, I’m afraid I promised Marley that I’m going to tutor her for Care of Magical Creatures, and I’m running a bit late. I’m really sorry, I couldn’t give the answer you wanted.”

“It’s not your fault Lily.”

She gave him one more smile and picked up her bag getting ready to stand up.

“Lily wait.”

James’ cheeks were tinged with red, and his eyes were focused on the tips of his beat up sneakers.

“I ah… promised you drinks and snacks?”

She felt her heart tearing apart and all she wanted now really was to get out of this ridiculous sweater and cry her heart out and maybe consume a lot of chocolate while telling Marlene what an idiot she is.

“It’s okay James, you don’t have to pay me for asking. It’s always a pleasure to talk to you.”

She turned around, determined not to hate James for only thinking about his friend but also giving herself one day to be petty and just blame it all on him and his…. boy personality.

But then he tugged on her hand, preventing her from walking away and he looked up now from the tips of his shoes and stared determined at her eyes.

“Lily do you want to go to Hogsmeade with me, today?”

“James we can’t it’s a school…”

“Please, like a Marauder doesn’t have his ways.”

He smiled at her, the flush still on his cheeks. And her heart started to thud a lot faster.

“But… I told you all I knew about Wolfsbane.”

He shook his head. “See Lily… I may have wanted to learn about Wolfsbane, I wanted to spend time, with you, but I was too much of a coward to do it. So… I’m asking you now, because I will regret it for the rest of my life if I never did. I waited five years Lily… I’m not wasting more time. So Lily Evans,” he murmured her name as he tucked a stray lock of her hair behind her ear and cupped her cheek. “Will you go out with me?”

“You’re asking me out.”


“On a date?”

She choked on the last word and felt the blood rush to her face, James simply smiled widely at her, nodding his head silently.

“Okay then.”


Then he twined his hand with hers as he lead her to the statue of the one eyed witch. They laughed the entire way there, and the entire time they were at Hogsmeade, and the entire time for the rest of their lives. 

Everlark, Mellark Men (Gilmore Girls AU)

eliapolis challenged me with the drabble prompt “Everlark in your favorite book/tv show/movie”. I had a million ideas for this one, but in celebration of Gilmore Girls coming on Netflix, this is the one I chose to go with.

And once I decided to gender-bend it and make Peeta the Lorelai of the story, I could not stop writing! I took some of my favorite scenes from the show and tweaked them a little. So this spans over 2 years.

Warning: Lots of banter and coffee ahead 

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